Sunday, March 31, 2013

Always Sm:)e - Tiffany Alvord :D

Hey there! :)

Guess who came to Malaysia? :P

I didn't go to church today, I slept at 3 am last night after coming back from the concert, so I was pretty much exhausted. That's what happens when you shop the whole afternoon and evening, and spend the rest of your time standing up, jumping up and down, swaying at a concert. HAHA. My feet hurts. I just woke up and I'm dead sleepy, so please, bear with me if I make any mistakes :P

Oh wheezers, tomorrow's April Fool's day! Sheet sheet. I'm extremely gullible so I'll probably fall for a lot of pranks and embarrass myself -____- Can I skip school? HAHA. 

Anyway, Ryan wanted to go early, so we left the house at 2.30 pm or so :P We went to the Curve first and walked around for a bit. Wanted to eat at Ikea's cafe/restaurant so we went to Ikea. The first thought that came to my mind when we got there was "Oh papers and cookies!" The cafe was crowded like CRAZY. Note to self: Never go to Ikea on holidays and weekends. There was a super long line of people lining up for food too. I wondered where they were going to sit since all the tables were taking. It was crazy, man, I tell you. Never again, never again. So we escaped as quickly as we could and went back to the Curve to eat at Nando's.

It wasn't crowded there, so thank God :) We ordered chicken, garlic bread and coleslaw. Yumyum, the chicken was so good :3 Went to Starbucks afterwards, cause I wanted an ice chocolate. And we went to Chatime after that. HAHA. Ohh, there's this bookshop called Borders, and it's pretty awesome but the books are ridiculously expensive, so I didn't buy any :( Bought a bag though. Teehee.

Popular was having a book sale in IPC. Wanted to buy 2 Percy Jackson books to complete my PJ series set, but mehh :( Next time. I've already read the books, but hey, it'd be nice to have the set :P I flipping love Rick Riordan <3

We spent the rest of the time walking around, window shopping :P Nicole only came around 7 pm, so yeah. HAHA. The Brands Outlet in the Curve is huge. Wows.

So we did a lot of exercise, walking around and making our legs hurt :P Ryan refused to sit down, so I couldn't sit down either -___- Walked around the open air market and bought some charms for my bracelet:

 Made With Love :P

As most of you can probably tell, I'm in love with the mockingjay pin from the Hunger Games. I already have a mockingjay necklace, but I thought it'd be nice to have something like this to put in my wallet :P

It's a bird. And well, birds kinda represent freedom. And well, sometimes I feel like breaking free from all the negative things in my life. So there. Freedom :)

Camera. Because, who doesn't like photos? :D

Horses, because they're full of spirit and strength. Reminds me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Cookies: I love cookies <3 I used to be a Cookie Monster :P YUMYUM.

Nicole arrived around 7 pm, and as luck would have had it, it started RAINING, Really heavily. So we had this logical idea to use the Kidzania overhead walkway to cross over to the McDs side :) Only I wasn't sure if we were allowed to use it, but we did it anyway. HAHA. The walkway was so nice, it was clean and kinda like the airport's ground, but a lot better. It's a good thing we weren't trespassing or anything though. HAHA. There was some weird looking dudes, sitting around, smoking and staring at us as we walked pass -__- What la.

The bummer was we still had to walk in the rain, HAHA. There wasn't any shelter leading up to Bentley's Music Auditorium from McDonalds :( Guess what Ryan did? He tore the two plastic bags I had and had us holding it over our heads to cover our heads. The rain was pouring down like crazy. Thank goodness I wore boots, or my feet would have been flooded. Our clothes were all wet though :( Sad.

Ran inside as fast as we could, went up to the fourth floor. Came out of the elevator and saw the Merchandise table :D So pretty, everything was. There was shirts on sale, but they were RM 60. Too expensive :( My limit for shirts is RM 40 at max. But I did buy some stuff :P

 Tiffany's guitar pick necklace :D It's available on her online store, but shipping cost is expensive. I bought it for RM20. 

This is the back :)

The words weren't very clear on the first photo, so yeah.

The wristband :)

Always Sm:)e

It says Tiffany Alvord, if you can't see, lol.

Youtube :D 

Are you surprised I didn't buy more? HAHA. I was thinking about buying the My Heart Is or My Dream CD, but I decided not to. Kind of regretting it now though :( Oh well, next time. If there is one. HAHA. 

 Anyway, we went inside the auditorium. The lady at the door ripped off a part of the ticket: Look :

If you can see what I mean. HAHA. 

