Friday, August 31, 2012

Tag: This and That (2)

Hey there! :)

My fourth post today! Hehe.

This is going to be another tag :) This time by : True Beauty

Coke or Pepsi? 
-Coke. Yum yum. 

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? 
-Ice Cream! :D I love frozen yogurt, but I hardly ever eat it so.. Ice cream it is!

Clothes or Makeup? 
-Clothes. Because I wear clothes, but I don't wear makeup. HAHA.

Hairspray or Frizz Lotion? 

-Frizz lotion. My hair makes me look like a lion in the morning.

T.V or Book? 

-Books for life! I can live without shows but not without books.

Pool or Beach? Both?

-Umm..both! But I like the beach a little bit more because of the sand and sea <3 

Water or Soda?

-Water :) I'm not much of a soda drinker.

Sandals or Boots? 

-This is a tough one :( Boots, I guess. Quote: 'Cause boots are cool. Teehee. I like sandals too though.

Purse or Backpack?

-Backpack. Can hold so much more. 

Team Jacob or Team Edward? 

-Not a Twilight fan. Lol. Sorry. 

Wizards of Waverly Place or Hannah Montana? 

-Umm. I don't watch Disney channel anymore .___. 

Mall or Online Shopping? 

-I like both, but I have to say online shopping because there's a larger variety of fun things to buy :3

Tennis or Soccer? 

-Tennis :) I like soccer too. But tennis has always been my favorite.

MAC or Maybelline? 

-Don't use makeup but I do use Maybelline lipbalm when my lips are cracked so..Maybelline.

P.S. And yes, I'm a little of a tag addict. :P

Just so you know.

Hey guys! :)

I've added a "labels' section on the left called "Passion." So if you're looking for a certain type of post, you' should check it out :)

I promised myself that I would do my best to make my blog easier for people to view, so this might help :)

I have also deleted posts that were unnecessary, petty or just ridiculously silly. (There's still plenty of silliness left so don't worry.)


Love you. Maybe.

Tag: This or That?

Hey there :) 
Second post today. 
Go Maine! LOL.
I found this tag by Ciara and thought, why not? Just do it. 
And no, I have no idea to change the font to my usual one :(
Oh well, only for this post. 

Be extremely beautiful or extremely intelligent?
-I would have to go with intelligent. Don't wanna be pretty but as dumb as a rock.

Go without brushing your teeth for a year or go without washing your hair for a year?
-Ughh. Without washing hair I supposed. You can fix up damaged (dirty. VERY DIRTY) hair but ruined teeth? Eww. Dental hygiene please.

Be Rich or Famous?
-Rich? I guess. I don't care much for fame.

Have an amazing shoe collection or an amazing makeup collection?
-I don't use makeup much (never) so I have to go with shoes, since I wear them everyday. HAHAHA.

Be able to sing or be able to dance?
-Sing. I actually like dancing like I'm inept. Hahaha.

Be stranded on a Desert Island or in the Desert?
-Desert Island, at least there's trees and....fruits?


 Have a Computer or a TV?
-Computer. I can always stream movies/shows online.

Wear spots or stripes for the rest of your life?
 -Stripes all the way. HAHA.

Drink out of a Teacup or a Mug?
-Mug. Definitely.

Have a hug or a Kiss from someone you love?
-Hugs <3 All the way. Hahaha. Kiss from someone like a parent or a brother? icky.

Wear Converse or Stilettos?
-Converse of course.

A Coffee or a Cup of Tea?
-Tea. Chinese/Green tea :D My beloved alcohol.

Be a Fairy or a Mermaid?
-Weird question but.. mermaid. I like the ocean. 

Pink nails or Blue nails
-I usually prefer rainbow colors or something like black and white..but since that option isn't available: Blue.

Be kind or funny?
-Why can't I just be both? :P Hahaha. You don't have to be mean to be funny right?

Laugh or Smile?
-Wait, you mean other people don't smile when they laugh? :O Dang. Okay, laugh. And smile. Hehehe.

