This movie (The Lightning Thief) is such an insult to the book
Why do I keep watching it
(logan lerman)

 You know, it kinda annoys me that everybody thinks that Jason is as good as Percy. Percy conquered Fury Alecto, Ares, Medusa, Minotaur (twice), countless Hell Hounds, Scylla & Charybdis, Polythemus, Luke (can we say, multiple times?), Dr. Thorn, has held up the sky, defeated the Labryinth, wins against his half brother/sand person, helped Grover find Pan, blew up a mountain, bathed in the River of the Styx and lived, managed to go to hell and back (litterally, multiple times), destroys Princess Andromeda, defeats Kronos, tears up New York City, is offered to be a god, and is still not dead (AND THAT IS ONLY THE FIRST SERIES). Jason did some cool things, but he isn’t that good.

Agreed. I don't hate Jason, but I don't love him either. He's too "perfect".

Assuming your eyes haven't fallen out by now, till next time! :)