Friday, December 16, 2011

I am am so excited :)

My 2nd poem on Wattpad has been re-written. Mostly because I think the first draft was pretty messy and don't have the proper flow of poetry.

The poem has been posted below :)
Enjoy: Reading,Writing and Me. LessThanThree*

You may be weird because you love to read and write,

You could stay up from night till light,
Because creating a story is your greatest delight;

It doesn't matter to you whether they think it isn't alright,

Don't be afraid and please don't try to hide,

Don't let anyone crush your hope and pride.

I know writing is a wonderful ambition,

Don't let anyone ruin your motivation.

They call you an abomination,

Don't listen to what they say,

Your works may just be my inspiration.

Don't be afraid to show them you have talent,

I honestly declare that you are simply brilliant.

No matter how hard you try to keep silent,

And I know this isn't pleasant,

Don't trust in their judgement,

I'll be the one to give you encouragement.

My heart ached for you when I heard your lament.

"I came home in tears,

Because just as I feared,

I were teased for loving to read and write,

So many people filled with scorn and spite."

People say you're a freak,

But honestly, what you are is unique!

Stuck in your own world of romance and classics,

Never been the girl who was a lovestruck idiot or a cynic,

You love books because it gave you inspiration and hope,

Something that others really seem to loath.

You've always been the kind of girl with your head in the clouds,

But your feet always stays on the ground.

You prefer avoiding big and noisy crowds,

Books will always leave you spellbound.

Your friends call you crazy and immature,

Being called mean is something you cannot endure.

So my advice to you would be,

It doesn't matter if you are judged wrongly,

Just do what you want,

Don't listen to the complaints or taunts.,

Those people are just mean and beastly!

Being yourself is the best you can be,

If you believe in yourself,

Then just listen to me!

And yes, I have a reputation for writing extraordinarily long poems with a lot of strange words =.=
I'm weird that way! Haha! 
Good night <3

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weirdness, Top raving and Tiffany Alvord :)

Another song to prove that to be original instead of Britney Spears carbon copy is way better :)

Top Raved outside my house :) Weird looks are so wicked!

Getting addicted to making friendship bracelets again. Running out of strings to make it. Have to buy it at the shop next to 99 later ;)

Missing everyone who went  to camp. :/

I heart my kitty <3

That's all for now :)

Maine <3

Friday, December 9, 2011

Addicted To You :)

I heart this song!! :)
Can't wait to get a new guitar so I can learn it! :)
Maine.. <3

Scarf :)

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