Have lots of money or lots of friends?
-Lots of true friends. Not just 'friend' Hahaha.

Wear Pearls or Beads?
-not really fond of either one but if I had to choose.. pearls.

Hope you like this utterly weird and random post (: Hahaha.

Wedding, Pendants & Events :)

Hey there! :)

So guess what? It's Merdeka day! Yay! FREEDOM.
Happy umm.. 55th birthday Malaysia.

Trying to convince Dad to make Harry Potter (and etc) book pendants or buy one :) It's just so adorable and tiny. I'm in love with a book pendant -_-

I'm sorry for constantly talking nonsense here. Hahaha. I can't help it, the nonsense just flies out of my mouth and I HAVE to write it down.

Anyway, I'm going for a wedding dinner tonight :) With Dad. Mum's too lazy to want to go and my brothers don't want to go either. Commander Reuben Ponniah's and Lisa Tan's wedding. So there's going to be a lot of familiar faces :) My aunt's going too. Hehe. She's friends with Cmdr Reuben's mum. Going to wear a dress because I feel like an elephant in my jeans when I'm eating. Chinese wedding food makes my stomach expand like crazy -_-.

I'm been cleaning and tidying things again. My piano sheets arranged according to which song I play the most, reorganizing me jewelry (again. Hahaha) and arranging books in the shelf.

Mum randomly gave me RM20 yesterday. I asked her to change a note with me, she told me to keep the note and gave me extra money. I think she knows how desperate I am for cash O_o. Mother's instinct.

Went to Aeon yesterday, with Mum and Dad. Had dinner before that at Sentosa with the bros. Trolled Ryan into thinking I did something embarrassing on his FB and then stole his slipper and acted innocent when he looked for it. Hehe. I'm really an evil sister. Yeah so, we went to Aeon after dropping the boys off at home. Dad wanted to collect his birthday month voucher, so I went off by myself. Banked in money, walked around the all the floors, went into Daiso for a while, then went to Popular to buy a magazine. Dad called right after I bought the magazine. Didn't realize you have to wait so long to collect a voucher O_o. I also heard 2 stores playing the "Oppa Gangnam Style" song. Really catchy. One guy was dancing and bopping his head in one store. What the heck is happening? OppaGangnamApocalypse?

Good news! :D

With pride, I managed to sew up the holes in the pocket in my bag. Messily. HAHAHA. I suck at sewing. I can cook, clean, eat but for the life of me, I just cannot SEW. I actually like sewing, but I suck at it. LOL. What the heck Maine. Not even 5 minutes into sewing, I completely messed up and had to start again. My head hurts now from looking down too long. But hey, I sewed up the holes! :D Hehe. Failed attempt, but nonetheless, successful in the sense that I accomplished my mission to eliminate the holes.

HAHAHA. Independence Day speech O_o. Sorry.

If you look up to where the blogger favicon is supposed to be, it's changed to the one I've chose! :D YAY. And I thought I failed at that. Hahaha.

Okay, I'm getting a little ridiculous now, so I'm gonna stop talking :P I mean writing. You know what I mean -.-

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Preparations & souvenirs to buy :)

Hey there! :)

Fourth post today. Yay for banana.

I'm still praying for money to fall down from the sky into my lap. But let's be honest, chance of that happening? A 0%. -.-

Found the website I've been looking for.
It's a shop in Holland that I frequently went to 2 years ago. I have to figure out what to get my friends for souvenirs. Hahaha. GIRL friends. Guys...idk what they like, so I'd probably get them key chains and chocolates. (Don't worry though, everyone gets chocolate and/or sweets.)

But please, don't be a completely random stranger coming up to me and asking for a cookie O_o. That's creepy.

The only thing I don't like about Claire's is they had way too many Justin Bieber things everywhere. I walked   right into a JB poster and almost screamed. HAHAHA.

I'm planning everything out beforehand. Once November hits, I'll be so excited and crazy, I won't remember to buy souvenirs and pack my underwear. LOL. Just kidding. But seriously.

