Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Awesome Online Shops

Vanity Closet

Has really cheap and prettay stuff :)

A Fashion Story

Has really amazing stuff and the reviews are splendid!


She makes everything and she's really nice when you ask questions :)

Charmed At First Sight

By Phoebe :) She makes it and also has custom made charm bracelets available.


Jeans' sister's online shop. Really cute and chic stuff :D

Mum's Little Treasure Box

Handmade as well and very pretty :)

Tiny Hands Charms

Some of the cutest charms I've ever seen! Looks delicious too <3

Bella Llena

Awesome personalized name necklace/bracelets :)

Charming Pieces

Contains pretty sophisticated looking jewelry :)

Poppet Charm

I like it :) Very cute.

Pretty .. But expensive :/

Vivi Fashion
Contact lenses. Not sure about the quality though.

Lovely Stitches
Cute hand-stitched items :)

Luvly Beads
Pretty bracelets :)

Jasz' Jewelry Box
Gorgeous <3 Usually :)

All online shops are located in Malaysia. It was quite surprising to find out M'sia has so many jewelry-makers :O
Off to sleep .
Maine :)
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