Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The End Of A Story.

this is our year❤

My dream room:
Are You Dead Yet? | via Tumblr

Hey there!


I went to bed at 12 am, last night. Could barely get out of bed this morning -__- Know the dread and anticipation you face when you have to take a test, and the relief you feel afterwards? Yeah, that's how I felt. HAHA. But I survived *dances a jig*

Went to the driving agency, and they took us to the exam location. Lined up and signed in on the registration form. JA, Ryan and I were literally sharing two seats for 2 hours+, HAHA. I got a buttache so I decided to sit down on the floor instead (way more comfortable). We were like:

The lady at the counter had serious problems with pronouncing people's names! LOL. It sounded like she was slurring out the names. JA, Ryan and I were wondering how she would pronounce our names.

She called my name first for the photo taking (for Learner's license). Well, sort of. She said "Char-mai-ney Teo!" several times. I just stared at her from where I was sitting
and thought "Who the heck is that?" and "Is she calling me?" Ryan said "Go! Just go and see if that's you." So I did, and it was. HAHA.

Char-mai-ney? Wow..just wow. She asked me how to pronounce my name, so I told her. Did the thumb scan and sat down for the photo. Got up and went back to my seat (on the floor). Jun Ann and Ryan went to take their photos afterwards.

The counter lady called me again, but unfortunately this time I couldn't even fathom what she said. After she said it a few more times, I finally caught the "Teo" part, and got up with my bag. She said "If you don't want to take now, take later la. Called you so many times, blah blah blah." I think I heard her say I was deaf or something. HAHA. Not my problem that you have no idea what a name sounds like. You're welcomed to ask for pronunciation classes on names though.

She called JA correctly (quite) and she called Ryan "Lion"
Still not as bad as mine though.

I took my number (I got 10.lol, the number is the seating) and went to find my place.
So I sat down, keyed in my IC number and clicked "Malaysian" (I'm surprised at all the options they had)
I chose to take the test in English, it was pretty weird doing it in English after doing the BM version. (Slightly confusing too). JA came in the room and sat right in front of me (not that I can see her with the barrier, lol)

Here's a quick confession, one of my flaws when doing a test is to speed-read, click the answer immediately and give it a quick scan before moving on to the next one. I do that in every objective test (on pen and on computer), including online quizzes which I use to take for fun :P I don't do it intentionally, it's just..programmed into me. Along with chocolate eating and crazy fits. I can't control it, it just..happens. That's the price you pay for a mind that has difficulty focusing, HAHA. I did take a longer time with questions I had trouble with (although still not a very long time -__-)

The whole time, I actually thought I was running out of time and doing it too slowly (That's how it felt anyways). When I was finished, I did a quick browse through all the questions before clicking the option to end the test. The funny thing is there's no examiner in the room, but I think they have some CCTVs in the room to prevent cheating.

I checked my results (They show it on the computer) and I passed. *cough* barely *cough* That's what happens when you don't do enough revision (I did it in the wrong language, lol! So it was mixed up in my head when it was in English. The English booklet only had Q&As, so I tried memorizing them) My marks? 43 over 50. Not too shabby for someone who did almost last minute studying.

There are 3 sections. Section A (total marks: 15), Section B (tm: 25) and Section C (tm:10).
My results:
A: 11/15
B: 25/25 (Quite proud of this one :P I guess it's the theoretical section)
C: 7/10

JA and Ryan passed too!


When you print out the results, you can actually see how long you spent on it. I finished it in 13 minutes. 


Total time is 45 minutes. Which means I spent less than a minute for each question. *slaps self* What was I thinking?! LOL, okay guys, don't do that. When I was done, the girl (and the person next to her) were still there and thinking

I completely forgot to check the time on the computer (it was right there on the screen!) Urgh. But yeah, at least I didn't fail. I was expecting to, since I took the test in BM several times and passed one time out of infinity -___- Thank you Mother England for your wonderful language.

I hope this post will encourage you to not do what I did, and do do what you usually do.
Anyway, here are some photos of the jewelry box when accessories and nonsense are thrown into it! :D

It's the last day of the year, but I'm not particularly distressed about it. End of the year happens every year at any rate. Makes no difference. 2013 was filled with great times and sadder days, but I'm not one to reminisce (anymore) and I've learned to just look for the next book. My posts have been dwindling of late, due to less dependence on social networks and boredom of technology in general.

