Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LessThanThree: Combat Boots :)

Hey guys!  :) *Edited*


But I can't wear them for the next four days :( Whoops. I mean wearing them right now ;)

Despite my previous misgivings, I was pretty much guilt-tripped into going to NTC. Was tortured for DAYS by some people who I don't wanna mention till I finally broke down and gave in :( When did I ever become such a pushover? Curse you, soft heart. My body hates you for this. So yeap, I'm going to camp and facing it with a little anticipation and a lot of dread. Maine is NOT happy right now. I'll miss my cats, kitten, toilet, family and soft, warm bed for the next four days. Leaving tomorrow, so yeah, enough about camp. LOL. If I come back and say "OMG I LOVED NTC." Cmdr Kwang Yew has the right to say "I told you so" HAHAHA. I'm pretty doubtful I will. Oh well, at least I'll have Joanna.

Going out with me homies today! :) FINALLY. Too bad Esther and Cheryl can't make it though. :(

Didn't go to church service last Sunday. I went to church, but ended up eating an early lunch with Daniel, Megan, Pris and Esther. Oh, and Sam J. Also might have skipped Rangers to chill at Meg's house. Ooops. Still getting ragged on for that.

Went to church yesterday for some Meta Aftershock photobooth meeting. It was kinda awkward at first. Samuel and Nicholas are WEIRD. Sorry guys, but you are. A funny weird though. Sam said "Even the pondans at my school doesn't like Justin Bieber." I said "Oh, how do you know the pondans?" HAHA. SORRY.

Kittens :) Aww.

 Bought this from Agape Boutique! :)

Boots arrive pretty fast! 

Banked in the money for it last Saturday night, and got it this morning! :) 
(Sunday is an off-day for deliveries, btw)

I'd say the service is pretty good :) The boots arrived in good condition. 
Panicked for a moment when I thought my feet were too small. Thank God it does though. My size is 39. I wasn't sure if it was accurate but it was. *Phew* Bought the boots for RM79 :) Which is QUITE CHEAP compared to other shops. It fits well, has nice studs and although I find the lace quite weird because it's kinda plastic, I like it because it's way more easier to tie. HAHA. Some of you probably know how I suck at tying shoelaces. 

Finally have my own pair of combat boots! :D
Sniff sniff :') 
Happy banana <3

And look at the time! gotta go now.

Bye! :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Holidays :D

Wishlist Update: 
  • Floral dress
  • Vest
  • Craft set
  • Dr Martens Inspired Combat Boots
  • Stop shopaholic addiction!! (near impossible task)

To-do list for the holidays: 
  • Start saving up money (and STOP spending!)
  • Learn 2 more songs on the piano. Maybe three.
  • NOT go to camp. Stay home and sleep :3 
  • Write a short story (or two) on Wattpad after putting it on hold for almost 2 years. (yikes)
  • Go for the El Elyon rally in PJ. 
  • Hang out with friends.
  • Go for a class reunion (if it's on) 
  • Turn into a crazy cat lady. 
  • Finish reading three books!
  • Learn Latin.
  • SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP #important.
  • Listen to music.
  • Chalk hair. An experiment I have yet to try.
  • Just relax. 
Hey there!

Holidays are finally here again! *Sobs in relief* Oh, how I love holidays <3 But I'll probably start complaining about how bored I am in a few days. Still, it'd be nice to sleep to my heart's content. And as you can see from my to-do list, I'm not planning on doing much :P HAHA. Of course, if I manage to find something productive to do, I won't hesitate to do it. And yes, I'm not planning on going to NTC despite everyone pressuring me to do so. This isn't the first time someone's tried to play on my emotions to do something I don't like :P I've been asked to do drugs, drink alcohol, get STDs, smoke and a bunch of other stuff, but I've never given in because for one, I'm too stubborn to listen to all the pros of doing nonsense and also because I have a horrible conscience who nags at me. I set boundaries for myself and I don't intend to cross them.

And oh, how I loath being pressured to do things -__-
Person 1: Go for NTC la! You'll be the YOUNGEST to go, the YOUNGEST. blah blah blah.
Person 2: Not sure when the next NTC camp will be, so you better go when you still have a lot of free time on your hands!
Person 3: Please come and teman me! PLEASE.
Person 4: Nike says JUST DO IT.

