Friday, December 16, 2011

I am am so excited :)

My 2nd poem on Wattpad has been re-written. Mostly because I think the first draft was pretty messy and don't have the proper flow of poetry.

The poem has been posted below :)
Enjoy: Reading,Writing and Me. LessThanThree*

You may be weird because you love to read and write,

You could stay up from night till light,
Because creating a story is your greatest delight;

It doesn't matter to you whether they think it isn't alright,

Don't be afraid and please don't try to hide,

Don't let anyone crush your hope and pride.

I know writing is a wonderful ambition,

Don't let anyone ruin your motivation.

They call you an abomination,

Don't listen to what they say,

Your works may just be my inspiration.

Don't be afraid to show them you have talent,

I honestly declare that you are simply brilliant.

No matter how hard you try to keep silent,

And I know this isn't pleasant,

Don't trust in their judgement,

I'll be the one to give you encouragement.

My heart ached for you when I heard your lament.

"I came home in tears,

Because just as I feared,

I were teased for loving to read and write,

So many people filled with scorn and spite."

People say you're a freak,

But honestly, what you are is unique!

Stuck in your own world of romance and classics,

Never been the girl who was a lovestruck idiot or a cynic,

You love books because it gave you inspiration and hope,

Something that others really seem to loath.

You've always been the kind of girl with your head in the clouds,

But your feet always stays on the ground.

You prefer avoiding big and noisy crowds,

Books will always leave you spellbound.

Your friends call you crazy and immature,

Being called mean is something you cannot endure.

So my advice to you would be,

It doesn't matter if you are judged wrongly,

Just do what you want,

Don't listen to the complaints or taunts.,

Those people are just mean and beastly!

Being yourself is the best you can be,

If you believe in yourself,

Then just listen to me!

And yes, I have a reputation for writing extraordinarily long poems with a lot of strange words =.=
I'm weird that way! Haha! 
Good night <3

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weirdness, Top raving and Tiffany Alvord :)

Another song to prove that to be original instead of Britney Spears carbon copy is way better :)

Top Raved outside my house :) Weird looks are so wicked!

Getting addicted to making friendship bracelets again. Running out of strings to make it. Have to buy it at the shop next to 99 later ;)

Missing everyone who went  to camp. :/

I heart my kitty <3

That's all for now :)

Maine <3

Friday, December 9, 2011

Addicted To You :)

I heart this song!! :)
Can't wait to get a new guitar so I can learn it! :)
Maine.. <3

Scarf :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hairstyles I can Do With Medium Length Hair

I like this one. It's pretty and really easy to do :)
I love em all :)

Having a problem tying my hair up but I can make it work :)

I wonder if I can pull off a really short fishtail braid.
Worth a shot :)

And yes. I do love putting chamomile tea in my hair =.= 

BananaMaine :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Final Decision

Emma Roberts Hair :) !

Thanks Joy ! :D

Going to cut at 3! So excited :)

Maine <3

Choosing a haircut.

Yay! Happy 21th post! :D My favorite number :)

Okay..Here we go, Joy.
This is unfortunately the best I could find. With fringe of course! (Just imagine it there)

                                                             This is nice ...But not really suitable maybe?
                                                     Emma Roberts. I quite like this one :)

                                                         I don't know who this is but her hair is pretty cool.
                                                     Emma Watson <3 Hermione! Haha! Pretty but not what I had in  mind..
                                              LOL. Or just get a bob? I'm kidding!! But she has nice hair :)
                                                  When all else fails... BOO. LOL! Ehh. Skeptical shrug.
                                                               Just kidding.
                                                      A.J. Cook :) Not bad ..

I'm considering Emma Roberts and A.J. Cook . Joy :) Help me.

In desperate need of help:
Maine :)

Hair Treatment

As you all probably know... Or guessed. I'm obsessed with hair.

~I wash it every 2 days or so. Not everyday because it's stripping your hair of it's natural oils and etc which causes it to dry and even fall out . Shampoo is really alkaline so obsessive washing can really dry it out and damage it.

~I always make sure to condition and massage my scalp properly to keep it smooth.

~I'm attempting to make home remedies for shampoo and conditioner because it's healthier and safer than the regular shampoo.

~ I'm allergic to certain brands now like Sunsilk, Pantene and Rejoice. It causes my scalp to get itchy and I get dandruff for some reason.I love TreSemme, L'oreal, Tracia, Follow Me, and Herbal Essence :)

~I don't use hair products like gel, hairspray or the likes of it. It causes buildup and dandruff. When I do use it, I make sure I use natural products.

