Thursday, April 25, 2013

Short Post: Reading, Writing & Update.

 Hey there!

Had a good time in school today. The science exhibitions were fascinating. I liked the chemistry one more though :P Saw dissected animals; frogs, mouse, rabbit and fish. Thank God I don't take Biology *wipes sweat from brow* Laughed so much during Sejarah, I could hardly write properly. A lot of fun stuff happened too :) It was a good day.

I have a ton of e-books on my phone now! :D YES! And they're all free, thank goodness. I love Goodreads for recommending so many awesome books to me. I'll be starting a new blog soon; for Reading, Writing & Me. I haven't started on it yet, but I will..eventually :) It'll have reviews about books, books I want to read, authors, poetry and just about everything to do with reading and writing. One might like it if one were into reading books <3 or writing. Warning: Some posts may contain spoilers, so be careful when you're reading it. Don't want anyone stumbling across any spoilers and killing me for it :P HAHA. Please note: For the reviews, what I write is based on my OWN opinion, not general public. So if you happen to disagree about what I say, don't give me hell for it. Everyone has their own opinions about every single book. It's not possible for 100% of the readers to love a book completely. As long as it's not offensive, constructive criticism is necessary as any experienced author/writer knows.

Will announce it when I finish editing/designing/creating it. :)

Till next time.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why am I, holding on?

Hey there! :)

I haven't been blogging for a long while now, so here goes :)

Last Saturday, there was a leaders' gathering at Commander Herbert's house, something about meeting the new senior pastor and his wife. Dad forgot to take something, so we had to turn back, go home and get on the road again. HAHA. I was so dizzy and disoriented when I came out of the car, my legs were shaking. The gathering was fun though, although everyone there were older than me by at least two years, excluding the kids. O_O. Some of the commanders gave their testimony about serving in the Royal Rangers; and it was really inspirational. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be in Rangers for the next few years of my life. A few months ago, when being a commander was new to me, I would have said "Maybe, maybe not." But now that I've really served in the ministry, I think I'll be doing it for a few more years, till I leave the country or have to focus on my studies :P It might be stressful and on some days, I feel like pulling my hair out in frustration, but at the end of the day; to watch the kids I and my fellow leaders mentor; learn things, experience things they'll never forget and have fun, I've come to the conclusion that it IS worth it. And I'm pretty glad I left Expedition Rangers early too :) This batch of kids this year are pretty awesome.

Sher Rin, Joanna and I were discussing the dreaded-yet-it-turned-out-great GMA interview, and how some people only care about the recognition but not the true value of the Gold Medal Of Achievement. Don't get it because you want to be the youngest to achieve it, or because every one of your friends is trying to achieve it. Get it when you feel spiritually and mentally matured and prepared enough to get it, when you finally understand the value of it and what it means to work for it. That's the purpose of getting the GMA. I should probably warn you that the interviewers are going to ask you that. HAHA. And also, the timing must be right. You probably won't know what I mean by that.

And let me tell you this: If you're trying to achieve anything, may it be good marks in exams or first place in something, don't do it because you want to prove that you're better than everyone else. Do it because you want to prove that you're better than what you think you are. At the end of the day, you will feel victorious about achieving something for yourself, because YOU know that you had the perseverance, determination, guts and ability to do it, makes you feel better about yourself and teaches you something about life. If you're trying to prove that you're better than other people, you're not, when you didn't learn anything from it. Strive to make the best of yourself and stop judging your own failures and victories by other people's own shortcomings and uprisings. ...Okay enough of this.

Sunday, what can I say? One of the best days in the week although personally I love every single day, except for the fact I have to wake up early from Monday to Friday and again on Sunday (not to mention STUDIES AND HOMEWORK), I still enjoy every day :) Now that's something you won't hear me say in the mornings.

