Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve :D

Hey there! :)

I went to Aeon today with Joanne, Megan and Cheryl! :D It was fun, and pretty hilarious.

We went to Starbucks first, saw Wei Loong and his friends.

Had to sit in the corner, because the place was pretty full. HAHA, but it was okay, we had privacy :) 
Kept laughing and saying weird stuff.

Then we walked around for a while. I went to look for guitar tuner battery in Daiso, the guy in Yahama told me to buy the battery from there :D Then we went to Diva, because I remember Aijean telling me they're having a sale there. Bought some stuff for myself and Cheryl. 

Joy bought a Subway sandwich for her brother, and we saw Wei Loong and the others there again. 

We ate fries at McDs after that :D 

We saw a photo booth in the cinema, so we um..borrowed it XD
I don't like the fake effect of the original photo booth, so we used my camera.

See the red patch under my eye? I got punched in the eye by a spiteful door who hated me for closing it. And yeah, it stings and hurts quite a bit. Hope it heals soon :( 
Kinda tired of people asking me what happened, so if you ask..I'll tell you I got punched in the face.

Meg being a grandma. HAHAHA.


Failed attempt. HAHA.


Went home, after dropping Cheryl off! :D 

Well, got to go get ready for church tonight! :D 


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