Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hey there! :)

Just made two polymer clay cookies. Waiting for it to dry now. How I wish I had a cookie to eat :(

HAVE to learn how to bake chocolate chip cookies soon.

So the wedding last night was .. interesting. To say the least.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Organizing: OCD? Nein nein nein.

(Off-topic) This is SO YUMMY. I'm dying to have some chocolate ice cream now. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Earrings and Stuff :)

Here are some photos of the earrings I bought/someone bought for me.

Hookwinking me? Argghh.

Hey there! :)

Will be a very short post. I'll update more about today, when I have time. LOL.

Number 1: I planned on going to church THEN going shopping . But I got hookwinked by my aunt. I was under the impression we'll be going to church then Midvalley or somewhere, but we went STRAIGHT to the  mall. What the heck man.

In the shortened version, I went to the mall from 11am till 7.45pm. Then I went to Auntie Winnie's house for Steffi's tea ceremony. LOL. Dustin, Jeremy and Andrew were having a chubby bunny competition. They had to stuff their mouths with marshmallows and try to say "Chubby Bunny". If they can't say it, they fail lo. HAHAHA. Everyone was laughing so hard just looking at their face when they say "Chubby Bunny."

I think Andrew lost first because he said "Bunny chubby." LOL. It sounded more like "Bumgy chumby." HAHAHAHA.

Steffi's wedding dinner tomorrow! Dad says Wei Loong and etc will be there. YES. Someone to kacau. Teehee.

Auntie Christina (she told me not to say Chris -.-) bought me a dress and a really comfy shirt :D Hehe. Auntie Aileen bought me some earrings and a necklace. I, of course bought some things for myself. HAHA. Only spent RM25. Whee!

Saw one of my friends from school at the mall. Smiled at her and gave her a high five. Didn't even stop to chat. HAHAHA.

Tapau-ed a bunch of food from Auntie Winnie's house. They wanted us to take it O.o Eating the fried chicken now. yay! :)

All in all it was a good day. I was a bit pissed off about the fact I didn't get to go to church today. But you can't bite the hand that feeds you, right? HAHAHA.

I can smile and be extremely happy, but some things are troubling me. Not really sure what I should do. I'll just hope and pray things will get better.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mainemainemainemainemaine. Was. Here. I don't say? LOL

Hey there! :) AGAIN.

I'm bored, hungry and tired. But I CANNOT SLEEP. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?


I'm feeling kinda guilty cause I'm about to ditch my friends to hang out with my relatives. That's probably going to happen for the next 2 weeks or so. I won't see my aunt and cousin for at least another year or a few months :(

Going to Setia City Mall after church tomorrow! Yay! But I'm going to miss hiking. Argghh. I LIKE hiking and complaining about this and that. LOL. Just kidding. It's still fun though. Oh well :(


Sleepover, I'm tired. I'm tired and very very hungry.

Hey there! :)

So.. I'm dead tired and not really in the mood to blog. But I'll just do it cause I like you :P
The past few days have been crazy. It's always like this when my relatives are around. Teehee. I know I get mad at my cousins sometimes, but I still love them. Family's family :)

Didn't really sleep during the sleepover. I have a problem sleeping in strange places. Let alone my own bed. Cousins just went to ISCF. I'm so tired, I rather stay home and chill with my parents. HAHA. I'm lame. Charlene had a nose bleed in the middle of the night. Helped her clean up but we didn't do a very good job because Auntie Sam found blood in the bathroom and almost got a heart attack. HAHAHA.

Auntie Sam took her car for one of those drive-through car wash place, after we dropped the girls off at Reagent School. Charlene went back earlier. Went to sleep for 1 hour or so after I came back from tuition with Jun Ann.

I wasn't kidding about being tired. Heck. I can barely type now, I'm so exhausted.


I'll blog again when I have time and energy.


P.S. Walking to the Bomba tomorrow. YES. And excuse not to wear a dress.

Joy says she'll be at Steffi's wedding. Yay!

Don't wanna be forever alone.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Tuition, Sleepover, FOOD, Chords.

Hey there! :) How's your week been so far?
Mine was different, to say the least. But not in a bad way.

Tuition last Wednesday, was hilarious. Esther kept accidentally saying the wrong thing, in a weird way. LOL. Laughed so hard. Man, it was crazy. Jun Ann tried to pick on me about my beloved tummy -__- And as always, sarcasm was my answer. Who likes it when people criticizes your weight and height? If I'm fat, she's about as flat as a pancake then. I generally ignore people when they criticize me, but sometimes, they just go too far and cross the line. If people say, "Yeerr. You're so fat! I can see your stomach already.", I usually reply by saying something they wouldn't understand.

For example:
-Claps hands. "Captain Obvious strikes again!"
-"You don't say?"
-"Well, if I'm fat, then you're just a bag of bones and skin."

It's kinda mean, I know. And I don't like saying things like that. But it irks me. If I don't say anything, I'll probably punch them in the face :P I have a very bad temper. Generally, sarcasm has never been something I use regularly. I only use it when I'm extremely pissed off or drunk.

Being short, tall, fat, thin, anorexic and so forth doesn't declare your personality. I'm not going to go on a diet of salads and 'healthy' food, just to please you. Those who eat as they please, are usually happier than those who constantly obsesses and worry about their weight.

I'm sorry about the rant. LOL. Not really. One more coming up about racism. Very short one la.
I quite enjoy tuition sometimes.

Charlene wanted me to sleepover. And I might have skipped school. Maybe. Probably. After everyone left, we watched a few movies till we were forced to go to bed. Talked about nonsense and had a tickle fight. Meaning she tickled me and I almost died laughing. My aunts slept in the living room. HAHA. We didn't kick them out, honestly. They wanted to.

Charlene said that her name came from me and Auntie Aileen. I asked her why and she said "Char comes from Charmaine. And Lene comes from Aileen" And I was thinking wait, why me? o_o HAHAHA. Didn't sleep very well. I was afraid I might punch her in my sleep. LOL. Evil banana.

Woke up the next morning around 11am. Ate nuggets, went home to take a shower and went to have lunch in Jusco with A.Chris and Charlene. After eating, we went to watch Ice Age 4 (Four right? LOL. I forgot): The Continental Drift. Quite nice, I like. Went to buy extra guitar strings in Yamaha. Forgot to collect my Popular membership card. -__- Argghhh. Walked around, did random stuff and went back to A.Aileen's house.

Yeah someone said something racist and I got pissed off. Why does she feel the need to mention SKIN COLOR? How is that even relevant? -___- Racism.

Went to the pasar with A.Aileen when she came back. Bought my dinner and snacks. She had a Form 3 class last night. Vemlan came so I kept bullying him. HAHAHA. Evil EVIL. I helped them with their paper since I did it already, LOL. I just gave them the formula.

Came back home, really tired.

And here I am now :)

Probably sleeping over Vivian's house tonight. Tradition to have sleepovers when Charlene is around. Decided NOT to wear a dress on Sunday. LOL. Don't care what my aunt says.

Have the Bromance and We Are Young chords for me guitar from some pretty cool people. Yay! :D

I don't go online for a day, and I get spammed like crazy by weird people. Chilla bro.

Hehe, like I mentioned in my previous blog post (or the one before that), Steffi's wedding dinner is coming soon. I I I am so excited.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Looking Forward To The Weekend

Hey guys! Again. LOL.

As stated above, I can't wait for the weekend to come -__-

I love school. Yes. LOVE it. I love my friends, (some) teachers, familiar classrooms and even miss those annoying perverts after a week long holiday. But I love the weekends, going to church and sleeping till 12pm more :)

This coming Sunday is going to be even more interesting. Family thing at 6pm at Auntie Winnie's house. Not sure what it's about, but I think they're having dinner and chit-chats O_o . Probably have to wear a dress since Auntie Chris is around. She's very particular about femininity. She's the typical stylish aunt. HAHAHA. That day, she told me I have to learn to beautify myself to attract handsome boys. And I was like "What?..Umm. Okay." Then she hit me (LOL. Not child abuse.) and said she was just kidding. And that I'm too YOUNG to flirt with guys. HAHAHA. I have no intention of doing such a thing.

Must.buy.cardigan.LOL. New obsession.

Steffi's wedding on Monday! :) Whee! That's gonna be fun. I hope. Teehee. I hope there's not going to be a karaoke machine around. I remember what happens when there's one.

Just realized I haven't been doing the letter challenge for quite some time. Oh well. I'm busy :P


Yumyum :)

Hey there! :)

Don't you just LOVE chocolate? So yummy :3

Planning to go to GM during the next holidays. For fun lo :P

Looking forward to tuition tonight. Teehee.

Thinking about quitting BM tuition.

Till next time! Byebye :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Airport, Body Language and Stuff.

Hey guys! :)

As I predicted, I wasn't able to blog yesterday. Hehe.

Well, I woke up at 12pm yesterday. Overslept again. -__- So I didn't go to school. Took a shower, ate some biscuits and played the piano till 2pm, when dad decided to leave the house. Talked to Dad on the way to the airport about this and that. It was pretty quiet without anyone sitting in the backseat snoring to death.