I'm not saying I'm not annoyed at being pushed, I'm grateful that you want me to go, but really, to do something I don't enjoy with everyone I know being much older than me? I feel like a kid on a tricycle surrounded by university students and adults. I don't even mind waiting another 5 years or more for the next NTC camp. HAHA. I love camps, but having some bad experiences kinda makes me skeptical about going without backup (friends). Also, despite being terribly out of shape, I have no intention of killing myself with exhaustion just to lose a few pounds. I would much rather grab a bike and go to the park. I do have a choice in this matter, and I choose not to go :) For those of you who are lazy couch potatoes like me, don't go unless you have a lose-weight wish.

I'm also dying (not literally) to go to the El Elyon rally (I think it's called a rally..but it could be a concert-y event?) in PJ. Last one was YEARS ago, and it was a ton of fun! And two rallies this year! One in PJ and one in Klang :D

Not sure if the class reunion is on or not. Haven't confirmed a date yet :( I'm glad that Jihah is in my class though, I'd probably cry if she wasn't. HAHA. And to hang out with friends! Ohh, it's been such a long time since I went out and had fun with them people. I think we're all focusing on our studies too much and school. I have three sets of piano sheets that I haven't even glanced at yet. Guess I have to learn it, before laziness takes over. As for the short story on Wattpad, flying potatoes, I've been putting that off since 2010! This is BAD. *bangs head against wall* And well, the other stuff is simply random things that flew off from my head.

I'm getting a craft set! :) As you can see from my wishlist above. *YUMYUM* I've already gotten a floral dress from Chick Habit and a vest from Clarisse on Friendly Fashion. Also planning to get a pair of Dr Martens Inspired Combat Boots sometime this year. I've always loved boots, but the whole addiction to combat boots came from Sadie Kane from the Kane Chronicles series written by Rick Riordan. And combat boots are so freaking pretty, I just want to melt myself in a puddle @_@.

I'm in love. With boots. How crazy is that?

I'm also going to be selling off 2 pairs of my boots because I can't fit them anymore :( It hurts to wear them. Sigh.

Anyway, that's all for now!

Till next time! :D

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Because You Chose To Do So.

Hey you! :)
Awesome news, school holidays have UNOFFICIALLY started for my school! :D (Pretty much a metaphor for "Oh, we aren't studying much these days, with the teacher's day celebrations and all, so most of us decided to take an unofficial leave from school!" Yeap, ponteng. Hey, don't look at me, I'm not the only one). Today was great. No studies at all, mostly just discussing the exam papers and chatting with friends :) Best.after.exams.day.ever. I managed to flunk Add Maths (and possibly Physics..have I mentioned how much I despise calculations?) with grace and dignity (Pfft, yeah sure). Surprisingly, I didn't flunk anything else...so far. BM, Sejarah, Maths, Moral: Passed. No further comment. Still anticipating my English marks though. Guess I have to wait for 2 and 3/4 weeks for it :( Spent most of Moral class, doing corrections and discussing answers with Pn. Mariani. Same thing happened in BM class, but with a different teacher (duh).

After recess, I sat with Jihah, Nab and Fad (no table for me though) and chatted about random stuff. We played a brief game of "word charades" where Jihah would suggest a word from my book and I had to describe it. When she chose "Wind", I immediately thought of "Fart". HAHA. They don't call it passing gas/ a strong breeze of wind for nothing. My mind has been tainted -__-. Laughed so much when we played it, possibly because I was drunk and extremely happy for no reason or I was on an oxygen high again. Mm. Pretty much the same thing then. Whoops. We talked about random stuff too. Most notably: THE HOLIDAYS. That's the word every student, worker, person in the world loves the most. Okay, maybe not so much for the people who adore school and studying (the horror) with a passion. But most thankfully, I am not one of them (although I wish to be sometimes) Hey, we all need to catch a break sometime, don't we?