After September, I won't be buying anything unnecessary (except for Jeans' birthday present.) I have to save up at least RM 100. My parents will be giving me allowance money, my aunts too. But it's important to have a backup plan. I have 30 something euros somewhere. Gotta dig it up.

And yes, most likely I'll be coming back even more broke than I am today -_-

But it's worth it.

I think.


I've already written down the names of who to buy presents for, and surprisingly it's REALLY REALLY long O_o. Must save, must save. No more Kit Kats, sweets and random stuff. NO MORE.

It also means I have to cut down the amount of things I take there :( Limited weight. Lol.

I haven't renewed my passport yet. Have to do it on Saturday :(

Yeah, so that's all? HAHAHA. :) Byebye.

Pages :)

Hey you!

Third post today. Yeah, I'm on a roll now. HAHA.

Anyways, just to inform you that I have updated the "Secrets<3" and "Dreams <3" pages for your viewing pleasure :) Or not.

Secrets <3 : is my about me page.

Dreams<3 : Is basically a page filled with a ton of photos for you to stalk  see.

MORE pages will be coming soon :D

As soon as I figure out what the page should be about. LOL.

I write nonsense sometimes. Forgive me. I do my best not to be random but I can't help myself.

In fact, I'm rather proud of myself for not killing you with information overload by now. Hehe.

My darling Bastogne biscuits are finished ! :( Can't eat them till November when I'm in Holland. Sigh.

Yeah, see? Getting sidetracked again. -__-

Anyway, be sure to check out the other pages if you want. HAHA. Byebye!

Friendship: What does it mean?

Friendships will always remain, even when nothing ever stays the same.

Hey there! Second post today :) Hehe.

Referring to the statement at the top, do you think it's really true?

Sometimes I feel as though, when people change and their interests change, it affects their friendship in a good or bad way. Depending on how they view the change. There are moments when I think that my friends are slipping away from me because we don't have the same opinion or interests. And it's pretty sad.

But then I realize, isn't it a good thing to have different interests and etc.? You learn so much more and just maybe, you'll be introduced to things you might actually like. If your friends share the same opinions, thoughts, and have just about everything in common with you, wouldn't that be like being friends with many clones of you? Hahaha.

Individuality makes each and every one of us unique. That's why it doesn't pay to try to be like someone else  that you want to be, but who just isn't you.

And yes, having things in common with your friends isn't a bad thing. But having different interests isn't a bad thing either.

It doesn't mean if your friend dislikes something, you have to dislike it as well. It also doesn't mean that if your friend like it, you have to like it as well.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But please, don't bash on the other person's opinion. And don't criticize someone if they like something you don't. Manners matter. Hehe.

Friendship is so much more that just a pastime. It's a bond that can last for a long time. How long it lasts is all  up to you.

Don't talk shit behind your best friend's back. Don't gossip.

There are some poisonous friends out there that influence you to do the wrong thing. Teach them what's right, or just walk away because they're not good for you.

Most importantly, be the kind of friend to others, that you would want others to be to you :)

Matthew 7:12 - Do unto others what you would want them to do to you.

And yes, I DO in fact live by the Rangers code. Teehee.

Update: This and that in life.

Hey there! :)

It's 10.30am and I did not go to school. HAHA. My friend told me that most of my friends won't be going, so I didn't want to be forever alone. And that's why I didn't go. :P

Ryan Higa show coming up soon. I should be more excited than I am right now, but I'm not. Same thing happened with my GMA interview so I'm not really worried. Hehe.

Like most normal days, I've been practicing songs on my piano like crazy. I don't use my piano much during the holidays though. Laziness I guess.

Esther's & Joanne's birthday coming up soon in September. I have literally no idea what to buy for them. Really. And I'm practically broke, so I have to save up some money or make them a gift. Or both.
Or just get them both a huge bar of chocolate.

Rangers' 30th Anniversary is SO close to PMR. And truthfully, I'm more excited about the anniversary than that blimey exam.

I've been driving myself crazy trying to edit my blog's favicon. -___- Useless stupid thing.

Sigh. Oh well.

Life. Is freaking weird.