~ I don't use my leave on conditioner anymore. I use olive oil because it helps in keeping the hair helathy and easily manageable.

~I do not straighten, perm, dye or even blowdry my hair because heat and chemicals are damaging. If I decide to dye my hair, I would go for natural remedies like henna.

~And this might sound gross but I use eggs and olive oil as a conditioner. Sparingly* .

~One of the home remedies for soft hair includes washing one’s hair with some vinegar to give it shine and softness that is achieved because vinegar helps in balancing the pH levels of the hair. One may also use vinegar on a daily basis to condition and clarify condition their hair. Another natural treatment for soft hair is to add one’s favorite hair oil to one’s shampoo which could be coconut, sunflower, peanut or castor oil as all these oils tend to add moisture, amino acids and other benefits to the hair. Hence by adding a few drops of oil to the shampoo, one would derive the benefits of both the natural oils as well as the commercial product.
I use apple cider vinegar (ACV) to rinse my hair once a week to counter attack the alkaline in shampoo. Basically is simple Science :)

Natural ACV 


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hairstyles and Dilemmas

This is awfully cute and simple! I love it :) <3

VBS is over! Cried myself to sleep! I'm going to miss the fun and kids :(

A little too lala for me but it'd be fun to try :)

I like this one :) It's really simple and cute!

I used to think my hair was straight but I found out it actually has a wavy texture O_O. I don't mind it so much but I think I cause it to happen because I'm always bunning up my hair xP.
It was super straight when I was younger! 
I'm thinking about cutting my hair back to shoulder-length or a little over the shoulder. 
My hair is getting thicker and heavier and it's driving me crazy! 
Or maybe I should just trim it a little.
The bad news is if I do cut it shorter, I won't be able to do all the fancy, wancy braids anymore :(
Or silly pigtails!
The main question is, do I really need long hair? >.< 
My hair is soft and smooth but seriously hard to manage! 
Maybe I'll cut it off next year if I decide to.
My mum says it's up to me but I'm naturally undecisive!
I'm keeping it layered..Or I'll layer it a little more. 
I think I should...
I asked Jeans and she said it's up to me! 
Sheesh..She's like my mum! xD
Haven't ask Joy yet...I have know idea what she'll say. 
Probably what Jeans said!
Planning not to tell Esther,Megan and Cheryl.
I want to give them heart attacks!
I'm telling Joy because she's my twin and she'll find out anyway :)
Jeans, because she's good at giving her opinion? xP LOL.
Lol...I guess I will cut it.
I'm not good at making my mind up...
Might regret it but there's a chance it could turn out nice :)
I want them to shampoo my hair! LOL. 
It was so nice I almost fell asleep. xP
 Okay: Final decision: I will cut my hair!!
Or maybe not...Argghhh!! 
Later : Later :/
  Yes. I will. 
Hope I don't regret it :S

That's all for now :/

Maine :D


Thursday, November 24, 2011

VBS, More Braids and Random stuff ;)


VBS was awesome! I'm too lazy to type down ever single detail but I'll give you the highlights :)
~ I was assigned to 4 kids on the first day but I lost track of them so I switched kids. I switch kids 4-5 times a day =.=

~ One girl had a major crush on David Poh, Darren , Tybalt and Jeremy! Haha!! It was awkward O_O.

~ Nicolas, Laurence and Dunno-What-Yee kept poking me cause they liked to hear me squeal :(

~ First day was awkward. A few kids cried cause they weren't used to the noise! Today was probably the best day :)

~ I loved the food craft station! Lovely food :) Had 6 kids on the first day to take care of. 7 the next day! Then I had 7 again but Darren dragged one boy to another table because the teacher said 6 per table! I feel so loved! *LOL*

~ The 3 kids I took care of today during the ending Praise and Worship were so cute!! Esther wanted me to go behind to sit with the kids but the girls didn't let me go! They just dragged me down and sat on me! The liked the ice cream/cake earrings I wore and kept playing with my nails! I just kept playing and joking around with them! The ink from the white marker pen got scraped off by them :) So cutteee!!

~ Had 11 kids to watch over during the altar call. They all said they were Christians so they didn't need the Salvation form -.- Jeans and Fern already went over the Mandarin side! I just explained the topic to them and helped them to understand the stories in the book. Then I prayed for them.

~Had the discussion after activities! Darren had the idea to huddle and go " Whoo!" or something. We were the only ones doing it so we got weird looks from people! hahaha!!! So funny!