When we reached the airport, Dad parked the car. Wasn't sure if the car got fatter or the parking lot just looks smaller O_o. LOL. Yeah, we went up the escalators and walked towards the area around Burger King. I immediately saw Auntie Chris, Charlene and their very familiar luggage. Told Dad she was there. Auntie Chris suddenly called my Dad and asked "Where are you?" Dad said "I'm behind you." Auntie Chris said " What?" and he kept repeating "I'M BEHIND YOU." really loud. But she didn't hear. So Dad being the crazy person he is, said "Never mind. I'll scare her." Then he sneaked up behind her and cleared his throat. The look on her face when she turned around. HAHAHA. Exchanged hugs and hellos, how was your trip and so forth.

Waited for Jun Min and her Swedish boyfriend, Joel to come. They'll take half the luggage and one person, we'll take the rest and another person. Weird arrangement but yeah. HAHAHA. Went to Burger King to eat. Dad and I went to order the food while the others sat down to rest and chat. I was SO hungry. I would have ate a durian if there wasn't any other food. LOL. Not that desperate la.

After the food came, I just sat down and stuffed my mouth with the fries, onion rings and chicken tenders and listened to the ladies have a conversation about something that happened in Skippo Airport. Auntie Chris said she met the girl who used to work in a cheese farm, but the cheese farm closed down, so that girl's working at the airport now. She talked to the girl and got makeup and/or something that costed almost 50 euros. And THAT is a lot of Malaysian Ringgits O__o . Freebies just for stopping to chat with somebody she used to know.

My Dad and Joel were talking about cultural differences and all. Then Charlene took out some BLUE mascara and a mirror. She sat there and started applying it on her lashes. I just stared at her with really wide eyes. I was shocked at  the the fact she's only 9 and she's using makeup. HAHAHA. Auntie Chris was laughing at my expression -__-. Then she asked me, "Do you want to use some mascara?" I shook my head really fast and said "No way." Not a big fan of makeup. Hehe.

Charlene took out some strawberry lip gloss and put it on. Not sure if she wanted to look pretty or see me faint. LOL. Left the airport after we finished eating. Took one luggage bag and Charlene in our car. Auntie Chris and the other two bags went with Jun Min and Joel. Talked to Charlene, did random things till we reached Auntie Aileen's house.

We reached first although we left later than Jun Min's car. Charlene started digging in her luggage bag to find chocolate to put in the fridge cause we were afraid they'd melt. They brought SEVEN KILOS of chocolate. OMG. YUM YUM. Charlene handed me a plastic bag and said "Here's some chocolate." So I looked in to check and got a shock. LOL. It was umm.. not chocolate, It was undergarments. She laughed like crazy when I said "This is not chocolate la." So I knew she did it on purpose. HAHAHA.

The others came after 15 minutes of us being there. Dad and Joel started talking, so I went into the bedroom with Auntie Chris, Jun Min and Charlene to sort out the clothes and all. Auntie Chris gave me a dress, random articles of clothing and a Popeye the Sailor Man's Olive shirt O.o . The dress was quite nice. Fits me pretty well, meaning it hides my tummy. HAHAHA. I'm supposed to wear this to Steffi's wedding dinner. Damn. And I thought I could get away with jeans and a t-shirt. Starting to like dresses. Not really LIKE it, but feel more comfortable wearing them. Embracing my inner feminine side :P

Jun Min got a NEON pink dress. Made me half blind when she tried it on. HAHAHA. Not to be mean but it's really bright! MY EYES. LOL. Took the chocolate and stuffed it in the fridge. Took out a chocolate bar and we shared it. Yum :3

Jun Min and Joel left after a while, to get ready for dinner. Dad went back too. I stayed for fun. Felt so HOT in my jeans. Not being perasan ah. Yeah, went for dinner and blah blah blah.

Read Cornelius' book on Body Language. Going to start studying people. That book is really interesting. Only thing I don't like is the parts where they say we evolve from apes. Don't believe in the Evolution theory of Charles Darwin. Sorry.

Ian pissing me off. He fell into my bed from heaven and woke me up at 2.30am -__- He KICKED me out of my OWN bed. I didn't sleep till I had to get up for school. Insomniacs do not appreciate being rudely awaken when they have trouble SLEEPING in the first place. And he's being a rude pain in the ass now. Urgghh. I would strangle him if I could.

Laughed really hard in school today. Talking nonsense with the guys. They thought I was replaced by an alien because I wasn't serious like I usually am around them perverts. LOL. WTH.

Look at what I made:

And yeah, 21 is my favorite number. Hehe :) 
Maine Lyn is the name I much rather prefer to Charmaine.

Speaking of names, A.Aileen got confused with me and Charlene again. She turned to ME and said "Charlene, you don't want to change your clothes?" LOL. What the heck. It happens all the time, trust me. Especially with Charlene around. Have to get used to people calling me Charmaine again. Sigh. They're the only exception. 


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cycling, Chilling, Sleepover & Church

Hey guys! :) I'm back after a very tiring weekend :P

Well, first off I have to say the cycling/hiking trip was a little strange. It's never been just me, Jeans and Meg hanging out together before O.o Went to church at 8. Meg was already there. We went to the morning market and walked around for a while. We got bored and went to have breakfast in Kim Sun. Jeans came after a while, eating a pear.. Nom nom.

I kinda forgot what we did at church while we were waiting for everyone to come. Hehe. I remember lining up and jumping into Commander Nat's van though. At first, we were sitting in the front seat behind the drivers seat. LOL. If that makes any sense. Then Jeans wanted to go in front so I joined her. Meg was saying "Why you leave me alone." HAHAHA. We're evil.

Commander Nat was hilarious. The way he laughs makes us laugh really hard. He said "Okay, I'll tell you a riddle and you must guess." The first riddle made no sense HAHA Really. You won't get it. The second was "What's the difference between daun and leaf?" I said "Umm. Difference languages?" It was CORRECT. LOL. Mentioning the obvious.

We reached pretty fast. Met up with the other commanders and Adventure Rangers inside Taman Cahaya. One commander took the Adventure boys. And Commander Stephen was in charge of the Adventure girls. They went in different directions. Not one direction, okay. Just kidding. HAHA.

As for me, Meg and Jeans, we tagged along with Commander Nat and took the shuttle bus 2 or 3 times. HAHA. We went up something-with-a-lot-of-stairs (What was that again? Umm). It's supposed to be used for flying fox, I think. Cmdr Nat scared me by saying he wasn't sure if it would collapse because it looked so rusty and old. -___- Got dizzy cause I have a phobia of heights.

SO relieved when we finally reached safe ground again. Cmdr Nat kicked (?) a pot into the river. HAHAHA. Such a good example :P We went across a rope bridge for fun. Teehee. Cmdr Nat deliberately stopped and jumped up and down in the middle. Not once, not twice but 3 times -_- He did it again when we had to cross the bridge again. Haha. We also went to the Animal Park/place/something to see the animals. The SAME parrot from our last trip there was there. Sounded like it lost its voice :( Saw the horses and deer. I don't think they're very well taken care of though. Oh well. Cmdr Nat feed a friendly deer some leaves. One deer was trying to eat some plastic bag. It was pretty sad to watch. (LOL. Not sure what happened first, so it's not in order)

We walked to one place to wait for the bus. Matthew, King Daniel, Daniel Raj and Wei Loong (I think) showed up. We got on the shuttle bus. Then I'm not sure what we did before lunch. LOL. SHORT TERM MEMORY okay. HAHAHA. Matthew and King Daniel went back to the church.

I'm pretty sure we rented bicycles before lunch and went around a few times. DID WE? HAHAHA. NOT SURE OMG. I can't remember ANYTHING. Something wrong with me. URGHH. Scumbag brain. Never mind that. I'll just tell you what I remember :) HAHA. And THAT'S why I didn't blog a lot about Camporama. I didn't remember much :(

Oh yeah. Umm. So we rented the bikes, (assuming we really did) went around a few times and came back for lunch. Hehe. I remember Wei Loong being extremely tired (he carried my backpack for me. Hehe) and sleeping on the side of the road and my bottle leaking, so I had to transfer my water to Jeans' bottle.Oh we DID rent bikes! I remember some Adventure kids stealing them without our permission -__- Unless I imagined it happening. LOL. Chicken rice for lunch! Quite nice, I like. Sat there and chit chatted.

So after that, we went cycling again. Meg, Jeans, Daniel (Raj), Wei Loong, Cmdr Nat and me. The guys kept saying we were too slow. Broooo, I haven't cycled since the last time I went to Taman Cahaya. Which was last year. I love going downhill. But uphill is a pain in the ass and legs. Meg said "I don't like high hills." And I thought she said "High heels." HAHAHA. I don't like either one much.

Well, so we stopped a few times to lepak/rest. Went up the tree-something place. Again with my fear of heights, I went up (and down) kinda slow. I was surprised when Wei Loong told me he had a phobia of heights too.
The tree-place was the same one I went to when I was 9, in Discovery Rangers.