I have to save up a lot of money, to buy a new cardigan, for extra pocket money when I'm in Holland and for so so many birthdays! Sigh. I'm too proud to beg my parents for cash, so I think I have to just make do and not use my allowance money.

A.A. gave me a new dress. HAHA. Might be wearing it someday.

I haven't been doing the letter challenge for some time now. Someday I'll start back on it :) When I feel like it.

That's all for now :) I guess.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photography? Not.

Hey there! :)


So I've been editing photos again. I took a different approach this time though :)

Sorry Meg, I had to crop you out because the photo was too big :/

I'm thinking about changing my profile picture again. HAHA.

Not the best, but I think it's okay. HAHA.

Andalas Night Market :)

Hey there :)

I just realized something I've never realized before. I have not been to a night market for a almost 2 years. Maybe even more than that. Which is a big deal to me, because I live so near to one yet I hardly ever go :( Because of tuition, school and etc. urgh. -.-

I do go to the morning and evening markets every now and then. But night markets: Nein. It's a shame because the night market has a larger variety of interesting things to see and buy (besides fruits and vegetables. HAHA) than the morning/evening ones. I'm not being biased, I'm just saying it cause it's true :)


  • Amazing, cheap stuff that last really long. (Surprisingly)
  • Cheap (and nice) clothes and bags. Not the highest quality but durable. 
  • Friendly salespeople. 
  • Food. EVERYWHERE :D Yum yum. 
  • Yummy drinks. Sort of :P
Summing it all up, cheap and pretty good stuff EVERYWHERE. 

  • Crowded area. smelly things everywhere -_-
  • Perverts. A LOT of perverts. 
  • I have to pretend to be a Chinese American because I can't communicate with the Chinese salespeople. I can't exactly say "Hi, I'm a banana sorry. How much is this please?" They'd send me to Tanjung Rambutan hospital. 
  • Schoolmates. Everywhere. Screaming "HI MAINE." O_o. 
Yeah so that's all :) Hehe.

Drop by the Andalas market if you're in the neighborhood. You won't regret it. (But your wallet might) And no, I am not promoting. Simply stating my honest opinion. 

Things I bought:

Plastic earrings.

Earrings :P

String to make a new necklace.

Yeah so that's it. HAHA. Finally able to play "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together." (blimey long title) by Taylor Swift on the piano. Not memorize it, just play the whole song without stopping (much). 

Hehe :) 


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Let's Be Honest Tag.

Hey there! :)

So I recently came across the "Let's Be Honest" tag by Taite and I thought oh well, might as well try it out.
Basically, all I have to do is be honest about so and so :)

Taite's (cool name! no?) description: Anyways in this post I am going to tell you some things about me that you probably don't know, and some of the things I am going to tell you I wish were not true, and some I love! This is just kind of a fun "get to know me" post!

So here goes:
Not so good:

  • I'm a slacker and I don't really care much for my exams and school in general. Haha.
  • I have a really bad temper, and sometimes I consider taking anger management classes.
  • I talk a little weird because of a surgery I had years ago.
  • I used to hate dresses, but now I find certain types of dresses pretty :)
  • I have a weird obsession with photography, even when I'm not the best at it. 
  • I'm annoying, which I consider a good thing, so I think something's wrong with me. 
  • I find some guys cute and/or attractive, but I don't overly obsess about them like some girls do. 
  • I'm content with my non-Android/Apple phone although I think it would be nice to have an iPhone. 
  • I prefer blogs, stories and etc to be well-written and interesting. I wouldn't settle for anything less.
  • I love making craft.
  • I love learning how to play musical instruments. 
  • I can't think of any more good things.
  • I don't wear makeup. At most, lipbalm because I have dry lips. 
  • I love action flicks and comedies. 
  • I only wear comfortable shoes.
  • I prefer long necklaces to chokers. 
  • I love my Teehee band. HAHA. 
  • I constantly put on and take off my ring if I wear one. 
Well, that's it :) Hehe. 