Helped out at GCC as usual, and head off to Youth. We got in pretty late and had to sit at the first row AGAIN. Megan came to church again, for the first time in what- four months?! :D Long time no see Sakai. She and Cheryl got to sit at the back though, lucky pineapples -__- It felt like the old times again, with everyone around at the same time for the first time since last year. HAHA. Gosh, how things have changed :( We ate at the fellowship hall, the food was nice, but my appetite was dying. Esther and Joanne went to eat with Fabian outside, I spent most of the time talking to Megan about life these days. HAHA.

We went our separate ways after that. They went for their ER meeting, and I went for the AR meeting. Joanna was telling me how the girls agreed to stack up the chairs "for Commander Maine" and I was thinking "aww, so sweet :3" Andrew came in late, and he and Joseph just dropped to the floor and started doing pushups. I was trying not to laugh but I bet everyone saw me grinning like a maniac. Was supposed to teach the Bachelor merit, but when I found out Stephen hadn't even printing it yet, Joanna and I had to go to the machine we knew all too well and photostat about 20 copies :( 8 pages of it too! Fancy that >.< Didn't have to teach at all, mostly because I debated with Stephen about junior comms even being ALLOWED to teach :P Yays! Cmdr Kwang Yew wanted Joanna and I to interview the potential GMA Expedition Rangers, since we were the latest batch, so I went to the main hall. Interviewing was a lot of fun. Cmdr Kwang Yew said "Oh, and if they say the wrong thing, just *PIAK* slap them only!" He was kidding la. HAHA. Samuel's interview was probably the most frustrating. When I asked "What do you plan to do in your future?" I meant, to serve God. And he replied "Get married, have kids." LOL. Okay, that was partially my fault. HAHA.

Some of them were serious about getting it, some of them were probably doing it just for the sake of getting it. I could tell by the way they replied and acted. Joy Jensen came and sat down, I got a shock when I looked up and saw him. "Eh, what are you doing here?" I half-yelled. LOL. He said he needed help with the Bachelor merit. What? 5-6 commanders upstairs and he comes downstairs to ask about laundry? O_o. He said he didn't want to ask Stephen. So I helped him till Cmdr Kwang Yew shoo-ed him away. Wei Loong sat down and started asking us weird questions like "What's the International Service for?" when we told him that that was the hardest merit to finish. How to explain that? -__- It's an extremely huge merit with all sorts of topics.

School has been good for the past two days. Did not get scolded for not doing homework and none of my teachers snapped at my class for any reason. And I got to go home early two days in a row! :D A lot of laughing for no reason, but that's normal :)

 Some people have asked me, "If you don't use Facebook, rarely use Twitter and Instagram...what do you DO?" Easy. I read reviews on books on Goodreads , read books on Wattpad and Cool Reader, listen to music and watch videos on Youtube! :) Don't even get me started on Regency Romance novels! <3 <3

Anyway, till next time! :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Write My Life: Biscuit Tales

Hey there! :)

A couple of days ago, I went to the dentist to extract an extra tooth. I didn't mind the pulling-out-the-tooth part so much, but I HATED getting 3-4 injections in my mouth to numb it. I have a morbid fear of injections -__- Anyway, instead of a normal small cute tooth (the kind you see illustrated in books), it was a root tooth instead :O I would show you a photo of it, but people who saw it flipped and said "Eh, vampire tooth ah? Canine tooth?" and etc. HAHA. So someday maybe. I've always wondered why the tooth didn't fall out on its own accord, and I've finally figured out why. HAHA. Unsolved mystery: Solved.

Went to church yesterday,hung around the fellowship hall for Praise and Worship for a while. Esther wore a dress, third time in a row D: We went to Fuxion afterwards, saw everyone sitting in circles and I thought it would be awkward trying to squeeze in. Almost turned back, but Aijean said "Just go in!" So we did O_o. Had an incredible urge to laugh, like I always do in awkward situations, but I resisted. If Mee En was there, we would be having the worst laughter fits at the same time. HAHA.

