Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Craft & Days :)

Hey there! :) So I'm FINALLY able to post the photos I wanted to post last week, because I gave Jeans her present today :) And yeah, that's the reason why I had to put it on hold. HAHA. I went a little crazy and gave her 6 things because I made too many and I didn't know what to do with it. LOL. And mustache earrings because she's mustache crazy :P

Jeans posted the photos on Instagram too, which you can find here .

Anyway, here's some photos :D

Sorry, some of the back of the books were drying at that time.

Hunger games series. 
Mockingjay turned out bigger than the others. I wonder how that happened.
I made one for Joy  :P

:)  What I originally made for Jeans. Then I found a cute drawing of owls, so I closed my eyes and randomly picked between the first HP book and that. The owls won. 

It looks weird here, but I can assure you it's pretty nice in real life :P 
I lovez Percy Jackson <3

Kane Chronicles-Throne Of Fire
Nicholas Sparks-The Wedding because I lovez them.
and a British Flag one for Megan :)

Found the images on and decided to do something with it :)

The reason why I hardly go online these days. 

Camp Half Blood was the first book I made and it turned out pretty good :) 
It's the smallest and by far, my most beloved one. 
The cover was custom-made by yours truly. Not really, but I edited it to make it more interesting :)

And now, something I made just for kicks.

Oh fyi, these won't be for sale, and I'm not going to give them away, because well, first time craft is always the most precious to the maker. But if you want me to make one for you, I would of course :) At a price. HAHA.

The PB&J is one of my favorites!
I like the hand too. HAHA.

I was going to give the one with coffee and macarons to Esther but I didn't have time to braid the string -_-
I gave the Polaroid (?) one to Jeans :)

So cutez.

The first one is one of my favs too, because of the London Clock Tower and the Eiffel tower!
Tower sounds odd when you say it too many times.

I made 29 pieces in 3 days. Not bad, but yeah. 


And that's it for Craft!

So today was alright. Sat in service in Megan, after going to the fellowship hall for a while. I tried really hard to be serious, but Pastor Henry was just too funny, so I got drunk. HAHA. In my defense, I paid attention to the sermon and stayed sober throughout the communion.

Lunch was really weird. HAHA. Good way la. We were planning to go to a normal Chi Liung restaurant but then one thing lead to another, and we went to A&W instead. Haven't been there for 2-3 years O_O crazy. The root beer was so yumm yum :) The chicken was nice too, but I couldn't finish it. Bleugh. We had to cram in teacher's car. Imagine Sam and Darren sitting in the same front seat and 5 girls squeezing into the backseat. HAHA. On the way back, someone said the car feels heavier. We got fatter. HAHAHA. Still so funny.

Got back to church and I think everyone (well me) was extremely relieved to get out. We walked to the main hall from the fellowship hall, for the anniversary rehearsal. After a while, we had to stop  because Grace Harmony wanted to use the hall. Man. So the Expedition Rangers went to the second hall for the last part of the video shoot. We did the usual crazy stuff, and went downstairs. Everyone left, just Meg, Cheryl and me were there. Cheryl had umm..a part in the Grace Harmony practice, so we decided to stay and kacau her. The songs were nice. There was a song where I fell asleep halfway and woke up because the ending part was really loud O_o. All the cute kids and some girls were dancing, very interesting. Nicolas was really cute although he tried to poke me -_- I gave him some eclipse (not twilight. HAHA) and swung him around a bit.

I'm pretty awkward with kids sometimes. HAHA. I mean kids I don't know. Went with Andrew, Meg, Cmdr Hon Chong, Daniel, Cmdr Wong and dad to lepak. Ate roti bakar with kaya and butter. I don't really like eating kaya because it's really sweet but I do eat it when I'm hungry. And I think I drank 2 cups of Chinese tea. Played Taptap Revenge on Daniel's phone for a while, got sleepy and gave the phone to Nicolas, then I just listened to the others chatting. HAHA. Too lazy to talk.

Went home after that :)

Dad said that there'll be shirts, magazines, boloslides, badges, mugs and etc being sold/given at the anniversary or the anniversary dinner. Not sure which. HAHA. Definitely gonna buy though.

That's all for now. Have to sleep :) Bye!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy 6000th pageviews celebration! :D

Wow. Just wow.

When I checked my pageviews yesterday, it was:

I liked that number. HAHAHA. 

And today it's 6000 views! :D 


I can't believe that this blog actually gets views. 
Much less 6000. 

It might not be a big deal to you, but it certainly is to me, because I love blogging.

Thank you guys so much for reading my blog :D 

And I loves you. 

Not you Ryan. You don't count :P

p.s. I only have two followers :) It's okay though. I don't provide the follow option on my blog. HAHA.

20 Day Challenge: Nineteen & Twenty

Lovez James Blunt.

2 Languages I Wish To Know/ Want To Learn:
(I'm gonna cheat on this and say more than that. HAHA)

  1. Latin
  2. Ancient Greek
  3. French
  4. Spanish
  5. Swedish
  6. German

One phrase that describes me:
-Crazy banana who never stops getting drunk on oxygen and shamelessly laughs at things that aren't even punny.

AND YES. Finally! the 20 Day Challenge is completed! :D

20 Day Challenge: Eighteen

3 Letters To 3 Different People:


To all my crazy beloved friends, who escaped from the mental hospital and befriended me, I just have to say how much I love you guys :) <in a heterosexual way of course!> I would have never discovered that oxygen is a drug (thanks Andrew) and that laughter can make me feel like the happiest person in the world. It's so much more fun, being crazy and silly with you guys, than being weird all by myself. I've always been a generally "serious" person, because I was always afraid that people would perceive me as a freak, but you showed me that it's alright to just chill and be myself ;) You inspire me to be a person who isn't afraid to have fun and not give a damn about what people think of me. Anyways, I want to let you know that it's alright to just be yourself and be the craziest, most idiotic person you are (deep down in your heart. HAHA) because I like you best that way :) Don't try to be someone you're not. Much much lovez from your banana friend.


