Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Little Things In Life.

Hey there! :)

Or am I? HAHA.

Went to school today :)

First subject was Chemistry. Did you know that I got told off in the lab for talking too much with Jihah yesterday ? LOL, omg, first time man. I actually found it pretty funny. Ah yeah, I like Chemistry :) We still talk a lot, but we do the work too, so it's alright.

Next class was Moral. Copied the notes down like crazy, didn't even bother to stop and listen to what Daiyana and Sin Yee were talking about. HAHA. Finished copying before everyone else and lent it to Mee En for her to copy :) Sin Yee came up with this idea to present our presentation (we're in different groups, but hey, we're friends mah,so we share ideas! :D) with slideshow (Powerpoint) instead of the regular mahjong paper like everyone else. We asked Pn Marini, and she said it was a good idea :D YAY. So we (Daiyana, Sin Yee and I) are meeting up on Friday after school to work on it together (gether) :D Yay for french fries hangouts. Invited Mee En and Man Shuen, but they made excuses excuses only.

Me: So can you come? Can you? Pleasseee.

Mee En:  Ermm, I don't know la. I have to sleep.

Me: Sleep? What for?

Daiyana: She has taekwondo class.

Me: Oh when?

Mee En: Saturday.

Me: SATURDAY? Why do you need to sleep ?

Mee En: Sleep all day and night then only can *POW BOOSHH KUSH BAM!* (makes hand motions) win mah.

Me: HAHAHA, what in the potatoes o_o.

See? Excuses :P LOL.

Then it was recess time! :D Didn't eat, I'm on a no-breakfast in school diet again.

Is it offensive if I say "Ching ching chong ping pong?" :O I'm so sorry, my dear Chinese friends. No offense meant.

English class: Teacher asked us to write a 350 word (yay) essay about " The Happiest Moment in My Life" None of us could think of anything. HAHA. Izzati and I thought it would be better if the topic was the SADDEST moment not the HAPPIEST. Sigh :( So I'm going to write about a future event that hasn't happened yet :P The teacher suggested it and she did say we could make up a story, so I'll make up a story that's going to come true :D Everyone wants to borrow my essay book when I haven't even written anything yet O_o.

BM, so much work my gosh :( Kept seat hopping from one place to another to talk to people so that's why no work was done. HAHA.

History was a breeze, it just came and went; pfft! like that.

Maths, the same mind boggling questions and a really spinning head. It was alright though :)

Haha, yeah so anyway, I'm off to finish a very complicated essay -__-

Till next time!

Monday, January 28, 2013

It Was A Pretty Good Time.

Hey guys :)

So I'm sleepy and dead exhausted now, so this is probably going to be a very simple post. I'm too tired to write everything in full detail. I also have this freaky weird "sexy" voice from talking too much. HAHA, and yes, I can talk a lot (of nonsense) when I'm drunk *on Chinese tea*.

I went to church around 3 pm on Saturday. Everyone was unloading their luggage (HAHA bags and sleeping bags, but some of them DID bring actual luggages O_o) and paying fees or just running around yelling at each other. I was bored, so I forced Ian to follow me to the shop to buy some sweets :3  Yeah, we were mostly chatting about random stuff while we walked . *My mind isn't working properly, lol*

Went back and they were having a marching drill. It went on for more than an hour and it was so hot, omg. (And not because Andrew was there. HAHA) They played games after that, then Joanna came and I borrowed her phone and spammed Andrew's facebook notifications. (Nothing better to do, yes) Had to supervise the kids also la. Haha. What I love most about kids is that they're so energetic and noisy, but being a commander, it's my "job" to discipline them, which is hard because I'm incapable of being strict and reprimanding them. -___- Have to learn, but mehhh.

Dinner time: Did not eat the food provided, went instead, to a nearby restaurant with Aijean and Cheryl for fun.

After dinner was Amazing Race (which I initially thought was Grace) I got confused when I thought they said "We're going to have the Amazing Grace after lunch." What? Are they going to sing it? HAHA. I was supposed to help Joanna with her station, but they didn't have enough commanders to lead the teams (8 teams, EIGHT) so I had to lead a team instead :) Turned out to be Ian's team: Super Seahorse. I'm pretty sure I had a patrol called the Super Seahorse a few years ago. I knew most of the kids in the group, so yay! Not so awkward at least.

They watched "Brave" after that, in the second hall. I've already seen it before, so we, Cheryl, Aijean, Cornelius, Andrew and I went outside to lepak on the sofas. The sofa was so comfortable, I wanted to just fall asleep and forget everything but Cornelius thought it would be funny to keep me awake. Cheryl and Aijean tried to turn out the sofa, but I was too fat so it didn't work, lol.

We went to the mamak after the movie was over. Mostly just talking a lot of nonsense and Cornelius and Andrew trying to make us spit our food out by laughing. Andrew had to go to 7/11 to buy some hot cups, so the rest of us just chilled in his car and tried to call his phone but he refused to pick it up on purpose :( Got back to church and found a group of girls not sleeping but chilling outside because they said the room was too cold. They ate the hot cup noodles and sat around talking. Wei Loong came back and practically SHOOED them back inside the room....after they finished their noodles/maggi mee.

We stayed up talking until around 5 am or so, when I finally dozed off , listening to Cornelius talk about something (not that what he said was boring, I'm just a natural sleep lover .lol) I heard someone ask "Is she planking?" in my sleep and readjusted myself. HAHA. Don't know when the others fell asleep, but it was definitely later than me.

Aijean woke me up at 7 am, when I really didn't want to wake up but I had to because of Tamil service :( I'm like a zombie when I wake up after sleeping in strange places. Went to have breakfast at the restaurant and went home afterwards to freshen up and change. I was so tired, I fell asleep a few times before going back to church.

Went to church, saw Darren and Fabian in the foyer, waiting for Samuel. So I waited with them for Cheryl and Aijean. They finally came and we went to service where I saw Samuel, waiting for Darren and Fabian. Whattt. HAHA. Oh guys. Sat next to Cheryl, who sat next to Cornelius. Praise and Worship was fun, someone keep clapping to the wrong tempo on purpose and it was pretty funny. Pastor Simon preached about "goats and sheep" and about the end of the world.