We pulled out some chairs, sat down and started filling out forms about cell group. Someone was sharing a testimony, but I was too distracted to listen :( Less than ten minutes later, we were asked to go for the main service because Pastor Henry was preaching, so we went to the balcony. Most of them went downstairs, saw K.D.'s photo on Instagram: Two or three rows of youths standing at the back of the main hall. HAHA. Kesian :P

We left service early. Too hungry to wait know how it's like. :( All of us ate Char Kuey Teow at the restaurant nearby. Yumyum :3 I bought lekor too. We went back to church after eating and service had just ended. Sam, Darren and the guys were asking us "Wanna go eat now ah?" We said "We just came back from the restaurant!" The look on their faces. HAHA. A lot of people asked me, and when I told them I already ate, they shook their heads and said "Ohh, ponteng ah?" Psshh. Not ponteng la, just left a little earlier than usual? Hehe.

Went to change my clothes, the toilet was pretty empty. Strange. I took less than 10 seconds to change, I was already wearing my RR shirt inside my button up shirt, if that makes sense. One lady (lets just call her L) came in, saw my shirt and started talking to me about Rangers.

L: So you're in the Royal Rangers ministry?
Me: Yeah, I am. (feeling awkward, haha)
L: Ohh, how long have you been in the ministry?
Me: (Mental calculation) Umm, I'd say about 11 years?
L: *Looking shocked* Ahh, how old are you?
Me: I'm 16.
L: Sixteen ah? Hmm, in two years you can be a junior commander right?
Me: Haha, umm..I'm already a junior comm. I kinda got my GMA early and graduated early.
L: Ohhh, that's nice.

After some awkwardness, we bid each other a good day and she left. HAHA. Oh unicorns, I have to practice on my socializing skills.

[Daiyana tried to make me come back to Facebook. I said "NO." (you know the meme. hehe) No intention of returning to the Underworld. ]

I went back upstairs with Joanna to keep an eye on the kids. Somehow, my body betrayed me and walked over to the piano and opened it. Darren and Samuel suddenly came in when I was playing "When I Was Your Man" and started singing really off pitch and weird :P Strange ones, they are. Saw David Sup and closed the piano faster than you could say "Banananchocolatemilkshakewithmarshmallowfries" He told everyone to line up and started parade. Then he suddenly turned to me and Joanna and said "Okay, you can take over now." What? What??? Really kan cheong already -__- I messed up when I said "Rangers, akan lurus ke kanan, ke kanan lurus!" It was difficult la, you try yelling it at the top of your lungs with a bunch of other instructions to remember XD

Caught sight of Shermen's expression and couldn't help laughing. Quickly sobered up and told Joanna what to say. We got them to sit down and let them do what they want until Stephen, David and Daniel arrived. When Joseph came in, he dropped to the floor and started doing push-ups. I looked at Joanna, she looked at me and we said at the same time "Show off!" (Just teasing him la, not being mean) He heard what we said and said "Eh, I'm not a show off la!" Laughed so hard when he said that. It was funny :P

The tailor came to take measurements, so we didn't do much. Joanna and I were running up and down, photostat-ing merits and slips -__- EXERCISIOM (Couldn't resist, sorry) And to imagine, I have to be a junior commander for another 1 and 3/4 years! But being a junior, there's less responsibilities la, so boleh tahan :D All in all, it wasn't a very stressful day besides the exercising. HAHA.

Commander Nate told Jo and I about checking out Gunung Tua in Negeri Sembilan this Saturday, and asked us if we can go. When we asked why, Daniel or Stephen said "To see if girls can tahan hiking that much." Offended! Cheh. But it's true, lol. Our stamina isn't that great. I took out some Rocky biscuits and gave it to a few people. Daniel took the MOST, and to add insult to the injury, he took the last one I had out of my hand before I ate it :'( Whhhyy? He said it was payback for telling him I'm 18.  I forgot who told him I'm 18, but it wasn't me.