Byebyez. :)

Redesigned :D

Hey there! :D

You might notice (or not) that I've completely redesigned my blog :)

I've been thinking about it for some time, and I thought "well, you know what Nike says."
So I just did it. HAHA.

It took a while, making a new banner, adjusting the widths, choosing a new background, changing the colors and font, but I had fun :) Thought of removing the chatbox... but then I decided to just leave it there.

What do you think of the banner?
I decided to change the title because, there's plenty of banana love, but no lies or secrets, because I don't want just anybody to invade my secrets and privacy :P I have another blog for a reason. HAHA.

Story of A Girl makes sense. I'm a girl and this is my story. HAHA. Was weighing between "Story of a Girl" and "Story Of A Banana." But I've already mentioned Banana Maine. So it might be a little too much banana-ness going on.. :P

I chose the photos because they were prettay :D

Yeah, that's all I can think of right now. Teehee.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Time To Dye.

Hey there! :)

My second post today. Hehe.

I've been wanting to dye my hair for a while now. Nothing drastic, maybe just a streak of red or light brown somewhere in my hair. But I can't because of SCHOOL -___- .

Dad says during the November/December holidays, I can dye it if I want. So I will :D Mum doesn't agree, but I'm a rebel, so I'm going to do it anyways.

Yeah so, that's all :)



Church, Rangers, Sakai's Birthday :)

Hey there! :D
I finally have my tickets to the Ryan Higa thing! :D WHEE!! Only a few days left till he comes. Hehehe.
Commander Molly asked me to come up with creative ideas to decorate and update the Rangers' noticeboard. I'm not really creative, but I'll do my best :)

Anyways, I went to church service yesterday. So tired and half asleep. Pastor Henry's sermon was hilarious though. HAHA. Went out halfway during service because Esther was hungry. Saw Jonathan, Jonathan, Wei Loong, John Joel and etc eating breakfast/lunch. Drank some of Wei Loong's Chinese tea because he said I could if I wanted to. Hehe. Went back to service.

After service ended, we lepak-ed in the foyer for a while, just staring at the cupcakes. LOL. Finally went to eat lunch :3 FOOD. I love you so much <3.

Walked to the fellowship hall for Rangers. Everyone was signing merits and discussing, so I got bored. Did not do any merits yet this year :O First time. Getting the GMA made me lazy. HAHA. Must get Double gold Buffalo at least. I played games on Daniel's phone and Facebook-ed. Meg, Esther and I kept poking Don for fun. hehe. Saw Andrew and David Supp so I went outside to do nonsense. David asked some girls (including me) and guys to play "Satu Gudu Gudu" for the 30th anniversary video. It was fun but Jonathan stepped on my feet by accident and I haz bruises on it now. It hurts to wear shoes -__- Oh well.

Had to go back into the room after they left. Daniel brought in a birthday cake and he (or someone else?) asked everyone to sing a song. So we sang the ABC song. He didn't specify WHAT song :P Then we sang the birthday song. Attack the cake to steal the chocolate-ty pieces. Hehe. It was a fruit cake. I only eat chocolate cakes cause I'm weird that way :( So I ate the fruits on top of it instead.

Jeans and Esther attacked Meg with some icing from the cake. I didn't because I knew she doesn't like oily things on her face (pimples, you know) and I didn't want her to brutally murder me O_o. Ran around and attacked people with cake. Cmdr Kwang Yew didn't even mind it. HAHA. Don didn't like it. Matthew was there. Idk whose idea it was to attack him, but I just went along with it. So Esther, Aijean, Samuel and I caked him. It was pretty funny. He had cake all over his hair, clothes and face.

Once Rangers was officially over, we walked to the foyer. Lepak-ed for a while. Wei Loong told me that people who blog are lame -__- Okay. Sheesh. I thought the others would come to celebrate Megan's birthday, but they had to go back. School, I guess.

Daniel told us to walk to Setia City Mall. I said "Don't need. We'll jump on top of Andrew's car." But he fetched us there anyway.

Sakai's Birthday:

We got there earlier than the rest, so we decided to go to McDs to eat nuggets and fries. Em yum yum :3 Matthew came a while later. Then Andrew, Sze Yie, Sarah and Yu Jin (idk how to spell. lol) came after he did. Finished eating, so we just sat there and talked for a while. Then we walked to Starbucks. Meg wanted to go outside, so I went with her. Talked about things and took photos.

Andrew, Yu Jin, Matthew and Daniel were sitting on the couches outside Starbucks when we came back. Sat on the couch behind them and relaxed :) Talked to the guys, I took Andrew's jacket, Meg took his iPad and I teased Matthew by taking away his cap. He really doesn't like people taking his cap. His precious <-LOTR :D HAHA.

The conversations we had after coming back from the field:
Meg was immersed in Fruit Ninja. HAHA.

Guys: So what were you guys doing there?
Me: Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.
Guys: Eh, dangerous la. Can get high.
Me: Yeah. Andrew taught us how to get high.
Andrew: What? :O
Me: On oxygen. HAHAHA.
Andrew: Oh. LOL.

Talked about my skin discoloration with the guys. Daniel said "One kiss from Ryan Higa will surely heal you wan." Somehow he found out I'm going for the Ryan Higa event. Matthew said "Nigahiga ah. Wow." Andrew said "Your panau turning from white to pink because you're blushing." Ehh, can blush wan ah? :O Oh god why. I didn't realize I could blush.

They joked (I HOPE they were kidding) about me not being the type to date Asian guys and I'll only date Chinese Americans and something like that. Banana-cists. HAHA. What the heck, bro. Little do they know....

Wanted to drink Starbucks, so I went to the counter with Megan to order. The guys who took our order were either too friendly or flirting. HAHA. One guy asked me "Where's your Popeye?" cause I was wearing an Olive Oly shirt. They made us smile though. Lol. It was funny. One guy wrote "Mejan" on her cup so we had to correct him.. Mejan. LOL.

Meg wanted to go to the field and drink our iced chocolate drinks there. So we did. Drank, relaxed, talked and walked around. The others came later and joined us. I couldn't finish my drink so I asked Andrew to finish it for me. Played the "Talking Tom and Ben" app on Andrew's iPad. Andrew, Matthew and Daniel were just talking random crap into it. HAHA.

Matthew: Daniel sucks.
Daniel tried to say something but the app didn't copy everything he said.
Matthew: Suck Daniel's balls.
Me: Eww, what the heck man. HAHAHA.

That was so disgusting, yet hilarious. Talked about "S"es. Someone said "Andrew has an S."
Me: Yeah, a hot one.
Inside joke. LOL. Lepak-ed for a while till it got dark. Then we started walking around. Andrew and Matthew had a fake wedding ceremony. I think they were a bit drunk O_o. Matthew sat really close to the water. Andrew went up behind him and said :If you need a push, I can give you one. Daniel said something about Pastor Phillip and 'a push in life'. Talked a LOT of nonsense yesterday.

Megan kept stealing Matthew's cap and laughing like a maniac when he tried to get it back. Andrew's jacket was unbelievably heavy :O for a jacket. He has 7 jackets. I am so jelly -__- I wants some jackets. Daniel and Matthew went back in their own cars. Andrew took the rest of us home. Heard a lot of familiar songs on car radio. Sang along a bit.

Stopped by the Sentosa food court to tapau food home. Andrew bought mee goreng for me. He said it was okay to ask, so I did. HAHA. FOOD <3

Came home, took a shower and fell asleep :)

Pretty awesome day. Hehe.

Some of K.Daniel's photos:

We were all staring at Sarah and Yu Jin.

Saw a lot of the 'draw me like one of your french girls' poses. Didn't get to take any photos of it :( Argghh.

Meg playing Diamond Dash in McDs.

Grass :)

Our shoes and bags.

So sweet :')

Making silly faces.

My iced chocolate with whipped cream.

Meg's without whipped cream.

Day's getting darker. 

Matthew and his precious cap being taken away by Sze Yie.


And a wild Sakai appears!


It was a great day :)
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