 Didn't have lunch with the guys, wanted to go home and rest. Dad had to go somewhere, and the car ended up breaking down and we were stuck by the roadside for two hours. I fell asleep in the car for that two hours, seriously bad idea. Commander William and my Mum arrived and tried restarting the car and it worked. So I went home and crashed from a horrible headache I got for sleeping in the car.

I woke up at 10 pm, decided not to go to church because it was late, and I wasn't planning on sleepover anymore. Watched CSI until 1 am  :3 I love crime shows omg. And here I am, the next morning :) HAHA. Really sorry I didn't go for the Fear Factor thing, but I'll probably do nothing but sleep if I was there, so it makes no difference. Lol.

I want a new phone, just so I can read stories online and play Fruit Ninja :D Teehee.

Anyway, off to do something :) Bye.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Matter Of Perception.

"Some times, things aren't as complicated as it seems. It's just the way you perceive it to be."

Hey there! :)

I went to school today, was worried over physics homework, and it turns out I'm not the only one who was worried. HAHA. Everyone else was freaking out about finishing the homework on time O_o. Major panic: Everyone running around, asking questions and panicking so much it was contagious.

Chemistry was the first period, the part of the chapter we're learning now is quite interesting, to me la. Teacher has a very funny sense of humor and pretty epic sarcasm as well. Then Moral class, Puan Marini wants us to come up with a umm.. time schedule. Most of us have no idea what we even do everyday :P Gahh.

Recess was biasa (normal) la, it surprises me that some guys who used to annoy me so much suddenly turned into really (almost) nice guys when we're in different classes. Turns out we worried about Physics for nothing, teacher agreed to extend the dateline till next week :D Didn't have English class today, school was having a briefing and passing out numbers for merentas desa (cross country, I think). We had to get split into our houses, asked a few people which house they're in but most of them are in Yellow, Red, Orange or Green :( Then I asked Man Shuen and yay! She's in Blue with me. #notforeveralonethankgod. I went with her to the meeting spot, we sat down, did NOTHING at all but wait for Fareisyah and her friend to give out the numbers. I was reading a book most of the time, chatting with Man Shuen or looking around at other people. #penyibuk.

Finally got to go back to class after a very long while :) BM class was first, quite okay la, not so much work to do. Next: History class. Teacher started asking questions about what we learned last week, and I got picked to answer a question. Luckily a reasonable easy question, didn't even have to refer to the textbook :) Got split into groups for presentation; I had to pick between Fitri's group and Aqmal's. I chose Fitri's because Aqmal and his friends  like to bully me -___- No thanks really, HAHA.

Maths teacher came pretty late, so for the most part, we were all hanging around our friends and commenting on how noisy the class is now, although we were among the noisy ones :P I was being a "drama queen" according to Jihah, acting out someone who got her heart broken. Because we were talking about couples in high school, and people breaking up. It was pretty fun though, just joking around and being nonsensical :) Ever since the teasing from guys minimized, I've became far more carefree and relaxed than I used to be. It's nice not having to constantly check if someone is sneaking up on me or attempting to pull my hair. A funny conversation:

Fadhillah: Eh Maine, jangan menjadi orang yang "lala" okay. Yang selalu buat macam ni.. (Don't become a girly person, who always does this) *covers mouth with hand and proceeds to giggle girlishly* Tee-hee-hee-hee!

Me: Apa pasal tu? Saya dah memang macam tu kan? (What's wrong with that, I'm already like that mah) *imitates her giggling*

Jihah: Hey, what's going on here?

We explained it to her.

Jihah: Okay la, tee-heee-hee-heek.

Stared at each other and started laughing. HAHA. I don't even know how the conversation turned to obnoxiously weird giggling. LOL.

Then it was just more talking until the teacher came, and we had to scatter back to our seats.

During the whole Maths period, Izzati and I were chatting (after we finished the work) about cats, phones, co-curricular activities and tuition.

We both:

  • love cats (MEW :3).
  •  HAVE cats .
  •  hate going for too many tuition classes and co-curricular activities.
  • love sleeping, yay.
  • love holidays
  • suck (mostly just me) at Maths.
  • prefer the Sony Xperia phones to any other type of phone :D Have the same opinion on most phones too, and know different types of Xperia phones.
  • have no idea how to use a calculator properly and need Fad to teach us. 
I really want a calculator phone :( Joy says, "But every phone has a calculator." True, but not every calculator has a phone, if you know what I mean XD

So no school tomorrow, but I have to go to church for a leaders' appreciation thing with Dad. No school on Friday either, due to cross country (which I'm not attending :D) Yes yes, Lazy Maine. Saturday till Friday, two wake-overs in a row. I can't wait for that! We can scare the newbies in Expedition Rangers, have nice yummy food and have no sleep at all for 2 nights. Byebye, precious sleep :(

Oh well, till next time :D

Monday, January 21, 2013

Birthday Wishes :)

Hey guys! :)

So I turned 16 today and yeah, so far it's been good :) I don't feel any different though. HAHA. Thank you so much to everyone who took time to wish me on Facebook :) And people who wished me in person,  I know Facebook reminded you, so thank you Facebook :D and you guys. LOL.

How did I celebrate it? By having the most normal day possible ;D Y I NO CELEBRATE? Because really la, I don't much feel like standing in front of a bunch of people and being in that awkward situation where I'm at the center of attention. It doesn't appeal to me :P Give me a few close friends, some Chinese tea, snacks and a movie marathon and I'm satisfied :)

I went to school earlier today, because I had trouble sleeping properly last night. Woke up every few hours because I was afraid I wouldn't wake up on time for school O__o. It's an important day to go to school, new classmates and if I'm not in school, someone might steal my seat. Lol, no joke, drama drama.

Some people wished me a Happy Birthday from here and there, said thank you and smiled :) Physical Education was the first two periods of the day. Teacher made us stretch (which was quite fun), and then we had to run 6 laps around the basketball court. Turns out I'm not the only one who doesn't like running Hehe. All the girls were complaining "Pain here, pain there, pain everywhere." I was laughing at them until someone tried to kill me with water. HAHA. You ah. Sat down and chatted with Mee En, Daiyana, Man Shuen and Sin Yee. I'm tired of people asking me if I'm drunk because I smile/laugh too much :P

Ermm, first day with new people and the class is already noisy. Not table-smashing, head-banging noisy, more of a chitter-chatter noisy. Not bad la. New classmates are mostly okay, most of them stick to their own gang la :P Mee En is finally in our class :D And remember the person I said I thought was joking about coming to my class? Ah, he wasn't kidding. HAHA. He'd probably give the teachers a headache. LOL. Glad to have him around though. I was so sleepy, oh potatoes :(

Recess time: Yi Wen kept asking me why I've been so happy and excited since the beginning of the year. "You used to be so serious la, good girl. Now like mental case only." HAHAHA. Omg, don't tell me I've finally snapped and gone mad >.< But of course, her asking me that only made me more delirious. Even the others agreed with her. Traitors :'(

Civic was a free period, as usual. The substitute teacher joked and talked life facts with us :) He's very funny, but he can be really strict with rude students (not saying I'm one. HAHA). Went to the next class for Moral, teacher gave us some sample SPM questions to do, and I groaned in frustration. I miss the simple objective questions :( Watermelon ah, that fella decided to re-establish the old tradition we had in tuition of scrawling on each other with pens. What's more he used MY pen to scrawl on my hand D: Meanie.

Add Maths teacher didn't come (WHY, when I've actually done my homework) so we went back 1/2 hour earlier! :D I expected to wait for my Dad for the next 40 minutes, but he came early to buy something from a shop, so I went back earlier :D Miracle.

I'm thinking about buying a new phone, despite my bad luck with all my previous ones, but well, you know, 4th time's the charm? And when I say BUY a new phone, I mean I'm paying for half of it myself. I would pay for it on my own if I could, but I'm a student and flat out broke :P

Wake-over this weekend, can't wait for it :) But I'm not sure if I should stay for the night or leave when it's night :( We shall see :)

Till next time! :D

P.S. Thanks Deer for the phone recommendations! :D And thanks to Aijean for recommending the Deer. HAHAHA.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Live every moment, love every day, cause before you know it, precious time slips away.

Hey guys!

Just wanted to show you some random photos :)

A much appreciated Christmas present :)

Coin collection:

This isn't even all of it. Lol. 

It never fails to amaze me, that the sizes of the coins back then, were so big, you probably had to carry it in a huge pouch instead of a mini sized wallet. HAHA. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to church tomorrow :) It's always the most eventful day of the week. 

Also can't wait for Monday, I can't wait to meet my new classmates; I have no idea who most of them are. Only Mei Een la. HAHA. I'm probably going to change my place again. Most likely I'll sit in front of Azlina :) Can't sit behind, keep getting distracted by people who walk past my class. HAHA. 

I'll be turning 16 on Monday too. Not feeling particularly excited about it though. Haha. 

I'm glad that life is so much more enjoyable this year though :) Different, but still, peaceful in a sense.

A little tired and overwhelmed by Add Maths homework, sorry. 

Well, till next time. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sometimes dreams do come true.

(4 more days! OMG OMG)

*When I look back on the posts I wrote, sometimes I can't help but wonder if a 5 year old me is writing it, instead of well, much older and supposedly more matured me. That's childish glee for you.*

Hey guys! :)

School was exciting today. One really exciting thing happened, but let me tell you the normal everyday things first :)

Last night; I was on the verge of falling asleep in quite a good mood (which means no nightmares) and I had this horrible dream that wasn't a dream; my brother opening the door *really loud*, saying something about earphones *really loud*, me mumbling "I DON'T CARE. MPHHH. Let me sleep." He talks more and I growled irritably at him until he left, and after he left, I was a little irked. I absolutely hate it when people disrupts my sleep and talk really loud when I'm sleepy. I also hate people waking me up early in the morning. I have more love for annoying shrill alarm clocks, then I do for "WAKE UP. It's blah blah blah in the morning and we have to blah blah."

HAHA, so please, don't wake me up in the morning, unless it's really important.

Anyway, school started with the most wonderful subject of all; English. Teacher checked our books to see if we've done our homework, and not surprisingly, only a handful of us did. She taught us how to do a summary and discussed the important facts in the text.

I was unusually tired during Maths. I felt so sleepy and somehow, I even managed to fall asleep after finishing the work the teacher asked us to do. I don't think I've ever tugged at my hair so much in frustration at not having a proper place to sleep. HAHA.

A teacher came to announce who appealed for class change, and got accepted. Everyone was quiet, just waiting to see who's leaving. 5 girls who applied for Pure Science stream classes, got accepted. 2 girls weren't, and they were pretty upset. 3 other people applied for Sports Science or Accounts got accepted as well for the class they applied for. All the ones who didn't appeal (and didn't have anything to do with the news, like me) cheered and clapped for those who got the class they wanted to be in. I was genuinely happy for them, and somehow it brightened my mood for the day :) Walked to the canteen with Daiyana.

Recess, I was far more tired and disoriented, and also smiling for no reason (lol). I lined up to buy mee goreng, waited for so long and suddenly realize that I wasn't even hungry. *lolbrain* Read a book for a while, but stopped because I couldn't focus. Then accompanied my friends to the tandas. Haha, I don't know about you, but I think I'm the only person who walks to the toilet, every day, every year and not enter it at all. My friends la, HAHA. Toilet-addicts. Oh, did I mention, the block I'm in has it's own very clean and nice toilets? :3 I like. But I don't use it. HAHA.

Walked back from the girls toilet with Mei Keng, because the others walked too slow, and I was too impatient to wait for them :P We took the shortcut, met Way Jie and I kicked him for not talking to me for almost 4 days -___-  What kind of friend are you la? HAHA. Mei Keng and I were joking around, and laughing when I met a certain someone, (I won't say who till I know for sure) told me that he's transferring to my class next Monday. Hah! Fancy that. Chatted with him, and asked him nosy questions like "Ohh, you want to take Science, is it?" "You know the timetable?" "You're really coming?" and etc. He was acting quite unlike himself, I don't know what's wrong with him but I've never seen him so serious and almost shy before. We're talking about Mr. Like-To-Talk-A-Lot-and-Never-Shy here. It pretty much freaked me out. HAHA. Yeah, so I can't say for sure if he's coming to my class or not, because he's acting too weird and might be joking :P Lol. But if he does come, it'd be fun :D And I'll probably force him to come to my tuition classes. HAHA.

8 students from other classes are coming to mine. 4 from Accounts stream and 4 from Pure Science. Mee En is! :D And hopefully more people I know.

History was surprisingly fun today. I don't know if it's the teacher or the fact that it's WORLD history that makes it fascinating. Had to write the answer on the board, and I had to hold in my laughter because I was unusually cheery (considering it's a History period). Aqmal forgot to remind the BM teacher about BM class, and we didn't have BM, because the teacher had the wrong table and came when History was just starting :P Most people were relieved, because no do homework. HAHA.

Look, here's my homework book :D

Most of the homework is Add Maths, BM or Physics O__o. 
Yeah, in two weeks,there's only been one page full of homework. HAHA. 
Sorry for the crappy handwriting, I was rushing most of the time to jot it down. 

Add Maths is pretty okay, so far. Not too hard (yet). I'm still trying to get used to it la :P HAHA.

I have Add Maths tuition later :( Dreading it because I have to go alone (Kiwi,why did you abandon me?)
But at least I know the teacher. LOL. He's my uncle. But I won't know anyone else, so sads :(

Well, till next time :D

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

“Even strength must bow to wisdom sometimes.”

~Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief.

Hey there! :)

Someone asked me, "Why do you blog about school? It's so boring, doing nothing but studying all the time." My answer is: Yes, it's true that sometimes school is boring, and studying drives me crazy sometimes (so does homework) BUT(T) after not being in Malaysia for almost 2 months, I've come to appreciate everything about it; the food, the family, the friends, church and ,somewhere along the line, school.

Instead of thinking about the bad things in school, try thinking about the positive part of going to school:

  • Hanging out with school friends :) 
  • Nice teachers.
  • Favorite subjects.
  • Funny moments.
  • Learning new things. 
  • Chasing people around the class with broomsticks. (That didn't happen to you?)
And yes there's probably more, but I don't know/remember any. HAHA. 

School might be boring, especially when they have long , dreaded speeches about discipline and teach subjects so boring, you could fall asleep. But staying at home doing nothing but nonsense, can be boring too. And a waste of time. (Mum, don't hold this against me :P Blog posts aren't included in our debates) And well, for me, there's only 2 years left till I leave school. So why not make the most of it? :)

And I like my teachers this year. Not too strict, but not too lenient either (thumbs up). History suddenly seems a lot more interesting this year, maybe because I'm being too optimistic about it :P 

Have a problem remember homework? Make a homework book. Keeps things organized :)


Interesting things that happened today? 

For one thing, the police came and arrested almost half of my school. HAHA. Just kidding, they came to give a speech to the troublemakers of my school. We missed Chemistry class :( I like Chemistry. Sniff. Before I talk about Moral class, I should mention this so you don't get confused. Jun Ann and I called Vemlan yesterday, to (not exactly prank him, more like) say hi. I was a bit skeptical about doing it because I see him almost every weekday in school, but I was drunk (on Chinese tea) so I didn't really care. We tried calling Fifa, but he didn't pick up. The conversation went like this: 

Ann: *failed attempt at being a prank caller* Hello? Is this Mr. Vemlan? This is the company that *Pfftt, starts snorting with laughter* 

Me: *hears mumbling from his side* Oh can I ? Can I talk to him please? 

Jun Ann passes the phone to me. 

Me: Hey Watermelon! *bouncing up and down excitedly on the car seat* Guess who's this?

Vemlan: Umm..Maine ah? 

Me: No la, I'm Esther la. How can you not remember me? 

Vemlan: Don't lie la, I know your voice. 

I was laughing too hard to say anything, so I passed the phone to my aunt. Then my aunt starting talking to him. We were talking about PMR (on speaker) , he said "Teacher, I got straight Bs, teacher." I said "Please la, I got crooked Cs." HAHAHA. (And no, I did not get crooked Cs for PMR)

Then bleh bleh bleh , and the end of the conversation :)

Let me explain, we (Jun Ann, Vemlan, Afif, Esther, and I) attended the same Science and Maths tuition last year. The Maths tuition was in my aunt's house, so that's how they know my aunt (Ann is my cousin. HAHA) and I go to the same school with V and A, JA goes to the same school with E, and I go to the same church with E. So technically, I know them all personally. HAHA. And if I sound excited, it's usually the way I sound when I'm drunk. We call each other fruit names, except for Afif, his is related to maths equations. HAHA. 

How is this relevant to the topic? Well, when I entered Moral class this morning, he and Khanesh were talking about me being mental and calling people when I'm drunk :P HAHA. And for the record, it wasn't my idea to call him. Hehe. Change the topic, talked about PMR results today with Daiyana, Man Shuen and Mee En. 

Daiyana: I got 3 As.

Mee En: Eh, three As? Like your name la. 

The rest of us: What do you mean?

Mee En: Daiyana. Three As in your name, three As for your exam lo. 

Man Shuen: Liau Man Shuen, 2 As! Haha.

I was staring at Mee En's nametag, thinking that there's something that I should be noticing and just when I realized what it was, Mee En realized it at the same moment I did. 

Me: Your name --

Mee En: I know la, got 1 C, and three Es. 

Everyone started laughing. The irony, oh my. She told us a story about getting an E for one subject, and when her mum asked her why, she said "Because you gave me a name with so many Es mah." HAHAHA. 

Ah, okay, this probably makes no sense :P Most things I talk about with other people, often makes no sense at all. 

And then recess, just reading and chilling :3

After recess was English class. I sat with Nadzirah, because her deskmate didn't come. In fact, a lot of people didn't come today. Aqmal was whining about me sitting behind him, because he says that I bully him. And the funny thing was that he was the one kicking my leg and shaking my table. HAHA. My English teacher was saying "When I was marking you books, I noticed that everyone except for Charmaine, ...." and I thought it was a bad thing at first, till she said "needs to improve their grammar and ..." Haha, I panicked because I didn't check my book after she returned it to us, so I thought I did something wrong :P Lol.

Had to read a passage from a text, there was a part that said "My husband and I....", smiled so hard because I felt like laughing. My husband and I, is such an unfamiliar term to me. 

BM went well, discussed some words in the dictionary and asked the teacher if some of the words she mentioned really exists because we've never heard of it before. History was quite interesting (for once!). We finally met out History teacher. Maths: First teacher I've met that taught, write equations on the board, get the answer, and discuss it in all but 2 minutes. Nadzirah and I were mumbling : Eh, lajunya cikgu ni! so many times, it sounded like a chant. HAHA. 

But it's true, she DID teach very fast. Not a bad thing, but also a bit hard to catch up with her. 

Felt a little jealous when I saw the other classes leaving at 1 pm. My class still had to scribble down notes from the board before it disappeared and we were typing so fast on our calculators, you could hear the *clack* *clack* sound of numbers being typed from everywhere. 

And then I finally went home :) And ate Mee Hon Kueh. Yum yum. 

Well, till next time :D

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dare To Be Different.

If you don't want to talk to me, then it's fine. I won't bother talking to you either. 

Hey guys :)

Went to church today. And for the FIRST time this year, I was one of the earliest to arrive :) And I know, some people were thinking "What the heck is she wearing?" HAHAHA. Always la, always happens. This year, I decided to take risks, and do things out of my comfort zone, instead of obsessing over what people think of me and being too afraid to try new things and look different every now and then. I'm tired of trying to  be someone I'm not. So yeah, I'm just going to be me :) Haha. If you can't accept that, then don't. It's as simple as that. (And yes, it felt awkward being the only one wearing a skirt, when my friends are all chilling with jeans [JEANS])

Yeah, so after Praise and Worship duty in Sunday School, we went to fuXion and I was silently praying in my head : "Please let us slip in unnoticed. Please let us slip in unnoticed." Ah, plan failed. HAHAHA. We had to sit in front.Pastor Phillip was preaching, and it was pretty loud because 1. Sitting so close to the speakers. 2. Ears too sensitive. HAHA.

After that, a short prayer then umm..what do you call it? Group discussion, I think. (Answering my own questions, so cool. Haha) All the sixteen year old girls, Ru Min, Su Li and two more people. I introduced myself with my Rangers name tag, Joanne said her school name with her Karangan book. Then it was just random chatting that was quite interesting. If I had to pick a favorite color, I'd say black. But generally, I adore most colors, so no favorites :P

Lunch: We had to rush a bit, because of Rangers. But the food was so good, omg :3 Chit-chat la, as usual. Gahh, everyone except for me and Joanne are in the Arts Stream. I would change too, if:

1. I don't like my class (but unfortunately, I love my class)
2. The subjects weren't in English (but they are!)
3. Chemistry doesn't exist. (But it does!)
4. Accounts and Economics is in English (But it's not -__-)
5. The Economics teacher wasn't strict. (Ohh, but she is, and she doesn't like me much either)

Blegghh. Oh well. At least, I'm happy with where I am now :)

What I'm going to do in the future, I have no idea yet :( Chemical engineering maybe?

It felt strange. The others going off to the main hall, and I'm the forever alone one skipping off to the second hall. And I was LATE. LOL. First day, bad impression. But Cmdr Nat was late too, so yay, not alone. HAHAHA. But I had a reason mahh. Cmdr Wong asked me to pass a name list and some calenders to the Expedition Rangers (because I'm technically still an Expedition Ranger), then I had to find someone who would actually tick off the names on the list.

Wei Loong (Oh excuse me, COMMANDER Wei Loong), Commander Stephen and I are in charge of the 12-year-olds. There's only about 5 girls and 12 boys. 3 patrols: 5 girls, 6 boys and 6 boys. I took over the girls, because I'm the only female commander among us three, and also I thought it would be easier to handle girls than to handle boys. The girls discussed the patrol name, song and yell, well the basics. Some boys started stomping on the stage (when Wei Loong wasn't there, because they're scared of him, haha) I looked at them, and Kevin said "I know, BOYS, sit down and be quiet" He read my mind. "Yes, exactly. BOYS sit down and be quiet." I said. And they did.

And then the games time. Anyone remember the game, Satu Gudu gudu? Hehe. Yes, the violent, super exciting game where everyone's running around and pulling at each other. Legendary game, it is. The boys were really enthusiastic, pulling the guy from the other team to their side so quick, they were practically pros at the game. The girls were standing back mostly, too afraid of getting dragged away by the other team. Commander David and Nat were saying "Charmaine Teo! Join in the game la." I pointed at myself questioningly, and shook my head. There was one part where Joel actually carried someone from the other team, his friends making a wall around him and the guy he was carrying got disqualified. It was so funny, the commanders were practically laughing like crazy. A lot of cheering for their teams.

Sherman has this habit of standing next to me, and giving me the smug I'm-taller-than-you look. I pretended to cry and said "I know la, you're very tall. But don't make me feel so short la, you're so mean." Hahaha, he's only 14 and he's taller than ME. I'm almost 16 and I'm shorter than him -____-

Dad gave devotion after that. And after devotion, the kids rearranged the chairs and left. I had to stay back for the leaders' meeting about next week's plans. When I finally went downstairs, there was only Joy there, the others already left.

We went to drink Chinese tea and (for me) eat. The guys at the other table was saying things like "Why so antisocial? Don't want to join table, and drinking by yourself all?" HAHA. I forgot who said that, though. For one thing, I didn't want to disturb them (ALL GUYS you know. ALL GUYS.) For another, I was too lazy to shift the table. HAHA. I took off my uniform (the shirt) because it was so hot, urggh, and Cmdr David and all were just looking and saying things like : "Don't take your clothes off in public la!" I said "Then don't look la!" after choking on my Chinese tea. So I didn't get to take it off. Sad right? I couldn't do it, without dying of laughter.

We did eventually joined our table with them, because more and more people (ALL GUYS) were coming, and needed places to sit. So it was 4 tables, combined together. Imagine that, and all guys except for me and Joanne -___- HAHA. What happened to all the ladies, yo?

I helped Joy with the periodic table, telling her the important things to remember and such. She went home after a while.

And then I came home 20 minutes later :) Yay.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Charm In Maine.

(In case, you're wondering, yes, that was a pun)
Hey guys! :D

I haven't been blogging lately, because I've been so busy with school homework and activities. Science stream students have so much work and teachers expect too much from us :( In my class, almost half of us hardly ever finishes our homework on time. HAHA. Well you know how it is :)

I was supposed to go to Add Maths tuition (my UNCLE's tuition, note that) yesterday. But I was so tired, I just crashed on the sofa around 5.30 pm and I didn't wake up until 12 am. HAHA. I didn't have dinner :( After I woke up, I went upstairs right away, and fell asleep again, until 6 am this morning.

Something changed in me this year. I can't explain it, but now I feel something nagging at me to go to school every day (EVERY day-even when I don't have to, haha) If I decide that I'm too tired or anything, I start feeling guilty then I can't sleep -___- CONSCIENCE, y u so naggity? (I make up words, because it's funs)

So, during Nilam (where we reads books every Friday) and Maths period, there was this guy (a teacher? Maybe? Idk) talking about something, but I couldn't pay attention and read a book instead. In fact, A LOT of people sitting around me, were either reading or doing homework. (Oh no, the dreaded Add Maths and BM homework -_-)  HAHAHA.

Civic teacher didn't come, a guy teacher came and he was talking to us about losing loved ones and finding out our ambitions and who we really are. It was quite interesting and insightful, a bit sad though when he talked about losing his mother in an accident.

After recess, I was running around, hiding from Way Jie. I'm paying him to do something that will embarrass him. How sick is that?

What else? Ah yeah, Moral teacher (also my ex- class teacher) told us about all the essays and projects and group discussions, we have to have this year O__o. Blimey bananas, why us? :( WHHYYY. Paired up with Daiyana, Mee En and Man Shuen for the group discussion. Mee En kept saying funny things and Daiyana would tell us embarrassing facts about her, and although we couldn't stop laughing, we somehow managed to    answer the questions. Phew :) I threw Khanesh's textbook at him, for asking us for the answers and complaining when we didn't give him long, lengthy ones. BOYS -.- Who are we? Your homework maids?

I'm going to school tomorrow morning :) Not for co-curricular activities, but to clean the classroom. There's a part of me that regrets volunteering (Byebye, sleep :/) because I usually sleep until 12 pm on Saturdays, but teacher promised us food and most of my friends agreed to come, if I come, so I shall go.

I'm starting on the silver merits this year. Aiming for the Double Silver buffalo (and beyond), since I have 2 more years till I officially 'graduate' from Rangers :) I'm hoping some people (ehem, Aijean, ehem, Joanne, ehem, Esther, ehem everyone ehem) will kindly join me, in this project :) Hehe.

Silver merits looks like this. It looks fun and challenging, I can't wait to start! :D

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I'm having a charm bracelet addiction, all of a sudden. I'm thinking of starting a collection. My Christmas present from Aijean, kind of sparked up my love for charm bracelets. Mum shortened the charm bracelets I bought last year, but could never wear because it was too big, for me. I found a website to buy new charms to add on to the one Jeans' gave to me :)

This one I bought about a year or two ago, from Phoebe. 

They say every charm bracelet tells a story. If that's true, this charm bracelet probably has one too :) I'll tell you the reasons why I chose the charms, it's not a story, but it's something.

The clasp (the flowery heart thing, and stick) represents my love for floral skirts, wreaths and patterns.
The lock charm represents all the secrets I keep hidden in my heart that no one knows about.
The "Made for an angel" charm (has a portrayal of an angel behind) doesn't actually have a specific meaning to me, it just reminds me that although I'm a bat-ass crazy person who runs around chasing guys with broomsticks and who belongs in a mental hospital, I'm still capable of being good every now and then :)
The ballerina charm, represents the grace in my clumsiness, that makes me different from everyone else. (I skip when I'm happy, if you catch me doing it, don't laugh)
The boot charm, obviously represents my love for boots. It makes me feel ..good about myself somehow. I wear boots with everything. Dresses, skirts, jeans, uniforms, you name it, I wear it.
The Love charm, serves as a reminder to me, to love the people around me, no matter how annoying they are, even if I'm dying to throw a duster at them.

And yes, I'm probably going to buy more. HAHAHA. 

In case, you haven't noticed, on the right side of my blog, there's a section with links to blog shops that I can affirm is legit and not a scam, and also shops that sell a huge variety of things you might like :) And no, I'm not promoting, just recommending. It's all based in Malaysia, just so you know :P

Oh oh! The two pairs of boots I lost a year ago, have been found! :D They're really noisy when I walk, makes me look awkwardly like a giraffe, and makes me get curious stares from people because I look weird in them, but to quote David Supp, BOOTS ARE COOL. Salute. HAHAHA. And to think it was in the one place I never thought of searching. On top of the freaking bicycles -___-

The BICYCLE(S). Argghh. I think they're mountain bikes, because whenever I try to ride any of them, I fall off into a deep, painful sea of embarrassment. Neyways, enough ranting for now :)

Till next time :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Do what you love to do, not what others want you to do.

Hey there! :)

Chemistry tuition yesterday was fun. In a quiet sort of way. I have this weird tendency to laugh when I'm in an air-conditioned room, so I was mostly covering my mouth and snorting with laughter during the whole lesson, although nothing funny was happening :P


Program Maju Diri, a program for umm..advancing yourself in studies? Something like that :). A motivational speaker came, and he was pretty funny. Talking to us about Science stream, biology, physics and chemistry. Way Jie, Yee and their gang was sitting in front of me. Yee took my book and fanned himself (bending all my pages -.-) Way Jie was being a pervert so I kicked him a few times, and he hit me back. Then I had an evil idea and scribbled his neck with a pen :D Amazing friend, I am. Boys ah -.- they drive me crazy, but at least they make things more interesting. HAHA.

Saw Watermelon when I came out of the Language Room, he shouted "Maiinneee!" even though I was standing right next to him. I said hello, and turned to walk away. He tried to punch my bag (LOL), but he didn't know there's a lot of hard things in it, so he ended up yelled "OUCH, what the...?" And I forgot what I did, but I smacked his head and chopped him in the stomach a few times. HAHAHA. Sorry la, but I'm extremely violent when it comes to dealing with annoying guy friends. I still love them though :) Bromance? HAHA. Some of them get on my nerves just to rile me up and see me lose my temper on purpose, but that's boys for you :)

Walked to A TOP SECRET LOCATION and saw (ehem!) SOMEONE who said he skipped school and patted his head. HAHAHA.

Well, I have homework to do :)

Till next time.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Opportunities don't happen, we create them.

Hey there! :D

School was .. pretty normal today :) not in a bad way, or good. Just normally normal. HAHA.

I forgot how hard it is to wake up earlier than 11 am in the morning everyday. -___- I was a zombie this morning, but I'm still trying to hold to my resolution, so I made the effort. I don't want to flunk in anything this year, not even the "dreaded" Add Maths, Physics and Chemistry :P I don't know why people don't like Chemistry, I like the periodic table and all the sodium this, sodium that, iron this (pair of jeans, maybe? HAHA), iron that or what not (Just crapping). Read Joy's blog, and man, I wish I could dissect a frog. Or watch someone else do it and get a hysterical fit :P LOL. Physics, not bad so far. I'm thankful that this year, my teachers are good at explaining and have nice handwriting. HAHAHA. I have my ex-class teacher for Moral. So many familiar faces in that class, omg O_o. Whyyy.

Was extremely sleepy in class today. Add Maths teacher was funny. Maths teacher didn't come, so we went home half an hour earlier! ;D I did my Add Maths homework during the free period before I went home, because I was too lazy to do it at home. The irony. HAHA. If there's anything I dislike about Science stream, it's that we have to go home later than everyone else -____- . But then again, with so many good things about Science stream, my class and teachers; something unpleasant in the mix is to be expected :( I heard that some people from other classes want to transfer to my class, for the teachers (or friends maybe. Lol). Good news maybe? My class has minus 2 people now, I think.

Church yesterday :)

Went to SS to help out with the slideshow, just for fun, while waiting for the others to finish their duty. I don't think I'm helping with Praise and Worship anymore, with singing la mostly. HAHA. I just not cut out for it. I might help with the slideshows and maybe encouraging them by singing at the back of the room, but I don't think I want to sing. It's just not for me; but I'd step in if they need anyone. Then we went to fuXion and they were like "Welcome the new Sunday School graduates!" or something. I was pretty blank, I thought "Didn't I come to fuXion last year?" But to be fair, I came to fuXion not so regularly, because of everyone else wanting to stay back, so I only went when there was someone to teman me.

Lunch, the guys were fooling around, Jezreel dropped rice or something on his shirt. Not sure, didn't see :P But I saw his expression. LOL. I was busy eating my yummy yummy bowl of wonderful food, so I didn't really bother talking all that much, except a bit about school and so forth. Everyone wants to switch to Arts omg. Even I wanted to, but not so much anymore.

Then Rangers :) Goodness, the trouble I had (idk about the others LOL) putting on my uniform when I'm wearing boots. Almost (!) fell into the toilet. HAHA. Someone was shouting for me, and people like Jeans or Esther or someone else kept saying "Yes?" LOL.

Rangers, went around taking photos, because my dad asked. Simon, this kid I know, came up and borrowed my camera and tried to take a photo of someone's butt. I won't say who, too umm..personal. HAHA. I deleted it and laughed when he said he wanted to take more. NO WAY man, no way. I've had enough of butt obsessions to last me a lifetime. 2012 was a great year. So many things happened, I can't even begin.

I don't know if I should share this, but my friends and I made a pledge to solemnly declare to not like any guys this year. How am I doing? So far, so good. I do miss my guy friends though. Life is a bit too quiet without them. This is going to be a very quiet and busy year, I strongly suspect :( Old frenemies still running away from me, but I'm not chasing them anymore. I'm too sleepy and overwhelmed with work. HAHA.

Chemistry tuition tonight. Or was it Physics? Either one la. HAHAHA.

Till next time :D

Friday, January 4, 2013

Third Day - Snap snap! :D

Hey there! :)

School was tiring today. First, we had to fill out which group we want to be in for co-curricular activities. I was sitting next to Aida, and we ended up choosing the same things. HAHA. I chose badminton, koperasi and Pandu Puteri initially. Then we had to walk around, getting the teacher of the club to sign a piece of paper. It was so crowded and crazy -___- Everyone was just walking around and lining up in lines so long, it got tiring having to wait -.- We waited so long in the Koperasi line, only for some idiotas to cut the line and get the final spots instead of us. Psshhh. So I dragged Aida to the English Society line instead :D and we got it, because really, in my school, not many people like English that much :(

Then we got split into our Rumah Sukan (Sports House? HAHA sounds like a deodorant to me, what.) I followed the wrong house by mistake. HAHA. So I just sat in the canteen with my friends, and slept while they picked the so-and-so of the house and talked about team spirit.

FINALLY, it was time for recess. I was so tired from all the walking around and noise, I had to have a quick snooze. After recess, the teacher gave out the textbooks. My classmate, who's in charge of writing down the names of the people in my class and I went to ask teacher for permission to take photos for ICT. The boys were out of the class at that time, so we took photos of the girls first. There wasn't any trouble at all, except for some girls saying "I look so fat!" and "Oh God, sangat hodoh la muka saya." And not to mention, there was a crowd of 17 girls around the one who's having her photo taken and me. But they didn't make any trouble at all, unlike what happened with the boys :P

So the boys came back, and I dragged some of them outside to take their photo. One guy started messing with his hair and told me "Make sure muka saya handsome." And I snorted at him. LOL. Another one, I had to keep saying "Head down. No. Yes. No, a bit to the side please? Yeah that's right. good!" Watermelon is in the class next to mine, he suddenly appeared and swoshed a prefect vest at me when I was taking photos of a prefect in my class and had ALMOST gotten a proper shot because he (the guy having his photo taken) kept laughing when I told him to smile (Do I not look strict when I'm being serious? O_o). I'm used to it, so in a few seconds I already karate chopped him (Watermelon), first three times on the shoulder, then he turned around and I chopped his butt. HAHAHA. The guys standing outside the class with me, starting laughing and saying "Fuyoohh!". I would have apologize if he hadn't swoshed the vest at me again :P Really.

All the guys were either asking me to make sure they look good (probably just to hear me say impatiently "Yes yes, you've very handsome la"), laughing when I've just snapped the photo (because of all the other guys who crowd around to make sure he looks good), except for the more shy ones who just smile and walk off when they're done instead of hovering around me :P

Some guys from the other classes , passed by and asked me to take a photo of them with the girls in my class. HAHA. I shoo-ed them off like I had to :P Lol.

The funniest one would be Aqmal, although he was the most frustrating one to take a photo of. It went like this:

Me: Ingat tau! Jangan senyum terlalu besar. (because some guys grinned so wide, I couldn't see their eyes. HAHA)
Aqmal: Eh, kan saya pro ambil gambar?
Me: Mana saya tau la -__-

His "trying not to laugh" face. HAHA. 

Me: Awak nak saya bagi gambar ni kepada cikgu ke? HAHAHA.
Aqmal: Ehh, psshh.pshh. (spluttering) buat satu lagi!

Then his friend started pulling his cheeks, combing his hair, checking his ears (for some reason), and adjusting his shirt.  I almost died laughing when I saw him doing that. One guy was almost rolling on the floor laughing. 

Saw his friend at the last minute, walking to his class and Aqmal got embarrassed. Whattt.
But he looks pretty derpy to me.

Me: Remember not to smile too much!
And he resorts to THIS. A freaking puppy face, OMG.

Finally got it, after I don't know how many distractions and weird looks. HAHAHA.

This is mine :D

My eyes..are crooked. HAHA. The funny thing is my specs are perfectly straight.
If you notice the "Teo Wern Lyn" name tag, it's been like that since Form 1, and yes, Charmaine IS part of my official name, I'm just tired of explaining to people how to pronounce it every year :P

Going to school tomorrow for curricular activities. Can't believe it? Me neither. But I made a promise to myself this year, to (at least) TRY to attend school more often and participate in the activities :) And I should do my best to hold myself to that promise.Oh and badminton is in the Dewan Sukan Andalas (idk the real name. HAHA), not in the school! :D 

I'm hoping that all these activities, plus studying, Rangers, tuition, and church will me lose the weight I'm gaining by eating so much chocolate? HAHA. Just kidding, I've always thought that I should get more involved in things. 

One thing I've learned is to follow my heart, not other people's decisions and choices. I'm glad I didn't go to STAR, although most of my primary school people are there. It's fun, meeting new people. And in a way, I learned how to get out of my comfort zone :) But still socially awkward la. Hahaha. 

Till next time! :D

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Second Day Of School.

Hey guys! :)

So, school was quite fun today.

English was less than 10 minutes, because we went into class quite late. HAHA, me no likes :( I finished the exercise before the teacher left, so yay! No homework. Sharmila asked me to join her tuition, not sure about that yet..still deciding what tuition to go to :( But it's right beside my neighborhood, so I'll think about it.

BM teacher was nice, she told us about what's going to come out in SPM and about the komsas work :) Physics, OMG. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head when I saw all the things we have to learn this year. But my group consists of most of my friends so at least it won't be awkward :) Said hi to so many people during recess, most of them I only know by name, I even hugged a girl I knew for a brief month from Form 1. HAHA. What is wrong with me -.-

ICT class, the teachers (yes I have TWO teachers teaching one subject) gave us this quiz about how much we know about ICT. One question was : What do you know about pornography? and I heard laughing from the back of the computer lab. LOL. Pervs. I had to stand up and answer what I know about virus. So I did. Hahaha. And then, the teacher asked someone to volunteer to take photos of everyone (individually) in the class, and because no one else wanted to, I volunteered. HAHA. Oh, what was I thinking. But the good news is that I can take my camera to school tomorrow and NOT get caught for having it. :D Can't wait! HAHA.

Last class was Chemistry. I found it very interesting, but I was dead sleepy; because the room was so bright and my chair was too tall. Wait, that doesn't really make any sense. HAHA.

Alright, got to go! :) Have some physics homework to do, and ICT to revise online.
At least, now I have an excuse to be on the computer. HAHA.
Can't believe that I'm studying? neither can I.

P.S. Saw Watermelon running his fingers through his hair in front of the mirror. Laughed so hard, because that's what he used to do all the time in tuition when he washes his hands. LOL

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Upper Secondary- First Day Of School.

Hey guys! :)

So how was school/work/potatoes for you today?

It was quite fun for me. Upper secondary, sounds really nice.

I couldn't sleep the whole night, just a few quick snoozes every now and then. Brain was too hyperactive. HAHAHA. Anyway, I went to school and sat down in assembly. My class was sitting nearest  to the classes, meaning we get to be the first to walk to our classes :) And I know about 8 or 9 people in my class. Sin Yee and Azlina were my classmates in Form 1 and now we're classmates again :D HAHA. Jihah; my old deskmate, Sharmila; a prefect I know (who isn't a prefect anymore), Aqmal (my tormentor, who's quite fun to tease), Megat; from my old class and a few other familiar faces that I'm not really close to but know somehow.

 Neways, my class teacher seems nice. She gave us the timetable and taught us a bit of Chemistry. Guess what? I didn't end up in Arts Stream as I planned. I landed somehow in the 3rd class and guess what? It's something like Mixed Science Stream. We have Malay, Geography, English, Maths, History, Chemistry, Physics, Civics, and ICT (Information Communication Technology). See that? NO BIOLOGY. HALLELUJAH! I do not like bio. HAHAHA. Too many facts to remember and my brain is just not programmed for it. ICT class was nice! It's in both Malay and English! :D We're learning programming, multimedia and etc. The only downside is that school finishes at 1.40 pm on Wednesdays because of ICT. But it's okay :)

What else? Oh yeah, Add Maths teacher came, and taught us a bit of Add Maths. Everyone has blank looks on their faces, LOL. English teacher came, and once again, I was jumping up and down in my seat. If there was one thing I missed the most about school, it's English classes. HAHA.

She asked us to do this ..exercise, where we say our name: My name is "Banana Maine" and state the words the letters of our name represents. So I came up with this:


And yes, I was inspired by the Rangers code. HAHAHA.

So it's necessary to say that I'm pleased with my class this year. :)

No more bullies, no more teasing, just peace and quiet. Which is great, but maybe a bit boring? HAHA.

Way Jie overslept and didn't come to school today. Shocker. Crazy guy loves his sleep too much -___-

Aqmal suggested my name when the teacher asked "Who do you think is capable of being the Ketua Keceriaan?" I glared at him and refused the position. But then the teacher named me as the Ketua Kebersihan. Whaaattt. Oh well. HAHA. All I did today was walk around during recess, saying hi and chatting with classmates and ex-classmates :D

Anyway, I'm planning to stick to my New Year's resolutions, one of which is DO NOT OVERSLEEP AND FORGET ABOUT SCHOOL. Let's see how I do that, shall we? ;)

Going to eat lunch now, byebye! :D

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