Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 3: My Parents #30dayletterchallenge

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thank you for everything you've sacrificed and done for me. I know I've always been a troublesome, disobedient daughter and I'm sorry for that. Really I am. I've disappointed you so many times, I lost count :( There was a time when I kept secrets from you and completely withdrew from communicating with you. I felt so guilty and worthless. Thank you for reaching out to me and helping me realize what I did wrong without judging me.

Thank you for teaching me about God. Without you guys, I wouldn't have known how to turn to Him when I seek for help. Enforcing my faith and belief in Jesus when I was a kid, helped me turn away from bad influences.

Thank you for all the books in the house :) It gave me the love I have for books and made me capable of speaking and writing English more fluently. I know that when I was small, you were afraid I wouldn't be capable of speech because of that problem I had. You still buy books for me now, even when you think there's way too many in the house now. HAHA. The joy of being a reader :)

Thank you, for raising me up to be a banana. It might sound weird but it taught me many life lessons. I learned that it's okay not to be able to understand Mandarin and be different. Real friends won't judge me for being different. In our household, we always speak English, usually. Or Hokkien once in a while. And I like it that way :) (Thanks Dad, for not sending me to a Chinese school because everyone said it would be better).

Thank you for my piano lessons. I know they were a pain in the ass to pay because I had private lessons instead of learning at a music school. And you want me to start taking classes again, for my own sake. But it's okay really. I don't need piano lessons to pursue my love for music. I like it so much better learning alone :) It teaches me to be independent. Thanks for giving me a good teacher who was patient and understanding.

Thank you for the guitar classes too :)

Thank you for all those years providing me with chocolate, seaweed, chicken floss buns and almost every type of food I crave :3 I love you so much even though it made me fat.

Thank you for not pressuring me TOO hard about my exams and studies. Thank you for not giving me expectations to live up to.

Although sometimes you nag and nigger (LOL. What?) about my studies, lack of interest in certain things, me going out so much, learning too many crafts and about me (plus the bros) spending too much time on the computer, I know it's for my own good. And I'll try my best to stop. Really I will.

Thanks Mum, for helping me with my 'feminine' problems, and for being cool about me being a tomboy and beating up guys. I know it must be hard having two sons and a daughter who acts like a guy. HAHAHA. Seriously though. Thank you for not trying to make me change and become a feminine person. (Not that you didn't try but you didn't try THAT hard. HAHA)

You're amazing parents and I wouldn't trade you for anyone else :)

And I do love you. Even if I don't tell you that all the time.

Photo Challenge?

MIGHT be trying the Photo Challenge :) Maybe.
I'll do my best. LOL.
With the help of some awesome friends :)
P.S. Don't care about the date. LOL.

Creative Writing Challenge

Creative Writing? I can't WRITE. I can't even blog properly. LOL.

I'll try :)

No promises.


Baby, I Love You

Day 2: My Crush #30dayletterchallenge

Hey Voldermort :)

I'm sure you don't know why I named you after a guy with no nose :P Pretty awkward, isn't it? Especially when you have a pretty cute nose. HAHA. No, I'm not a creepy person who stares at people's noses.

This is kinda awkward. Writing you a letter you'll never read. Also because I've never talked to you before because I was too shy -__-

Why do I like you? Hmmm. Why indeed? I'm not going to say it's because you're cute and I like your smile. Although I do. HAHAHA. I've never really noticed you till 4 years ago. And yeah, I'm a pretty blur person. The first time I noticed about you was that you smiled a lot, had talents that I liked, and you were pretty confident. What I liked was that you seemed comfortable being yourself. Which was something I certainly lacked back then.

I've liked you for four years. (for four. LOL) I know there isn't a chance you'll like me back because you're a flirt. Kinda. Idiot. LOL. Just kidding, but seriously. And I know it's kinda creepy. And trust me, I tried to stop. I really did. I'm still trying to stop liking you now. I don't want to like you, but you make yourself just so bloody different from other guys I know, and I like that. WHY DO I LIKE THAT?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm really in love with you or just infatuated. You're the kind of guy I like and maybe, I like you because you're everything I wish I could be. (Except for the flirt part. Jerk :P) Now, when I look at you, I get this crazy urge to laugh my ass off. Not because you look funny or anything. Because of some crazy exhilarated part of me that goes nuts when I see you. Or MAYBE I find you a funny object O.o Nahh.

I feel so much comfortable talking to guys who are just my friends. But when it comes to you, I'd do anything to avoid getting close to you. Why? Well, because I don't want to get close to you and be crushed when you end up liking someone else.

My friends think it's cute that I like you. But I disagree. I think it's freaking creepy that I like you. Why couldn't I have chosen to like someone else? Stupid heart . Making me get attracted to someone I have no chance with.

I'm not the prettiest girl out there. I'm not funny, easy to talk to, or special in any way. But I'll always like you for who you are, I won't ever want you to change into someone you're not. That counts for something right?

Why am I so afraid to talk to you? I don't even have the answer to that.
I can't even talk to you online. I'm a coward and a fool.

The best I can hope for, is that one day, maybe you'll like me for me. And maybe, we could be friends.
Yeah. Friendzoning myself. *Facepalm*

I wish you nothing but the best, if you ever fall for someone else. You deserve better than me.

It's something I can't hide. It's something I can't deny. So here I go, Baby, I love you. 


Day 1: My Best Friend #30dayletterchallenge

Dear best friend (whoever you are. JUST KIDDING. HAHA) ,

You're a pretty awesome person :)

It's hard to believe it's been 2 years since the day we met. We were became friends by chance and I can honestly say, you make life in school so much easier and fun. Remember the first day we met? :) I was a little afraid you would be a hard working, silent person who wouldn't like me talking in class. When I found out you thought the same about me, I laughed my pants off because I never thought anyone would think I was HARD WORKING.

The funny thing was, the reason I sat next to you was because I came late and the only place to sit was next to you. You were alone because we all got mixed up in form 2. I don't remember the exact moment we became friends, but I DO know that we got bullied together a lot by some numbskulls and somehow because of that, we got closer. 

It's been a crazy ride. Talking about music, shows, books, boys and just random nonsense with you (when we were supposed to study)  made studying (is it counted if I don't actually study? HAHA) a lot more easier and fun :) You improved my BM and I helped you with your English.

I remember that awkward moment in Sejarah class last year, when you and I fell asleep. Because there wasn't a teacher teaching and we were both tired. When we woke up, our shoes and socks WERE MISSING. Scumbag boys. It was so silly, running all over the class, trying to KILL the guys who were tossing our shoes and socks around like they were playing basketball. I couldn't help laughing though, cause it was pretty fun. Don't get me wrong, I was still pretty mad.