We went up to the highest part. There were scribbles all over the place. Dirty words, Someone+Someone forever's, Good Luck with-so-and-so's. Cmdr Nat said "So when they break up, you know what will happen?" He acted out a charade, pretending to cry, erase the name away and faked a jump off the tree-place. HAHAHA. He's really funny, that guy.

We went down and below the tree-place. There were two swings there. Plank ones. Opposite each other. And a bench too. Cmdr Nat asked me to sit on the plank next to him. I tried but I freaked out when it went higher. So Jeans sat there. Wei Loong and Cmdr Daniel sat on the other swing. So sweet. Haha. I went to sit on the bench with Meg. I took a lot of funny videos of them on the swings. I'll post it later when I can. Long story short, they had a swinging and kicking competition. All Meg and I did was watched them and laugh at them.

Meg and Jeans sat on the swing for a while. I took a video of it. Cmdr Daniel and Wei Loong were trying out some exercise machines. Went over to take some videos and tease them. I bet they loved the Ostrich Rider. Hahaha. It was hilarious to watch them try to be manly. Not in a mean way though.

So we went back to our bikes and found out someone took a bike of ours and placed it somewhere else. Jeans, Meg and Cmdr Nat went to retrieve it. I was too tired to move so I just guarded the other bikes. We went on cycling. At one point we were going downhill a lot. Crazy. I was afraid I would fall off cause I was going really fast to catch up with Cmdr Nat and Daniel.

So we had to go back to the lunch area at 4pm or 4.30. Rushed back, the Adventure Girls came after a while. The guys took a longer route so we didn't see them till 5.30pm at church. We returned the bikes. Cmdr Nat had to wait for the boys to come back, so Meg, Jeans and I went with Cmdr Stephen. We sat in the front seat with him. It was a bit of a squeeze but it was okay.

Talked nonsense with Cmdr Stephen till we reached the church. The girls behind us were really quiet. (Kinda tired now. Going to skip some details) My mum and dad were at the back. After a very very long time of waiting, my mum finally took me home (with Megan). Meg took a bath first, so while I waited, I ate some porridge and watched videos on Youtube. I took a bath after she did.

Meg got an sms from King Daniel: Where are you guys? Food already here. Or something like that.
I told her to just say we're on the way. HAHA. We weren't really on the way yet. We left the house around 7.10pm.

Jeans came after a while. She went back to bath. Once again, too tired to explain everything in full detail, so, we ate potatoes (A LOT of it), hot dogs and chicken. bbq style. I practiced a few songs on Meg's guitar after I tuned it.

Sang campfire songs, saw a skit, heard some stories by Andrew and devotion by dad. Went to the 2nd hall. Nothing was going on so I played the piano for a while. I felt like someone was hammering my head -_- Ugh. Tried to ignore it but it got worse. Asked Cmdr Stephen for a panadol and ate it. It did relieve my headache but it also made me very drunk. The Commanders did our own tiger court before the movie. Not bad, I should say. After tiger court, they watched Puss In Boots. Already watched that, so we went outside the hall. Meg watched videos on Youtube. Jeans and I just listened to music and slept.

After the movie finished, we went back in the room and set up our "beds". So freaking cold. Gosh. Wore a jacket and covered every part of my body. Had trouble sleeping because they didn't turn off the back lights and it was freezing. I have trouble sleeping when the lights are on.

Managed to fall asleep somehow. Kept waking up at intervals though to cover my feet. Woke up at 8am today. Hehe. Lazed around for a while. Drank some Vico, kept our pillows and sleeping bags, and went to Meg's house to take a shower.

When we were ready, we went to Kim Sun (Again yes. Tradition? Haha) to have breakfast. Yum yum. Went to the fellowship hall for the Teachers' Day celebration. But we didn't stay there very long. Went to fuXion. Silently crept into the room, not so silently. Hahaha.

Pastor Philip was talking about The Holy Communion. And he told us we can't leave the room so we couldn't go to the Fellowship hall for the photo shoot. Oh well :( Felt really sleepy. After praying and taking the Holy Communion, we went downstairs to meet the others for lunch. Went to eat lunch. Yum yum.

After lunch, we went to the foyer. I was surprised to see so many people outside. Service ended late. Talked to Don, Andrew and King Daniel about my conflict, training to be a junior commander and being a senior guide in both Adventure and Expedition isn't easy -___-. Don asked me who I want as an assistant, so I pointed at Samuel who was behind Don. Don suddenly said "Choose who you like." while I was still pointing at him. Then the teasing started -__- Laughed really hard and kept denying it. Isshh. Commander ah.


Went to Expedition. Don said "Make sure you follow me ah." So I followed him and we formed a train. HAHAHA. Crazy peeps. Had a game of charades with Cmdr Kwang Yew. Theme was "Movies." Quite fun. Went over to Adventure after that. Walked there with John Joel, Thomas and Jonathan S. They were going off to lepak. The commanders were signing merits. Archery and Hiking. Took out the M&Ms cause I got hungry. Shared it with Cmdr Stephen and Cmdr Penny. So delicious :3

They ended their meeting early. So I went back to the Exp. room for a while. Dad wanted to go home early. Dropped by Meg's house to take my clothes. And here I am :)

So tired. Going to rest. Might not blog tomorrow cause Charlene will be here.


Friday, July 20, 2012

I Can't Sing. Really I Can't.

Hey there! :) Second post today. Counting down the hours till cell.

Don is kidding me (I hope la) He wants me to lead praise and worship in cell. He is CRAZY. Nice guy but still, Crazy.

Maine Teo does not, and CANNOT sing. Yeah, I'm in the Praise and Worship team in GCC but I do that because I want to serve God. Not because I can SING. (Cause I can't. HAHA)

As for my singing abilities, I don't sing like a frog. But I don't sing very well either. Like I said in my "Secrets" page, I did not inherit the Teo genes. HAHAHA. My cousins were (and still are) great at singing. But not me. Uh uh.

PLEASE let him be joking or pick another person. -____-

Me no like when you say me have to sing. <- What the fudge.

Singing. My idea of a blessing and a curse.


Cell, Music,Differences

Hey there! :)
Guess what? That's .. right(?)

Cell is on tonight :) YAY! FINALLY. After half a year. HAHA. But YES. So excited :D I freaking love cell. The food, fellowship, worship, EVERYTHING. Hehe. Yes, I might be a little crazy right now. Cell was the highlight of my weekdays. There's going to be some changes, but hey, it'll still be fun. Things change and people change.


Thinking back on my background in playing musical instruments. Sometimes, I'm disappointed at the fact I gave up on piano lessons. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. But it's also something I regret. My 3 (around my age) cousins are still having lessons and most likely progressing to a higher level. I'm playing songs I learn from Youtube and printed piano sheets (Oh, don't get me wrong. I like doing this).It's hard not to feel like a failure, for giving up without finishing what I started.

I have to admit, I wasn't the best student my teacher had. I hated the responsibilities and the fact I had to practice songs, scales and arpeggios. It's too much for my constantly distracted mind to handle :P The structure of the lessons and all, just wasn't my thing. I prefer doing what I want. But it would have been nice to finish Grade 8 at least. HAHAHA.

But all in all, I'm happy I decided to quit. But giving up DOES come with a few regrets. In my opinion, ever since I stopped having lessons, I've actually gotten better at practicing and all. When I was having classes, I didn't practice much. Rebellion against my parents for making me have lessons. HAHA.

Glad I picked up the guitar. Hehe. Drums will soon be learnt :D

Your decision changes your life. For better or worse, that depends on the decision :)

 As for me, the decisions I've made, I'm okay with the fact I've made them. (What the heck. I didn't get that either.) Good or bad decisions, it made me the person I am today :) Teehee.


Something I've always said is "You can get along with anyone, no matter how different you are from him/her."

Sometimes I wonder if this is actually true. I'm nothing like my cousins (Mentioned above). My Lim (Mum's side of the family. HAHA) cousins play by the rules all the time. I break the rules when I'm feeling rebellious. Their main language is Mandarin. I'm a banana and I have no idea what chingchangchong is -___- We have extremely different tastes in music, books and stuff like that. They like to finish what they start. I stop when I'm not interested in it anymore.

But we get along okay-ish, I guess. It's not one of those crazy stories where we despise each other with every bone in our bodies and crap. HAHAHA.

Not sure if it's just me with my cousins or everyone has a relationship like this with their cousins. Hmmm.

But who cares. Family's family.



Thursday, July 19, 2012

Looking Back At Who I Used To Be

Hey there! :)

Have you ever read your old blog posts from YEARS ago and think "Oh God. Why?"

Yeap. Pretty much how I feel now. Hehe?

I went to read my FIRST EVER blog post in my old blog.
It was from about 2 years ago, I think. 2010.

Couldn't stop meself from laughing. Oh my Maine, what's up with the "........", laughing your butt off's and weird hyper-ness? That moment when you want to facepalm yourself REALLY HARD for being retarded. HAHAHA.