~ Almost fell asleep in the Adventure station. The music woke me up!!

~ I miss the sleepover at Megan's house!! It was epic! :)

~ High five-d all my kids when they went home. I'm going to miss them after VBS!!

~Got a weird laughing fit when I was sitting down before the games. I had to avoid eye contact and keep very quiet to make the laughter subside >.< Didn't look at anyone and smiled! Was scared of laughing like a mad woman!

~ Daniel called me when we were having the briefing after VBS was over. I just switched name tags with Grace so I said "My name's not Charmaine. It's Grace Amanda ." He said "Haha..Very funny." So I flashed him the name tag and started laughing in Esther's back.

That's about all I can remember about VBS :) Or I'm too lazy to type down! Lol!

Trying this on next week or when I feel like it :)
It's a very simple but cool hairstyle!
I adore Bohemian and any types of braids! :)


My parents have a holiday next Monday. I asked my dad if he could take us to Genting Highlands or Cameron and he said okay! :D

Trying to get highlights on my hair :) Hehe ;)

Bored of typing!

Maine :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fishtail Pigtails

I got this amazing idea from Youtube! I love fishtail braids but my hair was just too thick and layered to look nice. I'm going to try it out soon :)

The VBS preparations are on tomorrow. I can't wait :)
Jeans, Fern and Esther are in my group!
Most of the helpers are people I know as well :D .
It's gonna be super exciting! Looking forward to the Wet World trip!

Reading up on Seventeen Magazine 's website. I love the tips and tricks they have ;).

Came up with a new poem when I was soaking my hair in a Chamomile and Lemon mixture.
My hands were too occupied to write it down. Darn it! One good poem gone before I know it :(

I have been spacing out a lot today.  Got a laughing fit in Sunday School because Meg and Joy kept staring at me =.= . Cheryl got a haircut! It looks cute on her :)

I think I've been spacing out because I got a weird dream again last night. Trying to figure out what it means makes me blur.

Nora Roberts writes some of the best Crime Fiction Romance stories I've ever read :) Nightshade was epic :) I love the Night Series!

That's all for now till my next post :)


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cute Nails

My fourth post in the past few hours! :O

This is a lovely replacement for nail polish that can't get 'marbled' .

Pretty design :)
Cheaper than rhinestones! *Facepalm*
Aww..This is so cutee!!

Looks creepy! But it's a genius idea!

This is adorable <3

Cute :)

Off to bed! Nights :)

Natural Makeup :)

Makeup isn't something you cake on to cover your face. It's what you use to enhance your beauty! 

Bubz! :D She's amazing at this.

This is originally for brides but it won't hurt to use it for any occasion :)
It's really pretty :) I love it !

Another amazing makeup tutorial! Not generally a person who loves makeup everyday but I love trying out new things :)

Another video by meganheartsmakeup. I'm not sure if I posted this before... *Grins*

Just realized I posted 3 blogs posts in the past 3-4 hours! :O  Ain't it dedication or what? ;)

Adios amigo!
Maine :)


Some girls fall for guys with a wickedly handsome smile, rugged charm and looks that could melt any girl's heart. Some girls fall for their best friend who may not return their feelings. Some fall for the handsome stranger they barely know. Some fall for the well-groomed fastidious guys. Or the hunky football player at school.

~I don't want a guy who can charm any girl he meets.
~I don't want a guy who'll get bored of me when I get fat and old.
~I don't want a guy who doesn't feel the same way about me.
~I don't want him to be extraordinarily handsome.
~ I don't want a stranger with a mysterious smile.
~I don't want a guy who has more makeup than me.
~ I don't want Mr. Muscles.
~I don't want a smarty pants.
~I don't want a guy who flirts with everyone when he's with me.
~I don't want a guy who treat me like dirt.
I want a guy who loves me for who I am.
I want a guy who's not afraid to be himself with me.
I want a guy I can tell lame jokes to and laugh about how lame it is!
I want a guy who smiles and loves people. I want a guy who's not afraid to tell me how he feels.
I want a guy who knows I'm upset even when I say I'm not,
I want a guy who shows me he cares.
I want a guy who loves my family.
I want a guy who loves God.
I want a guy who's cute when he's embarrassed.
I want a guy who thinks I'm beautiful when I look like a gorilla.
I want a guy who teases me and makes me laugh.
I want a guy who will argue with me and try to make it up to me later.
I want a guy who will write silly songs and play the guitar with a goofy grin just to make my day better.
I want a guy that's willing to dance in the rain with me.
I want a guy who throws snowballs at me and runs away when I chase him.
I want a guy who doesn't judge me by how I look or what I wear.
I want him to sing to me even if he's terrible at it.
I want him to hold my hand when I'm afraid and get angry when people insult me.
But mostly, I want a guy who'll be my best friend. Who'll never lie to me or break my heart.

I don't want him to be perfect. I want him to have flaws that make him different from any other guy.
I don't mind if he doesn't fit my criteria list.
I just want him to be a guy who'll love me and be loyal to me.
That's all I want.
I don't care if he's nothing like Logan Lerman or Taylor Lautner.
If he's hot, silly, dorky or crazy,
It doesn't matter to me.
As long as he treats me right and loves me, I'm contented.
That's for all the girls who just want the 'hottest' or 'baddest' guy. I don't want a 'hot' guy or the 'perfect' guy. I want a 'real' guy who will love me for who I am.
Advice: Don't mistake attraction for love. 

The major difference between love and attraction is that love is pure and it stays with one forever, where as attraction is just for the time being. In love one can never get over someone they love and in attraction with the passage of time, people forget about it. Love is a pure feeling, where you fall in love, with someone who is love of your life and you want to spend your life with that person.

Their happiness is all that matter to you and they are the most important people to you on the face of this earth. No matter how hard one tire cannot get rid of the feeling of being in life and cannot forget anything about someone they love. As far as attraction is concerned, it is basically because of the reason for liking them, either physically or mentally or maybe by personality.

Attraction is for the time being and people get over with the feeling as time moves on. And soon they are love with someone else, this is not love, love is something entirely different. It is a feeling which does not reduce with time but it increases as time move up. The story of love is different and many have not understood it but yet fall for it.

We all have problems with this 'unknown' species called males. Just bear with them xP.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Xenophobia

Some people wonder why I act so awkward and out of place with strangers sometimes. I, as it turned out, have xenophobia. Xenophobia is defined as "an unreasonable fear of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange. I don't understand why exactly. I used to get weird dreams and visions when I was younger about strangers. I don't know if it's real or the cause of a certain incident. It's just weird how much I don't remember about it! It feels like someone's erased my mind.

It might have been the cause of a traumatic incident. I distinctly remember an Indian man throwing a cigarette at me when I was cycling. I must have been 8 or 9. It gave me a shock when it flew past my face!

But I don't think it's the type of incident to make me wary of strangers. I just hope I'll be able to figure it out one day.

A very confused banana,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nail Designs :)

This is pretty cute :)

I've got this crazy to paint my nails all different colors and designs. It'll have to wait since I've got to go to school tomorrow but I'll upload the pictures when I'm done :)


I prefer this design minus the pearls! :) Bought some heart shaped rhinestones in Subang Jaya the other day . ;) Maybe I can add them on to one design.

I love one stroke designs. It's just so pretty and fascinating!
This video is another pretty example. Not partial to the base coat though.

You'll need to use CC cause it's in French.

Ma Galarie Nail Art

The link above has stunningly unique nails :)

I love the 3D effect <3

Magical Nails

This website provides a ton of information on nails :)

I wish I could buy acrylic paint for nails :(

A pop of hair! :)
I'm wearing this at the moment :) My phone's next to my bed so I'm too lazy to get it to take photos.

I'm going to wear this on Sunday :) Probably. Maybe. We'll see ;)

That's all for now :)

L'amour, la banane du Maine.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I want to Be For Halloween (If I could)

Greek Goddess! :) I know there's no such thing as Goddesses, but I find Greek mythology pretty fascinating. Wouldn't want them to be real anyway because Greek God/Goddesses usually act real human-like >.<

meganheartsmakeup's videos are excellent. Love the camera/sound qualities ! :)
Found this old video ! Haha! Pranks on Megan in Cell toilet! They turned off the lights :)

Where The Nerds Rule :)

I love this website <3

Where you can find me:

Where you can find my awesome twin :)


This website is highly recommended for nerds, romantics, fanatics, poetics, adventuristics ( I made that up) , Thrilleristics, and anyone who can read :)

It would take you barely a second to find out how much fun it is !

You can write your own stories and read others as well.

This website contains unpublished  books (or stories). Not stories that have already been published like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. (You can find fan fictions though: Personally I think 'Hoping For A Better Future-Serena Snape' is a great place to start!)

Also, beware of copyright infringements. Do not copy or steal other people's story. Even if you make it into your own! >:(

That's all for now :)

Je T'aime,
Maine :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hairstyles on Braids :)

I love Waterfall braids :)
Inspiration :) Cute piggies.

A Glimpse of Banana Maine's Life

Hey :) Welcome to my blog.
You might have read my first (rather threatening) post, and maybe you haven't.
I would like to apologize quickly for the threats (Although I do mean it) because it might have scarred you for life.
Another thing I want to apologize for, is the serious way I blog/write/state.
Okay, I'll probably go insane in the later posts, so bleugh.
Here's a peak into my 'banana' life ;)
 I was born on 21 January 1997. From the time I was a baby till now, I've always been called Maine. Never Charmaine. So when I introduce myself, I feel like I talking about a complete stranger. Let's just go with Maine (or Banana Maine) =]. If you're wondering, a Banana means someone who can't speak Mandarin. I can speak and understand Hokkien, not that it matters or anything. HAHAHA.

*Back to the story*:-

From what I can recall about my childhood, I remember being a happy hyperactive little girl who never stopped smiling. I was, as you could say, fortunate to be blessed with a great family. I used to run around playing with the kittens, listening to Westlife CDs , attempt to play the piano (before my classes-a gift from my uncle), read a lot of Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, as well as many others. I was taught to write before I learned how to write. I've been reading ever since I was 4. I didn't go to kindergarten until I was 6. I was home-schooled when I was 5.

I didn't understand Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, Robinson Crusoe, and Black Beauty. I couldn't understand the story at all. But it fascinated me, so I spent my free time (When I wasn't running around with Ryan,going to Jonathan, Kevin (Justin wasn't born yet) Wong's house to play, or helping my Mum in the kitchen) re-reading the books over and over again till I finally understood them.

People may think that's a strange hobby for a 5 year old, but it was completely normal to me.At the end of October, I began my piano lessons.

I went to kindergarten the next year. I loved the food, the lessons, even the Mandarin classes were fun. My Mandarin teacher always had interesting designs on her nails. I spent most of the lesson, observing her nails.

There's also someone else who was my friend at that time.Our friendship ended at the end of August when I was 11, because well, things changed. Sometimes I wonder if what we had was a real friendship or a forced companionship. I have to admit that maybe losing a friend is better than being friends with someone you had nothing in common at all. That doesn't mean that I don't miss her sometimes.

You can't just throw a friendship away like it means nothing to you when it's been there for years. We were, as you could say, complete opposites, which was a contributing factor to why we never were as close as we should have been.

It hurts but I'm doing my best to heal everyday. This is probably one of the reasons why I'm serious, distant and quiet at times. I haven't talk to her in years. Ignore her maybe? Yup...Pretty hard when she lives right next door.

A poem I found which describes it pretty well:

  Funny how friends say forever,
people never seem to stay together

You told me not to worry, told me not to cry,
you said we were best friends, it was a lie.

I'm here still pretending not to care,
pretending I don't notice you're never there.

To have a bond like we did was amazing,
but you picked them over me, just replacing.

You hurt me so bad you will never know,
and the pain I keep inside I will never show.

You'd probably see it if you just tried,
and know how many nights I have cried.

But don't worry I'll be fine,
I'm not the one who left all my friends behind.


I treasure the friendships I have now. I know they might not last forever but I have faith in my friends. I regard it as the highest  dishonor to mistrust friends. We all have our faults but true friendships don't allow little problems to get between them and cause bitchy fights. That's why I hate it when my friends argue and don't speak to each other for days.

Friends are supposed to to be there: till the very end. There's no problems that cannot be mend. -Banana Maine. I might have walked away from that friendship. But that was because it was the only was I could heal. There's scars in my heart that can't heal, a lot of secrets that I conceal, which would hopefully someday be revealed. (Hey, that rhymed.)

Like I've said before. I have secrets in my life which I've never told anyone. But I believe it's better not to reveal it because I'm worried about what people might think about me. Someday.. Maybe someday, I'll tell you more about it.


As for my primary school life:

I spent my days hanging out with friends, not paying much attention to my studies and voila! Beating boys up. I can't help grinning when I think about the fact, even after all these years when they see me and recognize  me , they would start giving me the wide-eyed scared rabbit glances and hightail out of there before I can say "Boo!" . Sigh..Old memories. My reputation has done well to earn respect from my secondary school mates. Except the few idiotas who are so stupid , they don't get the fact I hate being annoyed by them! But yeah, what would I do without you :) (No offence)

Don't get me wrong. I do it to protect girls who are constantly bullied by bullies. So in other words, I'm bullies' worse nightmare. :) Bullying bullies. The irony, Maine. Sheesh.