We always fall asleep in class. Especially during Sejarah because the teacher doesn't care. And I know to some people, they find our friendship weird because you're Malay and I'm Chinese. But what differences does it make really? I learn more about your culture and you learn more about mine :)

Sometimes, I don't come to school. And you get bullied alone :( Then I feel so guilty because I promised to be there. But you always forgive me because you're awesome that way :)

It's fun to remember all the silly things we've been through together. You deserve an award for being able to put up with me and my nonsensical chatting for the past 2 years.

You gave me the nickname 'Lazy Maine'. And suddenly everyone's calling me that :O But it's true. I'm lazy and I show it. HAHAHA.

Lazy Maine :)

Lazy Banana.

Hey there! :)
Didn't go to school today. Lol. Just felt so tired and passed out on the bed after trying to get up for the 3rd time -___-
Sorry Jihah. I'm a crappy friend and I don't deserve to live. If Shawn bullies you, I'll beat him up for you on Monday. Pinky swear.

Chicken flossed bun :3 My aunt bought some. So nice, OMG. Eating like a PIG. You see, Maine? That's why you're FAT. Control yourself, woman -_-

Look here :) Some of Brandon Ann's  photos from Facebook. Good job, man. 

Kinda bored now. It's nice to see photos of Camporama and remember the silly things we did there :)
Excited for Pow Wow 2013. There's gonna be tiger court like last year. HAHA. Laughed so hard till I cried when Don steamrolled some guys.
Best memories :) Thank you Rangers <3

There's some much yummy food in the house now. I don't know how I'm going to stop myself from eating. Oh, I'm not on a diet. I'm trying to eat healthily like my brother advised. But apparently that's impossible for me :(

I'm sorry if the post looks weird. I type differently on a laptop. So much more.. serious? HAHAHA.

Oh well :) Have a great day, people!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Can't I Focus?

Hey there :)
Got BULLIED today. Urgh.
I hate you, you little pineapple.

I was wondering, a few minutes ago, about why I can't focus on something properly.
Even when I'm watching Youuuchhoouubbb videos, I have to pause every now and then, do something else and then go back to it.
And I LOVE Youuchouuub. A lot. What is wrong with me?

Bad habit! Bad habit!!


Very short post, I know.

Have other things to focus on.

30 Day Letter Challenge! :)

It's epic.

Butt. I have a teeny problem.

I probably won't have time to do it till next week.

The EhehehehNAUUMMehemehem is this Saturday. Pretty excited :)

Going to give a testimony in fuXion on Sunday. How did I end up doing it ? -___-

Andrew better help me with it or I'll die laughing when I'm supposed to be sharing a testimony.

Public speaking grade: COMPLETE FAILURE.

My Science teacher praised me for speaking up in class when the whole class was silent. It was embarrassing but I HAD to do it because she was already mad at us and I wanted her to calm down. HAHA. She's a good teacher but we get on her nerves all the time.

And I feel guilty because I'm one of those causing havoc in class.


Turning over a new leaf.

Gonna be a good girl for LYFE.

No not really.



Heat-free T-shirt Curls :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well, this is awkward.

Hey you! ;)

Just landed myself in a pretty awkward situation. This guy (my FRIEND apparrotly-yes I'm well aware I spelled that wrong) knows I know his ex-girlfriend but doesn't know I'm no longer her friend and haven't talked to her for about 4 years already due to a misunderstanding wants me to ask her for her number so he can CALL HER MAYBE. I mean sms. And he has a girlfriend now -__- Talk about douches. I have no idea why I signed up for this. He practically BEGGED me to ask her about it. And I have to do it because.. he's my friend. Annoying. Idiotic. Douche-y. Friend. My soft heart kills me.

On the brighter side, I received 3 orders for name thingys which I still haven't given a name to yet O.o Ermm. Name dangly string thing? I suck at naming things.. and babies. Oh my cheeze, I pity my future children. No idea what names I might give them and they'll be stuck with it for the rest of their lives like I'm stuck with mine now O__O

LOL Okay. 3 orders from my classmates. Mhhmm. At least I can earning extra money doing something I like. Instead of lazying around and getting fat like I usually do. HAHA.

Look at this ! :D

And no, it's not a cookie with nails in it. 
It's part of my friend's KH project but she isn't using it. 
And LOL, chill. That's not poop on my thumb. 
It's seaweed .

KH was okay today. Thank God. 
Jihah wanted to go outside to hammer the hooks and something together for her project so I went out with her to help.
Problem was, I wasn't much help :P
I helped her hammer the wood thing(?) and talked about nonsense.
Then Intan came and she's pretty good at KH so she took the whole thing and did the work efficiently.
When I was doing it, I kept hammering my thumb because I got distracted. (hehe)
She knocked the nails in without hitting her thumb once O.o 
I took the blue perspek and stared at things with it. 
Got bored of that and hammered nails into that drawer-knob thing in the photo.
HAHAHA. Intan saw what I was doing and said "Eh Maine dah gila la."
Jihah said "Memang la." I just laughed like a maniac for no reason. 
Boredom gets to me :P

Ever heard of "Flashers" ? 
You know.... a guy flashing his umm...junk?
My English teacher was talking about Flashers.
Not randomly la. 
Shawn's zipper broke and he ANNOUNCED it to the whole class "Hey Teacher! My zipper broke. How?"
Teacher said "How what? Hide it la!" Then we had a really weird conversation with the teacher for 15 minutes about some weird random guy flashing his ... thing at some girls from school. Laughed so hard till I cried. Someone asked the teacher, "What is diarrhea?" She said "The opposite of constipation." and explained it saying " When you're constipated, the poop ahh, VERY hard to come out." Malaysian slang. "But when you have diarrhea, ......" Some people said "It comes out very easily?" She said "YES. Exactly." 
It was interesting. Suddenly talking about flashers and poop in English class. 
That's why I love English classes :) 
Besides the language itself. HAHAHA.

Oh right. 
Blog again when my life turns interesting.

P.S. Esther has/is getting a haircut (or got) and I can't wait to see it :) Shooo. I'll miss her long hair though 

Ah well. Papaya!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

30 Day Letter Challenge? Challenge Accepted.

This is my second post today. I must be bored again.

Ever heard of the 30 day letter challenge?

30 Day Letter Challenge is a challenge where you write several letter addressed to different people, or your own hopes or dreams, and it's basically where you write everything you want to say to a certain person. Maybe even someone you've never met before. And yes, I summed it up myself. HAHAHA. Arrogance. Well something to look forward to when you're bored :)

I'm planning to accept this challenge, but I won't be very..consistent in letter writing.

I'll post the letter and all here when I write it out :)

And remember, INCONSISTENT updates.


I find this challenge pretty interesting because I can write letters to whomever, without them actually reading it. (Unless they read my blog, but mehh.) :D

And it's interesting too. So YAY! for that.

Just a heads up if you actually have time for this nonsense.

