Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Difficult-A Poem For Esther's Homework. HAHA.

Life can be difficult, that is true.
But why should you let it affect you?

We face problems almost everyday of our lives,
but in some way or other, we will deal with it and survive.

Sometimes people say things about you that is not true,
the reasons why they do that, I haven't got a clue.

Some things you love and gives you inspiration and hope, 
seems to be something others really loathe.

When things get difficult and life seems dark,
never forget that there is always hope in your heart.

Have courage to believe in yourself and be your parents' greatest pride,
it is better to do that than to be ashamed of yourself and hide.

Have the strength and faith to believe,
if you can do that, there is nothing you can't achieve.

If you are in distress,
may I remind you that finding courage to believe is an ongoing process.

Nevertheless, I must confess,
that I know of one way to achieve success.

It is to have faith in your future ambition,
and not  let anyone ruin your motivation.

Life is difficult, that is true.
believe in yourself, trust me, that is the best thing to do.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Decorations and Meow.

Sample of the class decorations I made this week:

The full quote is supposed to be : Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful (:

Yeah I know. Random fart.

Here's some kitties? MEOW.

Don't like cats, get a move on brah.



Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Random Fart

Just remember when I was in Jihah's house, she took a potato wedge and dipped it into the watercolor water which was right next to the plate and almost ate it. She only noticed after it was immersed in the water! HAHAHA. Asked her why she did it after I got over my laughing fit and she said she thought it was the chili sauce. HAHAHA.

So weird la that girl.

Feel like guilty I ditched her today. Didn't go to school because I woke up at 12.20pm and even if I went, there'd only be 10 minutes left of school.

She's going to kill me tomorrow >:l

Weird and random fart. I suck at making potions :'(


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Best Friend - Jason Chen (Official Music Video)

Amazing :)

Hey there!

I just got the music sheet for JRA's By Chance (You & I) which I felt like I've been looking for rather hopelessly. =O

Thankfully, an awesome person on Youtube had transcribed the song! And the piano sheet is downloadable for free. How great is that?

David Choi is coming to M'sia on 20 May! SO EXCITED. But I hope the tickets aren't expensive.

Feel as if I've been avoiding Joanne and Aijean lately.
Didn't mean to but it just turned out that way -.-
And since when have I started calling them by their normal names?

On the bright side, I got a few of my friends at school to listen to JR Aquino's songs. They said he has a nice voice :D

Syahirah and Atikah were making this kinda name thingy of everyone in class to stick on the wall. Mine was "Maine The B'nana" cause there wasn't enough space for my whole name. Vegetable got "Tay the Ham..." which was supposed to be hamsap but we didn't want the teacher to see it and yell at us. HAHA.

Didn't get to finish my Geo folio. But that's okay cause my teacher won't be around till Monday! :D

Have to make more class decorations. But I'm not doing it with Jihah again today cause I have tuition -.- and no transport. So I'm doing it by myself and she's doing another one by herself.

A lot of people complimented us on the decos we did yesterday :)

Even a girl from another class asked me to make one for her class. HAHA. Crazy.

I looked funny carrying a huge piece of board to school . But oh well.

What happened at Jihah's house yesterday :

Didn't actually do any real work for 45 minutes or so. HAHA. I reached her house around 4pm. We started searching for quotes to use and watched Youtube videos on the side with her Ipad. Kept coming across loveydovey quotes and bad words quotes that were pretty funny but WRONG.

Wanted inspiration quotes! Not inspirational quotes about LOVE LOVE LOVE.

She had a grandfather clock in the corner that made weird twitting sounds every hour. I got a heart attack when I heard the "twit, beep, twit" sound. And yeah, I kinda overreacted and screamed. Jihah muffled my screams with a pillow. -.- Trying to murder someone who volunteered to help. KIDDING. Hahahaha!

Finally started on the project. Drew and painted alphabets :O And we were almost finished when I said I was hungry. Jihah went to cook potato wedges and I got even hungrier smelling it from the kitchen.

Her little sister came home when Jihah came back to paint. Lil sis was pretty cute and very talkative! Made me feel nervous when she watched me so closely when I was painting. Got drunk a few times and laughed like a witch. Lil Sis asked Jihah "Eh, Maine ni mabuk ke?" Jihah just said "Memang la."

When the wedges were finally out of the wok and into a nice huge plate, Jihah took one and popped the whole thing into her mouth. And started throwing a silent fit like this "Ahhh! Pananas! Panas!" in a muffled sort of way. I was laughing too hard at her expression to help her. HAHA. She laughed back at me when I tried to do that too -.-

Lil sister borrowed the Ipad and started talking about a haunted house in Malaysia. Me: Won't she get nightmares? Jihah: Yeah, tapi dia ni tak kisah la.
Her sister brought in a cat from outside. :O. Fat and fluffy one. Half ginger and half white. She put it on my lap and it refused to get off. I didn't want it to get off either but my hands were covered in paint >:l
Finally managed to shove it off after readjusting my legs.