Walked back to my rest stop with Jihah and Nab. Opened a book and read it after they waved goodbye and went on their way home. Was so absorbed in the book, I didn't notice some fatheads (you know who you are :P) calling my name from the mamak. They asked me to join them, but I protested, making excuses like "Oh sorry, I'm too busy sitting here and reading this awesome book. Sides, I'm way too lazy to walk all the way there!" It was only a few short meters, but hey, kicking up a fuss is always fun, don't you agree? They were stubbornly persistent though. Sheesh BOYS. Reluctantly dragged myself there and plonked on a chair (plonking. The new trend?). Shawn said he'd belanja, but I didn't want to eat, so I declined. Haven't been around them for so long, I'd quite forgotten their rather...umm.. mind-boggling conversations. I thought it was best to just keep silent and say "Whoops. NO COMMENT." To quote Joanne: Don't know, don't wanna know and don't know why I should know (add on right there!) or maybe hid my laughter from the ridiculousness of their statements. Really. Why would you want to do all that umm..teenage nonsense at such a immature age? When you don't even know what you want in life. Sorry bros, but that ain't for me. I have goals to chase after and I won't indulge in such unfathomable decisions. Still it's your life, it ain't mine :P And psh, you did ask me why, after all.

Anyway, on a different matter I'd like to discuss. Online shopping :3 Em yum yum. Who doesn't love to shop and buy stuff? :D But this ain't about the good stuff. Something you must always remember about shopping online is to be careful. There's a lot of online scams going on and one must never be blinded to it. Sometimes when you see something you really want, maybe a panda jacket that-is-oh-so-incredibly-hard-to-find, you might tend to get too excited and you don't think twice before saying "How much?!" Remember: You should always check on the authenticity of the seller/site. Don't lose your head and rush headlong into the deal without thinking it over first. If there's a "Feedback" or "Customer Satisfaction Rating" on the site, don't be lazy (!) and check it out. You never know, it might save you a ton of cash if the seller is a con artist. Don't give out personal information if you're buying stuff. They certainly do not need it. The basics are only: Address, Name and Contact Number. If they ask for any more, say no or at least, ask why. Best advice is to thoroughly check out the website. If you sense something wrong, or if you get a nagging feeling in the back of your mind saying "Don't do it." DON'T. Always, and I repeat ALWAYS. Trust Your Instincts. The seller's offer might be persuasive, but stay firm in your decisions.

So far, I've never gotten scammed before. I don't know if it's good luck or instinct that saved me, but thank you to whatever it is :Please note though, don't let scams and cons stop you from shopping online. You can still shop but remember to be alert and keep your eyes wide open for any deceiving, cunning schemes. Don't let the bad things in life stop you from living. 

Well, that's enough blubbering for today :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Than You Need.

Hey there! :)

Today was a typical Sunday, lots of fun and lots of ..torture. Oh, how I love Sundays :)

Holidays are coming soon! Feel like jumping up and down and dancing :D *Just like how we did this morning for praise and worship* FREEDOM. Just found out that if Joanna goes for NTC, I have (not really, at least I hope not) to go for it too -__- Stephen, Daniel, David, John Joel and goodness knows who else is going too. So I suppose it won't be THAT bad, but have I mentioned how much I suck at training camps and rope craft? HAHA. This ain't no comfortable, cool camp where you get to laze around in an air-conditioned dorm, with clean toilets, ready made food, light activities and laidback fun. This is a camp where you have to go all out: lots of walking (I'm terribly out of shape, NO), marching (parade), formality and discipline, cooking your own meals, taking items from store and walking a good long distance back to your campsite and preparing it, activities that will make your whole body ache, and LOTS AND LOTS OF TORTURE. There's a reason why they named it National Torture Camp. HAHA, just kidding, it's training. In different circumstances, I might have looked forward to going, but for one thing..I'm at least 2 years younger than everyone else attending the camp and after the JTC nightmare, you can see why I'm reluctant. (If you know the incident that scarred me for life, that is). And the worst part is, I only have ONE day to decide -_- Sigh. We'll see. If Joanna goes, I'll go..if she doesn't, then hallelujah! :D HAHA, I'm sorry, I'm so evil. Would have to miss PJ's El Elyon too :( Meeehhh!

Anyways, the fellowship hall was really cold today :3 I liked. We went to Fuxion, Pastor Phillip was talking about denominations, speaking in tongues and when Jesus rose from the dead (right?). Was surprisingly tired today, could hardly keep my eyes open. In Rangers too, nearly fell asleep a few times. Haha, the beauty of being a junior com :) Lunch was yummmmm. Although the lady forgot about my food, so I had to wait longer :( Still nom though. Had a good time discussing exams, nonsense and stuff. Felt a little weird without Cheryl and Megan around though. Cmdr Nat, Joanna and I were discussing about college (Nat actually thought I was in college! HAHA.), riding motorcyles (apparently lots of parents are against their kids mat rempit-ing.), driving cars and all those grown-up topics. How odd. Daniel came in late with a crutch, and I told Joanna that he probably used it to look like he can't walk properly, but he was actually walking fine. Called him on it and he admitted to it. Can't wait for a time when I can do the same thing :3 Maybe in school? HAHA. How I wish. Wei Loong kept making sarcastic comments, but that's okay. I'm used to it.

Went to yumcha with the guys (Sorry, the MEN) , Sze Yie and Joanne after Rangers. Cmdr Kwang Yew submitted my name to the council already, even though I said I wasn't going -___- WHY? Don kept saying "You should go, you should go!" I asked if Joanne could replace me (Twins after all) and he said "No, cannot! She looks too young!" I said "Oh, so you think I look old, is it?!" Pretending to be outraged, but actually thought it was pretty funny.

Daniel was eating bah kut teh, when I saw the ladies' fingers, I kept staring at it till he said I could eat some if I wanted to. I only meant to eat one, but ended up eating most of it. HAHA. SORRY. And I ate with my fingers at first. Oh well, it was worth it. I should probably stop stealing people's food. O_o.

Oh, I bought a vest and a floral dress online! :D *after all these years..* So yeah, that's two items checked off my wishlist! Next stop, combat or cowboy boots :D Someone should put a tight rein on my shopping sprees, but no one can control me :P

Till next time!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Oh! Happy Day :)

Hey there!

Good news: Exams are finally over! :D YAY. *jumps for joy*
Bad news: I probably failed most of the subjects. 
Better news: Everyone I know will probably fail it too, so yay! Not forever alone :D 

Yup, my class teacher ain't very happy with my class. But then again  
 Well, at least I don't. HAHA. Very few people's opinions matter to me. 

No one studied for Sivik, most of us were sitting with our friends and reading up on Sejarah notes. Some questions were weird, but since Sivik is not really important, I didn't really care. HAHA.

Sejarah (History) was..not as bad as I had expected it to be, but it wasn't very easy either. Section C, we're allowed to answer one question from three. So I picked the one about Tamadun Mesir Purba (Ancient Egypt Civilization) because it was the easiest option: My class studied it in detail and I love Egyptian history/mythology so no brainer besides the fact I forgot some stuff. Second question was about religion, Hindu and Buddhist. Yeah, no idea how to do that one. HAHA. I forgot what the last one was though. Lol. I think this year's Sejarah class is far more interesting than last year. Sej. teacher is really energetic in her teaching, and World History (sort of) is way better than Malaysian history. Just my opinion. I've always thought that learning History in English would be so much more fascinating, reading in BM makes me go cross-eyed. 

And we get to learn about Roman empire, Greece, Egypt, India and China :D I like. 
It rained this morning. Felt like free air-cond breezing through the classroom. HAHA. I sat by the back door (as always, tried to change but the teacher apparently memorized the fact I sat there since she walks by all the time, so she chased me back. -_-) , felt the wonderful breeze and droplets of rain on my face. Almost got my exam paper blown away and soaked in water too. D: NO. Another downside is, some wonderful people from other classes kept pulling my hair when they passed by and thought it would be helpful to wake me up by yelling my name -__- I thought we were friends! *sobs*

Booksie is having a writing competition now. The prizes sound pretty swell (money mon-eh! $.$) but I'm not sure if it's international or within America and Canada. I would have joined, but I have writer's block now, no inspiration and lots of misery because of it :( 

I was reading Throne Of Fire by Rick Riordan in class the other day. (Yes, again) And I kept blubbering and laughing for no reason, till the guys sitting in front of me asked me if I was okay. Rick Riordan is just HILARIOUS, his style of writing and plots..oh my gosh. I love humor :) 
I used to think I enjoyed reading chicklit, but over the years, I've realized that chicklit stories can really piss me off to death. Why all the betrayal, references to expensive brands/restaurants, materialistic comments and drama? It's just bloody awful. It's just not my cup of tea, no offense to chicklit fans. There are very few authors who can write a chicklit story that I actually enjoy (or at least, not make me puke from the ridiculous plot) like Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell, Melissa Hill and Cecelia Ahern. These are the authors who can come up with a decent plot, throw in some pretty wicked characters, add in some humor and make a pretty nice read out of it. 