A Fine Line Between Sarcasm and Insensitive Comments

Hey there! :) Just a quick update before I write about the topic I'm supposed to be writing about.
Had a pretty normal day. Didn't get annoyed so much and I had one of those rare mature conversations with some guys (which hardly ever happens fyi) who wanted advice on girls. Fancy that, asking a girl you tease mercilessly everyday about getting to know someone you like. But still, I liked it way more than the teasing.

Darren yelled my name when I was buying fruits near the church this morning. Was pretty surprised because I thought he was in school. Still pretty awesome to see him :) Miss the old deer sometimes.

Actual topic:
Yeah so, have you ever met a person who's so sarcastic; you just want to beat him to a pulp?
(And yes. I'm quite aware I have anger management issues. I'm dealing with it, bro.)
I'm pretty sure you have, because they're EVERYWHERE.

I've met people like him my whole life and honestly, no matter how many times I see people who are sarcastic and who treat other people like shit (excuse me), I get pretty upset about their attitude. I'm not a sadistic person (maybe a little? uhhh.), and I might have some anger management issues (growing up with 2 brothers and guys is NOT easy), but when people like him are sarcastic to me in a manner that is both rude and insensitive, it really gets on my nerves.

Seriously. Do you think it makes you look attractive and friendly? Cause I'm as sure as hell, it doesn't.

I like sarcasm generally. I even think it's funny sometimes. But when you say something insensitive in a sarcastic manner, you're taking things too far. For example, last week; a guy in my school came up to me and asked me in a really rude way, "Eh, what happened to your face huh? " and he said something else I won't repeat because it's both dirty and offensive. And I stayed perfectly calm and ignored him.

Okay, I lied. I lost my temper, pinched and slap his face. His glasses might have (or maybe not) flew off and fell in the drain. I'm not sure. It's a sensitive topic, okay? 1: It's none of his business. I don't even KNOW him for cheezels sake. 2: Be a bit more..POLITE maybe? I don't mind when people ask me politely. Maybe I'll feel embarrassed but when you make fun of it, it's insulting and insensitive, dude. Learn some manners or I'll slap some into you.

Yeap. So the next time you think about talking sarcastically, think before you speak and determine if what you say is offensive/insensitive or rude in any way. No one likes someone who say things without considering the feelings of the other person.

I try not to be sarcastic in a rude way because I don't want to offend people. And yes, I keep quiet when other people are being insensitively sarcastic sometimes because I'm just too sick and tired of their attitude.

Side note, same concept goes to insulting people. Don't say things like "Please la. He's not even handsome/hot or she's so yeerrr, I don't like her attitude! URGGHH." when that person is in hearing range. How would you like it if I talk about how insensitive you are in front of everyone?

Keep your *bad/rude/stupid/plain mean* opinions to yourself. And maybe. just maybe, you would actually have friends who actually LIKE you.

Plus, sarcasm doesn't make you cool. It makes you look like a person who judges and insults others because you have no life. When I ask you a question, I want an ANSWER. Not a sarcastic

I wasn't even asking a stupid, obvious question for the record. So saying that makes no sense.

Conclusion: When you're actually nice to people and just being yourself, maybe people would like you for who you are.

And don't say stuff like "Ohh! I was BORN this way." You weren't, okay? Your character develops as you grow up and who you choose to be is entirely up to you. But what you choose to be shouldn't be something that makes people despise you.


Thank you if you actually CONSIDER listening to my advice.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Appreciation Lunch, Singing and just Banana weirdness

Hey there! :)
Woke up at ehh, 6.50am this morning to go for praise and worship practice. I was actually pretty excited. HAHA. Got ready really really slowly, walked down the stairs, stepped on the cat's tail, spent the next 10 minutes chasing her and yelling "LET ME LOVE YOU. I'M SORRY.", waking up my brother by accident, petting her and finally leaving for church.

I met Esther at Kim Sun and ate some roti bakar and drank chinese tea. Chatted about random nonsense. Jeans came and we walked to church together. Musicians were tuning their instruments, practicing chords and talking in the second hall. We practiced all the songs. I loved the choice of songs. Had a runny nose because of *Harry Potter* but it was okay. I didn't really feel nervous about singing onstage, just really lazy and excited. HAHA. Weird combo.

Finally got to go in the main hall.  Tested the microphones and got a lot of "Shusssh!"-es from Esther and Jeans for whistling into the mic. Ehh. #YOLO. HAHAHA. Looked around the hall and saw many familiar faces, felt the urge to laugh for no reason. I do that when I'm drunk. Hehe. Worship started and it was pretty fun. I liked singing :) I just didn't like the microphone much. It was heavy and nahhh. Still fun though.

Appreciation Lunch:

Awesome stuff happened. HAHA. JUST KIDDING. I'm too lazy to talk about it so read Jeans blog. Only thing else I have to say is I kept dropping everything I touched for no reason. Okay, maybe there's a reason. But I won't tell you what :P Ehh. Smiled for no reason too. And laughed. Hehe ;) . Kept glancing at the back of the hall to look at people. No one in particular of course. Just curious to see anyone I don't know.

Banana Weirdness:
I quite like being a terrorist in Counterstrike. They have nicer weapons. HAHA.
Got really evil and terrorist-like when I was playing yesterday.
My brother was horrified.
Ian: Are you sure you're a girl?
Ian: You're talking like a real gamer D:
Me: Why, thanks bro.

Word of advice: If you're against violence, don't play any games I play.

Friday, June 22, 2012

School was Fun-ish. I like.

Hey there! :)

Ever felt like just staying in bed and thinking "Eh! Forget school la. Sleeping is nicer."
That's how I felt this morning -__-

But being the ever so diligent, focused student (LIES-Okay, I lied -_- You know I'm lazy), I dragged myself out of bed and took a shower. Why did I do that? I have no idea. LOL.

When I got to school, the first thing I noticed was ALL the Malay students were missing. Thought I was imagining it . HAHAHA. Turns out they went to the surau for a ceramah.

A Chinese teacher went onstage and asked all Chinese students to go to the Language Room. I had no idea what she said but thank God for my Google and Bing translators. HAHAHA. And it turned out the language room is too small to accommodate all the Chinese students :( Argh. Bye bye air cond. Didn't even get a chance to enter the room. I had to sit outside in the corridor with my friends and ATTEMPT to learn Mandarin. My friend told me to say "Wo Ai Ni" to some guy sitting really far away and I yelled " Oi! Wo Yao Ta Ni! " or something instead. HAHA. I don't say " I love you" for fun. But we had fun. Just chilling and talking nonsense. 

Sin Yee started talking about "boyfriends". And Yi Wen was saying " I know who! IVAN QUAH!" Sin Yee poked her with a pencil and Yi Wen pretended to cry and told me "She tried to kill me." And made the baby pout. Sin Yee was going "ehh! Where got la. Poke also can die meh? " HAHAHA. OMG MAN. I almost died choking on laughter.

