Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What is this. HAHAHA.

I posted this comment 2 weeks ago and forgot all about it. Came back and saw this. NICE. HAHAHA. Perasan la me. But this is wicked cool.

One of the YTF interview videos. Pretty funny.

Camporama is TODAY people.

Awesomeness explosion.


Off to church soon.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Camporama 2012 :)

Hey you!

Anyway. I'm popping in to say hello and .. stuff.

Life's been crazy lately. Been practically LIVING in church.

And I'm going to church again tomorrow in the morning.


Camporama 2012 is in TWO DAYS.


Freaking awesome!

Excited and bersemangat! :)

Kelantan boleh!

Going to lose my voice. I just know it.

Screaming, singing and laughing too much.

So some of my friends been down lately. Sad, upset, depressed and very unlike themselves.

:( Life and the problems that comes with it.


So girls, just take a deep breath and relax .

We've all been there before and when I was feeling upset, you guys were really awesome and were so nice; I felt like crying because I found it slightly hilarious that I was acting like a sad child who didn't get a lolipop.

The point is, if anyone feels upset or angry about anything, just remember there are people out there (like me, cheh! Perasan!) who understands and you're not alone in this :)

Maybe it's because of relationship problems (which I really don't understand; I'm an oddity. HAHA), parents problems: YOU CAN'T EAT ICE CREAM AT NIGHT OR YOU'LL GET FAT AND DIE! (Yeah. Totally understand man. But parents will be parents.), eating problems (I really understand. Don't CARE if chocolate makes me fat bro! ), insecurity problems (I know man. Life can be scary sheettzz.)
Or anything else.

Even if I don't understand what you're going through, I'll be happy to listen and help you deal with it :P

Relationships problems I definitely know nuffin about.

I'm not a very likeyguys person. Only some. Special people who are willing to buy me a wheelchair. Just kidding. But seriously I want a wheelchair.


Argieoh. New way of saying aiyoh.


I don't like liking people who makes me feel self-conscious and shy but I can't help it.






Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So thankful there's only one more day of exams before I can rest.

Downloading David Choi's songs in my phone.

Addicted <3


I'm sick and tired of exams.

And sleepy too.

Sleeping every chance I get in class.

Not really looking forward to Camporama preparations.

Sleep is tempting.

But I don't care.

I'll survive.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hey there!
Thought I'd poop in for a quick spoof! poofs. snooze.

Uncle Ronald bring a huge bundle of Maggi Mee cups and a LOT of clothes for me. The clothes. Not the Maggi. HAHA. Have to share that. Aiyahyah.

Away We Happened is here :D
Whheee! Victor Kim.

Ja ja. I know I should be studying and what not.
But I won't :P
Maths tomorrow.

Not really looking forward to it.
Slept like a pig in school today.

No exam for me before reccess. Sleep.
After Sejarah paper.
Snnozzeer :)

Oh well.


Friday, May 18, 2012

My essay looks like THIS.

Yes I know. Very awkward and weird essay. HAHAHA.

Oh well :/

It was a little hard to write because I'm having an anxiety attack and can't think straight.

But ahhh weewwwlll.



Kelantan skit practice today :O

Nooott bbaaddd.

Argghh. Just wanna sleep lo.

Have to wake up at 7am tomorrow.

The interview is at 9 and I'm leaving at 8am :/

 SCARED out of my wits.

Relax relax but I can't relax. URGGHH.




Thursday, May 17, 2012

Important Fart. Yes. FART.

Hello there :)
Guysgirlspedobears(eww you're gross. Go away!) Just kidding. HAHA.
I'm anxious and stressed out now.

I've finished most of my GMA requirements. Except for the essay.
Which I will be doing tonight.
When I have some inspiration.

HAHAHA. Forrggeeettt itttt .


I will be going for my GMA interview this Saturday.
And I'm flipping out like a crazy woman because I don't feel ready for it.
Also, I will be the only one in my church going.
I always thought that Samuel or Cheryl would get it with me and we'll suffer together.
But oh well.


At least Jeans and Sher Rin are coming to accompany me :O
If they can that is.
I'm flipping out like crazy.

I'll probably be mute tomorrow for a whole day.


And get fat.

Eating chocolate like no one's business. :P

Okay okay.

