Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Just the way you is" Glozell.

Hey guys!

It's not really cold these days, or maybe I'm just used to the weather. HAHA.

Dinner last night, again for the food lovers.


Charlene's lasagna, all torn up :P

Mine, because I love rice. 

Went out with A.A. and U.J today. 

Had lunch at a restaurant :D

Apple juice.

Orange juice!

Apple and orange juice! :D

I ordered one of the club sandwiches. It was HUGE and I could barely finish it, but it was YUMMY and so good :3 

See Ryan? I'm not starving myself. :P

U.J. ordered this. I ate half an egg, very good. 

       This one's A.A.'s. HAHA. Not bad either, but had cucumbers in it. *shudders*

So much chicken. Dang :)

The view from upstairs.

A.A. and I went to Zeeman after that to look at some stuff. Then we walked home. 

A.A. just scraped up her cheek and fingers. Gory to look at or maybe it's because I'm not one who can handle the sight of broken ankles and banged-up knees . 

Emailed Dad when I was frustrated about something and he told me, I forgot exactly what he said but it was something like "Many years ago, your mother and I were suffering, trying to raise up 3 children properly." and added "And we're still suffering now." HAHA. I don't know why I find it so funny. He also said "Consider yourself lucky that you can be a brat all the time!" which I think is true, because I AM an annoying brat to my brothers, but that's because they deserve it. HAHA. He mentioned something about 'having brothers who'll smack you in the head when you're insolent' being good because it teaches me a lesson and I think that's quite true. Although I smack them back..harder. And make them cry. Ryan was crying into a pillow for days when I accidentally kicked a football into the wrong place when I was 10. Aren't I a good sister? 

Okay, kidding.

There's a difference between torture and teasing :P 

But I did, and it really was an accident. HAHA. 

Some things you never forget no matter how embarrassing it was.

Just ate sushi, photos tomorrow. 


Monday, November 26, 2012

Distance was a friend of mine.

Hey there! :)

Life's been crazy lately. Haha. I'm sorry I didn't come online last weekend, but I was swamped with things to do.

Practicing piano for instance.

I went to the English Reformed Church yesterday. It was different, but interesting in its own way. After service, they served cakes, coffees and apple juice :3 Yum yum.

I don't drink coffee..much. HAHA. Only to dip biscuits into it :)

Oh for you food people! Here's the curry laksa I ate last week :D

So nyum :)

Oh yeah, my piano teacher Olja is also the organist for the church, so I got to see the organ :D

                Here's where the preacher hangs out. LOL. You know, rest?

The stairs are unbelievably narrow. No likey.

View from the window! :)

Saw a pwane :)

Did I mention I permed my hair?

Just kidding. I do want a curling iron though :(

Second-day curls. And it's still wonky.

My hair's still curly now :3

The wall outside the museum in Amsterdam.

We went to U.J's parents place at the old folks' home after that.

The long car ride was stuffy :(

Dinner last night! :D YUM YUM.

I didn't eat the rice though .

I eat this every Sunday :D In Malaysia la. LOL.

And fish fingers :)

And you wonder how I got fat last time? HAHA.

Well, I finally remembered to take photos of the food.



It's 9.40am now. Wonky monky.



Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Hey guys!

So..did you know it's Thanksgiving today? :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

On a more somber note, I went to a funeral today. A friend of my aunt's, whom I've never met before.

Here's the funny thing, we (AC and me) got lost, so we tried asking a hotel doorman for directions. AC spoke to him in Dutch, and he said 'Sorry, I don't speak Chinese.' I didn't say anything but I wanted to laugh so much, it hurt. Oh, presumptions. Presumptions.

Went into the funeral home and I started sniffling from my cold. I was blowing my nose, in a pretty undignified manner and wiping my eyes when someone patted me on the back and said something to me in Dutch. I think he was trying to console me or something. Then I cried even harder because it wouldn't have been appropriate to laugh. Then I really cried because everything felt so gloomy and sad, I couldn't help myself.

Went for piano lessons in the church after that. Teacher said I've improved :3 YAY.

We stopped by an American bookstore after that. So many yummylicious books. Not a term you would use for books, but books are indeed yum-ful.

A guy was giving out free popcorn because according to him, it's Thanksgiving so people should thank him for giving. Haha, funny but really nice of him :)

Went on the tram and came back to Amstelveen. Bought groceries and here I am :)

Well, I'll be reading a story now.

Till next time.

Ohh! AC is cooking curry laksa! Malaysian food at last. How I've missed you so :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dreams: That's where I have to go.

Happy 300th post! :D

Hey guys! :)

I'm feeling pretty sick today. Cough and flu. Too much of the good old cold breeze? Oh well.

I watched a show this morning, called 'I Used To Be Fat' . It's really interesting to see how when you're determined enough, nothing is impossible. I'm lucky that I shed pounds without doing much, although I should start 'living healthily'. Better late, than never. And guess what? I can cycle to the Center now! :D Borrowing A.C.'s bike. I adore cycling :3

It's dark now, It always gets dark around 5pm. Someone asked me if I'm tired of coming to Amsterdam every year. Well I'm not :P In contrary to what some people prefer, I rather see the same old faces in the same old places, than to go to places where I know no one and no one knows me. Different places are nice too. I want to go to Australia and Germany someday :)

I'm not lazying around all day (all night and half the morning yes), I'm studying world history, about the wars and how people survived back then. I read about Anne Frank too :D The last time I came, I studied about Hitler and Mozart. Lol. Mostly because U.J. is a philosophical person, so I borrow his books about well, philosophy. Oh, and exercising. I walk a lot. I took two walks today, in the park and near some big, pretty houses when Charlene was having her violin lessons. It's so cold. Ought I be glad about it or shamelessly miss the sun?

I gave up on Ruth Rendell's books that I borrowed from the bibliotheek. It's fascinating, yes, but it's kinda like reading into the mind of a sadistic person (the character, not the author, Lol) and that freaks me out a little. HAHA. To imagine that I wanted to be a criminologist and I still do.

I'm pale now. Like a vampire . 

Photos from the forest! :)

Tale Of  The Fallen Trees.

These crazy old birds chased me when I took this photo. HAHA.

I took more photos today, but I'm too tired to post them up now :P


Planning to Skype with them crazy people soon! :D YAY.
I miss them so much.


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