Another group of girls were sitting next to us. Friends but not so close. Mee En said " Wah! Speaking English ahh." cause everyone else there was talking Chinese but banana mah. What to do. Sin Yee yelled back " Yeah! Talking ang mo lang!" Laughed even harder because of the way she said it. 

HAHAHA. Chinese people kill me. Literally.

Then we had to move to the hall. Ahh. The ceramah guy really nice and funny. He was from uhh, INTI university/college, I think. Ryan said "That Darren guy damn awesome." and I agree. HAHA. Darren Teoh was his name. The number of Teoh/Teo (s) I meet :O

Everyone was laughing really hard. Honestly one of the best ceramah (s) I've ever heard in my life. LOL.

Spent the rest of the morning doing nothing much till Geography.

The teacher made us copy notes in 5 minutes and pass up :O

I don't know if I should thank her for believing we can actually do it or be annoyed my hand got strained after that. HAHAHA.

But still, it's cool :)

P.S. Considering changing my middle parting in my hair to a side part kinda permanently. What do you think? :) I've had a middle parting for years and I want to switch it up a little.

And PLEASE don't tell me "Go left or right, it's your choice." HAHAHA.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cousins, Games and Other Nonsense.

Hey there! :)



When Steffi gets back from U.S. , I'm going with my bros and a bunch of other cousins to play laser tag at I-City. HAHAHA.
Sounds pretty radical! :)

When Charlene gets back, I'll be having 3 (or less? or more?) sleepovers with my girl cousins: Viv, Ann, Mich and Charlene of course :P It's generally quite fun but Aunt Sam really likes to tease me especially in the morning when I look and act like a zombie -__-

Oh, that's right. Another BAD thing is; when Charlene comes back, I might be FORCED to wear a JUSTIN BIEBER SHIRT. Justin Bieber for banana's sake! WHY NOT something else like YellowBanana or even CHRIS BROWN? The thing is; we (me, Ann,Viv,Mich) got BIEBER shirts for Christmas last year. I almost died of horror. I think the only one who was really happy about it was Viv -_-

So anyways, please pray for me. Because I really will die if I have to wear that :(

I'm serious. HAHAHA. Really.


I haz no idea when I'm supposed to sing in the main hall. Not prepared at all. HAHA.

All I know is I'm supposed to do it on the last Sunday of the month. When is that? Don't tell me it's next week D:

Looking forward to the appreciation lunch the coming Sunday! :D

I'm planning to go for the First Aid-CPR course just to support my bro and my friends.

Yeah, nosy person I am.

I need to start practicing the piano again. Have 3 songs to finish learning -_-

Yay. Just Yay.

Joy finally got accepted by someone Small. OMCHEEZE man. I bet she's excited! HAHAHA.

Going to do something more beneficial.

That's right.



Monday, June 18, 2012

Testimony and other stuff.

Hey there!

My Camporama 2012 testimony has FINALLY been published! :)

And Sher Rin wrote one too. I like her one :)


Those crazy people ah -.-

I sent the entry as MAINE TEO.

And they changed it to CHARMAINE TEO.

Okay :(

They know me too well -.-

Shouldn't have gotten my GMA this year.

Oh well.

I'm getting addicted to Counterstrike.

I've said this before but, "Shooting people is fun"

When it's not real people that is.


I went to church in a dress yesterday.
It wasn't THAT bad but I was strictly limited in it.
(So to speak)
I couldn't run -__-
I had to walk arm in arm with Megan because the sandals were a pain on my feet.
But besides that, it was okay :)

Gahhh! I DON'T LIKE my shorter fringe -_-
I can't manage it properly.
Everyone's saying that they want to cut their hair shorter because of the weather.
And I'm planning to grow out my hair to donate O.o
Meg said she wants to join me in the hair-growing process.
Yay! For Sakai.

We were ushers for the day. And it was slightly awkward asking people if they were dads. I stood next to Megan and smiled away like a maniac and said "Good morning" or "God Bless You" to random people, holding the basket full of "Superdad" badges.
We pinned the badges on Commanders who were like our "fatherly figures" too.

I got a laughing fit halfway from smiling too much and I had to run and hide in the bathroom till I got sober enough to come out. That didn't work :( Once I smiled again, I laughed even more and had to avoid eye contact with Cheryl and Megan.

It was pretty cold standing outside the main hall. So I went off to the stairs to talk to Darren, Samuel, Esther and Joanne. They were talking about "Going to PJ church to see a certain Small person." Literally Small. Because Joy likes him :P And I thought that was seriously creepy sheet. Stalking people is NOT okay. I like some guys from PJ but I don't intend to STALK them -__- . Okay, maybe I do it sometimes. Maybe. But at least I admit I'm stalking. Not overly stalking. Just a little bit out of curiosity.

Joy actually used Sam's FB account to see a half-naked person who was pretty Small. (That sounded wrong.) He was naked on/at the top half of his body, CHILL. And she asked me if she was being perverted. Hello? You're telling this to a girl who stares at half-naked guys (with abs) without shame or remorse. :P HAHAHA. But seriously though.

When we finished our ushering duty, we went inside the main hall. NO SEATS. So we sat at the back on the floor with Jon S, David Sup and the rest. Darren, Sam and Joy decided to go upstairs halfway because they didn't like the nice cold floor. I was comfortable enough so I stayed where I was with Esther, Meg and Cheryl.

We missed the Praise and Worship :( Next time then. Oh WAIT WAIT. We actually went to Dickson before that to buy food and drinks. Then we lepak-ed in the multipurpose room till we finished all the food. HAHA.

Stayed back for a while (on purpose) to talk to the guys/commanders/people. Some Commanders came up to me and said "Fuyoh, Najib tweeted about you!" I didn't know what to say to that. Hehe. So I just smiled.

Went to the Fellowship hall with Meg and Cheryl to take Cheryl's bro, Nicholas to his parents. Kept talking about how "cacat' and out of place we felt in the dresses/skirts. Chit-chatted with a few people there and because we weren't planning to eat at the back (no money, no food -.-), we started walking to the restaurants. We were discussing what food to eat when we saw Andrew, Elijah, Grace Tan and a few others. Talked to them and Andrew asked us to join them and eat as a gang. HAHA. So we went back to the fellowship hall and Andrew asked the uncle there if there were more tickets for the chicken chop or whatever. They said "Maybe. But have to wait." because they didn't know if there was enough food.

So 12 of us went to eat chicken rice/other stuff at Kim Sun (?). Some of the topics they talked about was WEIRD and OBSCENE. But really really funny. Started choking on my rice at something Cornelius said and  I couldn't stop laughing. Cheryl kept hitting my back with her fists and I laughed even harder.

Elijah asked us (Meg, me, Cheryl) who posted the "Expedition Girls are sexy and awesome #pedobear" , something like that through King Daniel's profile on FB and I had to admit that I did it. At least what I posted wasn't a lie. HAHAHA. He said "No wonder la! I knew something was wrong." I said "Oh wait, so you think we aren't hot?" :O And got no reply. HAHA. I think he didn't hear me because Cornelius was talking to us at the same time.