I don't understand what people see in Facebook, Twitter (and social networks in general) anymore. Why the need for religiously updating your profile with mediocre, meaningless things? Say something sensible at least and not air out your dirty laundry for others to see. I think I rant about this a lot, but I really just..bleh! If you're asking me why I have a blog and update it (non to regularly), it's for my future self and her amnesia (I can see the future, like every other time traveler) and people, like me, who like nosing into lives of others.

School's starting on Thursday, along with TWO tuition classes. Wonders of wonder. Sigh. On the bright side, new episodes of Grimm and yada yada yada! :D YES. I heart tv shows with weird stuff <3 (Even My Strange Addiction is strangely addictive. But don't watch it when you eat or drink, LOL. You're bound to spit something out of your mouth. *don't mind that visual image*)

Till next year! :)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Why Driving Can Drive You Mad.

" When you realize that everything around you is changing, and that you're not the same person you used to be." 

Hey there!

I'm currently taking a break from swotting for the Highway Code test tomorrow.

(This is what happens when you use a webcam to take photos -__-) 

Oh, did I mention that I'm studying in both BM and English? 
And it's driving me CRAZY.

The driving agency I signed up at gave me a manual in English, while the academy gave me one in BM. 
The problem is the KPP test program is in BM, and I'm planning to take it in English.

Which basically means I have to multi-task. UGH. 

I tried doing the test three times, and FAILED miserably (It was all near misses) ALL THREE TIMES. 

I'm serious, the Highway Code test in BM is like trying to sing in Mandarin or speak Tagalog (which I can't). It is so DIFFICULT (or I'm just plain dumb..yeap. more likely.) compared to reading the manual I got in English. So here's a tip, if your BM is almost as bad as mine, remember to ask your driving agency for an English copy. 

Oh, sparks it. I'm just going to read the English manual and burn  gently place the BM one in a place where I can never see it again. 

On the bright side, I did pass the color blind test with flying colors (pun intended) 

If getting the Learner's license is this bad, how bad will it be to actually learn how to drive? HAHA. 

Save yourself a headache and have a older brother  chauffeur drive you around. 

Another tip, take the lecture and test (well, just bring one along) with a friend or sibling if you can.
It can be pretty scary being in a roomful of people you don't know. 

School is starting in a few days, I'm actually pretty happy and relieved to go back to school after such lazy, (at times) boring days where I wasn't productive in the least. (I'm going to take this back in a few weeks, after having to wake up early and all that poop) Not to mention tuition and Rangers. 

I miss the peaceful, quiet reading times during recess and going drunk in class when the teacher's not around. But not the waking up early, studying and homework part :P

I'm also going back to Add Maths tuition after a 2 month hiatus. I'm still not sure why I'm taking this subject. And Physics too. I mean, I love the Big Bang Theory, but for some reason I really dislike Physics. HAHA. Chemistry is okay, passable at best. And ICT and English are my cherished ones <3 Other subjects are just meh.

I'll probably stop going to church next year. If I can. I feel like church is more like a fraternity than anything else nowadays. I don't feel God's presence any more when I'm there. Maybe it's just a phase I'm going through, but I'm tired of the way I feel when I'm there.

Let me ask you, what is your view on life? 
Being a realist (even more so than an optimist), I don''t believe that best friends are forever and that every story has a happy ending. I believe in miracles and wonders, but I also understand pain and suffering. When I see the way people are now, how infidelity and betrayals have become so common, I wonder if this is the way humans will cease to exist. Torn to shreds by the darkness in our hearts, ripped apart by everything we hold most dear. Life is superficial. Nothing lasts forever. 

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What about the ugliness of human nature?

When one chapter of your life closes, another one begins. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dreamer's Haul: Mid Valley Megamall & Ikano Power Centre

Hey there!


Warning: Photo and GIF heavy post alert!