Still, I tend to steer clear of chicklit when I can. I'm a diehard romance fan (very little drama for me, please. Thank you very much) who likes humor, mystery, thriller, crime fiction, fantasy and just about everything else that doesn't have D&B (drama and betrayal) or at least only a teeny-weeny dose of it. 

Moving on, I just found some old sets of chalk I had hidden around. Whatever happened to my hair chalking plan? O_o. I been putting it off for months, if not years. HAHA.
Chalked hair looks like this:


Nice, isn't it? And pastel chalk is pretty easy to find, I got mine from a stationery shop and Daiso. I guess I've been hesitant to use it because of the drying out effects. It dries out your hair, so after using it, you have to wash it out with water and apply conditioner. But it looks so freaking awesome :9 and I can't dye my hair for another 2 years (which I'm reluctant to do, since I abhor chemicals) 

Never mind. SOON :D Maybe during the holidays..or tomorrow for my dad's friend's wedding ;D 

Dad just told me I'm eligible to attend NTC (National Training Camp) but I don't feel like going. Everyone's going to be older than me, and I'll only know about a handful of people going -_- There's national camps for you, sigh.  Next time, I'd say :)

Online shopping: 
Been searching for secondhand/preloved stuff online (because it's cheaper) and I found a couple of nice blogshops based in M'sia. One website that really stood out was Friendly Fashion. The stuff there looked pretty wicked and everything's organized. You can even make an account (which I did) and sell your own secondhand stuff! :D Based in Malaysia, mind you. I found a website for selling/swapping secondhand books too, but I forgot the link and I'm too lazy to dig it up again. HAHA. 

I'm buying a craft set from Sugar In Cookies. It is just YUM. But I haven't had the chance to pay for it yet. Looking forward to the holidays! Oh, sweet lazying around times.

And that's it for now! :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pretty Meowsome!

Hey there :)

So it's finally a weekend again! I was practically hopping out of school yesterday, with a ridiculous smile on my face. YAYS WEEKEND :D I love you so much *sobs* Anyway, I sat for the Physics exam yesterday, along with all my suffering classmates/form mates. There was a lot of grammatical error in the paper, and on the first page, the English words were so muddled up, I had to read the Malay words instead, which didn't help much either -__- Another question had two different objects named in Malay and English. One said marble (I think) and the other said coin. What O_o. Thank God for diagrams. For the most part of the paper, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Die die die. HAHA. The most awkward part is, I was sitting next to the back door, then along came the teacher who made the Physics paper and Way Jie. My class teacher suddenly took my paper, said "Pinjam sekejap ah?" without waiting for a reply, showed it to the teacher who MADE the paper and Way Jie, and started talking and looking for the printing errors. Way Jie looked at my paper, then leaned over and said "Don't know how to do?" I said "I have no idea how to do it!" *panic panic* He said "Same!" Then we high-fived..in front of the teachers. HAHA. Thank God they didn't notice, but everyone else did. Why is there a rule that says we can't talk to each other during the exam? Does that mean we can whisper instead? :D I studied for that dang paper, but what I focused on was NOT in Paper 2! How is that possible? :'( Oh, I can predict the huge FAILURE sign stamped on my paper. 

Drama queen. HAHA. Oh, yeah weekend :) To be able to sleep till 11 am. What a blessing. Another week more of exams to go. Thursday is an off day, I think, for me. I don't take Tamil and..Chinese? Not sure if they have the Chinese paper on that day. It should have ended on Thursday, but because of the election holiday, Sejarah and Sivik got replaced on Friday. After that, FREEEE-DUMB :D 

Kittens have moved from upstairs to downstairs. Fluffy bundles of fur! :3 Show me a hot guy, and I won't bat an eyelash. Show me a fluffy, adorable little kitten and I'll be petting it and hugging it and squealing "OH MY GOSH. IT'S SO FLUFFY." Cats, meow meow . 