But it was a joke la.

Went to Meg's house to tune her guitar and hang out. I started playing and her mum came upstairs and told me she asked Sarah to turn off the TV to hear me play. Oh stop it you! HAHA. So malu. Then I taught Meg how to place her fingers on the fret board and play a few simple chords.

Went back to the church and talked to Andrew and Jon S for a while. We ate Alpha course food with Brian/Bryan Jun, Sher Rin, Sher Men and talked about Rangers and nonsense. The nuggets were so naise :3

King Daniel came after a VERY long time. He was on the way for a while. HAHA. Went to Jusco with him. He bought ice cream for us and we chilled. Bought a few stuff and went to Popular to scout nonsense. Saw a book "How to Make Out in Japanese" and Woah, that book had a lot of bad words.
It was kinda funny though. In a bad way.

I was really sleepy and tired from lack of sleep. Cheryl was too. Meg was going crazy with a really fun game on Daniel's iPad. Her new boyfriend's a purple fat guy who eats his own snot. HAHAHA.

Went back to her house and slept on her couch till Dad came.

I went back home and ate Mum's awesome food :)
My Mum's food I love <3

Then I watched CSI:NY till 10.00 and Big Bang Theory after that.

Finally dropped dead on my bed.

It was a fun day.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Banana Love :)

Hey there! :)
Just thought I would show you the latest friendship bracelet I made :P
I made a Bromance one too. But I like this more.

Yeah. That's all . HAHA.

Spread the Banana Love! <3

I'm planning to make a "Youtube" category (sort of) bracelets.
Eg: Ryan Higa, Kevjumba, David Choi and etc.

Cause I like it. HAHAHA.

So if you have any suggestions, feel free to post it in the chatbox, comments or somewhere I can find it .

My dad suggested making and selling them to people who want it *pokerface*
So if you want one, just let me know :)
You can choose the words, colors and blah blah blah.
The more colors and stuff, the more EXPENSIVE it'll be.
But don't worry.
It's all less than RM10 for sure.
I think the highest price won't even reach RM8 -__-

Oh cheeze.

If Rangers decides to have a fundraiser, this would be my idea for raising money.
Besides selling other stuff, washing cars and baking (I hope) HAHA.
I love fundraising.
Mehh. It's fun work :)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Infatuation Or Love?

Not sure if I'm infatuated or in love.Not even sure if I'm using the right meme. 

OMCHEEZE note: Left my bihun noodles/mee/idkwhatpeopleactuallycallit cook for 20 minutes. ARGGH. Practically no soup left. HAHA. I is stupid. 

Back to the topic. Infatuation is intense range of feelings present at the beginning of most relationships; sweaty palms, rapidly beating heart, butterflies in the stomach. Also commonly known as puppy love or 'crush' . 

Love, on the other hand, is a calmer, more mature feeling. It is a sense of stability. Love is still exciting, at times. It can change day-to-day. Love takes work. The feelings are not supported by the highs of hormones, but by a shared love and respect for each other. Love is what exists after infatuation fades, if you are lucky.

The thing is, when I started liking him, I was ehh.. infatuated. Sort of. HAHA. I had all the symptoms. But now, I don't have those symptoms (maybe except for the butterflies part-but then again, I can't tell the difference between that and hunger. I'm hungry most of the time.) But what I DO feel is umm.. I don't know. I have a horrible urge to laugh hysterically whenever I see him, smile like a maniac for no reason and act even weirder and drunker than I usually am.

 So I think my conclusion is I'm not in love. Or infatuated. I just err.. think I like him, maybe? 

I told Jeans once that I'm never really sure whether I like him or like liking him because I laugh and get really high when I see him.

 Hypothesis: Some guys are like cocaine. They get you high..on oxygen whenever you see them.
Stay away from drugs :O 

Okay. HAHA. This is a nonsense post. Mah bad. 

But seriously, stay away from drugs.Maine.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Derp, Camporama2012 and .. you know.

Hey people! :) 

Just wrote a testimony for Camporama 2012 and emailed it to the website .


I'll post a link if it ever gets up. 


Also made the "DERP" keychain thing for my bro. 

From far.

The back of the Derpness.

Close up.



An improvement maybe O.o 

But I don't know.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Reading thoughts? Well, that's a thought.

Hey there ! :)

Holidays are over. Sigh. Did not go to school because I'm still pretty sick.

Went out to have some Chinese tea and lekor and random food with Meg, Cheryl and Wei Loong after Rangers. Jeans went back earlier :(
Some commanders; Cmdr Kwang Yew, Cmdr Hon Chong, Matthew (No commander there. HAHA), King Daniel, my DAD, and Commander William were at the table next to us. HAHA. I don't remember anyone else who was there ._.

So we were just chilling and using Wei Loong's money to buy food..and tea. Hehe. I feel guilty for using his money. Jon with an S came and Joy Jensen too. Everyone started chatting about reading people's actions and motives.

I asked Wei Loong, out of my whole group of friends, who was the hardest to read. And he said I was. I was kinda shocked at that. He said he couldn't understand what I think when I look at someone or talk to someone.
I had no idea I was that good at concealing my feelings :O

And I might have told Jonathan that every one of my friends (and me, maybe) prefer him to erm.. someone else. HAHA.

He's a nice guy. Cheryl asked him about drumming and whether it was hard to learn.
He said the BASICS were hard and there was something like a beat within a beat within a beat.
Beatception. I like. HAHAHA.

But I still REALLY want to learn how to play de drums. And bass guitar. And learn dancing. And whenever we speak of learning it, it's always "Let's do it. AFTER PMR." Nyem. I suppose they have a point.
We DO have to focus on that.. thing. But I hate studying.

I'm really gonna miss Camporama :( And hanging out with some pretty awesome people.

Father's Day next week :) Yay!

I have to go shopping for appropriate clothing because apparently everything I wear is NOT appropriate for me to sing in the main hall at church :O Arggh. I might even have to wear a dress or something. I don't really MIND dresses. I just feel uncomfortable and girl-y-ish in them.

Oh yeah, after singing in Sunday School, me and mah homies went to the fuXion service. So awkward at first. We stood around outside, wondering if we should run back to SS till Cmdr Kwang Yew saw us and opened the door. Then we had no choice but to go in :S I went in first, arm in arm with Meg. I walked really fast to the second row and plonked myself on a seat next to Sam Ong.

Some people were saying "Woah, checkered shirts ahh?" and stuff like that. HAHA. I think Sam asked me if we planned it and yeah, we kinda did. :P The only ones not wearing the "box box" shirt was Pris and Joanne. Forgot to tell 'em about it.

Eugene Chew was talking about money. Pretty interesting and made a lot of sense. Problem was, I have NO MONEY. So I don't have nothing to worry about. HAHAHA.