Resolutions, make them, break them or actually do them? In a post from the end of last year, I wrote the following resolutions down to try and do them.
 First resolution: Study harder and stop slacking around. I guess this was achieved (sort of) for about 6 months before I fell off the studious wagon.
 2. Practice music everyday - Now this was a fail I managed for about 1-2 weeks of intense practicing before dropping it for 1-2 months, LOL.
3. Start an exercise routine and stick to it. I did walk back from school to my waiting spot/ home practically everyday, did PE exercises without fainting (wow, Maine, wow) and used the Butt-Swinger (It's my nickname for the ABC machine in my house, because you quite literally have to swing your butt while using it) faithfully for 2 months plus.
 4. Cuddle the cats. Complete A+ on this point! :D
 5. Cut down on smoking weed (seaweed), getting high on oxygen and drunk on Chinese tea. Umm...I guess I failed this one. HAHA. Although I stopped eating seaweed as often as I used to, I still got high and drunk like a sailor when I'm at home. I'm completely serious (usually) though, unless my friends drive me into a laughing fit :P
6. Try to be more serious. Passed! (Barely) A few relapses, but I strode on bravely.
7. Stop chasing guys around with broomsticks. Yeah, I stopped doing that. HAHA. Although I did whack a guy with my shoe once. Now my new game plan whenever someone hits me is to sit quietly and plot about sending unicorns to kill them in their sleep. (Thanks Iris)
8. Stop teasing my brothers about girls. Yeap, managed to do that too. The most I do is show them this expression:
And go "Ohhhh..la.la." No more "*Bro name inserted here* has a girlfriend!" in a sing song voice. LOL.
9. Try to draw a cat that actually looks like one.  Yeah..Never going to happen. HAHA.

Cough. Moving on.

Don't you just hate it when sales assistants follow you around in a shop? I mean, stop acting like I'm trying to steal something -___- It makes me so uncomfortable to the point I just walk out of the store. HAHA. I'm an anti-social introvert, I don't fancy talking to strangers much.

A few days ago, I went to Midvalley Megamall with my mum. And as always, I was drawn to youdon'tknowwhere because of all the makeup/beauty products they have. I noticed that stalking SAs are common in places like these, you take a few steps in and instantly, an SA is standing right besides you and saying "Can I help you?" or "What are you looking for?" They pop out so fast like some fast-appearing magical mushroom in Super Mario Bros, that you don't even see them coming. My answer is always an awkward pause and "No. Just looking around." Then they say "Oh.." whilst giving me a suspicious look as if no one has ever entered a store to just look around :P (Don't sue me, lol!) I think "Okay.." and I turn away to inspect a product and consider purchasing it. Turn around 2 minutes later, and wonder of wonders, she's still standing there, observing me.


I hear a silent telepathy message in my head saying "Oh, just making sure you don't, you know, STEAL anything." How can I steal anything with the sensors at the entrance/exit? LOL. Anyways, I started wandering around the store,  often revisiting the same spots and consider purchasing some things. Then I noticed, she was STILL following me, even though I was unintentionally walking in circles. (which I found pretty funny)

I just took what I had in hand and went to the counter to pay for the items although I still wanted to look around (but I really couldn't do it with someone tailing me like a criminal). I really don't think that SAs should follow people around if they don't require assistance. It makes people uncomfortable and it's creepy to have someone watching you like she's a hawk and you're her prey. LOL. I can't wait till I finally master Spanish and tell them "Triste, no hablo Ingles." A Chinese banana speaking Spanish, now that would be interesting :D

I dropped my earphones on the road, while coming out of the car. And I didn't notice because my glasses were fogged up (not cussing here, fyi, it was quite literally fogged up) and suffering from non-stop hiccuping syndrome. Dad drove back to the road (it was in my school neighborhood area) and picked it up for me (Thank God for patient parents, HAHA) and someone (could have been me) stepped on one of the earbuds and broke it. Once again, gracias to mi hermano for having mechanical skills which I lack. Ian managed to patch it up, phew.

Arrow craze! (And not because of the show, tribute to Hunters of Artemis :D)

I'm getting sidetracked, I'm sorry, I think I'm ADD (but I have to get myself tested first -__-) so I get distracted easily :P Here we go, again.