My secondary school life has been kind to me. I'm not really attached to a certain group of friends, so I usually flock around and talk to people I like and know. Hehe. The guys are ridiculous, but still very funny. The girls are thankfully not judgemental or anything that makes me dislike them. So yeah, I fit in like an odd glove.

More facts:

I write poetry (you'd be surprised to know how much fun it actually is!)
And short stories. (Yeah, working on it.)
I quit piano lessons because it just wasn't what I had in mind for my piano ambitions. I can't read sheets very well :P
I'm playing by myself now which is exactly what I had in mind. (With the help of Youtube)
I can play by the ear. Working on the left hand though.
I can play the guitar! Jeng jeng jeng.

I don't wear much makeup. I NEVER wear makeup. Hahaha. I'm too lazy for that. Lipbalm is a yes because I have dry lips sometimes :(

I don't judge people by their looks, I evaluate them by their attitude and personality.

This is weird, but I experiment with hair everyday. If you don't believe me, ask my friends who get attacked by me all the time, when I'm bored.
I love J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Cecelia Ahern, Melissa Hill, Roald Dahl, Jeff Kinley, Sophie Kinsella and any authors that associate with crime fiction, mythology,humour, magic or romance :)

Favourite music? Anything ranging from rock to country to pop. I just like what I like :P

I don't have a favorite color in particular. I like anything that looks good :) but I do prefer black.

I like Yoouuuu-chhoouubb. Wattpad, Blogger, weheartit and etc.

I'm not guy crazy. I notice cute guys like every normal girl, but when I like one guy, I don't like any other guys at the same time :) I'm odd that way.

I'm a shopaholic. Gaih.

It's funny how we take things for granted, until we lose what truly means the most to us. 

Okay..That's enough for now :D Till next time!

Te amo,

Maine ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wear Hair Down

That's awesome :)

Cute and Classy Hairstyles :)

Thinking about trying this soon :)

Holidays are pretty awesome. Screaming like a banshee is fun ;)

This is positively the cutest braid I've ever seen!

Evelina Barry and Kaley ( Don't have a clue what her last name is) have some of the best Youtube tutorials I've ever seen! :D

Love the way it inspires me <3

I have a well known obsession with braids : Anyone can tell you that :)

Been driving myself nuts with Youtube tutorials about No Heat Curling Hair..etc . It's pretty interesting to read about hydrogen bonds in your hair and blah blah blah which makes your hair straight, wavy or curly. Who knew Science could be so interesting?

Woots! Make up! :) I like natural makeup. Not too flashy or crazy.

People shouldn't judge others by how they look. A few extra pounds and a slightly prodding tummy can easily be lost by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet! It hurts when people comment on my weight. Excuse you, but do I call you anorexic or bulimic because you look like a bag or skin and bones? Dear rude, narcissist people, I'm going to teach you a very important lesson you should learn. Manners! I'm very sure your momma taught you all about it but you didn't really pay attention did you?

Here's a few simple guidelines:
  1. Don't insult people. Not a single hint, trick or evil nasty word from your mouth!
  2. Don't eavesdrop on people's conversation. It has nothing to do with you!
  3. Don't you dare hurt anyone's feelings! What goes around, comes around. I think you'll do well if you keep that in mind!
  4. Be polite, well-mannered and kind. People will love you for it.
  5. Apologize for everything you did wrong to anyone you did it to. I trust it will in fact give you a great peace of mind. 
Last but not least,
Be humble and honest in everything you do. A little sincerity goes a VERY long way. 

And generally, being nice is a good thing. But please, don't let people stomp all over you. That's injustice.

That's pretty much enough for now. Thanks for taking your time to read this post :)
Au revoir, et a la prochaine, 
Maine <3

Friday, November 11, 2011

Maine :)

 Dear stalkers, spammers and advertisers:

This is a blog!
Not a catalog!
Spam it and you'll be blocked!
Ask me to see your blog and you'll be mocked!
Constantly tortured and stalked!

You have been warned: Strangers, advertisements and numbskulls are not invited to view this page.
Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Hope you liked the warm welcome :)

To friends, enemies, and people who know me:

A banana chocolate fruit ice cream to you :) Loves! Maine <3

The contents will consist of comments, events and programs.
Await the next post with suspense.

*This message is meant to sound serious. I've had it with spammers!* 

Lots of Love,
Maine :)

To advertisers: Blimey hell! Can you just get the message and leave?
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