It's funny to think about how I've changed over the years.

When I first started my old blog, I was thinking of having a blog so that one day, when I get amnesia or old (HAHA, see how amnesia comes first? :P), I can read my blog (If I remember the link. LOL) and remember what my life used to be like.

But yeah, that plan fell through since I was an idiot at blogging back then. (And I still am, so don't get confused. LOL)

So now, I'm blogging solely for the purpose of entertaining myself. And it's working so much better this way. Hehehe. Sort of.

Can't wait for Monday :) Run Forrest! RUN. <- Okay, I have no idea why I said that. But I wanted to.

Dying for a cup of coffee and biscuits. Make me some please?

Okay :(

Oh back to topic.

I can't believe how time flies and things change. And people change.

Sometimes I wish I could live in the past again. When I didn't have any responsibilities, problems and heartaches.

But then again, I'm glad to be living in the present.

Some things in this planet make me happy :) (Like chocolate for example)

Don't look back, go forward.


Preferences In Music, Banana Update.

Now playing Inside Your Heaven- Carrie Underwood.  

Hey there! :)


Some people find it strange that I like country music. But hey, I don't judge you for listening to dubstep (Not sure what I think of dubstep) or Justin Bieber (eh.) :P

There's nothing wrong with liking certain things that other people assume is boring/crap/ridiculous. It generalizes your preferences and character. But damn, please don't be a crazy, obsessive person over a certain singer/actor/whatother. I see kids on Facebook/Youtube/blogs picking fights with others about who's the better singer and sheet.

I think, if you have a negative opinion of a singer and all, don't go around arguing with strangers online about who's better and why he/she/they suck. It's immature and it's a waste of time. Didn't your mother tell you "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all." ? HAHA. That sounds confusing.

Take this for example: OMGGG! One Direction is SO MUCH better than Blahblahblah. Blahblahblah totally sucks. 

Bagghhh!, shut up.

Some fans like that ANNOY the crap out of me. Who are you to say who's better and who sucks?


I don't have anything against One Direction or Justin Bieber. I just don't like them. But I don't go around saying they're gay or they suck.

Nothing wrong with having your own opinion. But something really wrong to go around dissing other artists other people like.

Just respect other people's tastes and preferences. 

My bro drives me crazy when he complains about my taste in music. I can't recall the number of times I wanted to smash my guitar over his head. HAHA. Sadistic, I know. But I ain't happy about people complaining about things I like. SHUT UP. JUST SHUT UP.

What I listen to is none of your business.

Just be warned. I won't hesitate to hurt you if you say a negative word about something I like :)

Yeah, I'm kinda pissed off. HAHA.

Well, so just learn to respect people's taste in music, okay?

What do you gain, when you say stuff like "Ohh! That sucks, blah blah blah" ?

Hehe. wow, a lot of shut up's in this post.

Update: Banana:

Tuition was funny last night. Me and Esther kept saying "Banana is always right!" HAHA.

When Charlene comes back, le cousins are going to have sleepovers. Yes, with an S. Charlene almost murdered me last year by squeezing me to death -___- . HAHA. It was fun though. The no-squeezing moments, I mean.

Steffi is having a wedding dinner soon. Not sure which night :)

It's going to be a very eventful time, so I'll probably have limited time to blog.

I'll blog again when I can think of something to blog about.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Airport, Airplanes, Kit Kat.

Hey there!

I'm going to the airport on Monday :) Yay! I love the airport, almost as much as I love airplanes.
Now that I mentioned it, when I'm old enough, I'm planning to try flying an aircraft. Just hope I won't crash and burn. HAHA. But yeah, I love airplanes :) and airports.

I'm not going to the airport for fun, silly. Charlene wants me to go so I can uhh, accompany her when she arrives. Is it just me, or do I remember the airport being so much more colder a few years back? Hmm. Wrong airport, maybe. Lol.

I love chocolate so much <3 Yum yum. Eating Kit Kat now.

Nothing much to say.

I can't wait for the hiking/cycling trip :) Teehee.

Okay, that's all I can think of saying right now.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Church, Laser Tag and Dinner

Hey guys! :) I had fun today :D

Let's see:
I went to church at 10 something. I brought my guitar to practice a few songs and ask for some tips from the pro-guitarists (Ehem. Sam. Darren. Ehem). Sam played a few songs while I attacked the piano (LOL. Not literally!). I played some songs so fast, the piano was rocking back and forth. HAHA. Then Meg came. I played slower and talked to Sam, Darren and Meg.

Then Jeans came. Forced Sam to put my guitar back into the bag and left to eat breakfast with Jeans and Meg. Ordered the usual-Chinese tea and roti bakar. Not sure what we did, I think we chatted about random stuff then we went back to Sunday School. Teacher Luna was leading praise and worship. I tried my best to sing but my throat hurt a lot. Sore throat -__- So when it was almost ending, I had to go out cause I felt a bad coughing fit coming. I felt blood in my mouth, freaked out and called Esther on my phone to come. Then I realized it wasn't a big deal. So when she came, I just asked her opinion on where to put the guitar. I can't just leave it behind. A lot of expensive nonsense inside the guitar bag. She told me to bring it along and put it at the back of the second hall.

We went back to the STD4 (Hehe, I just remembered what STD means. LOL. Sick brain.) room. Gave offering and left. I don't like going to fuXion late much. So awkward to have people staring. They showed a video about a mission trip somewhere. My aunt, uncle, cousin and her boyfriend went for the mission trip. I wish I have enough money to go for a mission trip :( Laughed and aww-ed at a few funny/cute photos.

Patrina gave a testimony about the mission trip and I couldn't help being jealous about the fact that I've never gotten the chance to go for a mission trip. -__- I'm going to save up my money and go next year (or the year after, if I don't have enough still)

Had a umm.. group discussion (?) about her testimony and mission trips. It was okay. Quite funny and the food was nice. Hehe. After fuXion was over, Bryan asked us to help the Youth sell tickets (fundraiser for mission trip), we tried but a lot of people kept saying "Wait ahh. I have to discuss with my wife first." HAHAHA. Pretty funny to hear that. Wasn't a complete fail but still a fail. HAHA. I'll be buying the tickets so it's okay right? :)

That reminds me, Rangers might have a fundraiser for our 30th anniversary! :D YAY! I wanna wash cars and all.

We went to Kin Sun for lunch. Only Pris, Jeans and I ate chicken rice. The rest- Diet la. HAHA. JUST KIDDING. Walking back into the church, saw Auntie Ree Shih (LOL. Yes, she is my aunt.). She said "Heyy!" turned to Steffi and Dustin and went "This is Charmaine's gang, something-something." I just said hi and gave a drunken smile and wave. My hair was all over my face. HAHA. Chinese tea effect.

We went to Adventure for a while. But we got KICKED OUT by Cmdr Stephen. Come on dude. My DAD himself said if I had nothing to do to Expedition, I could come to Adventure to help out. I'm going to discuss with the commanders about this SOON.

Don came and dragged us back to Expedition. I was a little more than annoyed because I DO NOT like Expedition much. All I do is sit there and sleep like a potato. Hmmph. Don made me SENIOR GUIDE ON PURPOSE so I would come to Expedition Rangers every week. I'm only 15! Ahhhhh >.< I was a senior guide LAST YEAR BRO. I REALLY have to discuss this with my commanders.

Expedition was doing home safety. Finished that 5 years ago, I think. So I just listened to Cmdr Molly for a while. Got bored and asked Meg if she wanted to go to the back of the room to practice some songs on the guitar. Talked with Don about guitar experience. Sam came after a while and played Bromance on the guitar. Really nice, I like :) Sze Yie tried playing bass on Pris' guitar, okay la.

Stopped when they finished Home Safety. Saw Cmdr Kwang Yew sitting in front, so I joined him and we talked about Gold Buffalo, double Gold Buffalo and what merits I should do. Argghh. I want my silver buffalo. Hehe.

Went to the main hall, saw Cmdr Stephen, Jeans and the rest (?) talked to him but I was too busy trying to figure out what game the Adventure Rangers were playing and yes, being distracted. HAHA. I heard him talking about taking a higher standard of CPR or something. OMG. Sounds so nice :) But I already got my CPR. LOL. So I don't care-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh. Almost died laughing when he went "Suck it! Nah! Suck it!" LOL. Jeans was asking him if he thought he has a higher standard than Pastor Mike. He took out his something-to-do-with-CPR card and went "Suck it!" WTH man. HAHAHA.

Jeans wanted to sit on the bench, so I went with her cause my arms were aching from carrying the guitar around. Wei Loong wanted to drink some alcohol lol kidding!  drinks and lepak at the restaurant. Okay la, he belanja mah. HAHA. Me, Jeans, Meg and Joy went. Then Meg told me she's going back to the foyer and she went. We kept on talking about random stuff. It was kinda funny, the conversation.