Oh, there's also a leaders' gathering this Saturday at the chairman's house. Yay, free food! :D Went to talk to Grace Amanda after Rangers, we were discussing music and college when she spotted a pair of Nike shoes, with orange tips. She said "You should steal it" cause the owner wasn't there. Her mum came then, so she went home. Jezreel appeared with Sam J. and walked over to the shoes and his bag. I said "Oh, that's your shoes ah?" He said "Yeah why?" I replied "Oh, nothing.. I almost stole it." He looked at me. "What?!" HAHA. His shoes were nice, but his size is at least 2 sizes bigger than mine :( 

School today. Not bad, not bad. I'm glad I finished my essay. 500 plus words. Tina wrote 818 words! Crazy! I would have written more, but that would have been too much for the poor teacher to handle. HAHA. A lot of people didn't finish their essays. Teacher told them to pass it up tomorrow. Bought some Apollo biscuits during recess, and suddenly everyone's buying it :P HAHA.

Mee En and I were talking about sunblock (weird topic, I know) and describing what would happen if we wore it to school. Making sound effects and hand motions all xP Hahaha. I forgot what she said but I started laughing a lot at one point. We didn't do much during Sivik, just bersembang with our friends and read books (in my case). Did I mention my class got first place for the "Cleanest Class" award? :D That's the fourth time in a row, being in the top three.

Vemlan apparently thought I've been ignoring him (I'm not, I just find it awkward to talk to him in school :/) so he took my book when I was reading it. I had to chase him to the opposite end of the block, almost crashing into some people and had to beg him for the book back. We walked back to the class in silence. That reminds me, what does one say when a friend accuses her of ignoring him? HAHA. I have no idea O_o.

Watching a Draw My Life video now, so till next time! :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don't Forget To Say Hi.

Hey guys! :)

Life has been good these days.
Relationships: What?
I was talking to Jihah about relationships and what-nots (which is very common these days), and she asked me " there anyone you like?" I was stumped at that question. It just occurred to me that while my friends are all 'in like' with guys from school, church, tuition, celebrities, singers and actual living, breathing, normal guys; I'm in love with fictional characters from books. Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Carter Kane,Leo Valdez, them non-existent yet freaking amazing guys. Now how crazy is that? But then again, relationships in your head lasts far longer than real relationships. That's me, ever me pessimistic person :P Or maybe I'm just a realist. I'm not sure. I believe in love and romance, but in  way, I'm not entirely capable of not being cynical either.

School: Don't Forget To Say Hi To A Friend
Went to school a little late today. And surprise, surprise, Spongebob was walking to the gate, coming from an opposite direction. Blinked once. Twice. And being the lazy person I am, I just walked on instead of saying hi. HAHA. Yes, surprisingly it DOES take a lot of effort to raise my hand and wave; or to say "HEY!" or "Hiiiii!" *Sarcasm* HAHA, just kidding. I was worried about being late. In school these days, being late is a crime equivalent to smashing a door down with a hammer :(

Way Jie said that it's been a while since we last chatted, which is kind of true. HAHA. After deactivating my Facebook and throwing myself into a pile of every students nemesis: Homework, I pretty much neglected to socialize. I did see him around in school but I never took the initiative to talk :P Feeling guilty (hah!) and all, I made this weird promise/deal/bet to say "hi" whenever I see him. I assumed it would mean saying hello once a day but unfortunately, I kinda forgot to put a limit to the number of times I say "hi" HAHA.