Off to do what I need to do.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Mumble mumble :3

Hey there! :)

I was cleaning the Rangers store yesterday.
For FIVE hours.
Just for my GMA project.
A bunch of awesome people volunteered to help me out and I'm awfully grateful! :D
You know who you are ;)
It would have been a nightmare to try and clean it by myself.
The amount of water/fizzy drinks we drank was too damn high.

Time flew like a bird yesterday.
Seems like one second I was in SS and the next I was snoozing like a pig.

I wore a tank top covered by a checkered long-sleeved shirt. And I took off the long sleeved shirt when we were cleaning cause I was sweating like mad and my arms couldn't move properly.
Megan asked me why I wasn't shy about showing off my armpits.
Not really. HAHAHA. She asked me why I wasn't shy about wearing just a tank top in public.

I was thinking that based on the way girls I see dress nowadays, wearing a tank top that covers everything is relatively modest :P

HAHA. But seriously. I think lately I've become more confident about the way I dress and I don't give a fart to anyone who judges me.

Which reminds me, I went to my cousin's house for dinner yesterday. Them people were celebrating Mother's Day with seafood. I was so hungry and tired, I just gobbled up everything I saw on my plate.
And one of my aunts who hasn't seen me since last year (When I was still slightly overweight and had an awful acne outbreak-what luck -.-) was staring at me like I was a giant caterpillar. She told my mum that I look different and thinner. Couldn't help smirking. She accused me of having a tummy last time and well, In your face! Sorry, couldn't help myself. Aunts are like that.

I don't know what happened to make me lose weight :O I honestly didn't exercise or change my diet.
*Evil laugh* It's a miracle.

But that proves, you can't judge people by their looks or anything else.

This is how I was like last year:

  • Slightly chubby from over-indulgence on food while I was overseas.
  • Long hair 
  • Pimple-covered face
  • Very quiet around extended Chinese family. (I hate it when they speak Mandarin)
  • Shy-ish.
  • Easy to pick on 
  • Not someone who carries an air of confidence.
  • Relatively normal? Just kidding. I never was normal.
  • Not perverted. HAHA. Just kidding. 
How I'm like this year:
  • Less chubby but still got a tummy that shows when I'm in the swimming pool. I will never be skinny. Not that I want to :P Just a fact. I love food too much. And I'm too lazy to exercise.
  • Shorter hair.
  • Very (not really. HAHA) little pimples. I mean literally little.
  • I talk when I want to :P Not so quiet anymore.
  • Louder and not so timid.
  • Talk back when people insult me.
  • More confident about who I am.
  • Weird. Very weird. 
  • Dat ass. :O (don't take this seriously :P If you're against perverts)
You can't judge people on their looks or attitude. Because people are capable of taking the initiative to change and be a better person.

And my point is, it's nicer for me now. To just be myself and be confident about it. I don't care anymore if people think I laugh weird, smile weird, talk weird or look weird. 

Because I AM WEIRD. 

And proud of it :)

HAHA. Sorry for that fart but it just came out. 

I decided to focus more on music after settling the GMA stuff. 
Yes music. Not studies.
I admit studies has never been one of my primary concerns.

A lot of people predicted that I would get my GMA and I wasn't sure about it. 
When I started on my merits when I was 12, my idea was to get as many merits done as possible. Not to acheive the GMA.
Started small, 10 or so merits that year.
20 merits the next.
And about 10-20 merits last year.
And the big GMA this year.

Things happen without me realizing it.


Aha. Anyways, I sat with the guys in SS yesterday. Jeans and Esther were talking and I was just dying to get my hands on the guitar Sam was using.

 I got up, threw away some rubbish and sat behind Sam. Fab was sitting sideways and saying weird stuff. Darren kept pulling my hair and I warned him I would hurt him if he didn't stop. He didn't stop so I twisted his arms/hands/idkwhat and he said he was sorry non-stop. HAHAHAHA. I'm evil, I know. That's what happens when he doesn't listen.

Sam, Darren and I passed the guitar back and forth during the lesson. 
Teacher showed this video :

And I know it was supposed to be sad and meaningful, not funny.
But I couldn't help joking about Fabian wetting the bed when he was old.
The things I do to stop myself from crying.

Darren said he felt teary. HAHA. So funneyh. 
Didn't know Deer could cry.