Then lil sis no 2 came home. Cute girl with short hair and big eyes.

Since we were already almost finished anyway, we cleaned up the table and floor. Potato wedges finished a long time before that happened. HAHA. Shame.

Jihah brought out her DSLR camera and started stalking me. -.-

Then she asked her Little Sister No 1 to take a few photos of us together. Her sister kept laughing at the funny faces I was pulling cause I wasn't really being serious. *I don't say?*

It was almost 8.40pm and my dad hadn't come to pick me up yet. Her sister (Talkative one) said "Maine tak perlu balik la. Tidur atas sofa." Jihah: Ehh, can also la. Bapak dia pun lupa datang. HAHA.

I was pretty tempted to do that too. There was air cond and nice big couch and I was exhausted.

Butt still. HAHA.

He finally came after a long long time. I said my byebyes and dropped dead on the car seat.

I was that tired.

Didn't really want to go to school today but SEMANGAT!

LOL. Made no sense. Cheh.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Going to Najihah's house later to do some stuff.
No chance to sleep.
Not sure if I should be glad or upset .

Going to finish my Geography folio in one shot. Have to pass up tomorrow.
Crazy teacher gave so little time to finish >:(

Annddd. We're going to work on class decorations too.

And an essay too.

Don't think there'll be enough time to finish up everything! :/


But at least I won't be doing it alone :)

So yay! For being optimistic!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pottermore Details! :)

My pet: A tawny owl! :O


Ollivanders is awesome.
Love the quiz! <3

Mannn. Pottermore-crazy now.
My wand:



Not bad! :D


Wand core Info:

Phoenix  This is the rarest core type. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike.  Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.

Awesome. HAHAHA. Mann! :O

Trying on the Sorting Hat! :)
Jeans is in Hufflepuff!

YES! Yes! I'm in Gryffindor! :D

Mann! So freaking awesome! D:

Pottermore is so exciting! AHHHHH!!
Going crazy now.

Okay.. Going off to play more! BYE :D

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pottermore! :D

Signed up for Pottermore!

So damn excited.
Not exactly HP crazy but still I heard Pottermore was flipping fantastic! :O

My username:  LumosWillow25940
Was kinda by default. But oh well.

Well, I'm off to check it out! :)

*Yay for Potty!*



I know I'm getting crazy and I'm not really sorry about it at all.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Headband Curls?

It works!

Nah..I'm lying. Haven't took my hair out of the headband so I don't really know if it'd work.

Ian said it looks like Princess Leia's hairstyle from Star Wars.

Thanks man. HAHA.

Did it because straight hair gets a little bit boring after a while?
*I know you can see mah pimples and discoloration. Don't comment. It's a sore topic for me*

Pretty. But mainstream :/
HAHA. I just like changing up my look.

Oh well.
I guess that's why I'm excited about chalking my hair with my friends this Sunday! :D
Plus draw a moustache on my face even though I'm acting as a woman in the Easter skit.

Yeah yeah. Weird and silly :)

Here's some cat photos: (Skip if you detest cats, you evil cat-hating person. Just kidding.)

<3 :)
Aren't they adorable?
So fluffy and chubby.

Yee fb-messaged me and said he was sad he didn't get to kacau me today -.-
There are so many girls in class and you pick on me?

Tuition was fun last night. Weird but fun! HAHA.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Butt weight!

Really think we should quit asking people if they stare at asses -.-

A majority of them deny deny deny anyways, even if they DO stare at asses because they're afraid we might think of them as perverts.

Butt weight!

Some people said they do stare at butts.. but it depends on whose butt they're staring at. HAHA.

Nuff said? HAHA.


Getting tired of people denying it/ admitting it because it's annoying to keep track of who does/doesn't do it.

I stare at some asses and I'm not exactly proud of it but I won't deny that I do.

HAHA. Just sayin'.

But staring at cute guys' asses is normal. Not everyone does it, but it IS normal.

Example: Toilet papering people's houses/cars is normal in America but not every teenager does it, right?

I did some research and I think the results are pretty dead on. :O

So in conclusion, staring at asses is normal (For both girls and guys!)

It's just that not everyone likes to do it.


Girls do it. Guys do it.

Maybe you don't do it, but you can't judge me either :P

(The ass staring pervert)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Not Cute!

Hey yo! :)

So today.. I got called cute. Again.

I don't really mind it since they say that in a way like , "OMG! You're so cute I want to pinch your chubby chubby cheeks!" instead of .. "You're..cute."

What I DO mind, is that they stare at me like I'm a very cute, very fat, kitten.

Like this one: