Friday, September 20, 2013

Wisdom begins in wonder -Socrates

Hey there! :)
I'm separating different topics into categories, in case you get confused since I do tend to ramble on :)
More gifs, less words!
(A picture is worth a thousand words, so do the maths :P)

I haven't been online for a while. So proud of myself, sniff sniff :') Really, not being online is somewhat of a miracle these days. This is the generation of technology and virtual worlds after all.

Speaking of such, have you watched Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball music video?
(It's the oldest latest news)
My reaction:

Ricky Ricardo  OMG

I'm not even exaggerating.
My eyes buggled out of their sockets when..when..
I'm too traumatized to talk about it. HAHA. One word of advice: If you fear for your sanity, DON'T watch it. Don't.
I liked the song, and I assumed the music video would be the likes of "When I Look At You".
But it wasn't. Bad judgment on my part. Jihah did warn me not to watch me *Facepalm*
I will never hear the song again. Or I might, assuming I won't be imagining a wrecked room, hammer and all those things that has scarred me for life. (If you know what I mean)
My innocence is destroyed. Okay, not really.
Filed under traumatizing and never-to-be-visited-again videos.
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Okay, I might listen to the song again. Maybe. Probably. We shall see.
I do like that part of the song though.
Finals are in a week. A FLYING PIXIE DUST WEEK. Can you imagine that? I'm doomed. You're doomed. We're all doomed for eternity. (Drama queen, HAHA. I apologize.)

If I may pose a question (If I may..oh unicorns, I've been reading far too many Julia Quinn novels)
: Is it possible to be racist about your own race?
For example, I once heard an acquaintance of mine (She's Indian by the way) say " Yerr, Indian people's skins so dark."

 40 GIFs That Say NO - Image 1

No. Just no. That ain't right, you know? I had no idea what to say.
Insulting other people's race is one thing, but to insult your own race? What are you saying about your own people? O_o. Speechless. Your race, will always be a part of who you are. If you can't accept that, who would you be? I loathe racists. I hate people who judge others by their religion and skin color.

Okay, enough with the seriousness. -____-
Just understand that racism is no funny business.
(And I can't understand why I'm talking about it, especially since I don't usually dwell on serious discussions)
Stocked up on snacks for the weekend! :D  *Mentally drooling*

Friday's always been a relaxing day. (sort of, compared to Wednesday, it's almost heaven)
I must say I simply can't abide (big words, yay for intense dictionary browsing throughout my whole life - Who reads dictionaries? I'm even more of a bore than I thought I was) pilih kasih (favoritism - my English is horrible when it comes to certain words) teachers.

They say things like "You know that class ah, they always do their homework, do revision, clean the class, mop the whole school, volunteer to clean the canteen, feed all the stray dogs and flush the toilet after using it. But You ah,..... lengang lengong tak buat apa-apa pun (Translation: You don't do a damn thing around here. Oh God, English fail.)."

At that point, the tak guna (useless) class (namely my class), proceed to roll our eyes, sigh and tune out like the bums we are :P HAHA. Don't compare, it's not fair. (That rhymes) to us, to them and to everyone. Everyone has their own merits you need to consider. It's implausible.
Some guys heaved up their friend and tried to slam him into a umm..pillar (?) in school during recess. First Way Jie then Shawn.
Everyone turned and look like:

It's not as violent as it sounds :P I doubt it hurt much and they definitely deserved it. HAHA. 
When I went to school today and saw Form 3 and Form 5 Indian students walking around wearing sarees and traditional Indian clothing, I thought:

Was there some sort of party going on that I didn't know about?

But nah. HAHA. It was like a bunch of parrots parading through a flock of pigeons. Pigeons are us students with normal uniforms and parrots are the ones with colorful clothing :P No bird-cism intended.
Why is it when certain couples break up, the animosity that brews out of it is so overwhelming?
Can't we all just get along? O__o. It's almost uncomfortable to be around them, especially when you're familiar with both parties.
How I feel:

*Flips table*
After exams, we'll be free! :3


Happy potato day! :D

This is random but why do girls like to eat salads?
Even if I want to be on a diet, I would still insist on cooking my vegetables.
I cannot tahan raw vegetables (I used to call it rotten, oops), the dressing and etc. etc.
The only salad I remember liking wasn't much of a salad...It was a fish covered in cooked veges. HAHA.

Anyone remember "White Chicks"? Old show, but it cracks me up every time.
A while ago, I read a story online. (I won't mention names)
It seemed brilliant at first. Good plot, fantastic spelling and grammar, no funny names, decent characters. I was mentally praising the author in my mind with each chapter.
But when I got to the middle of the story, I had the queerest deva ju feeling like I've read it before.
Started checking the comments below and saw that the so-called writer of the story had plagiarized the work of another author from a different website.

Note this, lady. (Or man, whatever you are) It doesn't mean that if the story hasn't been published, it isn't copyrighted by its creator. How did you miss the "Property of..." and "Copyright 2013...." at the top of the story?

The reason most writers keep their writing to themselves is because they worry about plagiarism. But then again, if you keep it to yourself, there ain't anyone who is going to discover it :( So if you share stories online, be sure to copyright it, so you can fend off the damn story-stealing jackanapes. 

For you internet addicts:

When you:
  1. Carry your smart phone/electronic device everywhere. (You even need it when you bathe) #water #soap #shampoo # shower #washinghair #noclotheson #toothpaste #toothbrush #brushingteeth
  2. Can't eat without Instagram-ming it first.#food #burger #cokenocaine #pizza #fastfood #gettingfat #nasilemak #burgerking #mamak #pizzahut
  3. Have a virtual girlfriend/boyfriend you've never met before, but obsess about everyday.#girlfriend #boyfriend #love #lastforever #nevermethimherbefore #stillinlovewithherhim #cyberdate #fun #exciting #happy
  4. Stay up late at night, doing useless things like checking up on FB newsfeed, Instagram and tweeting nonsense.#late #dark #midnight #cantsleep #tired #insomnia (Pah!)#bedbugs #itchy #wannadie #help #911
  5. Throw a fit when there's no Internet connection. #whythishappentomeallthetime
  6. Can't survive without finding out what's going on in other people's lives. 
  7. Are moody and quiet and constantly have your nose stuck in your phone during social gatherings.
  8. Think that people who aren't frequently using the Internet are lame.
  9. Procrastinate in doing more important things to update your social life online.
  10. Don't enjoy real outdoor activities because there's no free Wi-fi and you don't get to use your tech gadgets all the time.
If you think it's for you, then it is.

Click for all types of gifs! (You won’t regret it) ♡

Click for all types of gifs! (You won’t regret it) ♡

Click for all types of gifs! (You won’t regret it) ♡

Click for all types of gifs! (You won’t regret it) ♡
Click for all types of gifs! (You won’t regret it) ♡
Click for all types of gifs! (You won’t regret it) ♡
But of course, it depends on the movie. I wouldn't want to be in.. Human Centipede or Final Destination per say.
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Oh Joey :')
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Click for all types of gifs! (You won’t regret it) ♡

Me every single day of my life

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Reminds me of my brothers' dirty tactics when we were kids where they would throw ice water on my face, tickle me to death (poor toes), drag me off the bed, throw a cat on my face and etc. Oh, and I did the same to them too. HAHA.
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Adele is so retro.
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And ta!
Till next time, amigos!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Through Dark-Colored Glasses.

Hey there!

First off, Happy Birthday! :D to everyone whose birthday is in August, September and October. I'm sorry I forgot your birthday (there's a wonderful excuse to not having a Facebook account) if I had. Exams are starting early this year, so you can begin to expect presents arriving your way by November at the very least. (I didn't forget to make them, I just chose to give them to you later :P). For the matter: You refers to friends only, not random strangers coming up to my doorstep expecting free gifts. HAHA. This is Malaysia, we Malaysians always looking for free gifts and discounts. (And very proud of it, nonetheless)

 Anyway, this is from me to you :) dmingthing.

cloudedvision: (by Nicole Stites) - The day I met him

As you can probably tell by the image above and title, this post will be about spectacles. Or eyes if you will :P

I, for one, would like to admit that I'm as blind as a bat (or blinder, if possible) without my specs, with the exception of night time. I wouldn't say I have perfect vision at night, but I do see things considerably clearer in the dark compared to the bright glare of the sunlight. I'm hoping to get contact lenses next year, if only so I can wear sunglasses that aren't clip-ons. As for now, I'm quite satisfied with wearing glasses.


I remember the days when spectacles used merely for the sake of seeing clearly. Now it appears to have became a trend and it's something *quote* cool *quote* You can find all types of spectacles from Harry Potter, trendy black specs to rainbow-colored ones.

Question: Why do you have to wear spectacles? What was it you did to obtain a less than perfect eyesight?
- I read too much. In the dark when I'm supposed to be asleep with a flashlight, lounging on the sofa after school to pore over a book, in the car during long trips, whenever I'm eating (You gotta read when you eat ;]), sometimes in the toilet (most people use their phones, I'm glad to defy the mainstream) and even when I'm waiting for my dad to pick me up after school. I'm, in no short terms, an ultimate bookworm. You'll never, and I repeat never see me without a book when I'm bored. And if I'm not reading, I'm thinking about what to read next ;) And sadly, what I loved most became the cause of my poor eyesight.