The first (technically second, but yeah) next time I saw him, I was sitting at the back with Izzati and Azlina, discussing something in a magazine and cracking lame jokes. He stared at me expectantly and I stared back. Dei, what are you waiting for? I thought, confused. I forgot about it that fast. HAHA. He finally said "Eh, not going to say hi ah?" Ohhhhh. "Hi!" I said, thinking Okay, you can go now. HAHA. He pretended he couldn't hear me and made me repeat it so many times, frustrating me to the point; I finally yelled "HI HI HI. Now can you go now? Shoo!" He had an evil, satisfied look on his face and finally walked back to his class. I bet he did it on purpose to embarrass me -___- What kind of friends do I have....D: 

Today was probably the most stressful, interesting, best day I've had all week in school. Stressful, because I wasn't prepared for the Ujian Lisan and the whole time I was praying silently that the teacher wouldn't enter the class or call my name. HAHA. You know that feeling, right? Interesting, because Puan Ashikin gave us a very..interesting topic for an essay. It's a sentence that goes: "Kim was nervous when the door opened..." She told us we could turn it into a horror, adventure, robbery, kidnap or any other story as long as it fits the sentence. I chose kidnap. I'm not a fan of horror with the blood, ghosts and spooky stuff. I'm not much good at adventure stories like Alice In Wonderland, since my imagination doesn't dwell on magical bunnies and flying broomsticks much and a robbery is hard to describe. 

I'd probably write an entire essay describing everything they took. Like this:

    Kim watched in horror as they grabbed her laptop, television, stereo, washing machine, cat, vase, speakers, phone, bookshelf, piano, purse, modem, dvd player, favorite pillow, bolster, bed, cupboard, clothes, books, teddy bear, bag,  and webcam from her room. No no no! She thought, dismayed. They can't take my cat! She took a deep breath and charged out of the closet with the broom she found. "HHHEEEEYYYAAHHH!" She yelled "Get your filthy hands off Mr. Muffins!"

See how ridiculous it is? If there was a break-in in your house, what would you do? I fancy taking my trusty old baseball bat and giving them robbers a good thump on their heads, but really, what chance do I stand against knives and guns? :( I'd wager that most people would silently creep out the back door to avoid detection, and run out of the door screaming "OH MY CAMERA! THERE'S ROBBERS IN MY HOUSE! HELP ME! HELPPPP!!!" Or just call the police like normal people would. HAHA. 

 I'm not really myself right now. This is ridiculous. I am ridiculous.

Best day so far this week, because I got to:
  • Make lame jokes about random stuff with my friends. 
  • Look at a magazine with Iz and Lina, and laugh when we came across embarrassing girl stuff and had to hid it from the guys. Didn't get to copy the Maths notes on the board though :( Rajin Maine is guilty now.
  •  Sit with Jihah at the back, and make fun of songs we like unintentionally. Somehow we just manage to turn an awesome song into a chipmunk or fail-at-manly-deep-voice song. 
  • Complain about guys in our class being too gentlemanly. Which isn't a bad thing, to be honest. HAHA. Asyik complain je we people!
  • Do the thing we used to do in class last year when we read Rumplestilskin and I imitated his voice. We tried that again during History and laughed as quietly as we could when we read Gulp and Gasp. 
  •  Mee En and I were talking about "Pitch Perfect" during recess. Note to self: Watch that movie during the weekend. Started making jokes about it and laughing. #nochickentoday :( 
  •  Spent some quality time with Yi Wen. I keep hitting her recently-wounded-now-healing-knees with my elbows and she started a weird chant about mirror on the wall O_o. I hope she didn't hit her head too and get a concussion. HAHA.

      The "lesson" of this story is, don't forget to say hi  to your friends. Cause if they're anything like mine, they'd somehow manage to pinky promise you into saying hi EVERY FLUFFY BUNNY TIME you see their face/s

I have to remember this, cause I forget it everyday :P Evil banana. EVIL.

I probably sound like a wicked scientist on potatoes now. I should stop now. Next time peeps!