Question: Why do you do hauls?
Answer: So who ever reads this (my imaginary friends and pet hippocampi) will be able to find whatever they're looking for and discover new things in places they wouldn't have thought of looking :)
Mid Valley Megamall Haul:

Jewelry/Accessories Storage Box
~ Bought from: Living Avenue
- Retail price: RM 139
- 50% discount for slight discoloration on top of box.
- Price paid: RM 69.50
Top of box. 


Closeup of interior.

Bottom layer. 

I did try searching online for this on several occasions, but the ones below RM 100 were more often than not, pink. Blegh, no thanks :S When I went into Living Avenue, I spotted storage boxes for accessories on display on the right side of the store, and once again, most of them were PINK. Pink, not black or white or red :/ I looked a little further and noticed this sitting underneath the pink box, and lo and behold, the wonderful 50% discount sign taped to it :D Asked the SA for the price and she told me that the retail price is RM 139 but this was cheaper due to the discoloration on the top :) Wheedled my mum into buying it for me, thanks Mum, haha :P

Cleo magazine (January 2014 issue)
RM 6 
Comment: Comes with free clutch diary. 

Haribo Goldbears
RM 1.60
Comment: I LOVE GUMMY BEARS. Especially this sort! It has fruit juices flavor, yum yum.

Pikin Plum Tablet Candy
RM 1.90 (usually RM 1.45 at 99)
Comment: If seaweed is my weed, this is my drug :P I'm always afraid of taking this on board a plane, because what if they thought it was drugs? HAHA. I mean it certainly look like it. I can't survive without this though, yum yum :3 

Famous Amos Candy Cane
RM 3.50 

Vintage 1988 (charm shop)
Item: Arrow charm and pluggy
Price: RM 11

Hinode Shop
RM 5 for each item 
(It is a RM 5 shop after all, much like Daiso)
Items: Canvas bags/Pencil cases

The owl print and floral print are lovely! <3 I like the insides of it too. The only qualm I have is that the back is pink, rather than black :/

Item: Vintage bookmarks (30 sheets)
Price: RM 7.90

If you don't know already, I'm pretty obsessed with collecting bookmarks, notebooks and books :P


Earrings (Bought out of curiosity to see if they were anything like those starter earrings gun piercers use. Note: It was.)
Price: My Mum will never know.

Eye cream plastic containers :D 

Hairbands, because I'm exceedingly paranoid about running out of them.

Spray bottle.
Price: Rm 2.50
Comment: Originally intended for sea salt spray but I forgot about my heat protectant spray head not working anymore so I had to use this for it :S

Hair clip
Price: RM 3
Comment: Have you noticed that most hair clips being sold are extremely flimsy and weak? Managed to find one that was firm and strong :) which is good because my hair is thicker than most people.


Bought for RM 8.47 (discounted)

Face brush: RM 11.61

RM 10 for 4 :)

Forever 21

Brush set
RM 19 

RM 13

One is a normal mirror, the other one magnifying :)

Arrow earrings
RM 5 (On sale)

Arrow necklace 
RM 5 (RP: RM 7)

Ikano Power Centre Haul:

Grape scented nail polish remover
RM 10
Comment: If you're like me, and you hate the smell of nail polish remover, this is definitely for you :) There's about 4 scents available at any Elianto counter. Maybe more. 

Yenji Clay Craft Store
Item: Metallic Paint 

Look at that sexy shade :3 


Forgot about the scented candles we bought! :)
Ikea was so crowded today, we actually had to line up in the ladies washroom :O
Shopping there is like wading through a sea of people.

Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart 
RM 25

Tribal print knapsack from Brands Outlets
RM 89
(Christmas present :P)

12 pcs folder from Popular
Price: RM 7.95 (RP) with Member card discount

To be used for organizing school subjects into categories :)

Price: 3 for RM 10

Christmas present from Esther:

(Bad lighting, whoops)

Had a dumb banana moment where I read this on the wrong side and didn't realize it for several minutes. HAHA.

*Attacks cupcake with a fork*

Thanks Orange :) <3 

I really have to start studying for my theory test -__-

Till next time!

Edit: I forgot to post the photos of the accessories box when it was filled with bling. *smacks forehead* Oh well, next post it is.

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