I'm not really blind without my specs, that was an exaggeration. Everything is just blurred and I often mistaken things for what they're not. Oh, and I squinted a lot. HAHA. Which made my eyes look smaller than they really are (and they're small enough)

I used to be ashamed of the spectacles I used to wear (I still am now), but I certainly had a reason to. HAHA. But now I've sort of gotten used to wearing them (despite having worn them since I was 10). I wouldn't say "gotten used to it" exactly. More of, coming to accept the fact that I need them and I would go mad if I spent the rest of my life, squinting at people talking to me and wondering who they are :P

If you have terrible eyesight, well you gotta learn how to accept it. It can be a good thing, look at all those spectacles and contacts we have available these days. Anything is possible :) And if you have perfect eyesight, you're one lucky potato ;) (and no, that is not a substitute for a bad word. Oh well, think what you will)

With that said, I have to confess, I freaking love black spectacles. The first time I wore a pair of them was when I was about 14 years old. Fern had a pair of fake black specs that were being passed around. I tried it on and fell in love on the spot. HAHA. So the next time I changed my specs, I chose black ones. They are in trend now, have been for quite some time.

Till next time!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hair Cutting Experiences and RM 5 Hauls :)

Hey there! :)

So I've just gotten my hair cut recently. Nothing drastic, just trimming and adding long layers.
Layers like that. My hair is uncannily thick and lately when I have it up in a ponytail, I get intense headaches and feel like my head is going to snap right out of my head. *Pardon the image you just created in your mind* But when I have it in layers, it's lighter. But, yet again, it looks like a fluffy bunny tail or an acorn -__- I'm not sure which is worse yet.

My favorite saloon would be Monsoon-ID in Aeon, Bukit Tinggi Klang :D
For one, they're really professional. Not like the auntie who used to cut my hair when I was a kid, she blabbered and chatted with my mother (Why else do you think I understand Hokkien so well?) while merrily snipping off my hair and not really paying attention to how much hair she was cutting off. Hence, I came out of that house looking like a sheared sheep and forever traumatized by the experience. Therefore, forbidding my parents to ever cut my hair at a talkative, scissors-wielding lady's house.

There used to be a saloon, a Japanese saloon if I'm not mistaken in my dad's hometown. The lady was friends with my parents and I always loved going there. Aquariums everywhere, watching stylists cut hair, dye hair and all those Wella products lined up on the shelf. *Sigh* Nostalgic memories. 

Oh wait, where was I? Right, and secondly, they give superb massages. *Sigh again* I often fall asleep *mentally* during those wonderful moments. Lol. And they cut and blow dry hair perfectly.  I also like the serum they use on my hair, makes my hair feel smoother and less dry.

It looks like this from the back. Forgive the odd bump, I sleep with an eye mask on >.<
And no, I did not dye my hair. My hair is always reddish-brown in the sun. 
It looks short in front, but it's long when you see it from behind.

I do love straight hair, but one has to think that wavy/curly hair has more life to it.
The stylist said my hair is dry, so I need to apply serum (politely, thankfully. Or I might have thrown a spoon at him). I bought L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum and Ellips Hair Vitamin in Watsons :3
My hair is naturally dry. I swear, I hardly ever use heat on it despite the large amount of styling tools in my house.

Someday I'll be like Sadie Kane with colorful streaks in my hair, but not till I graduate :'(

Enough reminiscing about hair, HAHA.

And because I haven't done one in a long time, here's a haul :D
From Daiso (Everything's RM 5)
A business card holder with a mirror. Similar to the one I bought for Jihah, only hers is red. :)
A mascara guard because I completely suck at putting on makeup, much less mascara. *Shudders*

Oil blotting paper because I'm kiasu and always worrying I'll run out of it, so I'm restocking it a lot.

From Hinode (Also RM 5 shop)
 Dust plug for my phone, I couldn't resist the kitty :3
A box for all the jewelry I throw around after wearing them. HAHA.
 I also bought a small, sling bag. The kind you use when you're carrying nothing but your wallet and phone and you're too lazy to lug around a giant handbag full of nonsense you take "just in case". 

Finally claimed my Popular student card! :D YAY. It might not seem a big deal to you, but it certainly means a lot to me.

Question: What is your desktop background?
Answer: Pictures of boots, every five or ten minutes it changes :)

Note: There can be a lot of cheap goodies in Malaysia, you just need to know where to look ;) 

Update: Do you know how ridiculously young I feel with shorter hair? Ridiculous. It might be a good thing but for a 16 year old girl, it's not great having people think you're 14 :P (Looks like I won't be getting into bars anytime soon. HAHA. Just kidding)

Till next time! :D

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