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Twist On Mythologies :)

Hey there! :)
 Heroes Of Olympus! <3 
Cannot wait to read the last two books in the series <3 <3 

This post is going to be a mixed rant/excited fan post about writing, reading, Rick Riordan, book review and you know..Everything to do with what I've been obsessed lately :)

 First off, Son Of Sobek, a crossover short story from The Kane Chronicles and Percy Jackson and The Olympians is coming out THIS MAY. Carter Kane and Percy Jackson meeting, now that would be interesting :3 I heard it's coming out in e-book form though. Not sure if there will be a paperback version :( Fingers crossed, twisted, bent and broken! (That's just an expression for hoping for way too much, HAHA). Already read the short preview and it sounds pretty awesome. It's just like Rick Riordan drive fans all over the world crazy, waiting to get their hands on the latest books in all his book series :P

Ian asked me why I haven't started on reading Mark Of Athena yet. The thing is: We have the whole Heroes Of Olympus collection (except for the two books that aren't out yet, heck, the last book hasn't even been WRITTEN yet), The Kane Chronicles trilogy and three books of Percy Jackson. We're still working on buying the last two Percy Jackson books to complete our set :) Yes, we are die-hard fans of Rick Riordan books. I don't read his adult fiction books though, cause obviously, they're for ADULTS. HAHA. (where was I? Oh right) And the moment we get our hands on the latest book, we pounce on it and stick our noses in it (not at the same time! Haha) for the rest of the day or even however long it takes to finish the book. I'm not kidding, we'd even stay up until the next morning just to finish reading it.

That's just how crazily addictive his books are. Rick Riordan has a funny sense of humor, perfect blend of sarcasm and seriousness and his books are just perfect <3 *Sighs* Ehem, the reason why I haven't start reading it yet, after MONTHS AND MONTHS of waiting (HAHA), is because I kinda read a spoiler in Goodreads, and I'm pretty sure if I start reading it, I'll be extremely emotional for the next month or so. Why? Well, you've heard of cliffhangers right? It basically means the author gives you some shocking revelation and then BAM! The end..of the first book or chapter. Cliffhangers leaves you wondering "Gosh, what happens next?" and fills your mind with a whole bunch of questions then you have to wait (im)patiently till the next book comes out.

And smart old Rick completely bewildered all Heroes Of Olympus fans out there by giving us a cliffhanger and wait for us an actual cliff hanging scene. I swear, if Percy and Annabeth dies... you have no idea what I might do. HAHA.

The last words in the chapter are portrayed by this:

It's such an ingenious idea, but it drives me crazy because I can't find out what happens next till THIS OCTOBER. How can I wait that long?!

The Lost Hero's ending wasn't too umm..upsetting, so to speak. But it was mostly about Jason Grace, no Percy :( Piper, Jason and Leo was fun, new characters though. I like.
The Son Of Poseidon was thrilling and amazing. Imagine a Greek demigod in a Roman camp. Wows :3 Introduced Frank and Hazel too. Was pretty emotional at the ending. I'm still wondering what happened after Percy and Annabeth met again. 

As for The Mark Of Athena, I heard it's a great book (as always) but I haven't read it so I'm not sure what happens :( The ending though, urgh, Rick, how could you?!

That's pretty much how I feel right now. And the last book in the series will be out NEXT YEAR. NOO :'( But then again, all great masterpieces take time to be written. 

I must apologize, first for the long post and second for being a tad too crazy about it all :P 

In case you're wondering, House Of Hades is the book I'm anticipating to read this year :3 The fourth book in the Heroes Of Olympus series. 

 Completely forgot about my mission to make these shirts:

I was so busy last year, it slipped my mind :( 

Some people say "Why read the books? Just watch the movies la." 
But But But the movies will NEVER EVER COMPARE TO THE BOOKS. 

Just so you know.

There's so much more details and feelings described in the books that you don't see in the movies. When you read, you can imagine just how everything is and it makes you slip into a world of fantasy with dragons, Golden Fleeces, monsters and all kinds of amazing adventures. Sides, the movies are never exactly like the books. 

He gets the craziest ideas but that's why us readers love him. 


There are some books which you'd read till the end, think "Wow, that was a nice book." and keep it away and forget all about it. 
Then there are those books, you would never imagine you'd like, but the second you read the first page, you start to wonder "Why did it take me so long to discover this?!", and you are pretty much  reeled in, hook, line and sinker.And those books are the kind that you can read a million and one times and never get bored of it. Those are the books I love the most.

The most ridiculous thing is, when I first heard of the Heroes Of Olympus a few months after all the going-gaga over the Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles, I was quite displeased with the idea of it. (Don't kill me, I'm not done yet) You see, most series that end wonderful and start a new series (with the same + some different characters) often ruin my idea of the whole original series and it pisses me off to no end. But the H.O.O. was different. Although I was reluctance to read it at first, I thought "Why not? Just give it a shot and see how it goes.". And dayyummmnnn, thank God I read it! Rick Riordan managed to keep the original characters intact (no one died, got terribly injured, forgot who he was EHEM EHEM, fell off a cliff Yeah, that's..WAIT WHAT?. Just kidding. HAHA. I mean he didn't change their personalities or anything.)  After the P.J. series, the H.O.O. was like a breath of fresh air. Hats off to you, kind sir. 

If you haven't read any of his books yet, trust me, you should! Rick Riordan is one of my top favorite authors, right there with Nora Roberts, John Grisham, J.K. Rowling and etc :) 

By the way, you really shouldn't compare Percy Jackson to Harry Potter. I love both series to bits, although Percy Jackson is regarded to be the top favorite amongst these two. It is a matter of taste of course. My love for Greek mythology and fighting sort of precedes my love for magic.

Extract from www.rickriordan,com

See? :P Bleh.

Hopping insane mythologies fan. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse. You name it. I like it.

On a different matter, my school is having a Karya Kreatif (Creative Works/Writing) thing going on for our school magazine this year. I'm planning to write about something, but I just don't know what yet :P HAHA. Closing date for submission is sometime in April.

I'm pretty annoyed with school examination essays. They ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS choose the most boring, ordinary, everyday topics that can make me fall asleep writing it. There's always enough points to choose from, but it's just so BORING. URGH. Why you no give us fun, challenging stuff to write about? Most people assume I never score less than an A in English because I'm good at it, but the truth is, after writing essays for years and years and YEARS, I finally got used to all the main points of the essay and how to write it. Really, I'm not kidding, it'd bore you to tears to read.

Thank goodness my English teachers have always been creative when it came to writing essays in class or I'll go insane.

Tips to get better at writing:

Extract from

Agreed :)

My friends at school likes my hair when I tie it up in a high ponytail. But I don't. I like how it looks, but I hate how it feels. Thick hair drives me crazy! So heavy :( Sniff sniff. I have to start following the hair rules in school or they might chop all of my hair off D: EVIL. EVIL. 

It's awfully mean, but that's just how they do it in Malaysia. No follow rules ah? WANT DIE AH? WANT DIE? HAHAHA. Oh Malaysia. You bring tears of joy to my eyes. :')

So yeah, that's all for now!

Till next time :D

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When It's Time To Let Go.

Hey there! :)

Man, I missed blogging.

I wish I could take a photo like this :( There goes my dreams flying out the window. HAHA.

Why Did I Deactivate My Facebook Account?

So some people have been asking me "MAINE, Why you go deactivate your Facebook?!" and say things along the lines of  "You siao ah?" and "Don't want to talk to me is it?" HAHA. Don't take it personally. It has nothing to do with people. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing! 

Okay, maybe something. 

Maybe it's just me being the normally anti-social, private, (Can't really say that because I blog about my life, but WAIT, I can :P It's my blog, my life. Duh. You don't have to read it if you don't want to as opposed to Facebook where you see everything and anything just as long as you're "friends" with them)  reclusive person I am. You might find it hard to believe but I actually love being alone. When I'm alone, I don't have to worry about looking like I've just woke up, wearing crappy clothes, and being myself, cause there ain't nobody there to judge me. You guys know what I'm talking about right?