Joy had to go back. Her dad came. Then I had to go back. HAHA. I forgot all about laser tag :P Said bye to Wei Loong and Jeans. Went home, played the piano for a while. Had to stop, I was too tired and my arms ached :( Oh well. Rested (drank apple juice and sat on the couch.) and watched Law and Order for a while.

Ian chatted with Esther (le cousin. HAHA) about clothing and all. She said DON'T WEAR WHITE. Very obvious in the laser tag place. I didn't want to change at first. Then I thought "Okay lo. There's probably a reason why we shouldn't wear white." So I changed into an ISCF shirt and wore black shoes.

Ryan wore WHITE shorts and a black shirt. You're probably wondering why I mentioned this but it is a very important detail :P HAHA. Really.

Esther (le cousin, once again) came to fetch us. The laser tag thing was in IoI mall in Puchong. Lasertag Warzone or something. During the whole car ride, we (Ian, Ryan and I) just chatted with Esther about stuff. I felt so tired, I wanted to sleep. Ahh.

When we arrived around 6.20pm, we went to the information counter to check what floor Lasertag Warzone (?) was on. 3rd floor. Esther mentioned Jeremy couldn't find the laser tag place. Apparently they got lost. We went up to the highest floor and immediately saw the place. HAHA. It's a miracle!

Esther's friend, Jamie came. They were chatting about stuff, so I looked around. I saw the "Rest and Go" massaging chairs everywhere. I wanted to sit down :P But then Jeremy, Steffi, Melody, Dustin and Clay came. Eu-gene came about 5 minutes later. He said he got lost. HAHA. Everyone was wearing dark colored shirts. Mostly black. Hehe.

We went in. This guy working at a ring-toss outside the laser tag place, asked us if we wanted to try it out. HAHA. Said "No. thank you.", smiled and went deeper into the place. We were all sharing one locker which was pretty small, so we just squeezed all the bags in.

Went to this mini waiting room place. Don't know if it was just me, but the place looked slightly hazy to me. There was CCTV's of the laser tag place and we could watch other people playing and look at their scores. Everyone just sat down and talked about laser tag and etc. I was watching the group that was in the laser tag room. Ryan kept saying "So noob la! Hide behind that barrel, sure get tagged one." It was true though. HAHA. That person got tagged by THREE people. It was a free for all (google it, idk how to explain. LOL)

The man asked us to go to the briefing room. On the way, we saw this creepy mannequin. Someone said "pedophile smile. Yeerr." SO TRUE. HAHAHA. The briefing was a video and an explanation by the guy who told us to go into the briefing room. There was a really nice view from the window. Can see two guys collecting wood or something near the river/stream.

The video was about the gun and how to shoot. You have to put one hand (not the trigger hand) at a certain point like in Counterstrike, to activate the sensitivity so you can shoot. If you don't put your hand there, you can't shoot lo. The gun had two moods: Phaser and Blaster. Phaser was definitely better, can shoot long range and aiming is narrower. The guy gave us some tips, we went into another room and put on our vests (with the blinking lights, HAHA) and the gun which was attached to the vest. Guy said:Shoot in the chest: 100 points. Shoot at the back:80 points. Shoot at the shoulders: 60 points.

Finally got to go into the place to play. It was so cool! Glowing grafititi, barrels here and there, tyres (ikr, so random) and places to hide. First round, we played free-for-all. It basically means you attack everyone and there's no teams. HAHAHA. Ryan's white shorts were GLOWING. HAHAHA. OMG. Apparently anything white glows like no tomorrow.I was kinda dumb at first. I kept taking my hand off the sensitivity point, which mean I couldn't shoot much and got frozen -__-. But I did okay-ish.

Jeremy was wearing a hoodie and black pants. Scared the crap out of me and Ryan while we were playing. HAHAHA. Imagine a tall, dark person suddenly showing up behind you. Thank God for the blinking lights.

Bumped into Jamie at one point. We went "Ahhhh!!!" when we saw each other. She tried to shoot me but I took Ryan's advice, duck down and shot her from the ground. HAHAHA. Jeremy went up behind Ryan and shot him, so I took advantage of it and shot his back. Whooo! 80 points baby! Then Eu-gene shot me from the back -__- Got frozen for 10 seconds (couldn't shoot), so I hid in a corner and attacked everyone I saw when I could finally shoot again.

There was this random guy who joined us. I had NO IDEA who he was. I kept thinking he was Ryan because he had white shorts on. I finally realized it wasn't when he kept shooting me without saying a word and saw his kind-of lanci face. He was a good player though. He got the best scores.Ryan shooting without saying anything would be a miracle. HAHA.

Round 1 finished. We went back to the waiting room since we had 2 more rounds and talked about the random guy. He came out of no where :O He's a regular customer there, I think. Looked at our scores and laughed at the funny default names. Especially funny when a guy gets a name like Andromeda. LOL. Jeremy started teasing Melody, and they started this funny fight. HAHA. Idk how to explain, friendly fights?. Ryan said  "So old already, still bullying his sister." about Jeremy. HAHAHA. We were amused, cause we haven't fought like that for a VERY long time.

Watched the group that went in after us. A lot of them wore white shirts, so they were glowing like crazy. Which made them easy targets. :P. Finally, round two came. We went back to the briefing room, no briefing la, just lepak. The view was a night, riverside kind of view. Not bad :)

Went to the armory (something like that la. Haha) room, put on the vests and got ready. Round Two we were playing teams. The guy asked us if we wanted to pick our teammates or play by default. Chose default. HAHA. The guy clicked one button-thing and our vests changed from white to blue/red. I ended up on the red team with Ryan, Ian, Steffi, Esther and Jamie. Jeremy, Melody, Dustin, Clay and Eugene were on the blue team. ( I think-Not sure)Went to the Game Room. I slipped over a slippery patch on the floor. Which wasn't a bad thing cause someone was trying to shoot at me -__- So I didn't freeze. HAHA.

Got up and ran around. Bumped into someone and ALMOST shot her. Turns out it was Steffi and she said "Don't shoot!". HAHAHA. Close call. Ran around, saw someone from the blue team and shot him right in the chest.

Went around, attacking people from the blue team, like a mental case. I remembered to keep my hands on the gun this time :) ROLLED on the floor at one point. Jeremy saw me behind a barrel, so I rolled over to the  base (Capture the flag, anyone?) and shot his teammates from the window.

Got up, ran around, got frozen a few times, and kept on attacking. The adrenaline rush was amazing. I was sweaty and half-crazed but it was awesome. Then the round finished, each round is around 10 minutes. Went to look at the scores, red team won. We had the very good at laser tag, lanci guy on our team so yay! HAHA. I don't think he was lanci lo, it's hard to play with strangers right? Pitied him a bit.

My score was okay. Not too low, not too high. Right in the middle. Waited in the waiting room again, watched another group play and finally went in for the last round. We went to the briefing room (AGAIN. Yes.). Someone said "Hey, there's no stars outside." Another said "Of course la, Malaysia. What to expect?"

Went to the armory room, put on the vest again. The guy working there suddenly said to me, "Don't be afraid to play ah. Just do your best and have fun." LOL. So random. I smiled and said okay, thanks. Then Jeremy asked the guy to take a group photo of us.  Took 2 or 3 photos and went to the Game Room.

Teams changed. Ian was still on red with Jeremy and a few more. Me and Ryan ended up on the blue team with Eu-gene, Melody, Steffi and someones-more. I can't remember la. HAHAHA.

Since it was the last round, I played like a mad woman. I fell down a few times and just kept shooting. Someone was about to shoot me (I forgot who), we were face-to-face, so I immediately shoot him first.

Just kept hiding and rolling behind the barrels. At one point, Jeremy went up behind Steffi. He didn't see me in the corner near her, he shot her and I shot him. Awesomeness :D

We played till our time was up. Everyone was smiling and saying things like "Ehh! Then when he shot me, blah blah blah." when we left. It didn't really matter who won or lost. It was just to enjoy ourselves. Rangers should really go for laser tag one day. Superawesome.

I checked my score. Not bad for a beginner, I think. HAHA. Our scores were higher than the previous group.

We took our bags out the locker. Looked around for food to eat. Wanted to go to McDs at first but it was too crowded. So they decided to go to this mamak called "Murni Discovery". We (Me and bros) talked with Esther about school PJ colors and all on the way to the restaurant.

The mamak was not just a regular old mamak. It had all kinds of weird (but nice) food. Eu-gene was already there. Saw Jeremy waving when he dropped the others off before parking the car. Jamie already went home, her husband set her a curfew. HAHA. I wasn't so hungry, so I ordered nasi lemak with ais kosong. Talked to Steffi, Ryan, Ian and Esther about books, GMA and random things that came up.

Someone ordered a sizzling mee thing (Not from our table[s]-we combined 3 tables) which had steam coming out of it. It was thick enough to CHOKE us. But it looked nice. HAHA. Ryan and Ian ordered Hawaiian pizza thing, which wasn't really a pizza. My food finally came. Had to drink a lot of water first though. Very thirsty :S

The Nasi Lemak was nice. I like the sambal. The mamak is a mixed culture place. That's why the food was slightly different. First mamak I've known of that had spaghetti :O . Steffi was talking about the food in America and how they had to cook spaghetti cause it was the fastest thing to cook when they're hungry. Em yum yum :3

Finally went home. Said goodbyes. It was drizzling slightly there. Rain <3

I was a little tired in the car. But not as tired as I was on the way to iOi mall. HAHA. If that makes any sense.

Reached home around 11.20pm, I think. Drank apple juice and I'm blogging now :)


Such a long post. My hands are aching like crazy.

Looking forward to the cycling/hiking trip and sleepover this Saturday! :) Going to bring my guitar to the sleepover. Teaching Meg how to play.

Lobe you guys!


Friday, July 13, 2012

My Heart's Skipping Way Too Many Beats

Hey there! Second post today. Whee.

I'm having problems with my heart. It's beating way too fast O.o
Sometimes it beats too SLOW. I thought I was going to die. Argghh.
Health problems -__-

Well then again, I'm looking forward to tomorrow :)

I can't wait to eat them yummy hotdogs :3

And GET FAT AGAIN. I miss my appetite and I'm going to drag it back to me. Somehow.

I think I'll be cutting my hair somewhere near home. I feel a little apprehensive though.

Oh well. Still looking forward to it ;)


Update: Weekend, Arrival, Hair.

Hey guys! :)

Can't wait for the weekend. Hehe.

I'll be in Sunway Pyramid from around 4 till night. Apparently there's a Bieber concert on (NO. I AM NOT GOING) and there's going to be limited parking space. Urggh. Oh well. So we (my family) decided to go earlier and hang out for a while till Rayner's birthday celebration starts :P .

Sunday! :) Church and Rangers <- Yay! And laser tag after that. Laser tag. OMG. I don't even remember how to play laser tag O__o. Hope they'll give us a briefing.

Charlene's coming back soon. Very soon. In about 2 weeks or so? A.Chris won't tell us exactly WHEN they're arriving -.- Need it to be a surprise, I guess. And are they not even gonna let me go to the airport? I love the airport :( Oh well. Yum :3 Here comes the chocolate and sweets. Nom nom nom. LOL. And a cousin to hang out with.

I'm forgetting something important. If only I could remember what it is. >.<

ISCF rally coming up soon. Not sure if I should go or do something else. ISCF rally hasn't really impacted me much. In a spiritual way, I mean. But I think I'll try to go if I can. At least the Praise and Worship time is fun. <- Not really. But okay. The last time I went, scumbag idiots jumped up and down my feet without so much as an apology. Seriously? -__- Rude much? Hah.

Vanessa Hudgens' Say Ok music video haircut is apparently very popular. Even now. LOL. I don't really care if it's popular or not. I just want the hairstyle .

I like shorter haircuts? 

My hair gets unbearably fluffy and puffy when it's long-ish. 

So I don't like it much. LOL. 

I'll be cutting my hair tomorrow. Hopefully Megan won't notice it. 

She'll kill me when she finds out O.o 

Oh well. Sakai will be Sakai. 

Hari Sukan on Monday. Don't think I'll be going. 

Going to start on my cookie soon. SOON. When I buy the acrylic paint.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Haircut Again? Okay.

...I'm SORRY. I know I said I'll grow it out to donate. But I can't stand it any longer.

I'll wait to donate AFTER I get a final haircut for the next 2 years -__-

One reason why I want to cut, is because it's so freaking hot in here (Malaysia). Another is because my aunt and cousin are coming back in about 2 weeks and well, it's nice to have a change especially if you'll be forced to take a hundred and one photos -__-

Yay! Cousin's son turning 1 year old this Saturday! :D Aww. So cute. And laser tag with the cousins is on Sunday, after Rangers I think, Hehehe.

Getting sidetracked, another reason is because I'm an emo freak who needs to cut her hair (not wrists, yay for that?) when she's depressed. Unhealthy habit, I know but I need something to relieve the pain?

They say a haircut makes you feel like a different person. I don't know but for me, it makes me feel like a burden's been lifted. Which kinda makes sense cause my hair is thick and heavy. LOL.

Like that, maybe? I've never done a long bob before. LOL.

Or like this?

Idk. V.Hudgens is pretty popular in the medium length hair department.

I'm constantly trying to change my hair to relieve myself from the pains of having thick hair.

Other people don't cut their hair as much as I do -_-

Ohh well.

Rainbow cake anyone? 


Stay Strong

I've been addicted to song lately. I don't even know why O_O It calms me down somehow.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel really HUNGRY but I can't bring myself to eat. When I do eat, I don't like it. It's hard to explain, but I think now I know how bulimic people feel like. My Mum says it's because I've been sick but I'm pretty much healthy now. I hate this feeling. I don't like the fact I can't eat what I want without my stomach rejecting everything I eat. I used to eat 2 meals a day, snacks in between. Now I eat 2 meals a day. Full stop. I don't even eat as much as I used to. I'm disgusted with myself. Urgghh.

I want to buy acrylic paint. But as always, there's no time for me to buy.

There's so much I want to do, but can't.

I keep feeling sad. I don't even know why but I do. It's just so hard to smile nowadays.

I think my withdrawal from food is driving me crazy.

I've been feeling so uncomfortable lately, with my life. There's a part of me that wants to leave Malaysia for a while to take a break. But there's another part of me that doesn't want to leave the place I call home. Hmmph. Conflicted feelings.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do at the end of this year either. I want to stay, help out in VBS, go to JET camp (maybe? LOL), hang out with my friends and all. But I also want to leave the country -__- For personal reasons. Meh. I'll just let my aunt decide. If she wants me to go, I'll go. But if she doesn't, I'll stay. I'll be okay with it either way.

Maybe I just need to write a poem. Haven't wrote one for a few months already.

Well anyway, I hope you'll be having a better week than I have so far.

Stay strong and keep carrying on.

Good Day :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

(Kissed You) Good Night

Chester and Tiffany! :)

This song is pretty wicked. I like. Hehehe.

Tiffany's dress. Urgghh. So nice. Kinda jelly here. LOL.

The ending was a shocker. HAHA.

As always.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Life Isn't About That

Hey there! :)

So, what do you think life is about?

I don't know about you, but MY parents think that life is about getting good grades, getting a scholarship and  progressing to become SOMEONE important in life. And yes, maybe that is kinda true. Sometimes I feel like jumping off a bridge at the thought of STUDYING. Me and studying don't get along very well, you know.But I can't help thinking that there's so much more to life than that.

I don't want to live by the book and be a perfectly good girl my whole life. I want to go out and experience things. Know what I mean? I want to skydive, bungee jump, and do crazy things. Because when I'm about to die, I won't regret the fact I wasn't a straight-As student or successful person. I'll regret not going out there and changing people's lives.

Some people think life is about getting a boyfriend/girlfriend/yadayada or about partying in clubs till their brains drop out. But what's the purpose in doing that? It may be fun but it could also be a complete waste of time.

I admit that sometimes, I worry about things that aren't really important like how fast I can finish learning a song in time or about a certain someone and all. And it actually kinda drives me crazy. HAHA. If I don't stop doing this, I'll probably have a mental breakdown.

Life has so much more to offer, than just the perfect jobs, college, university and all. I always despised the fact that, in my eyes, it seems like my life has been all planned out for me. Study hard in school, get into college/university, get married, have kids, get a good job, grow old and die.

It looks TOO organized to me. I'm a messy person. I prefer my life scattered in different directions and I want to have a CHOICE in what I do. I don't like to live by the rules.

Is it crazy for me to want to go all out and just be myself? I've never been the type to go along with life's plan for me.

I'm just going to give it my all and see where life takes me.

I'm not worried about my future..much. What I'm really worried about is not making a difference.

Now this is probably why I want to travel the world. HAHA.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sundae Love

Hey guys! :)

So how's your Sunday been? HAHA. Sunday has always been a good day for me. For multiple reasons.

This Sunday was a little weird.

Met with Jeans to eat breakfast. Didn't really have much of an appetite but I wanted roti bakar :3 Chatted about random stuff for a while then we went to Dickson cause I needed lozenges (No IDEA how to pronounce. lol) Then we went to Sunday School.

I led praise and worship in the STD 4 room today. And we had no music to back us up. ALL our musicians ka-POOFed -___- So we sang without any musical instruments. Felt like laughing because I felt so awkward standing there. But the others went along with it pretty well. So we weren't THAT bad. Phew.

Gave offering and we went to fuXion. I was actually kinda distracted for some reasons. My brain felt like it was being squeezed every few minutes. So I wasn't really in a good mood for a while. Meg and Pris came later and sat next to us. We were sitting in the front row. HAHA. Don't like the front row much.

Listened to Pastor Philip and he showed a cool video about a guy with no arms who played the guitar with his FEET. AWESOME man. Had to look away a few times because I got dizzy when I focused on the video too long.

Had a group discussion. LOL. When someone told Christina I preferred to be called Maine instead of Charmaine, I just said "Personal reasons." HAHA. Long story, man. VERY VERY LONG. It was actually a pretty fun discussion. Talked about shopping and Ryan Higa and all. HAHA. Fun meaning no awkward silences.

