Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life, as it is.

Hey yo! (:

So I'm going to the Acts Party thing tomorrow with Jeans.

Have to take a KTM there. Whut the crap. HAHA.

I mean, seriously? I don't even know how to get KTM tickets.


Good news! :D

Got back the random essay that teacher asked us to do, to see how good our grammar and yada, yada, yada is.

I did it 10 minutes before passing it up because I didn't come to school when the teacher gave the essay books back to my class.


I still got a 34/35.

How weird is that?


My friend says it's not fair.

And I agree.


Just kidding.

She ditched me last minute before Maths class started, to see the whiteboard.


Then 3 idiots came and tried to sit as close to me as possible.


Sob story, aight.

At least it was the last period before going home.

Is my school the only one that ends early on Thursday? D:

Don't think so. But I never know.

Watermelon getting more annoying.

Ate ice cream in tuition yesterday (:

My aunt specially bought the ice cream and cones for us.

I felt so loved.


Watermelon kept saying "Maine Teo. Maine Teo." repeatedly non-stop during the class and sniggered when I poked him.


Just kidding.

Actually a pretty nice guy.

 Kept sneezing.

My sneezes are like "ahhhh- PHIH!" Or "Ahhh-CHUZZZ!" Not the usual "AHHH-CHOOO!"

So they (meanies) kept trying to make me sneeze -.- .

I hate pepper.


Idk what to say.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Changing? For The Better.


So recently, Joy and I were talking about changing in personalities, yada yada yada, as we grow up.

But who said that change has to be a bad thing?

It's up to you to make the best of every situation.


It's apparently a huge topic these days since even the YTF are broaching on the subject :)

Oh you thought it was going to be a long post?


I'm lazy now.

Want to learn more about changing yourself for the better?

Google it :P



Epic. Just epic! D:

Hey guys! :)

Someone commented on a post I made on Tiffany Alvord's video, where she met the YTF crew.

Not sure if it's a compliment .


Seriously D:

So random.


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