To all my hardworking, school friends, who stuck with me despite the fact I'm a banana, thank you so much for being there for me all these years :) Yes, you force me to sing during free periods/in between exams/whenever you can but I actually like it because I get drunk when I sing, when I get drunk, I get happy :) So yay! You've always thought of me as a serious girl who stands up to bullies and read books like crazy during reccss (and steal your food when you're not looking. Hehe) and I can assure you that THAT is exactly who I am. Thanks for encouraging me to study more and pay attention to the lesson instead of sleeping :P Really. So thank you <3


To all the random people from church, school, tuition, weird places; thank you for making my day much better just by saying hi, smiling and stopping for a quick chat. :) I really don't know what I would do without you. So thanks :D

Two posts were posted earlier today just in case you missed it.

20 Day Challenge: Twelve to Seventeen

9 Videos (Let's just change it to Youtubers because I have too many. HAHA) Youtubers I like:

  1. Ryan Higa (of course!)
  2. Chester See
  3. Kevjumba
  4. D-Trix
  5. Andy Lange
  6. Tiffany Alvord
  7. LetsMakeItUp1
  8. Victor Kim
  9. PaperPastels
8 Favorite Food (s): 
  1. Seaweed (with lemon. nom nom)
  2. BahKuah (if that's how you spell it.)
  3. Chocolate cake
  4. Spaghetti
  5. Chinese food (because I can't spell it. HAHA)
  6. Sushi
  7. Assam Fish with rice.
  8. Umm...yummy food? 
7 people/artists/both I don't like:

  1. Arrogant (!) people.
  2. Backstabbers.
  3. Gossipers.
  4. Extremely irritating people.
  5. People who stereotypes everyone by their race, group, religion, attitude, etc.
  6. That person who walked away without a single thought as to how I would feel about it.
  7. People who dig their noses with their fingers and then proceed to touch me. Eww man eww.
Six Things I Can't Live Without:
  1. Love
  2. Hope
  3. Dreams
  4. Craft
  5. Music
  6. Books
  7. Friends
  8. Family
5 Pictures Of Me When I Was Little(ish) : 
(I was 9/10 here)

4 Places I Want To Go To:
  1. Australia
  2. America
  3. Europe
  4. Hogwarts
Please read the earlier posts! :D

Oppa Gangnam Style: Final Shot.

Hey guys! :)

Just came back from the video shoot today! Finished filming the last scene! :D YES. FINALLY.

Came home from tuition (didn't have lunch -__- again) instead of going straight to church because I was pretty sure they weren't there. Went to fetch Jeans, but when we got to church, there was NO ONE there. HAHAHA. Borrowed Pastor Mike's phone to call Daniel, and they said they were at Trinity Transport(s?) filming a scene. So we just waited, and chit-chatted. Cheryl suddenly appeared, so she joined us :D

Matthew came, and we squeezed in his car, and started talking about "Gotcha!" calls from Matthew said something about fly fm doing the same thing, only they piss you off, and all. I don't like that one -__- Prank calls are fine, but provoking people? Hewwll no. Shakes head. As Long As You Love Me-JB came on, and Jeans and I started singing "Clenching My Booty." Hilarious man, kept laughing. HAHA.

So we got there and all the usual guys (too lazy to mention) were there, just chilling. Meg came in K.Dan's car later. The guys were filming a scene which we weren't in so we just walked around, did nonsense like climbing trees and took photos.

Cheryl tying her hair.

Meg laughing.

Jeans helping Cheryl photobomb the photo. HAHAHA. I understand her photobombing, but TEACHING others to photobomb my photos? :O Now that's just mean :(


Photo taken by John Joel :) 
Us cool girls :D

Being weird. as usual. HAHA.

All the guys acting cool.

Didn't realize she was talking a photo :P

Cheryl! :D

Monkey girl. HAHA.

Being silly and childish. LOL. Photo taken by: Jeans :D

Waddle waddle waddle.


Beloved Peanut climbing trees.

Jeans hugging the beloved tree. 

I thought this was interesting. HAHA.

Can seez my tattoo. HAHA. Nice shot :D

Random shot.

Chilling on the bench.

The guys. HAHA.

Jeans and Cheryl did a scene with Daniel where they had to walk backwards. It was pretty funny. HAHA. 
Then we did a "group" dance. Jaron, Matthew, Daniel, Meg, Cheryl, Jeans and I. 
Watched them shoot the yoga part, so funny to watch Daniel gaping at Matthew's butt. LOL. And the guys were hilarious!

We went to Bayu Villa after that to shoot the pool scene. Jeans sat in Cmdr Kwang Yew's baby seat at the back, and Wei Loong was saying she had a baby's butt or something. EWW. HAHA. So we just chilled. 

Jeans in the baby seat ! :D

Smile :)
I got my jeans wet by dipping my feet in the pool :( 
But YOLO  It can dry :)

Daniel! :P

Daniel took this shot for us from the pool. 
Everyone was joking about first my phone committing suicide, then my camera. -__-

Jeans was walking around, listening to music. HAHA.


I think I'm starting to look the same in every photo :O Dayumn. 
At least you can barely (I hope) see my panau now. 

My package came last Monday! :D


Oh yeah, so I sat next to Cmdr Kwang Yew, and took videos :D

I'm not allowed to post them till after the anniversary though. Bleugh :P 

Oh well. 

Came home and here I am! :D

20 Day Challenge coming up soon :)

Btw, I have a new craft project coming up soon, but I can't show it to you yet. LOL.

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