After the discussion was over, we went to talk to Andrew, Daniel, Cmdr Kwang Yew and Grace <- all at different times. Then we went to eat lunch. I wasn't really hungry (Not hungry at all, I mean) but I ordered food anyways. Joanne ended up eating for me cause hers was accidentally spicy. <-Thank God. LOL. Or I'll be wasting my food. We went to the hardware shop later. I was extremely desperate to get some eyepins.

Showed the uncle some photos and they DID sell eyepins! :D Hehehe. Bought 10, cause I didn't want to waste my money if I didn't use the eyepins. <- if that makes any sense. LOL. Hehe, when I see or think about crafty stuff, I go absolutely crazy.

Went to Rangers. Esther, Pris, Joy and Jeans went to Expedition. Meg and I went to Adventure to bully and kacau  help the commanders. Talked with Andrew about complete nonsense! HAHAHA. SO many commanders called me. First my dad, to ask me which kid is which. Then Cmdr Nat, who wanted me to help him with the boys. PHYSICAL FITNESS <- Remembering the torture I went through under Cmdr Nick's care. HAHAHA.

Darren was there, so before I forced Andrew to do some push-ups, I talked to Darren about how to complete your merits on time. LOL. Crap man. Just realize how much time I spent working on my GMA. Yeah, after that, I made Andrew (Ip. LOL.) do about 6 or 7 exercises.

Walked around, ordered people around (Just kidding la. They did it willingly) and told some boys to respect their commanders. HAHAHA. They played a game, I forgot what it's called already. So let's refer to it as Peach?

So Andrew Robert(s) started Peach. Everyone (not me lol) sat down in a circle. Andrew kept saying "Hey you! CLOSE YOUR EYES." Meg came up with "AND PRAY." So every time he said that, we'd add "AND PRAY." LOL. Some of the more annoying boys told us to shut up and I said "No, YOU shut up and learn to respect your elders." Mean I know. But they're too saucy for their own good.

We (Me, Meg, Cheryl, commanders) actually TROLLED them during the final round. HAHA. You won't understand if you weren't there. Laughed so hard to see Darren going around hitting everyone with a bottle (filled with water, mind you).

Had devotion which my dad shared then we went to Dickson. Came back, saw Jeans, Joy and Pris. Forgot to mention, Adventure Rangers are having a (cycling)hiking trip to Taman Cahaya (which I finished already<-twice.lol. but wanna go again) and we (Me and friends) are joining them. Bro's friend asked me "Why you guys get to come huh? You're not even Adventure." I said "Cause I'm friends with all your commanders so I get special privileges la." LOL. But it's true la. Be nice to people and they'll be nice in return.

Oh, the Ad. Rangers are only going for hiking. My friends and I are going cycling AND hiking. Going to rent the BETTER more expensive bikes. I absolutely hate the crappy bikes we used last time. HAHA. My leg was cramped for weeks.

There's gonna be lepak-ing, campfire and a sleepover too so bonus man. Idk who told my dad not to let us come because we're noisy. HAHAHA. NOISY means FUN right?

Can't wait for that :) HAHA.

I'm pretty excited to make craft stuff now :)

Talked to Meg about badminton, drums and stuff for a while after that.

Pris brought her GUITAR :D YAY. Matthew was supposed to teach her but he gave her the basics to memorize and learn first. Going to bring MY guitar next week so I can learn with her :)

Photoshoot next week! YAY. Crazyy.

Oh yeah, sat with Meg and Pris. Joy was a few steps down next to Pris. HAHA. We took turns at playing the guitar. I taught Meg how to position her fingers on the fretboard.

Elijah came and played a few songs (bass style) on the guitar. I was just staring. LOL. He's really good!

Came home and I'm blogging now. :)

So hungry. Ahh well.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Craft Junkie :)

Hey there! :)

I'm feeling pretty happy right now. I found a website that sells what I need for my craft making!
Tamujajakraf <- This is it :P

There's a lot of handicraft and stuff there too. The best part is it's based in Malaysia! Which means LOWER shipping fees cost. I'm mostly happy about the fact that eye pins, jump rings, key chains and earring studs are sold there. I've gone through craft stores and some other shops that sells a lot of craft-y things in Andalas and everywhere else. Even Mid Valley too. HAHA. But no sign of it :(

So forgive me for being overly excited about it. Lol. I've always been a craft crazy person since I'm not really good at other artsy stuff like drawing and painting. The way I draw a cat now is EXACTLY the same as the cat I drew when I was 5. <-Fail.

I'm not really sure if this site is legit, but it's worth a shot. The stuff there (that I want) is pretty cheap. Less than RM5 per item(s). And it comes in a bunch, so no loss there. Still have to ask Dad if I can buy the stuff I want. HAHA. But oh well. Just hope he says yes.

Been dying to made a chocolate chip cookie necklace ever since I started making stuff from polymer clay. A LOT of people will tell you I'm crazy about making chip cookies. HAHA. Going to try making other stuff soon, but acrylic paint is expensive so I have to think about it first.

Yeah that's pretty much it :)

Song leading again tomorrow. Hope my voice won't sound scratchy (ehem, sexy voice). HAHA.

Get Your Freak On: 15 Weird Facts

#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?
-Maine ahhhhh. Maine is normal but the ahhh is not. HAHA.

#2. What's a weird habit of yours?
-I get unacceptably drunk and crazy when I'm feeling happy/sick/etc.

#3. Do you have any weird phobias?
-I have an irrational fear of needles. I don't like things poked into my skin.

#4. What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you're alone?
-Ermm.. Not sure about that one. HAHA. Basically any song with a catchy tune? :)

#5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
-People cracking their knuckles. LOL. Sorry but it makes me shudder.

#6. What's one of your nervous habits?
-I laugh too much and smile like an idiot. HAHA. Then again, I do it all the time so you can't really tell.

#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
-Mehh. I'm the kind of person that rolls all over the bed.

#8. What was your first stuffed animal && it's name?
-A teddy bear. Named Teddy. HAHA. How original of me.

#9. What's the drink you ALWAYS order at starbucks?
-Hot chocolate :)

#10. What's the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?
-Umm look beautiful? HAHA. I fail at that all the time, man.

#11. Which way do you face in the shower?
-That's a weird one. I face straight ahead?

#12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
-Yeah man. Wait, skills? O_O Umm. No. Don't think so. LOL.

#13. What's your favorite 'comfort food'/food thats 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?
-Chocolate of course :3 Makes me fat but ALSO makes me happy. Happiness beats getting fat so I don't care. HAHA.

#14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
-Bloody hell! LOL. No just kidding. 'Some things are not meant to be said'? HAHA.

#15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing?
-Shorts and shirt. HAHA. 

LOL. Guess what? I finally realized I set the WRONG time zone for my blog. Instead of +8.00 GMT, I used -8.00GMT -___- NOOB sial. 

P.S. Second post tonight :3 Hehehe. 

It's almost 1am and I should be sleeping by now. 

The Way You Look

Hey guys! :)

Just some things I want to talk about. And yes, maybe a little bit of ranting.

Confession 1:Wearing short shorts/dresses/skirts? Yeah. Not my thing. 
Just so you know, I mean short in a way where you can practically see their butts. It makes me wince when I see people wearing shorts/dresses/skirts that show off their asses. Maybe I'm being a little picky about it. But I believe in being modest when it comes to dressing. Heck, even wearing a DECENT length dress makes me uncomfortable.

The only time I'd wear really short shorts is when I'm at home where there's privacy and no perverted eyes can see :P I'm not being biased. Some people DO look okay, maybe even cool with short stuff (Psshh. Well not THAT short). But I can't stand those who wear extremely high heels, low-cut tops and extremely short shorts/dresses/etc. You don't have to degrade yourself to look pretty.

Something I don't believe in is living up to society's expectations.

Let's be honest here. Now you see people going anorexic, bulimic, diet-crazy and crap because society thinks that to be beautiful, a woman should have the perfect figure, the perfect hair, and just about the 'perfect' everything. As a result, you can see a lot of girls pushing themselves over the edge to be what society expects of them.

It makes me sick. Ever heard of perfect imperfections? Could you imagine every single one of us being skinny, pretty and basically just clones of the perfect person? Good things come in all shapes and sizes. There's a reason why God made us different. If He wanted us to be society's image of  'perfect', he would have created us all EXACTLY the same. He made us look different so we can be unique and be our own person.

You'd still look pretty even if you have a dozen freckles, a slightly protruding stomach (This is so me LOL), pimples or some other imperfection you don't like about yourself.

Keep in mind though, you still have to watch what you eat and exercise because you might get life threatening sicknesses if you don't. It's one thing to be comfortable with your body image. It's another to risk threatening your health.