Then was the Birthday celebration thing. We stuck around long enough to sing happy birthday and watch them cut the cake. I wanted to get out of there as fast as I can because I was laughing really hard for no reason. Okay, I lied. There was a reason but I'm not saying anything :P . Megan was saying "siao again la Banana." And I just kept on giggling really hard.

Jeans asked me WHY I was laughing. And I randomly said it was because of Cmdr Daniel's friends. But I wasn't really thinking properly ._. Too high on laughter. It was partly because of "Dat ass" thing. But not really. I was actually thinking about how weird I get when I think about someone. I laugh too much to the point of getting high on laughter. Smile like a banana. -.- too.

My hands got really cold in fuXion. I'm a cold-blooded murderer, okay? :P
Whenever I touch Megan's arm, she'd go "Yerr! So cold!"
Me: No cold la! Just really..umm..frozed la!
Cheryl: What you guys talking about?
Me: Touch my hands. Are they cold?
Peanut: (touches hands) Ehh! Very cold la! Like you live in a freezer.
Me: A FREEZER? Srsly?
Meg and Cheryl: YES.
Me: Okay :(

I guess I'm not hot. HAHA. Literally.

I've always known I'm not a hot girl.

Ate lunch with Commander Daniel and his gang. Pris was going "Ehh! Why my guy not here?" Sad face. Then we started chanting "Babyface! Babyface!" and got weird stares from the guys. Hehe. When Benjamin came and joined us, we were like "Woah man. He acts like a gangster O.o"
But he's cool.

Oh I forgot. Meg, Peanut and I MIGHT have invited Jon S and his buds to hang out with us.. one day. Just for kicks.

We're friends, brah. Don't make assumptions; if you're making any. HAHA.

Ah! Another thing I forgot.
In fuXion today, I kept trying to look behind.
Not to look at hot guys la. Too see who was wearing checkered shirts.
And Jon S and a few others were :O
Checkered epicness maybe :)

Saw K.Daniel's friend who's a girl, whom I've met a few times during the before/after Camporama hang-outs in fuXion. She's quite pretty and nice.

Ahh well.

Arggh. Banish this illness! I can' t do anything without wanting to sleep/faint/die.

Oh well.

Going to do some random stuff to ease the boredom.



Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sm:)es and Teehees.

Har-lo people! :)
That's how my cousin says it.

So anyway, been working on the envelopes and addresses again. Hehe.
I noticed some cute names (well, cute IF you translate it to English) like Wonderful Dreams, Pickle something and more weird names . (If it were in English, it'd be weird lo. HAHA)

Anyways, I've been lazying around halfway and doing other stuff in between breaks and work.

Made a few sample bookmarks/odd stuff out of string :)

Not so appealing but hey bro, samples are samples for a reason :P

This is the name bracelet thing-ish that I use to make the bracelet 
Not sure what to call it. Ermm. Pattern to follow? HAHA.
And yeah, that's my piano chair. I use it to store craft stuff and umm.. piano sheets too.
I think.

And this was the first attempt. HAHA.
Not really nice but not exactly bad either, in my opinion.
But then again, 
my opinion is not really to be counted on.

If you can read it, CONGRATS :)

for having a good eyesight. HAHAHA.

Boreeeeddoomm. Yeap. 
That's the reason I blog.

Someone once told me I talked through my nostrils. 
I assume he's talked through his nostrils before to know what it's like.

See the part called the Uvula?
I did not have that when I was born, bro.
I had to have an operation to MAKE one and even now, it's not exactly in the middle.
A bit more to the left. Or right. But not the middle.

Before that, I couldn't talk without my mouth hurting like hell.
Granted, I was only 1 or so then, but my parents remember the times I cried when I couldn't talk.

So yeah, I might talk weird but I'm grateful being able to talk at all.

I would love to hear him talk with no teeth at all though :)
Now THAT'S a thought.


Enough ranting for now :/ Haha.

Just skip it if you're a lazy reader.


Friday, June 8, 2012

LessThanThree? :)

Hey there! :)

I'm being unusually cheery despite the fact I have a fever and my head hurts like hell.
I don't really mind being sick but my body disagrees.

Dad took me out to buy more chicken soup because my brothers finished it all.
And more lozenges for my throat too. HAHAHA.
WHICH my bros also finished because they think lozenges are sweets -.-

He also bought me a 100 strings for my friendship bracelet making.
Which costs around RM10 for a 100 strings.

O.o I love my parents. Although I don't tell them that.. much. Hehe.

Look :P

It's really colorful and yummy looking :3

I likey.

Going to charge my aunt RM2 per bracelet if she asks me to make more again.
Want to pay back my dad.

Been working today despite the illness.
Wrote down countless addresses.

Please people. Next time when you order something online, PLEASE write down your name and address properly or I'll just say it's for Ms. Potato from Getting High On Oxygen Lane in Unicornland.


Just kidding but SERIOUSLY.

Song leading on Sunday again.
I have NO IDEA how they know my weakness for chocolate.
And bribe me with it.

But I don't mind cause I don't mind singing and getting chocolate. Hehe.

Going to choose very different songs from the ones we usually sing. I get tired of the same songs every week.


Chris Tomlin has a great voice. I like. HAHA.


Apple pies :)

Hey there! :)

And no, this post isn't about apple pies. I just couldn't think of a title. Hehe.

I've been thinking about donating my hair for a long time. Even made a post about it. HAHA.
Butt I don't know how I'm going to handle having long hair when it takes some effort to keep it out of my face. HAHAHA. Oh well. Going to try my best to deal with it.

Anyways, cousin gave me and bros a job. Writing and stamping and stuff on envelopes. 50 cents per envelop. HAHA. Easy job and fun to do. About a thousand or more envelops to stamp/write/chop. Ahh. Still get paid at least. Just kidding D: I'm only doing it cause it's fun.

TRYING to learn Payphone and We Are Young on the piano at the same time.
Getting awfully muddled up.
Gave up and played Bromance 3 times with my specs off and eyes closed. Either way, I'm blind-ish. Only made one mistake. :)

So bloody ITCHY. Keep scratching my legs and arms.

Had a conversation with my brothers about relationship and all the weird stuff.

Me: Do you stare at pretty girls? Be honest.
Ryan: Yeah. I stare like this *demonstrates stare and starts giggling like a girl* and do that.
Ian: What I think of girls, they're crazy and weird.
Me: No, that's just me. HAHAHA.

My brothers will never get girlfriends and it's all my fault -.- for corrupting their belief in women.

HAHAHA. Just kidding. It'd be their fault. :P

My fringe is getting really long. Should cut but I DON'T LIKE TO CUT MY FRINGE. It makes me look younger and *sniff sniff* child-like -.-

I realized that I have extremely different interests with my brothers. The only thing we all have in common is liking Linkin Park, Italian food, The Rock, cats, weird dramatic funny shows in weird languages and idk what else. HAHA.