Helped Janani with her Mother's Day project and she kept calling me Cheh cheh. HAHA. Awkward, I tell you. I'm not used to terms of endearment. (Big words. WOW)

I remember when someone asked me if I would ever get a boyfriend. 
When I said "No, why should I?" She told me that "Because that's what girls do in high school!"
Ohhh! That's the whole point of high school! To get a BOYFRIEND (Justin Bieber, anyone? :P)
You don't get a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/dog because you're EXPECTED to.
You get one because you WANT to.
Crazy peeple.

Life isn't all about getting boyfriend after boyfriend after .. you get my point. 

Personally I think, you should get to develop your character more and be more mature before doing it.
Cause if you don't understand yourself, how can you expect someone else to?

I admit I do find some guys attractive and have crushes and all.
It's normal after all.

But I want to know and understand myself more before I make a decision like dat :)

Sides, a boyfriend would be a waste of time if the relationship doesn't last.

And I have too much to focus on now :P


Friday, May 11, 2012

Hair, There and Everywhere.

Hey there! :)

So I'm really stressed out because of the GMA interview and coming exams.
Eat chocolate and breathe.
Eat chocolate and breathe.
Is my mantra for now.


So anyways, I had a random fart (Not literally, I mean thought) about letting my hair grow out super long and snipping off ten inches or so and selling it :P

Or giving it to a bald friend.

Seriously though.

If I could find an organization who makes wigs for kids with cancer here (Or anyone for that matter), then I would donate it to them :)


Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Phone and Guitar lessons?

Hey there! :)
Just bought a new phone, Sony Ericsson WT-13.
I'm not rich so I can't buy an Iphone :P

Jihah wants to take up the guitar and I offered to give her classes.


Yumyum: Chocolate :P


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yes, this is Maine :P

Hey there! :)
As usual.

Heads up, I'm making a page to drop in some deets about how my life is/was D:
Hahaha! I'm serious though. Not sarcastic :P

I've decided to become a prefect next year. Enough slacking for the lazy one.
I would prefer being a librarian for obvious reasons, like the fact I love books and I think the uniform is pretty.
But I would have to come to school in the afternoon to do stuff. So NEIN NEIN NEIN.
Prefect it is.
Not this year since I've too much to focus on now.
Prefects get to wear black shoes. BONUS.
I like black shoes.
My friend is encouraging me to be one.
She wanted me to last year but I was way too lazy to do it.
Finally, I actually feel like I should D:
So I shall.
Unless I chicken out.
Which I probably will.
Or maybe I won't.
But I don't know :P


My phone is dead and it has no chance of revival.
I really really need a phone NOW.
Everyone is complaining that they can't contact me because I have no phone and I don't remember their numbers too :/
Dad is stalling. HAHA. I think he doesn't want me to go crazy at the phone shop.
But I shall wait impatiently.

I have 3 new songs to learn on the piano . But I'm slacking here. #awkwardpokerface.

No one's giving me chocolate.

Oh well.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hey you! Haven't seen you in a while :)

Hey there! :) 

Yes, finally a happy post.

Finished up all my folios at last!

Going to watch the Avengers tomorrow! :) Added bonus!

Youth Alive is having their Fuxion launch and I'm looking forward to that! :)

I'm going to chalk my hair tomorrow (If I don't feel lazy, that is)

I've made friends (well almost) with the kitten behind my house :3

Shuuooooo ccuutteeee.

Beware of today (night?) (6/5/2012) because it's the Revenge Of The Sixth.

You'd geddit if you're a Star Wars fan :P

I forgot what I was happy about.

Being happy? HAHAHA

Going to skip Expedition and join the little Adventure Rangers :)

Dad is planning to launch a "Trollfaces" or "Meme" line of products soon.

Notebooks, bags, bottles, badges, stuff like that :)

With my help of course.

Need to get a name for the line though #thoughtfulgaze

Planning to make it as affordable as possible for people mah age.

I bought 2 nail dotting pens (black and silver) 2 bottles of nail polish (Glitter and purple) because I was bored and wanted to repaint my toenails #sheepishsmile

My aunt said she'd consider taking me to Holland this year again.

If I behave myself -.-

When have I ever done that?

Cheeze lady.

HAHAHA. Just kidding.

Ah well.

Need to stop reading sad stories.

People keep asking me if I broke up with my boyfriend or if someone died. -.-

I wasn't crying that bad.

Okay.. Maybe I was.

But that's what a good story does!

It makes me cry.

Bad stories though, I weep for the shallowness and ridiculous plot it has.

So Meooowwwww :) 

Good night and may the force be with you.

A little drunk and tipsy from laughter,
Maine :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


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