 Here are some photos :) Sorry if the quality isn't that good, I used my phone camera. 

*Sighs happily* Ah kittens. It's been so long since we had teeny weeny kittens around. 

That's all for now! :) bye.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Here's To Never Growing Up :)

Hey there!

And yes, the title IS based on Avril Lavigne's song. It's a great song btw :) Long time no post.

Life has been crazy busy these days. Swotting, tuition classes and other activities are draining my life force out of me :( Why can't we have exams where we study only things we like? I'll bet our results would be so much better than studying all sorts of ridiculous things that we probably, scratch that, definitely won't apply to real life. If they taught us how life's going to be when we're adults and how to prepare ourselves to face the world, that would be so MUCH MORE helpful.

Malaysia's General Election 2013 is over. I'm pretty surprised by the results though. Like, what the heck? I won't voice my opinion on that, because I think it'd be pretty dangerous. I wonder, is slander really allowed in campaigning? I'm seeing a lot of it going around. As far as I know, a statement that is malicious and false is immoral and a really dirty way to make others look bad. There's a lot of rumors going around, some even saying that Chinese people are anti-government. WHAT. WHAT? How dare they say such a thing? -___- It's an offense to my race! Just because we want justice and fairness, it does NOT make us anti-government. I'm just sayin'.Argh, politics. NOT my favorite topic.

Anyway, moving on..

Jun Sung Ahn! Haha, I used to have a weird aversion to violins when I was younger (probably because when beginners play, they almost destroyed my eardrums) but talented violinists like Jun CurryAhn and Lindsey Stirling had me doing a 360 degree rotation, and I've come to like and admire the music. Now, dancing and play a violin without missing a beat? THAT is talent.

I've gotten a lot of new clothes. What can I say? I'm getting fatter. HAHA. (Okay, no more fat jokes) Managed to snag THREE checkered/plaid shirts! :D Rayole (Ryan) got a whole new wardrobe (No Narnia, not this time) consisting of stuff guys in college wear, he now owns a ton of checkered shirts. I am excruciatingly jealous. I mean, I was. But I still am. If I can, I'll steal one and wear it, see if he notices :D *Bad sister, mad sister, that's just what I am*

How can you NOT like checkered shirts? They're so so ..YUM :3 and yes, not the best way to describe articles of clothing.

Just look at that pattern! Nyum. My latest obsession at the moment. Besides cats of course. Photos? Maybe someday :)

That's all for now! :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why So Short?

Hey there! :)

It's been a while since I last blogged or do anything online. Have I mentioned that my exams have ALREADY started? Wheezes, I despise having tests and exams :( I didn't even know what was supposed to be on today, so I had to harass some of my friends into telling me :P Thanks btw, Nab! All those lucky people having their exams at a later date :( *sobs* Why can't I be one of you? PJK paper was "okay", it wasn't really difficult, but I think no one studied for that paper :P

Sejarah paper 3 was...umm..I think there's no other way to describe it besides a form of torture on poor, decent, hardworking students just desperately trying to pass it -___-. I wrote as fast as I could, but really, who can answer 8 essay questions in 3 hours without meticulous thinking and speedy fingers? (Which I do not have, by the way) #HATESEJARAH. #HATEIT HATE IT HATE IT. I would proclaim my hatred for it from the highest mountain in the world, if I could climb that high. HAHA. Thank God that paper is over! I'm extremely grateful to Mei Keng and Lee Hong though, without them, I'd probably flunk Sejarah for sure. HAHA. Not to say that I won't flunk it, but they decreased my chances of flunking at least :D Elective subjects' papers are in two weeks. I can already tell which subjects I'll have trouble passing. Good news is English papers on tomorrow! :D YES. <3

I've decided to wait till after my exams to start on my reading blog :) Excited for that! I wish I'd thought of it earlier, but oh well.I'd say more, but I have things to do now.

Till next time!

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