Saturday, March 28, 2015

Making Alterations

Hey there...

Spend some time today revamping my review blog. Woke up at 7 am because a kitten that's been lost for almost a week showed up and jumped on me when I was sleeping on the couch. (5 of my kittens mysteriously disappeared last week. I just hope they're all still alive)

The new banner. 
It took some time to do this because I drew it on my own (using Tumblr as a guide) and edited the photo to add words and the galaxy overlay on it. (Shouldn't have watched NCIS while doing it, I got a little distracted) 

 Tried to make it look more professional and simple. The previous design was a complete mess with the green banner and blue pages tab. I don't really like the "Maine Lyn. Powered By Blogger." on top but I can't get rid of it, and it's not much of a disturbance so.. never mind.

The original drawing without intense editing. 
Took this photo with my iPod touch 5 and edited it to make it brighter. 

Dinner last night at Union Jack (Fish and Chips) in Damansara Utama. 
So delicious, but too much for me to stomach. 

Bought a new iPod touch 5 in The Main Place. 

       Some people asked me why I got it when I already have a smartphone. I needed it because my phone memory is almost bursting because it has about 800 songs, almost 500 ebooks, 9 videos, 1000+ photos and a lot of apps. So I got the iPod so I could transfer half of the music and apps in my phone to it. 

     My friend's reaction when I bought it and told him about it: You bought an iPod? YOU BETRAYED ANDROID. Sorry bro, I didn't know phones had feelings too. But seriously, it's not a crime to like both Android and Apple products. 

I like Google phones (Moto G at least..not sure about the rest. Haven't used them.) because the interface is easy to navigate and it looks nice (to me). I like the iPod touch 5 for the same reason, plus the camera (and built in editing software) is amazing. Complaints? Moto G's camera doesn't work well for me. I use camera apps instead of the built in camera, but it's still not very fun to use. iPod touch was about RM150+ more expensive than my phone. Overpriced, but hey, it was under 1k so I made an exception. 

Preference in phones, like anything else, is personal. You can't judge a person for liking something you don't like. It's not a crime. 

Bought this notebook (and another one) in Typo, NU Central. 
The Typo outlet had a great variety of notebooks and such. Looking forward to going there again. 

Short Announcement:
After some consideration, I've decided to stop blogging on this blog. This blog represented who I was but it doesn't represent who I am now. It's been active since I was 15 (2012) up till now (2015). I intended to completely revamp the design and everything. but it's just too much to handle. (And quite difficult because apparently I did something that made it impossible to implement a new template) I can't relate to the "Banana Chocolate Maine" url anymore either. 

So I'm starting from the scratch and creating a new blog. I don't think I will link it here because too many people (friends, family, strangers..) know about my blog and I'm tired of having to be careful not to post anything that might be considered offensive to anyone. It might be linked elsewhere. 

Time to make some changes.

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