Reason 1: On Facebook, it's where people judge you the most.
Maybe they won't comment or anonymously 'dislike' your posts/photos, but (not being paranoid or anything here) they WILL judge you, in their head. I know, cause I do it sometimes. HAHA. That's another reason to stop, I'm turning into a judgmental, self-loathing person from all this contact with the outside world. I hate it, but I can't stop myself when I see people dissing their parents, complaining about having so-called "crappy" Samsung Galaxy Something, talking bout getting the latest gadget and being upset about being single (really, what's wrong with that?)....I just get so sick and FED UP with this kind of behavior.

Listen, if you're upset with your parents, tell them even if they don't bother listening. Don't air out your dirty laundry and expect sympathy. Have some respect for yourself and your family la. And if you have a good phone, why bother trying to get the "latest" one all the time? Newsflash: There's always going to be more phones on the market. Each one better than the last, so there's really no point trying to keep up with all the craze. Now if they came up with a device that has all kinds of books available FOR FREE, you can bet your butt, that I'm gonna get that.

Reason 2: I secretly dislike keeping in touch with old "friends" and socializing in general.
Sure, it's great at first. You keep in touch for a while, then you forget about them for the rest of your Facebook existence. Yeah, it satisfies my curiosity to find out what they do now, and how they're different from who they used to be, but really to be honest..I just don't care anymore. I don't like socializing much online. I'm sensitive, and I get offended really easily when people takes a long time to reply to a simple question. I mean, really, can't you just say a quick "Sure, no prob!" or just say you're busy and you'll get back to me later? It's really just a simple "ttyl busy" or "brb"
A few letters, and you can't type that? -___- I hardly used my inbox in the last days before the deactivation.

Reason 3: Ugly photos.
All the photos on Facebook I get tagged in, is an absolute nightmare. I now have a deadly fear of being tagged in photos. HAHAHA. I'm not photogenic, and I ain't an expert on photography. Pretty sure I have this sign over my head that states "Make me look bad in photos" to the person taking the photo. The downfalls of being a not pretty, ordinary girl like me. Cameras hate me to oblivion. But I love them. So yeah, that's the story of my life.

Reason 4: Comparison, insecurities and :poop:
When I see how pretty my other friends are, or how popular they are, smart, and blah blah blah. Naturally it affects my self-esteem. I can't help wondering why she's pretty/popular/smart/poop and why I'm not. Statistics show (lol whut) that umm..I'm not sure what they show but it's something to do with people having self-esteem issues after comparing themselves with others. People compare themselves to each other all the time, even subconsciously. I can't help it, it's like when I see a 'perfect' person, with nice hair and good looks, I immediately think about how I look, wondering why my hair is so thick and unruly, why I have pimples, why I'm fat. HAHA. Forgive me, for being a human being with confidence issues.

Reason 5: Addiction.
It's kind of a waste of time. Lately I've started seeing FB in the same way I see my relationship with my fridge. I wake up in the morning, walk to the fridge and open it. A quick glance shows that there's no food available so I walk away. Not even one minute later, and I'll walk back to the fridge, open it again and check it for food that might have magically disappeared under some Invisibility Cloak the last time I checked it. It's pointless, it's ridiculous, it's futile.

So I hope that's sufficient reason to rid myself from that world :) Maybe eventually, I'll get up the guts to delete it permanently. But hey, I can always do it tomorrow. HAHA.

There are some things that I'll miss though, like Voldemophobia . Oh, the Potter World :(

Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters is coming out in the cinemas soon! :) I have no idea when. I like the movies, but they'd never measure up to the books :3 At least, Annabeth's blonde now, I was pretty disappointed with the characters not fitting their descriptions in the Lightning Thief. Can't wait to watch the movie :D

Okay, I was having a bizarre Rick Riordan crazy fan moment.

Enough ranting for today, yes?

Till next time :)

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