And due to the fact I'm not an extreme tomboy anymore and I like girl stuff, guys, hair stuff, church stuff, Rangers stuff, banana stuff and other weird collection of hobbies; they view me as a new species now. :'(

Planning to learn how to make a name bracelet. If it works, I'll post it here :) If it doesn't.. don't ask. HAHA.

Don't like Facebook much nowadays. Weird people talking to me and asking me weird questions.
Okay, weird is an insult to weird people. Umm.. Urgghhh-y people? Yup.

Forget you, urghh-ers.

Crave for chocolate and love right now.

I need more books to read.



Thursday, June 7, 2012

Friendship Bracelets

Hey there!

I've decided to start making friendship bracelets again.
And umm.. practice more on my guitar/piano.

Because my cousin is coming soon.
And she adores friendship bracelets.
And music.


Working on more complex patterns for bracelets.

I have a headache trying to focus on it -.-

Ah well.

Just going to do my best and hope it turns out okay.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Personality, Self-Esteem and Nonsense

Yellow people!
No that was not racism. I meant Hello. 
And yeah, this is going to be one boring, long not-too-detailed piece of advice for all of the above. Except the nonsense part. HAHAHA.

Went to church this morning for the GCC Praise and Worship briefing today. My cousin was there and man, it was freaking awkward to see her. 
Made plans with Meg Sakai to teach her the guitar. I'm not that good at it either but I can try. 
Hoping Matthew would teach me and Pris how to play the bass. 

And uhh. Yeah I forgot what I wanted to say -.- 
Never mind. Next time. HAHAHA.

Anyway, I was sitting behind Joy Jensen. His bro Jonathan Soorian was sitting next to him. And some time later Jonathan Wong came and sit next to him. When someone kept yelling "Jonathan! Jonathan!" I asked him "Dei! You want Jonathan with an S or no S?" Sounded so wrong man. The shame. HAHAHA. 

Went to watch MIB III with Meg, Jeans, Pris, Cheryl, Joanna, coughcough, King Daniel, Dillion, Matthew, Stephanie, Andrew, Sarah and GT guy (whose real name is Simon) 

It was hilarious and I loved it. The cinema was pretty empty and freaking cold. Jeans, Meg and I hugged halfway through the movie for body heat. HAHAHA.

When we came out of the movie, we were kinda drunk and enjoying warmth outside. 

Went up to the roof with Daniel, Dillion, Matthew,Jeans, Meg, Pris and Cheryl to chill out. HAHA.
It was nice :) 

Tried to take photo of the scenery but there was a photo-bomber. Ehem ehem.

Had fun :) 

Went to eat at this restaurant. Once we finished eating, Dillion started this game, something like "Who Would You Prefer To Be Your Boyfriend? So and so?"

Daniel Raj and Andrew Robert? 
My answer: Kill myself. 

And this went on for quite some time . 

The stumper:
Darren Ong or Thomas Ann?
Me: DARREN.. is my brotha from another motha. 
Daniel? I think: So you pick Thomas?
me: Eww. No man. I hardly know him.
Him: Then what? 
Me: Kamikaze. HAHAHA.

Another one:
Daniel: Okay girls, so between uhh Bryan Ong, Matthew Tan, blah blah blah (He kept on droning about 3 more names. ) *still thinking of more*
Dillion: Jonathan Soorian
(The second he said that, everyone was like JONATHAN SOORIAN of course man. HAHA.)
My reason was because he's a nice guy and an awesome drummer.
Not to say the others aren't great too but I don't really know them :( *facepalm* 
So I can't really say their names. HAHAHA.

Final round: Brandon Ann, Elijah Arvind, Jonathan Soorian.
Everyone picked it in the opposite order. 
Jon with an S first, Elijah and then only Brandon.
Don't ask why. HAHAHA.

One more thing, everyone suddenly started calling me " Char-*pause* ARGGHH. Maine Maine Maine Teo! " 

I wasn't aware my name had an ARGGHH in it. HAHAHA. 

Darren a-parrot-ly told everyone that I said if anyone called me Charmaine, I would kill them. 
I didn't realize I invoke fear in so many people. HAHAHA.

David Poh kept doing it when he mentioned my name. Especially the ARGGHH part. 
I found it hilarious. I kinda enjoy seeing people suffer. JUST KIDDING.
Not that crazy, dude. 

Okay, now for Personality. 

I despise it when people say I fake laugh, point out my mistakes and judge me for it, say that some things I say are crap but somehow people like it anyway, say that people look to me as a leader because I think of myself and my friends as equals, and point out things that make me really frustrated and feel like flipping tables. What kind of person would do/say that? Honestly. My laugh might change on a regular basis because I like it that way and etc but that's just who I am. So can you accept it?

I feel so annoyed and tired of arguing about this every single time you get upset at me. You call me names and say things based on your own biased opinion which isn't very fair. I'm really glad you decided it would be best to give me space because I really have the urge to scream about the injustice in your face. 

To be entirely honest, you're the first friend I've ever had that constantly picks a fight with me. If you want to tell me the truth, tell it to my face like a man. I hate arguing like a couple of pesky brats. Makes me feel so bitchy and screechy. How do you even decide that you know things about me, that I don't even know about myself? 

I do my best to look in the mirror and see my faults and try to fix them. Philosophically I mean. Can you look at your own attitude, faults and imperfections before judging mine? As a friend, you're supposed to accept the person, despite the flaws and stuff they have. Not judge them whenever you can. I did my best to forgive the uh.. not so nice words you said to me, temper tantrums and stuff, but right now, I really want a break from all the drama and stuff. Tell me when you've finally decided not to be so judgmental of me anymore. 

A question, do you constantly judge and criticize me because of who I am? You never seem to do the same to anyone else. Or maybe you just like hurting people you don't really give a damn about.

Either way, I'm done. I'm tired, sick and frustrated. I don't want to fight anymore. For once, please try to accept me for who I am. I can't be friends with someone who doesn't want me to be myself. 

Last topic: Self-Esteem.

I noticed most people, despite how pretty, handsome, funny or gorgeous they are, think of themselves in a negative way.

I think the same way sometimes.E.g. I'm not as pretty/funny/friendly/hyper as so and so. I can't do this. I can't do that. I'm so stupid. My life isn't worth living. I have no talents or skills. I'm ugly. No one will like me. I'm not feminine enough. I wish I could be someone else instead. 

Yeah, basically those thoughts were a real pain in my ass. 

We just have to accept ourselves for who we are. Instead of constantly criticizing, looking down on ourselves. Yeah, it's hard. But really. The best thing to do is distract yourself. Do something that would make you feel good about yourself. Eat ice cream, pull pranks on your friends, listen to music that other people might hate but you love, 9gag (HAHAHA. Wak lolok), sing; even if you sound like a bullfrog, Dance; even if you look like a weird bird with broken wings, laugh, scream, cry, hug someone. It works :) for me.