I was surprised to see the chairs. But that's for people with VIP tickets la. HAHA. I think it would have been worth it to buy the VIP tickets, but since we decided to go last time, the VIP tickets were all sold out. 

We sat down for a while. The auditorium felt really nice and cold, especially since our shirts were soaked. HAHA. 

Three Malaysian bands played, umm opened for Tiffany :) All Youtube bands.
The first was Skyward, otherwise known as The Ming Thing
They sang/played a remix of Lights by Ellie Goulding and Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia first :) I THINK. I don't really remember O__o. Oh no, that was the third song they played. I think. I'm not sure. Okay, stop blabbering Maine. HAHA. They also played one of their original songs that's not released yet. It was called "More Than.." It was really nice :) Can't wait for it to come out. I think they played "Beauty and a Beat" by Justin Bieber. They made it sound really nice. LOL. They also sang a shorter version of a song by Justin Timberlake. Forgot the title though. They were really punny and witty. I likes it a lot :)

The next band (or singer?) was Daiyan Trisha and her :) She sang "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift. This guy standing next to me started singing along, his voice was pretty cartoon-ish, so I was torn between being extremely annoyed and being ridiculously amused by him. Daiyan's voice was nice though. Pretty chipper and happy. She sang two original songs, but I kinda forgot the titles :P I can't find it online either. 

The Revellers were the last band to perform. The lead singer came out with a blue shirt and leather jacket. Someone next to me, said he was trying to look gangsta. HAHA. It's funny cause it's true. He sang "When I Was Your Man" and some of their original Malay songs.I hate to say this but he kinda killed Bruno Mars' song. His voice is just too rock for a sad song like that. I couldn't decide if I should cover my ears or cry. HAHA. 

This is random but there's a girl on Twitter who's being a twitch about Tiffany Alvord being in Malaysia. I get that you're not a fan, but you don't have to act like a world class donkey about it either. You're making yourself look bad, you ain't doing anyone favors with that kind of attitude. Tiffanic for life <3

Tiffany finally came on stage :D 
Covers she sang was:

The songs aren't in order though :P

I had a pretty great time. The people in the crowd would randomly shout "Tiffany I love you!" and other weird stuff. HAHA. It was funny :)

One guy yelled "Tiffany, will you marry me?" She said "Marry you? I don't know, I guess you have to ask my dad." HAHAHA.

Anyway, that's all for now :) It's a pretty long post, so I'm going to stop your suffering :P

P.S. I forgot we went to Ikea to stuff ourselves with meatballs, fries, cake, potatoes and sandwiches after that :P HAHA. Oh, my poor stomach.

Friday, March 29, 2013

When Little Things Start To Matter

Hey there! :)
Just came back from the Good Friday celebration at church. Twas pretty different from the previous years but it was pretty amazing.
Here are some photos from the hair curling attempt I had a few days ago:
It's located somewhere around, haha. I'm blogging with my phone so yeah.. It's not all that organized.
It's been a great week so far. Managed to have a lovely sleep filled   week. I'll miss it when school starts again :( no more sleeping till 2 p.m. And goodbye to lazying around all day.
Of course, I've been spending some of my time wisely. I did some house cleaning, book reading, cat petting, and managed to learn the whole By My Side music sheet, one page of When I Was Your Man, Begin Again and Wanted :) so cheers to that! There was a CSI:Miami marathon today, I love that show :3
Anyway, I'm doing something I've been thinking of doing for a while. I'm finally deactivating my FB account :D applause anyone? Hehe. But yeah, I'm tired of social networks so I've decided to cut myself off the ones which I'm tired of and aggravates me. I'll be around though, no worries. There's always whatsapp, blogger, twitter ( linked to my phone), wattpad and umm.. Email?  :) If you have any problems that require immediate attention, sms me. You know my number.  I presume, haha.
I hope I'll finally get the time and inspiration to write a short story now. I'm pretty sure I want to major in English after school :D it's always been my passion. It's time to start living life again, and making full use of every day. I'm tired of planning, hoping and wishing but not actually doing anything. So wish me luck? :)
Tiffany Alvord concert tomorrow. Excited! Ryan wanted to go early, to walk around and chill. I don't mind, just thinking of all the food and yummy things at the mall next door makes me drool :3
Wow, never realized how tiring blogging on a phone can be. Oh well, finger exercises. What happened to my fellow bloggers? Why you no blog? I feel so alone here, in this blogging world :(
"Don't despair, hope for another tomorrow." - Author Unknown.
Let me know if I made any mistakes, grammatical or spelling! Thanks :)
Till next time!
Sorry for the short post btw :P
 P.S. And it is done! Facebook finally deactivated :D I'll probably delete it if I finally decide I have no use for it anymore. Hehe.  

Monday, March 25, 2013

Capturing Every Moment.

Hey there! :)

This is going to be a photos post. I'm having a headache so I won't be writing too much. Should have gone for the Expedition camp out last night, but my parents insisted I stayed home and rest because I was still sick :P

Anyway, here goes!

This is the bag the stuff came in :) I received it last Thursday.

How it looks like inside. The plastic has 10 free extra curl thingies :D I got a not-really-a-surprise gift too :) In the red bag:

 Watches! <3 It was free, so yay :)

I think of it as more of an accessory, it's colorful and fun :)

See the model dummy in the photos there? It creeps me out a little, but then again, I've always had an aversion to mannequins. 

 Mixy, yesterday :) 
She's so adorable, I just want to squeeze her till her eyes pop out. HAHA.
Sometimes I think I'll die alone with a million cats. 

Expedition Rangers practicing their drill routine :) Boy, am I glad I don't have to do that anymore. I miss it sometimes though. It was fun, but not when you have to repeat it over and over again :P

I tried curling the front parts of my hair last night. I was too lazy to do the whole head, so yeah, I looked weird :P 
It turned out real good though, despite the fact I left it in for less than an hour. 
I was hiding out upstairs from everyone,  reading magazines and listening to music. Sigh, quiet times :')

I'm still in disbelief at the fact Ryan insisted on going. I wanted to go, but my aversion to crowds and the ticket price (I'm broke, serious) made me hesitate. HAHA. The price is actually reasonable compared to other concerts.

To be honest, I would have forgotten about Tiffany Alvord coming to Malaysia if Way Jie hadn't reminded me last week. He wanted me to accompany Cindy, cause she likes Tiffany too, so I told him I would think about it, and I did. Not sure if she's going now though :P Oh well, it's her choice. I'm going with Ryan and Nicole. Hope there's yummy food around :) mmm, FOOD. *drools* I'm not sure about the venue though. There's two Bentley Music Auditoriums I know of O__o.

If Hillsong United or Planetshakers come to Malaysia, I won't hesitate to go for sure. <3 

I'm tired, so till next time :)

When Raindrops Fall On My Head.

Hey there! :)

Sunday: The Misfortunes Of Being Sick
I've been sick since last Thursday after school. Dratted weather! (Blame the weather for everything :P) I slept all day on Friday, and on Saturday too, after passing out on the bed before having dinner. I felt better yesterday, so I decided to go to church :) Went pretty late though, I hate people seeing me when I'm sickly and weak. HAHA. FWP: The hall was so cold from the weather outside and aircond, I was getting goosebumps. Oh, how I wished for my beloved jacket that morning. We skipped Fuxion (Youth) that day. I was sick and I couldn't bear to walk in the rain to get to the foyer. The others wanted to help out with the kids. I stayed as far away from them as I could, cause I didn't want any germs getting to them :P

Talked to John Joel and Don about Rangers stuff. They asked me why I didn't go for the sleepover, so I told them I was sick. I looked sick, sounded sick and acted sick, but people don't believe me when I say I am :( They had a camp in church last Saturday night, with air-cond, in the second hall, with blankets.  Joy was saying how John Joel took up all the space in the tent by sleeping in the middle and spreading his arms wide and moving from side to side. So she had to sleep outside, in the cold HAHA. Talked to John Joel after that about PMR and all that school stuff, quite interesting :)

I chilled out at the back after sitting down in different places, getting bored, getting up and walking everywhere. HAHA. Fabian and Aaron were messing around with a camera and tripod, so I joined them. Fab was in charge of the laptop. I deviously planned to mess with him and slowly reached over the laptop and pretended to press a button. He saw me before I managed to do it, and reprimanded me each and every time I tried to do it, which was kind of the point anyway :P Joy saw my face and said "Hey, you okay or not? You look pale. Your face and lips are all white." I gasped in horror and said "I'm turning into...into something! I can feel the change.." Okay, stop it Maine, you're overreacting. HAHA. I started annoying Fabian again and he said "Do that again, and I'll touch you." After a moment of silence, I glanced at Aaron and he glanced at me, then we both stared at Fabian.

Me: Dude! That sounds so wrong.

Aaron: Exactly! What, touch people all?

Fabian: I mean, TOUCH la, like poke. (He then proceeded to poke my shoulder)

I burst into laughter and started teasing him with Aaron about how everything he says always seems to sound wrong. It's the way he says it, that gets me all big-eyed and boggles my mind. And trust me, it's definitely not just me. :P

Nicky and Lawrence (and the gang) tried to attack me with tickles again. They're only 11 years old and they're bullying poor old ladies like me? :(

I was talking to Cheryl and Aijean about Tiffany Alvord coming to Malaysia. I might have exaggerated a little about Ryan though :P Oh yeah, Tiffany's coming to Malaysia! :D YAYZ. Already got the tickets, hehe. Hope they're selling the merchandise though :) Ahh, I'm so excited even though I hate crowds and sweaty armpits. But it's worth it though. I say that every time I go to a concert or show. HAHA.

We went to the foyer after that. I didn't want to talk to anyone, cause I looked sick, felt sick and oh, you know? It hurt to open my mouth (a first! Wow) But that all changed when I saw Andrew. HAHA. When I see him, I automatically get this "Blabber" button activated :P So I went over, and started talking to him with everyone else joining the conversation. It was a pretty animated conversation, I laughed so hard though it hurt, but I couldn't help it :P

Where was I? Right, then we went to have lunch. And we waited for SO LONG. Aijean, Cheryl, Jojo at one table. The rest of us, namely Esther, Joy and me at the other table. Waited for maybe half an hour? And that kind of time we can't afford, especially with Rangers and all at 1.45 pm. I told Joanna and Andrew to tell my dad I won't be joining the Adventure Rangers. I wanted a rest, so shoot me. Hehe. The food finally came, and we ate it like savage beasts (or maybe that was just me). I went with them to the second hall. Helped Aijean with parade for a while and sat down immediately afterwards because I was tired. Watched them practice reporting and marching for a while and doozed in between.

David Poh saw me and said "Eh, you sick ah?" I weakly nodded my head. I laughed a lot when they were practicing the reporting. I'm sorry, but they reminded me of myself when I was like them. I was sms-ing a friend about something and grinned a few times because of some funny stuff he said when Esther noticed me smiling and said "Maine, why you smiling so much?" DP said "Aiyah, that kind of look means talking to boyfriend la." HAHAHA. I got a silent laughing fit after that (sore throat). It was just so funny, I couldn't help it.

I watched them play games afterwards. I cried, because I couldn't laugh, so technically, I laughed till I wept :P A word of advice: When you're playing games, don't give a twig about looking bad or making a fool out of yourself. Just have fun, you know? Let yourself go. No one's going to judge you for that :)

Stephen asked me why I didn't go to AR and I told him I was sick. He didn't believe me, because apparently I looked too healthy -__- okay. Dad didn't scold me :O I was shocked at that, he's my boss, so what could I expect? Hehe. I even got two slices of chocolate cake. For the soul :3

I did a test experiment on the curling set I bought from Sophia. It works really well! Not even 2 hours and it looks..curly. HAHA. I'll try curling all of my hair next time :) Thanks Sophia, I owe you a hug <3

I spent most of Thursday at school, talking my mouth off with Jihah and just about everyone else. Talked to Iman too, poor guy couldn't skip school on Friday cause his mum's a teacher. Everyone berpakat not to go to school on Friday cause there wasn't much to do and most of us were falling ill. Hehehe.

Photos in next post! Hopefully :)

Alrights then, till next time :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Memories I Won't Ever Forget :)

Hey there :)

Life's been taking its toll on me lately, I've been so tired, I'll come home from school and crash on the couch after lunch.

I went to school today. I have no idea why I'm so tired in the morning even after sleeping early and taking afternoon naps. A teacher asked us Form 4 students to stay back, but she didn't tell us why till the other forms entered their classes. When I heard the words "Go back to your Form 3 classes to line up for your school magazine." (in Malay), I was so excited, I jumped right up and dragged Najihah to find our friends and line up. We saw Ainin, Arissa, Atikah and a few others who went to ST/1 and went to them, squealing and saying things like "Long time no chat!" and "Omg, I miss you so much!" while hugging or pulling each other's arm.

Intan came towards us, and the greetings started again. HAHA. I thought it would be awkward but it was actually quite refreshing and crazy to see them again :) Of course, there are a few of our friends who changed schools this year like Fareisyah and Careen :( It's funny how two people can make such a difference. We started chatting about our classes till we had to sit down in our rows. We do still see each other around in school, but it's not the same. All we say is greetings and have a short chat before we move on with our lives, so it's awesome to finally have a taste of the old times :) But I honestly miss 3 Marikh (Mars) more than anything.

Somehow Shawn ended up sitting in front of me. HAHA. I was the first of the girls to sit. Whyyy. Yi Wen came and sat next to me. Yee was sitting in front of Shawn. Way Jie suddenly appeared with a green slip in his hand, and I couldn't help teasing him by saying "Eh, who are you? You're from our class meh?" He glared at me. I continued "I've never seen you before, are you sure you're from this school?" And he boinked my head -__- JERK. HAHA. Okay, maybe I deserved that.

I felt awkward at first. You would too, if you were in my situation :P I looked at Way Jie's green slip and it turned out to be a pass for being late to school. Bangun lewat? HAHA. Always. Talked to the guys a bit, and as usual all the perverted stuff came out. Teenage boys with dirty minds, never a good sign. But I'm used to it after all these years, so I just shrugged it off.

Yi Wen got the school magazine. I didn't buy it, so I borrowed hers to see the class photos. I looked at my class, and I saw myself. I thought "Oh God why." I looked terrible. HAHA. Probably because I was still overwhelmed with the mischief the boys were up to that day. Shawn looked over and laughed, nudging Yee and saying "Hey, remember that day? Chasing you around until you sweat so much, your hair got stuck to your face." It's true! Lol, his hair looked like he was standing in the rain for hours and accidentally walked into the photo :P

I saw Way Jie sitting next to the teacher (in the photo), and snickered "Spongebob Squareface..." right before he boinked my head again. I hit him back, and we started this really petty slapping war. HAHA. We stopped for a while and started at it again, but with Shawn included this time. I really am a violent person. Counsel me, anyone? :P

Yee (Lol, okay, maybe it was Way Jie? hmm) suddenly asked Shawn if he had a girlfriend. I thought "What? You've been in the same class for months and you ask him that now?" :O Wow. He jokingly said it was Law Yi Wen and tried to put his arm around her. She grimaced and said "Ewww, no way la. Touch me, I'll kill you." I laughed so hard at her expression. LOL. She looked like she wanted to knock her file over his head.

The teachers finally allowed us to go back to our classes, so we did. I kinda forgot what happened today. Short term memory loss always happens when I take naps after school. Sigh. I do remember I spent most of recess with Yi Wen, walking around and talking about life these days :)

Sin Yee not only passed her Sejarah paper, but got an A :O Dayyuummnn. I TOLD her she would get an A :P Sejarah pro. I got an A for ICT. Me, Laily and Fitri got 83 %. Chanderesshan got 80%. I don't know who else got an A, but I do know that a majority of us passed.

Tina, Sin Yee and Mee En were talking about a guy who was making Mee En's life miserable, and I was completely oblivious at first because I didn't read her blog till now, so they had to explain the situation to me. Let me say something, when you're not her boyfriend, you don't have the right to boss her around and make her feel guilty for talking to her guy friends. Honestly, even if you WERE her boyfriend, you deserve a good thump on the head. We females, are not property. You do not have the right to dictate our every move and make ridiculous assumptions without prove. So there! Don't be a jerk.

Sophia (also known as Izzati, lol) showed me this curling set she's selling. Did I mention she's a business-girl? :D Mind blown. It looks like this:


One does look weird when wearing it. Kind of like a clown with multicolored hair :P

Sophia demonstrated how to use it on my hair, and people started coming up and watching her do it. HAHA, I was the only one who couldn't see what was going on at the back of my head :(

I love curling my hair. I'm not even ashamed (okay, maybe a little) to admit that I have a bit of girliness in me. So I'm buying this from her at a discounted price :D Some of my friends want to see the results and the process (where I look like a clown), so you can wait for that to appear in a while :)

Jihah decided to test the spiral thingy on my hair to see if she could do it. Bully! :P I kept going "Oww! Ouch! Save me, someone, save me!" as a joke. HAHA. Jihah was all "Maine, you're such a drama queen." Okay :(

I read a magazine with Lina, Jihah and Sophia. We'd go "Omg, that's so pretty!" and "Is that a guy or a girl?" HAHAHA. Oh, it was crazy.

 Maths teacher let us out early today! :D Sniff sniff, thanks teach. It was raining though, but by some strange stroke of luck, my dad came early because Ian was late for school so I went back earlier than I expected :D There were fries in the car, and music. This is the life, man.

Ohh, Sin Yee's sick and she probably won't come to school tomorrow :( Aww. We'll miss you, stay home and get well soon! :)

Neways, I'm sorry for being a grumpy cat to some of you today. I've just been too tired, it's hard to keep my eyes open. :( 

All in all, today was a good day and further motivation to go to school, hehe:)

Till next time! :D

Note: After doing some research, I discovered that Magic Leverag is a knock off from a brand called Curlformers. But curlformers are almost RM200, while Magic Leverag is only about RM40, so I have no qualms about buying it.
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