Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Hey there! :)

So school was fun today, although I wasn't in the mood to go this morning. The public speaking thing scared me to death, I didn't even want to get out of bed :( And I love my sleep. HAHA. But I'm glad I went, or I would have missed out on a lot of fun happenings :D

Physics teacher didn't come today, so we went back to class and did our own work. Spent most of my time talking to Najihah, Izzati and Azlina while wrapping up my table. The amount of tape I wasted. HAHA, sorry, Sin Yee :P Didn't mean to use so much.

After that was Chemistry class. Since our Chem teacher is our class teacher, she made us clean the class before starting the lesson. I was assigned to pick rubbish from desks, it was pretty gross >.< You'd understand if you saw some of the junk they threw in their desks. JUST WALK TO THE DUSTBIN LA. Is it really so hard? -__- One guy pulled out some paper from his desk, Izzati and I were like "Okay, next desk." then he said "Wait wait." He bent down and pulled out some ice cream wrapper, plastic with chili sauce in it, and other things I don't even want to mention. HAHA. We had to take out the dustbin bag, and walk to the dumpsite to throw it away. Izzati had to throw out the dirty water from the pail as well. We got the worst day for cleaning up the class -__- But at least we get to leave the classroom :D Not considered ponteng, since we had permission.

Teacher taught about moles (not the face kind) and gave an exercise. Finished the exercise and starting talking again. HAHA. Okay, yes I guess I do need to sew my mouth shut. Recess time, I was so hungry, I ate 2 donuts..for the first time this year. HAHA. Forgot to bring my book for BM >.< Spent most of my time, trying to memorize my speech and talking to Izzati about freaking out. HAHA. YES I know I talk too much :P

We went to the computer lab after that. Talked to Man Shuen about Add Maths and Maths, since she's pretty good at both, HAHA. Some people were asking us (me and Izzati [or Sophia, if she prefers it]) why we were taking all our books and bags with us. I told them with a straight face "We're going to jump over the gate and longkang and walk to McDonalds." HAHA. I was kidding la. ICT class was quite fun, we have three teachers now :O Teachers wanted us to edit our presentation and save a hard/soft copy on our pendrives. Funny thing was we sat at the wrong place! Meaning? Both computers weren't working, one won't turn on and the other won't open files. HAHA. So we had to keep trying and trying to open the files on the computer that could turn on, and it worked, thank God. Couldn't stop laughing every time we accidentally click the wrong thing and when we couldn't edit the words. It was so funny, I laughed till I cried. When the teacher explained it to us saying "No, you kena buat macam ni." I laughed even harder because it was so obvious but we didn't see it. We're not amateurs at computers, it's just that the version we were using differs from the one we use at home.

I silently cut the line when we were walking out of the lab, because I was too impatient to wait for other people to walk out. HAHA, sorry lo. Iz and I started walking to the library and heard someone yell "Oi! Ponteng ke?" HAHA, turned behind and saw the culprit smiling at us, and waved goodbye to her. We went to the library, waiting outside and re-read our speeches and practiced. Talked to some girls from ST/1 about the speeches we chose and English teachers we had. Turns out most of us were randomly chose, not volunteers. HAHA. I was freaking out a lot, did I mention how much I hate speaking to strangers? :P

The Form 5 students went first, so we just talked and read our speeches. The teacher came out of the room at 1 pm, and asked us if we would mind our speeches being postphoned to Friday. You should have heard the yelling and cheering after she said that. HAHA. We picked up our bags, and did not go back to class, lol. We went for a SLAD meeting in the counselling room. SLAD has something to do with "Drugs Awareness", I forgot what the initials stand for :P

We didn't do much, just registered our names and talked a lot (as usual) LOL. The room is really wonderful, kind of like a mini house. I wouldn't mind being sent there for counselling :D We went back at 1.30 pm, wanted to see Izzati's cat, but my dad came early :(

Ah well.

That's all for now :D

Monday, February 25, 2013

Chocolate Muffins and Sugary Donuts :3

Hey guys :)

(Em yum yum)

Have you heard the songs from Hillsong United's latest album (by latest, I mean 2012), Cornerstone? :3 They're fantastic, baby. HAHA. Christian songs btw.

I'm writing a speech on friendship at the moment for my public speaking tomorrow. One does not simply prepare a speech a week beforehand. HAHA. On second thought, can I write about the fun in blogging? :P I wish I hadn't agreed to representing my class for public speaking. It's not that I have a problem with my confidence or anything, it's more towards the fact I'm a private person, and I hardly ever share my thoughts with people I don't know. Unless I have to, and I have to. -__-

School was alright today. There was something called "Language (umm..)Carnival" going on. I really had no idea what was going on at all, I just watched the performances, ohhh-ed and ahh-ed, but I didn't really get what was going on, lol. Didn't get to have PJK. Ah well. English was alright, I spent most of my time, talking and keeping quiet. HAHA. Teacher wasn't teaching, so it's acceptable.

Recess was nice :) Donuts <3 I was trying to read a book, but my brain refused to register the words -_- My brain hates me sometimes. With a passion.

Didn't do much during Sivik class. It was mostly just talking and watching people finish their Add Maths homework (although I didn't do it myself). I was encouraging Izzati to create a blog. The topic came out when Sin Yee told me she read my blog. She found it through Mee En or Daiyana, she wouldn't tell me who it was :( Izzati and Jihah likes to call her Yee, but it kinda freaks me out because it reminds me of the OTHER Yee. HAHA. I really wish more people blog. I know some of you think "Ain't nobody got time fo dat." but I highly recommend it. It's not just fun to blog, it's also extremely beneficial because:

  • You get to improve your grammar and spelling. Trust me, I know. If you looked at my posts from my old blog, you'd never believe that was me. I know because I don't believe it either. DON'T go there. Please, you'll get a seizure from reading all that nonsense and I use it as a..umm..random junker. 
  •  You have a chance to rant about things you dislike (i.e. the previous post is an example) and no one can tell you not to, because it ain't THEIR blog. 
  • You have the opportunity to create really awesome designs, and it helps you think more creatively.
  • You can post photos, which is something you can't do in essays.
  • You have a chance to express yourself without people judging you, no one's going to care if your spelling is dope or if you talk about your life, because after all, that's exactly what blogs are for. 
Also remember: 
  • DON'T say things that can cause heated debates. I've done that before, and trust me, people will hate you for it. Try to keep your blog more towards fun, lighthearted events and topics. And NEVER EVER say things like "Harry Potter sucks." Because if you do, I'll hunt you down and beat you up with a broomstick. RUMBLEROAR.
  • Don't talk in confusing, misguided sentences like I do. Honestly, I believe I've given everyone a headache, trying to figure out what's flying out of my mouth. HAHA. And once you start, you can never go back to normal, understandable sentences.
  •  DON'T listen to songs and write a post, if you're anything like me. More than often not, I find myself writing out song lyrics instead of what I intended to write, or I completely forget what I was supposed to write because I was too enchanted by the song I was listening to.
Yeah, that's about it :) You should know that I'm not entirely serious about what I write (except for the Harry Potter part, I WILL find you and avada kedavra you). It's mostly in jest, so don't be hurt by my non-offensive words. (there you go again, Maine) 

MAKE a blog, if you want to, and let me know the link :D I'm always on the lookout for new things to read. 

You should know that once I start a post, I won't stop, till everything on my mind is out of my head. :P

Moral was well, not bad :D The exercise was relatively easy to do. I finished it and fell asleep on the table, till Daiyana woke me up. Then we were just chatting about church and stuff, laughing and doing what teachers call "bersembang". What's the definition of bersembang? Chatting, laughing, and basically not paying attention to the teacher because you're too busy talking to your friends. HAHA. 

School isn't really boring, unless you have nothing to do but schoolwork. HAHA.

Add Maths was TORTURE..at first. Until I finally figured out what the teacher was talking about. That's what happens when I don't go to school when there's Add Maths class on. Izzati and I, took the opportunity to chit-chat, when we finished the work early. We were talking about our primary school teachers, old school and tuition friends. You can never run of things to say, when you can think of all sorts of things to talk about. We talked until we reached the gate, and went our separate ways.



Was supposed to usher, but I woke up late and rushed like crazy to get ready. HAHA. I arrived around 10.30 am, put on the usher tag and took the offering bag and waited for praise and worship to end with Joy. Collected the offering, and had some trouble putting it in the big black bag, because the money wouldn't come out, I think I might have crumpled some notes in the process. HAHA. Waited for Jeans, and the three of us went to sit upstairs. Esther had a family lunch so she couldn't come :( Cheryl and Megan weren't around either.

We went upstairs, sat down and listened to the sermon. I read the newsletter, let Jeans and Joy see my phone and listened to the pastor preach. Joy accidentally called someone, and I didn't know until I checked my phone and saw that someone was on the line. Major freaking out after that, thank God the phone was on silent mode. Cornelius, Andrew and one of their friends came halfway through service and sat next to us. Phew, the smell of cologne when Cornelius was near. HAHA, it was overwhelming and kinda reminded me of nutmegs. Andrew has a new phone, some random person left it on his car, with a really touching letter. It was a Samsung Galaxy SII I think. Nice :D 

Joy had to go to her hometown, so she left after service. Went to eat lunch with Jeans and Joanna. JOANNA not JOANNE. They're different people. The difference is Joanne is Joy, and Joanna is Jojo. HAHA. I drank two cups of Chinese tea, and inhaled my plate of Char Kuey Teow. Not really inhale, just ate it really fast. HAHA. Went across the street to buy lekor :3 Yummy. Service ended early, so we had a lot of extra time to go to Rangers.

I wonder if I should go for NTC (National Training Camp, kinda like Junior Training Camp but for leaders) this year, if it's on. HAHA, we shall see :D

Expedition Rangers used the Dutch oven to bake a cake. The Dutch oven looks like this:

You have to build your own fire, clean the oven after using it and well, it's tiring but fun. HAHA. Can you believe we had to cook all our meals in JTC with this? Appreciate your stove at home, people.

The chocolate cake looked something like this.

From what I saw in Daniel's video, at any rate. HAHA. I wasn't there, so I couldn't take a photo of it.

Had parade and patrol discussion.

Me: So, is the banner almost done yet? (note: competition is next week. HAHA)

Stephanie: No, commander. Haven't even start yet.

Me: *faints*

But they're really energetic about doing it, so I hope they'd find time to finish it.

Yeah, so while the Expedition Rangers were baking and sweating, the 13-14 year old pre-teens stayed in the second hall (with air-cond! Not fair) and I went with Wei Loong to the field to play American football with the 12-year-old boys and girls. Natalie had a problem deciding between jeans and shorts, so we waited a while for her to get ready. There was a pretty funny conversation between Wei Loong and one of the boys about "tackling girls". HAHA. I forgot how it went but I sounded something like this:

Boy: Hey commander, why boys cannot tackle girls? (In rugby/A.football, don't get any weird ideas)

Wei Loong: Why so hamsap, want to touch girls all?

HAHAHA, okay, it was pretty mean, but you should have heard the way he said it XD

I took photos, because Wei Loong wanted to have evidence, that we were playing instead of dancing around, playing pepsi cola (the girls did, before their turn) I forgot he only wanted a few, so I absentmindedly took up to 100+ photos. HAHAHA. I saw Auntie Lily walking home and waved at her. The boys were more interested in playing than the girls were, but that's typical since boys are usually more into sports.

Went back to the hall, Shermen and I have the same phone, so he used NFC to transfer some music to his from mine :D LOL. His phone is white, mine is red, but it's the same model. Funny la that fella. Andrew (Ip, not Robert) kept using this weird gay-ish voice and making me and Dad laugh.

Ah yeah, I have to get ready for tuition and memorize a script, so till next time :D

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A New Beginning.

Hey guys :)


Yeap, still a HP fan. HAHA. 

So I was wondering, when you get a new phone, do you constantly use it and obsess over it or do you just charge it, download some apps, turn it off and leave it alone for the rest of the day? Ian just called me weird because I barely touched my phone since I got it. HAHA. I just downloaded a few apps, chat with a few people, downloaded music and pictures and turned it off in about 2 hours. But come on, I don't think there's anything wrong with not being addicted to my phone. Right? RIGHT? :O If you know of any interesting apps, please tell me about it :D

I have to admit I'm not really umm..addicted to social networks, lol. I get so frustrated using Facebook sometimes, because of all the nonsense people post. I don't want to hear people whining 24/7 about their pathetic (sorry, but you said so yourself) lives. Please, NO MORE. NO. It sucks all the happiness out of me like a Dementor. Happy thoughts please. Happy thoughts, not sad, gloomy thoughts. Do you know that your mood can affect others? HAHA. Which is mostly the reason why I wanted to deactivate my FB account. Speaking of which, I won't be deactivating my account, since it's the only way some people can contact me, but I will be cutting down on Facebook time. If you have something important to tell me, tell me in person or sms me :) I'll be going on Facebook once a week or so, starting from March.

Oh, I made an Instagram account. Why? I have no clue. I doubt I'll be posting any photos, I'll probably spend most of my time looking at other people's photos. HAHA. Unless I have something post-worthy XD I'm a complete amateur when it comes to social networks -_- On another note, I'll be upgrading my blog soon :) So there's going to be some minor changes. I hate to admit it but my blog is really messy and disorganized at the moment, so I'm going to have to change it up a bit. Did you notice the new background? :P Haha. You know the saying "New year, new beginnings" ? Well, I'm starting over again :)

I think the worse thing about technology is that, everyone's so obsessed with the virtual world, they forget to live their lives in the real world. And that's pretty sad. I used to have a friend who NEVER (said never) put her phone away even for a minute. She constantly sms-ed people, made phone calls and it made me so frustrated, I wanted to take her phone and toss it in the trash can. HAHA. You might have a friend like that. I'm tired of people who act like they can't live without a phone, iPad and tech gadgets. REALLY. Please stop overdoing things. When I go out with my friends, I want to talk to them and you know, have some basic human interaction (like what people used to do before the wonderful technology era appeared) ? Not watch them check their Facebook newsfeed or play a game on their phones. But you know what's the worse thing? I see it happen, ALL THE TIME. And it riles me up.

I'm actually thankful that my school doesn't allow handphones. Although it causes some problems when I happen to go home earlier than I'm supposed to, and I have no means of contacting my parents to let them know. Public payphones? ALL vandalized! Which brings me to another matter, why do some juveniles vandalize payphones? Have you ever thought that some people need to USE IT? It's not for you to ruin the phone cord, scribbling vulgar words all over it and smash into the keypad! Back to the point, BUT WAIT. Students probably won't learn anything if we used phones during class either. HAHA. Oh, you can promise you won't, but you will be tempted to, and you know it.

 Don't get so overwhelmed by what's happening in other people's lives, you forget to live your own. And there's really no need to publicize everything you do or say (I'm a hypocrite because I blog about my life, my excuse is that I have a terrible memory, and I can barely recall what I do the previous day :P) That's like taking a microphone and yelling "Citizens of this wonderful country! I ate KFC chicken last night." and expect people to applaud you for that amazing achievement. I'm not saying you shouldn't post any statuses at all or be a..Facebook ninja (you're there, but you ain't visible). But just post something interesting at least, not everyday things that you do. I'm really not interested in hearing about your constipation or relationship problems.

I'm not saying technology is a bad thing. I appreciate it when I have to ask people important questions or hear about the latest events. Important things. But don't let it take over your lives to the point you forget the purpose of living. You've seen science fiction movies where the computers, phone, tablets, all come to life and take over the world right? That's exactly what I think is happening now. Only they aren't really coming alive, just brainwashing us into becoming living zombies who can't (or more likely WON'T) live without phones, computers, whatever else. HAHA.

I'm sorry for the rant, but I needed to get this off my chest. HAHA.

And no, I'm not referring to anyone in particular. Just stating the facts. (Really, I'm being honest  -__-) and it's PEOPLE in general, not necessarily you :P

Till next time.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Smile Because It Happened :)

Hey there! :)

Wattpad just released a new section called Chick Lit (Literature). There's so pretty nice stories there. HAHA. Warning: Do not read if you're not a fan of chick lit stories. Don't say I didn't warn you XD

I didn't feel like going to school today..but I didn't feel like skipping either. HAHA. So I went. I was awfully disoriented this morning, didn't get to eat either because I forgot to pack some books. English was the first period, teacher suddenly announced an essay writing competition. She said 'You have one hour to write one and a half pages.' I looked at Iz and Jihah and said 'Wait, we have to write the essay NOW?' They nodded their heads, and we started groaning "Teacher, why NOW? Not tomorrow or next week?" Complain je. Hehe. I wasn't in the mood to write an essay, I wanted to talk nonsense with my friends. But I really wanted to submit the essay, so I had to forsake my friends :( Iz and Jihah chattering away, while I scribbled notes in a book and wrote the essay as fast as I could. They glanced over once or twice and commented 'Wah, tiba tiba Maine jadi rajin dah.' HAHAHA. Got distracted a few times by Daiyana, Mee En and Fad, lol. I get really agitated when I'm writing under high pressure, so I almost flipped the table in frustration a few times. HAHA. I finished the essay, let out a sigh of relief, and plonk my head on the table. 4-5 people passed up their essay books, including me. The others were mostly too busy talking (lucky souls) and probably too lazy to do it anyway (just like me 70 % of the time). HAHA. Not expecting to win the competition, just want to see how the teacher marks my essay. lol.

Iz and I ran out to ask teacher something after she left the classroom. Oh, the public speaking thing is in the library in front of a selected few :D Thank God it's not in front of the whole school. Yee passed by and made a snipping motion at his hair with his fingers behind the teacher. I started laughing, saw Teacher looking at me weirdly and put on a somber (not sober! LOL) expression.

Maths period, we were trying not to get caught talking while writing down the examples on the board. The moment the teacher looked our way, we put on innocent expressions and pretended to explain things to each other.  Don't tell me you've never done that before XD

Recess was alright, ate a donut and drank 100 plus (yes in the morning) because I felt really sleepy. Yi Wen dragged me around to find a guy who attends her tuition to return his book. I kept begging her to let me go (she was clutching my arm tightly) because I didn't want to risk running into Shawn and getting teased. HAHA. But that girl is as stubborn as a mule. So when she finally found the guy, I ran like lightning and sat down next to Nabilah and Fadhillah. HAHA, awful person I am, but you know me. She stomped over and yelled "Maine Teo! somethingsomethingsomething." I couldn't help grinning at her, but I did apologize. Hehe. Walking up the stairs, someone said "Maine, walk faster la, jangan jalan macam old lady." So I purposely slowed down and walked like an old lady. Then the crazy girl went and whack my butt with her mahjong paper and made me yelp. HAHA. My gosh, what kind of friends do I have? o_o. Had to wait for the door to be unlocked, so I talked to my friends. Suddenly got poked in my side and I screamed "EIKKS." when my BM teacher was standing right behind me. HAHAHA. Yi Wen's payback for ditching her. Was this "Pick on Maine" day or what? omg.

BM was fun, teacher was really interactive, and there was no homework! :D A lot of talking as usual though. HAHA. I think I'm in desperate need of cellophane tape. I think it's so much easier to let my thoughts out in this blog, than to write it down on paper. HAHA, that was random, lol.

Friend: Hey, have you done your homework?

Me: What homework? Did you just say HOMEWORK?

That's me, everything someone asked me that question. HAHAHA.

Anyway, History (Sejarah) presentation was today. I was trying not to laugh because Alif said something funny and Mee En kept making funny faces at the back of the classroom, so I stumbled a little bit, haha. We got 8/10 for our marks! :D Yay. We had 4 pieces of Mahjong paper, which was a lot compared to the other groups :S But oh well. You want big handwriting, you get big handwriting..and more paper. HAHA.

That's all for today :) Till next time.

P.S. LOL, just remembered tapping Mee En's shoulder/back with the mahjong paper and she didn't realize at all until she caught me laughing. HAHAHA. Horrible friend I am.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Amazing Things About Comradeship.

Hey there! :)

Haven't been blogging for a while, and yeah, I'm not even sorry XD.

Alright, so I'll start with last Sunday. It was enjoyable la (lah for Malaysia!) , like every other Sunday :D We'll be playing American Football next Sunday, omg. I've never played it before, but I heard it's a pretty rough game. Expedition Rangers are doing their Dutch oven cooking on the same day too! I'm definitely going to steal some of their food! :D Dutch oven food is the best, and it's even better when you cook it by yourself :3 I went with Aijean to drink Chinese tea and chat, when we were done, she left. I actually wanted to go home and rest before school starts tomorrow, but then Dad was talking to Daniel and Matthew about something, so I slept with my eyes open and listened to their conversation. It started raining when we were on the way home. Could barely see the road -___- I don't know how I'm going to drive around next year, if the weather's gonna be as bad as that :(

Ohh, I snipped off my fringe, last Saturday :( RIP beloved hair, I miss you blinding me 24/7.

Yes it was THAT long. I didn't cut it for 2 to 3 months. You can only see half of one eye, lol. I miss it though. Short fringe makes me feel childish and ridiculously self-conscious.


I went to school on Monday. Everything seemed perfectly normal but I had a weird feeling, like something was out of place. Then I realized, there were no Chinese girls around -__- AT ALL. Okay, I lied. Maybe a few? LOL. But I saw maybe less than twenty Chinese people in school that day. Someone told me that they had midnight prayers on Sunday; well that explains the firecrackers  and why I couldn't sleep last night. HAHA. Puan Marini said "Wah, tiba-tiba awak rajin datang ke sekolah. Semua kawan awak tak datang kut." (Wow, you're suddenly so hardworking. All your friends didn't come today also.) I found it pretty funny, the way she said it.

I didn't go to school on Tuesday. I hear the "You serious, bro?" coming from everywhere now.Yes, I'm serious. I did intend to go, but my alarm clock had a different idea. Jihah and I were joking about it in the Chem lab today. Teacher came and asked me "Kenapa awak tak datang ke sekolah semalam?" (Why didn't you come to school yesterday, for you English speakers :D) I looked down at the table, ashamed (yes, really, okay no, I was trying not to laugh) and said quietly "Cikgu, I uhh..overslept." Teacher said something, but I forgot what it was, it was pretty sarcastic and funny though. HAHA. Jihah suddenly said " Eh, esok you write a letter ah, my reason for not coming to school: I woke up at 4 am, aiyah, too early, and went back to sleep. I woke up at 9 am, and thought, aiyah! too late! and went back to sleep." HAHAHA. I laughed so hard after that, I couldn't breathe. What would happen if I did write a letter like that, I can't imagine xD Instant suspension, I'd bet.

Went to Physics tuition and saw Joanne sitting at the back. Wanted to go earlier but my aunt came really late. We did the work, like good girls and secretly wrote to each other in a book. LOL. Rebels. Sent her home after that, and asked my dad to buy fried chicken :D Yumnomyumnom.

Well, on to today :) I went to school and people asked me "Hey, why you didn't come to school yesterday?" Smiled sheepishly and said "Overslept." It's funny how last year, when I DID go to school, people will ask me "Hey, why did you come to school today?" LOL. What friends I have.

School was fun today :) I've already mentioned what happened in Chemistry. Moral was agonizing, Daiyana attacking me and Mee En every time we tried to burst into laughter. During English class, teacher gave us a 15-questions exercise to do. She then proceeded to ask us for two representatives to represent our class for some public speaking event, My eyes bulging out of my head, I slid down my seat as quickly as possible and tried to cover my face. No luck there. Some wonderful FRIENDS of mine, and classmates decided that it was a good time to yell out my name so they don't have to do it -__- Well, Iz got chosen too, by teacher. I think this is a punishment for talking too much in class. HAHA. The good news? No need to do oral speaking in class and we can get certificates for our participation. Bad news? We just might have to present in front of well, I don't know, the whole school, maybe. Sigh :( 

I passed a note to Man Shuen for her phone number, I got a note back from Mee En that said "Hey Banana, can I whack your butt?" HAHA. Okay, she is NOT perverted. It's related to a butt-touching topic we used to discuss. LOL. It was pretty hilarious, and I think I mentioned it in one of the previous blog posts. I passed a note to Fad, Nab and Laily too. Jihah and Azlina were sitting right in front of me, so no need. HAHA. And yes, I was paying attention to teacher at the same time.

Oh yeah, did you guys hear about Chester See, David Choi and Jason Chen coming to Malaysia this March? :D I'll be going with my friends. Hehe. Quite disappointing though, to get to meet and greet them, they're having some kind of competition (?) according to Jinn. Sigh.

Oh, I got my new phone today! :D Xperia Sola. 

I thank God that this phone is actually small enough to fit in one hand. A bit bigger than my hand though. I hate having midget hands :'( So far, so good :) I suppose I'll write a review about it, when I test it out later. HAHA. Since when did you become an expert on phones? You say sarcastically. Since I had to read a thousand reviews on phones on all brands and types to compare them and see which I like :P

Anyway, fingers crossed, twisted, bent and broken. Hopefully this phone doesn't commit suicide like all my others. It better NOT. HAHAHA. 

Till next time :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Miniature Food, Real Food and well, Food! :D

Hey guys! :)

Went for lunch at Uncle Ronald's house today. Ended up staying for about 4 hours or so :O The food was delicious, is it no wonder I'm getting fatter everyday? HAHA. Auntie Ree Shih's lychee jelly is addictive. I'm not really fond of jelly, but fruit jelly, it just makes me go


You'd understand if you've tried it before :)

We watched "I not Stupid". I seriously love that show, it's hilarious.

The adults were talking about Facebook, and how they can keep track of what we (kids/teens/young adults) do by checking our profile. Jeremy said "That's why we should not post EVERYTHING on Facebook." So kids, remember, your parents are watching you -___-

And I made a few more craft pieces last night. I was exhausted after the dinner, but I couldn't sleep without making something.

The vegetable part :D

The cheese and patty :)

And tada! Here's the burger I said I would try to make :D

I'm pretty proud of this one, since it's my first attempt at making it :D

But I'm not done yet.

In process of making...

The Subway sandwich! :D 

Okay, this one turned out a little belgh :( You can see it's a little dirty here and there. I'm sorry, but I was tired and I had to finish it before it dried. HAHA. You can see the crack marks on the bread, but that probably made it look more realistic if anything.

Yeah, I'm on a roll. I still have plenty of homework I haven't done yet :S Oh well, NEXT WEEK. HAHA. 

For those of you who're still in secondary (high) school, have you thought about what field/job you want to go into/have when you graduate? I think the problem relating to this is not that students "don't know" what they want to be in life, it's more related to the fact that there's so many options available, it's difficult for us to choose just one and be satisfied with it for the rest of our lives. 

There's more options out there then just being a lawyer, doctor or teacher. And everyone has their own talents and skill set. Take me for example (no talent, no skill, yet..), I have a fondness for art, craft, designing, media, computer science, English literature, law, criminology, languages, music, philosophy, chemistry and psychology. (And yes, this is a reference for future me). How am I to choose JUST one? I like them all equally. It's like trying to choose between my favorite brand of chocolate -__- 

I'd like to think that as I grow older, I'll understand myself more and be able to decide what I want to be in the future, but I think that's highly unlikely. It seems to me that as I get older, I get more confused about where I'm heading in life. Well, let God be my guide :)

I'm currently reading Bound By Honor by Gary and Greg Smalley. It's a book for adults on how to maintain a healthy relationship with their teenagers. And I anticipate, you 'll be wondering why am I reading it, when I don't have a teen and when I AM a teen. I'm wondering about that myself. HAHA. I don't know, I guess I just like to see what it's like from an adult's perspective when they have a rebellious or hard to understand teen (i.e. me) 

Don't be fooled by my innocent looks. HAHA. I can be extremely difficult when I want to be. 

Anyway, I'll be off to read a story now :) Till next time.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To Be Undefeated.

Hey guys! :)

Long time no blog. HAHA.

Anyways, just wanted to show you some photos of craft and such :) Because I haven't posted any photos in a long while.

Teo Wern Lyn is my Chinese name? HAHA. I THINK so. 
I made this as a key chain, so if I lose it, people will know who it belongs to :)

Polymer clay hot dogs :D 

Okay, it looks weird. 

I made this last night, on impulse. 

It looks funny, but it's still pretty yummy :P

This was supposed to be a heart, but it ended up looking like a patch of stitches. HAHA. Yeah, I've been out of practice for some time :(

Anyone remember what Invictus means? 
:D :D 
It means "undefeated" or "unconquered" in Latin. About 2 years ago, this was the theme for Pow Wow, and ever since the camp started till now, this word has been a favorite of mine :) It's such an inspiring word, isn't it?

This is my new pencil case :) 
I should have gotten a new one a long time ago, since I've had my old one for about 2 years? But I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it or maybe I was just too lazy to :P It has a whole bunch of key chains hanging on the zipper. Hope the zipper doesn't break.

My aunt gave me this duck/platypus soft toy a few days ago. She said something about squeezing its neck when I get stressed out. HAHAHA. She knows me so well.

Wedges :D Yum yum. This was my lunch. LOL. You can't say I'm dieting, because this isn't exactly healthy, is it? 

Oh, I don't know if I've shown this berry pie to you before. Well, this is the raspberry pie :) I was supposed to cut a slice out, but I fell asleep and it dried before I could cut it :( Oh fail. Next time then :) HAHA.

The sky today was so pretty :3 All the masses of cotton candy clouds. Yum.

As you can probably tell, I'm back to making craft :) I haven't had time to make any for the past month. And I'm a Science student, we're not supposed to do art presumably -___- I'm working on a new theme this time: Miniature fast food :D 

Aiming to make this next :

A miniature burger, Subway sandwiches and etc..because it's looking delicious but you ain't gonna eat it. HAHA.

Kitten scared me half to death when she lashed her paw out at me when I was playing the piano. She was hiding behind the greeting cards on the piano. Looked up and BAM! My nose got smacked by a paw -___- 

Went to Subang with family today :D (minus one who went off to hang out with his homies and girls) Walked around a lot, it was awfully tiring, but entertaining. Bought a few stuff :) 

Family dinner tonight, so tired :( But yay! FOOD. NOM NOM.

Adventure Rangers is planning a lot of outings, I'm going to be tired to the bone, running after those kids :'( 

I like getting out of the house nowadays, being at home makes me think "Oh, look at all the homework assignments I haven't done!" and I get anxious and guilty when I see my exercise books lying around, undone. HAHA. Why do you call it a holiday, when we have so much work to do? :O But to be fair, most of the work is planning presentations for History and ICT class, still no easy feat.

Confession bear: I only watch Law and Order (UK) to hear their British accents. HAHA.

 Anyway, here's your post for all the missing posts days :D 

Till next time :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Roar in the Deafening Silence.

Hey there :)

Tried blending photos before? I think it turned out pretty well. 

So school was alright yesterday, although I kept having weird feelings; like something bad is about to happen (but thank goodness it didn't). It was quite upsetting. Izzati didn't come, so Jihah sat with me. Did I mention she has no table and chair of her own? HAHA. They reorganized the classroom and hers became the "Homework Assignment table" where we pass up our books. I joked about her having to sit on the floor when Izzati comes back to school. Eikks, and we (Iz, Jihah and I) all want Xperia phones :D HAHA. Jihah has an iPhone 5 but she says she prefers the Xperia Arc O__o.

It was a relatively quiet day, I didn't do anything crazy but I did talk a lot as usual. I think I need to tape my mouth and tie my hands to my chair so I won't utter a single word :P HAHA. And I was sitting with Jihah. JIHAH. Who talks as much as I do. How can you put us together and expect us to be quiet when we've been noisy for 2 years? :O Okay, I hope none of my teachers read this. HAHA. 

Some people might say "What can you possibly talk about every day? You must run out of topics to talk about someday." But that's the problem, there's always new things to talk about and new things happening. Life changes everyday, doesn't it?

Do you ever remember how you became friends with someone? I mean, one day you're being all polite to each other, talking about your interests and being awkward with each other; and the next day, you're chattering excitedly about your new dog, laughing so hard till your sides ache, randomly hugging each other and it's like you've known each other forever. 

I remember asking my friend the other day in class; "Hey, do you remember how we became friends?" She laughed and smacked me with her pencil box. "Of course silly, we became friends when we ended up in the same class." I remember thinking but that's not exactly HOW we became friends. What did we say or do, that brought us closer together? I have NO idea. Really. I can't remember how I met my friends and how we BECAME friends. 

Take Jihah and I for example. I strolled into class late on the first day (I'm too ashamed to tell you why) and all the seats were taken except for one right beside her. I grimaced when I saw it was a seat IN FRONT, but I didn't have a choice. I sat down, still flushed from running to class and I was too embarrassed to talk to her because I came late into the classroom and everyone was staring at me. We didn't talk at all for the first period (well that didn't happen again in the following days) because we barely knew each other and also because the teacher was telling us about class schedules and the important things that we should know on the first day.

 I'm not sure who initiated the conversation, but we started talking about what class we were in last year, which artists we liked, what subjects we liked and the usual topics that people who've just met each other talk about. It was a little awkward at first, because I'm not exactly sociable, but it was a relatively comfortable conversation :) We became friends later on, but we weren't very close until the guys started teasing us. So you can say that we became partners in crime against annoying guys? HAHA. That's when we became REAL friends :D We've always said that if it hadn't been for them, we might have never became close friends. I'd say all the torture was worth it. If it hadn't been for them, I would be a lot more quiet in class O__o. 

Everything does happen for a reason, even if it seems like things that happen to you doesn't make any sense at all :)

Yes, I know what you'd say, "Maine, stop being so optimistic, it's disheartening." HAHA. 

I honestly have no idea why I'm being so positive about life lately, even though life is far from perfect these days. I guess I've been in the darkness long enough, to appreciate light when I have it. But you wouldn't like it if I posted angry or upsetting posts all the time right? :P Haha. 

 Ah, I forgot what happened in school. You see? This is why I have to blog about my life, because I never remember what happen the next day -_____- 

I didn't go to school today, Maulidur Rasul is the reason why. Lol, and most of my friends didn't go -___- 

I've been thinking about writing a short story on Wattpad. A SHORT one, not a long one. I don't have time to write novels of great magnitude :( Why do I want to write? Well umm..writing helps to improve my English? :D My English isn't as good as I'd like to think it is. Which is why I need to write and read a lot to keep myself sane. HAHA. Also because I promised my fans (followers?) two years ago, that I'll write a story. And I haven't written any till now, although I had plenty of inspiration. 

Alright, will be off soon so just keep in mind "When the time comes for you to speak up, don't be afraid to say what you have to say." 

It's a lot better to be honest in your opinions, than to lie and let that person make himself look like a fool. Nothing good to say, just don't say anything at all :) There's still a fine line between honesty and being mean. 

Till next time.

P.S. Good luck to Nadzirah! :) I'm going to miss you when you go to study in Malacca :( <3

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When Darkness Fades Into Light.

Hey there! 

I'd like to state a fact that, girls do not need boyfriends (one per girl, mind you) to be happy.
I'm saying this because I'm at an age where everyone thinks "Oh doodles! It's time for you to get a boyfriend! Never mind the fact that someday, you know, you might break up and he'd break your heart and you could possibly get pregnant, fail your exams and blame your failure in life on him." 
No no no. 
NO THANK YOU (very much indeed, but) I'm not interested. 
I've watched girls and guys change boyfriends/girlfriends over month like changing underwear, and I really don't see the appeal. 
Okay, maybe, if someday, I meet a guy who is actually serious about relationships and don't want just that "one thing", I might give it a shot. 
But I won't be mental enough to get a boyfriend just for the sake of HAVING one. 