I used to despise my face. Starting with the panau thing. My self esteem went really low. Then was the whole "I have no talents or skills" thinking. Really depressing year for me. A real tomboy, I was. I loved sun, mud and soccer. I was very shy and quiet. People thought I was stuck up. Mehh. I can't talk to guys I like. Yeah, still happening. HAHAHA. I never studied for anything. Still the same thing going on, bro. 

So maybe now, I'm not as shy as I used to be. A bit more feminine? I do my best to wear dresses and stuff. Still have panau, no-study attitude, and STILL can't talk to the guy I like. What is this. Facepalm. 
But the difference is I DON'T CARE. Anymore. Really I don't. 
People can say whatever they want to say, but you know yourself best. 

Some people get lost in thinking that they do but they don't.

Once I stopped caring and worrying about what people thought of me, I smiled more. Don't care if I look like I have constipation. HAHA. I laughed more. Don't care if the flies can fly in cause my mouth is so wide. I do crazy stuff without thinking. Don't care if you think I'm high, drunk or smoking.. oxygen.

I just DON'T CARE.

Not saying you have to be arrogant. Just appreciate yourself for who you are :) 

Nahh zzez. 

I think I'll sleep now.



Ahh. Don't care.

P.S. GT guy should consider making Jeans, Cheryl, Meg and I his personal GPS. Turn left or right, it's your choice, you're the driver. HAHAHA.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Camp, randomness and just wondering-s.

Hey there! :)

Suffering from the feeling of missing Camporama.

There's going to be an appreciation lunch soon for EVERYONE and it sounds wicked.
Commanders are planning to take us out for a movie, high heels trying-on (long story), and just chilling with everyone who have worked together to make Camporama a success.

I think one of the best parts was the preparations for camp.
We got to practice the skit, dance, semangat songs, paint weird stuff and just really get involved in everything.

Attempted to do the games in my baju kebaya and man, for once, I did not kill or harm anyone during archery.

Kebaya power maybe. HAHA.

Did some running games in it too. The big ball thing. Had fun pushing the commanders around. HAHAHA.
The best part was when Commander Nate ran after everyone who were pushing the balls over and tried to knock us down.

Laughed like crazy at him.

Spent most nights staying up for a while and having "Confession Sessions" with Megan and Cheryl. And Jeans too whenever she's there.

Did NOT recognize my Ex-CF leader. He looks so different. HAHA. Felt so malu man. I haven't seen him to two years mah. What do you expect.

Semangat team was radical. Most of us lost our voices. Whenever we practice our song and yell in the canteen,  my 'gang' as everyone calls us will get up on the chairs and scream and move till the chair feels like toppling over. HAHAHA.

Pastor Gideon gave me a handshake after I got my GMA. I really felt like laughing and crying then. Emotional me :( When Esther came out of her Royal Patrol duty, she hugged me and Jeans randomly came and joined the hug. HAHA. Thanks guys. I really needed one.

The night rallies were really touching and I really felt God's presence in them. I cried once during the alter call because .. I don't know how to describe it, but I felt a stirring in my heart.

Another group hug with some awesome people after that :)

Some drama went on in camp too.

Had uhh.. friend problems.

Sometimes, I wonder why she thinks I have to be at her every beck and call when she ignores me when she wants to. Then she gets upset when I spend too much time with my other BFFs.

But on the upside, recognized most people in camp from Pow Wow, JTC, and etc. HAHAHA.

Especially the hot guys.

Just wak lolok-ing.

But seriously.

Looking forward to Pow Wow which will come NEXT YEAR OR THE YEAR AFTER.


Speaking of camps, sometimes I wonder what Meta, Jet and etc camps are like.

Most of my friends have gone for them and I haven't -.-

I'm usually overseas whenever those camps come around. ARGGHH.

I'll probably be overseas again this year when Jet camp is on.

The way my friends describe it makes me think of the camps as more of an outing, not an actual camp. HAHAHA.

Air-cond rooms, comfortable beds, worshiping in big halls, and water games in swimming pools.

._. Sounds expensive.

Being a Ranger from birth, the camps I've gotten used to hot sun, not-so-nice-but-not-bad food, games which involve running, jumping and almost-dying, pitching tents, recycling and reusing clothes, not bad toilets but not so good, half naked guys everywhere (seriously, I'm wak loloking), okayokay beds/sleeping bags,  steamroller Don, making up songs and yells for semangat, team spirit, leadership, discipline and getting the courage to do things I don't dare to do.

The camps I've never been for sound really nice but I think I won't be really comfortable in them.

I like the out-doorsy type of camps because I grew up in them. HAHAHA.

Comfort isn't something I'm used to :(

I think I'll try going for one camp just out of curiosity. HAHA.

Can't imagine what it will be like for once not to see half naked guys.

Okayokay. I'll stop with the perverted side of me.


Megan told me that one of the Commanders asked for me by saying "Where's your tai ka che (or some chinese-y word like that. Banana la.) ?"

Most people seem to think I lead a gang or something by the way they talk about my friends and I -.-

What is this man.

SOME people don't believe I'm socially awkward with strangers. Yeah maybe, I'm not as awkward as I used to be but I still am.. awkward with people. HAHAHA.

Him and his "YEAH RIGHT LA. You awkward meh?"

I can have friends and be very awkward la. The only reason why I have friends is because I'm weird and awkward and they're used to it. I think.

Another thing is people kept asking about my panau. Duddee. Seriously.

Sensitive topic for me.

I can be confident enough if I did not have panau.

You know how girls are like with their looks.

Had a creepy dream about the skin on my face peeling off O.o


Trying to get rid of the panau now. Takes time though. -.-


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Camporama :) and stuff.

Hey there! :)

So I've just got back from Camporama today.
It was freaking epic.

Ran everywhere with a baju kebaya one day and spent a whole day practicing the "Tarian Asyik" dance in the dorm the first night.

Found this: You're your crush's crush !

Yeah bro. How I wish.
Never gonna happen.

Anyways. Too lazy to tell you every single thing that's happened.

But I'll share some stuff.

Lots of hot guys everywhere. Half naked. Some with abs. Yeah I'm perverted. HAHAHAHA. What to do.
I like their body but I'm not really crazy about them.

Kept staring at one guy's ass. If he doesn't want me to stare, he shouldn't move his ass like that.

HAHAHA. Eww. I disgust myself.

Got drunk during the "wedding" in Kelantan.
Which is our Selangor #1's outpost name :)
Couldn't stop smiling and laughing.

Yelled and sing till my voice got really sexy and hoarse. It hurts now. HAHA. But it was worth it.

Lots of things planned for the future. Considering being a commander next year. Sounds wicked cool but I wanna stay with mah homies.

Said hi to random people in camp.

And the rest I'm too lazy to remember. Have to sleep too man.

Nights man!

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