Confession 2: I don't wear makeup.
Yeah okay. My idea of makeup is lip balm to protect my lips from cracking.LOL. My lips crack a lot cause I don't really drink a lot of water O_O Eye shadow, mascara, blush and etc? I don't use. The last time I wore eye shadow and etc was Camporama because we were forced to. HAHA. Not a big fan of make up, to be honest. I have a tendency to rub my eyes when I wear gunk on my eyes. Can't help it, it feels pretty darn itchy. Just for the matter, I don't think I'm really good at pulling off the makeup look. I look better normal, I guess.

Note 2:
Makeup is to enhance your beauty. Not to cover up your face so people can't see what you really look like.
In my opinion, anyway. That is if you DO wear make up. LOL. I'm kinda an anti-makeup and stuff person. I grew up with boys so I tend to prefer just being me and not wear gunk on my face. HAHA. That's what years of getting sweaty, stinky and muddy, does to me.

But yeah, not wearing makeup and all the time would be a better option. You should try embracing your natural beauty. That's just what I think anyways. HAHA.

I'm kinda bored, I'll admit to that. HAHA. And yeah, I do go overboard a bit with my nonsense chatting. 

But oh well :) 

Just remember, you just gotta be happy about who you are. You don't need society's approval, a perfect figure or a ton of makeup on your face to look beautiful. 

Bananalovesyou :) 

P.S. I'm generally an EXTREMELY modest person so I kinda overreact about lack of decent clothing. HAHA. So don't get offended by this post, please :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Would You Rather? (Tag)

Hey guys! I'm bored and I decided to try out the Youtube "Would You Rather" tag. Since I do not post videos on Youtube, I'll just answer the questions here.

Personal Choices:

Would you rather be forgotten or hatefully remembered?
-Forgotten of course.

Would you rather be three feet taller or shorter?
- Hard to say. I'm pretty happy with my height now :P

Would you rather able to read everyone elses mind all the time or always know their future?
-Read people's minds. That is super cool! :D

Would you rather be hairy all over or completely bald?
-Completely bald. Don't want hair in unwanted places. HAHA.

Would you rather end hunger or hatred?
-Hatred. It's more poisonous than hunger.

Would you rather give bad advice or take bad advice?
-Take bad advice? (Since I have no choice -_-) Bad things happening to me, I can deal with. But making other people's life miserable isn't really an option.

Would you rather go with out t.v or music for the rest of your life?
-Music definitely. I love it more than any other.

Would you rather invent a cure for cancer or a cure for aids.
-Hard one. Ermm. Cancer. Personal reasons.

Would you rather never use internet or watch tv again?
-Never watch tv again. You can watch shows online, right? HAHA.

Would you rather love and not be loved back or be loved and never love?
-Love and not be loved back. I can't imagine not loving.

Would you rather meet an alien visitor or travel to outer space?
-Travel to outer space :) Explore other planets.

Would you rather give up your computer or your pet?
-Computer. Sorry. LOL. I love my pets more. I can't hug my computer when I'm lonely.

Would you rather get even or get over it?
-Get over it. Growing up, I realized revenge isn't really a good thing.

Would you rather forget who you were or who everyone else was?
-Oh, that's a tough one. Umm umm. Forget who everyone else is? I can get to know them again but finding out who I used to be, almost impossible.

Okay, I'm bored. And you probably can tell. HAHA.

Don't feel like talking to anyone or blogging much.

When I'm sick, I just want to be alone.


Cardigans and stuff :)

Saw this on twofivethreezero.

OMG. This is so sexy. The cardigan la. HAHA. I want :3
I love cardigans but LOL, idk where to buy. In a non-online manner I mean.

I like this one too. Hehehe.

Got a weakness for Bohemian stuff, as you can see.

Check the website out :) Cool stuff there. Some dresses are a little too short for my liking but it's nice.

And yeah, this is my SECOND post. So check out the first one.


P.S. Thanks to Ru Min for introducing me to this shop :) HAHA. I like looking through stuff there when I'm bored. Once again, lifeless me.

Feeling Hot In A Sick Way

Hey guys! :)

Guess who's having a fever and sofa-ridden?

That's right. I am. -___-

I can't eat normal food. Not even chocolate. It makes me feel like puking.

On a forced 'diet' of fruits, water, porridge and soup.

My emotions have been all over the place since yesterday. I was okay at first, then I started crying for no reason. O_O I didn't even realize I had a fever till Mum came home.

Had a pretty funny conversation. She came home, saw me lying down on the sofa with a bunch of pillows and a blanket. Told her I was feeling hot and cold. She checked my temperature.

Mum: (checks forehead)Wah! So hot la your body.
Me: Why thank you. HAHAHA.
Mum: (Checks neck) Aiyoh. Really hot.
Me: Oh stop it, you! HAHAHA.
Mum: Don't joke la. You're sick.
Me: How could you say that? :(
Ian: No, she's hot in a sick way.
Me: Erm. Okay..

Ian  stood there and laughed his ass off. -____- Really helpful bro.

So yeah, I'm now officially hot in a sick way.


WTH Maine. The shit I say when I'm sick.

Feeling better today then I felt yesterday.

So yay! :) I'm not going to die....yet. Hehehe.

Hope Rangers cell is on tonight. Or SOON. I miss cell.

Don't care if I'm sick. I'm going no matter what. HAHA. Semangat.

Well, okay, nothing left to say so bye!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 8: Favourite Internet Friend #30dayletterchallenge

I'm not sure who you are O.o


Okay, Youtube then. Not a real person but still, :3 .

Dear Youuchoobb,

Thank you for having all those awesome crazy videos for me to watch.

I don't know how boring life would be without you.

No Ryan Higa, Kevjumba, David Choi, Jayesslee, and all those awesome Youtubers.

No craft videos, lyrics videos, official music videos and so on.

Maybe someday I'll post a video :P

If I ever manage to take the initiative.

So I love you, Youuchoouubb.


Day 7: Ex-Crush #30dayletterchallenge


It's funny how life works. Don't you think?
It's been a year or so, I think, since I last talked to you.
We can't even be friends now. And you know why.
Some things aren't just meant to be, I guess.

What hurts is that you won't even talk to me now. I see you looking at me when I walk by and sometimes I think "What if?".
But I know what I decided to do was right.  
I don't even want to try being friends any more. 
It just hurts too much. 

You ignored me first. So now, I'll ignore you.
Being scared to take a chance doesn't change anything.
Just remember what I said.

I wish you the best in life. Really I do. 
I won't be a part of your life any more.
And you won't be a part of my life too.

And the crazy thing is, sometimes I wonder why I even liked you.
Crazy, right? Oh well.
Just like the past year(s), I really don't know what to say to you.
I wonder if I really even knew you at all.

But that's okay. Some things happen for a reason, right?

And I'll be fine with it.


More Challenges :)

Guess what? That's right! :) I found yet ANOTHER challenge.


I haven't even started on the Photo Challenge :(

And I'm only on Day 6 with the Letter Challenge.

But it's okay.

I can multi-task.

I think.



Try it out if you like. I'm cool with it. Hehehe.

Yet another one. I'll try it out later. Probs gonna skip some days.


Then again, it's my fault. LOL.

Sobs. This is beautiful! But I suck at drawing stuff so meh.

Just take your pick. LOL.

Yes? No? Maybe? HAHA. Well if you do, tell me, cause I wanna check it out.

Just kidding! HAHAHA.

Oh well. At least this inspires me to finish up all the other challenges asap. LOL.

Siblings for life

Siblings4lyfe :)


Days like these when I'm sick, I really appreciate not being an only child.

My little bro takes care of me :) Hehehe. 

Even though I'm a cruel, twisted sister who teases him on a daily basis.

Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration. But hey, I'm not a very good sister :P

He brought me a blanket, muscle-relief thing, and whatever crap I asked for cause I can't get my ass off the sofa without feeling dizzy. LOL. 

He's tolerating the weird things I say when I'm sick, LAUGHING at what I say-> how could you be so heartless? :( , and putting up with my moaning about my aches and pains. He seems to be AMUSED by my suffering but that's okay, cause he's my lil bro. If it was Ryan, he'd be laughing his ass off at me instead of helping -___- But that's okay. I love him too. 

But still, it's nice to know I have someone to rely on :)

Why do I blabber crap when I'm sick? I haz no idea. 

Yeah :) So if you have siblings or a sibling, just appreciate them. 

Boyfriends and shit might not last, but your siblings are yours for a lifetime. 

Crying because I get too emotional when I'm sick. And also because my back hurts like hell. 

Just ranted to Ian about my 'cravings' for guava. When I started crying and saying nonsense like "I think I'm pregnant!" Moaning, moaning, moaning about the pain (Yeah, I did that a lot today), he laughed at me even more. But people laughing at me (in a good way. EHEM) makes me feel better somehow. Weird brain, much? -___-

And you can probably tell, I didn't go to school today. LOL. 



Not really. 


P.S. Updated blog 2 times before this. So just keep scrolling :)

And yeah, I know it's weird that I'm happy when I'm sick.
And bi-polar when I'm feeling normal

Scumbag brain. 


And yes, I talk nonsense a lot. LOL.
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