What's the big deal?
I have a cat, I don't go around, waving it in the air in front of my neighbors and gleefully gloating "I have a cat and you don't! Neninenipupu!" and dance around, throwing knifes in the air, laughing wickedly. Although that would be pretty hilarious to watch :P
Get my point? Don't gloat unless you have a really funny way of doing it. Example shown above. 
Who knows, maybe someday, I'll gloat about my cat and see all the weird looks I get, die from laughter and be extremely happy about it. 

Cue the picture above, do you know how hard it is to get over someone you like? I bet you do, if you've ever liked anyone. It's like walking on pieces of glass, getting knocked in the face with a shuttlecock, having a broom being shoved into your stomach and getting hit by a bus, all at the same time. Why do we endlessly insist on going through all that pain ? :(

Girls (and guys), we don't need all this nonsense, so let's just not bother :) 

Alright, I'm not in my right mind today. 

Here's a conversation I had with Spongebob! :

And...the rest of the message is private. HAHA. I wanted to show you that part. 

If you're a Harry Potter fan, I think you'd understand the "Dobby is a free elf!" part. HAHA. And I wasn't in my right mind when I wrote that. I've always wanted to say that but I never had the opportunity, so I created one :P I laughed so hard (I couldn't type, lol) when he kept saying GIVES SOCK and he ended up saying it more because I didn't reply. 

I want to run around school, asking people for socks tomorrow :D 
Hopefully, they won't actually take me seriously. Smelly socks, oh no.

Anyway, school was alright today. Didn't get to have crazy laughing fits because Mee En wasn't there :( 

Chemistry was alright, Chem teacher is also my class teacher, so we cleaned up the class for half an hour, lol. We have curtains and a reading corner in class now! :D BOOKS YAY. 

 During Moral class, we went to the library's Teater Gemilang (and I have no idea what you call it in English..a Wonderful Theater? lol) It was alright la, Sin Yee's presentation.


 And let me say to the person who said snide remarks the whole time we were having trouble formatting the Powerpoint (It's not our fault that the computer only had the 2003 version), turning your nose down at people really isn't attractive, so stop doing it. And the next time you want to say something rude about people who spent so much hard time and effort into their presentation, shut up. Please shut up. Do you think it makes you look smart and witty? Well, you're wrong. You have absolutely no right to look down your snotty nose at us because we're ICT students. What say you? Being a snothead doesn't make you any better than the vile worms who invade wonderful apples and ruin it. One thing I would like you to remember; if you mess with my friends, don't be surprised when I attack you with a pineapple, tied you up in an electric chair, set you on fire and throw you into an ocean choke-ful of sharks, stingrays and jellyfish. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Rant over. Back to the real post.

Well, luckily Pn. Marini brought her laptop, or the presentation would have been doomed. 
I was pretty annoyed with said idiot when I was writing the notes down after the presentation, kept jabbing at my book with my pen. I finished writing pretty fast though, so yay! :) Notes: Done. 

Wait, see this:

Okay, so I spend most of my time confusing people :P HAHAHA, I'm sorry bro. Really.

Ah yes, so studies went on as usual after recess. I saw Shawn at the VERY END of the corridor. He saw me looking his way and yelled my name. So I yelled back. And we got weird stares after that O___o. Never seen friends screaming at each other before meh? Haha. 

He passed by my class again during BM (teacher didn't come) and tried to pull my hair. I grabbed his hands and we started rain dancing around the classroom, flying around with broomsticks, knocking people's head with frying pans and drawing cats on the whiteboard. HAHA, no just kidding, that's sadistically creative imagination for you. I tightened my grip on his hands until I hear his fingers crack and grinned. He ran out when the substitute teacher saw him, LOL. And yes, we have a very odd friendship. 

During Maths, when all the other classes were going home, and we weren't, I saw Tharshini. Eiikks! Haven't seen her for so long :( Waved at her, smiling excitedly and she smiled back at me and waved! :D YAY. A little while later, Shawn passed by and gave me that ":D" face again -__- Showed him my crossed fingers, made a face and went back to work on exercises. Then Yee came by, looking for his girlfriend. He can't even recognize her when she sits in a different place, omg O__o. Way Jie came by later, and I distinctly heard him say "Banana.." LOL. 

Izzati and I were talking a lot during English and Maths class. About phones, cats, creepy stories and books. Jihah was sitting with Azlina, so she turned around and said "Oi! Cakap banyak ada buat kerja ke?" and checked my book. Then she said "Ohh..you dah almost siap." HAHAHA. I talk a lot in class, but I do the work too :) That's half Lazy, half Hardworking Maine for you. I'll talk my head off, but I won't get distracted from doing my schoolwork either :P 

Way Jie made me walk all the way (exaggeration) to the bus stop just to talk to him and Yee -__- Ah poop. HAHA. 

Anyways, to my partners in crime, stay strong, we can get through this nonsense together :) <3

Till next time! :)

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