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Hot Huez Hair Chalk Review, Braided Waves & Update

"Beauty is about finding the right fit, the natural fit. To be perfect, you have to feel perfect about yourself - avoid trying to be someone you're not." - Aphrodite, The Lost Hero

Hey there!

So it's been a while since my last post. For one thing, I've been working on my drawings (trying to achieve the unachievable) , editing photos (just for the fun of it) and watching reruns of Big Bang Theory.

Evidence of statement:

I took a photo of my Demigod Files book in church one day, after VBS and edited it with the Cymera app (which I love, love,love!) Looks pretty cool, doesn't it? *Pats self on back*
This is the Puffin (I think) cover version of the Heroes Of Olympus logo, I used it as a guideline for the drawing.
It's only half done, I was planning on doing the wings and body, but I got sidetracked :P 

VBS this year was pretty laidback (well, in my opinion, anyway), the Craft station is pretty fun :) 

Remember what I said about getting red highlights in my previous post? I did get them...Only to dye my whole head that shade two days later :S I'm still trying to decide if I regret it or not. HAHA. 

Sorry for the messy hair, I forgot what a comb is. 
It was slightly uneven at the back, which is what prompt me to dye my whole head.

My real hair color:
It's dark brown with reddish and golden brown undertones.
(Sorry for the bad lighting)

It's luckily, not so noticeable in room lightning. But in the sun, it's so ridiculously red, that some people actually thought that I'd dyed it strawberry blonde. 

With sunlight.


With sunlight. 

What it looks like now.
If you're wondering how I got the waves, I used the regular braid technique :) 
Tips on doing that:
1. Loosen the braid slightly so you don't get crimped waves (which used to happen to me all the time)
2. Use styling mousse or gel, to keep it from getting frizzy and help the waves last longer. 
3. If you want waves below your ear and not above, don't french braid it. Regular braid will do.
4. If you have really thick hair like me, split it into two sections. If you do just one regular braid, it won't be as nice.

I have weird cats O__o. Like owner... like pet.

Vanity, is insanity :)
Hot Huez Hair Chalk Review.
Where to buy in Malaysia: Lowyat forum: evalueshop
Price: RM 32

Review of evalueshop on lowyat: 
Price: Reasonable, for something difficult to find in M'sia.
Delivery: Super speedy! (The RM 3 for additional postage was well worth it) I banked in the morning, and received it the next morning :3 I love Skynet (lol), they're usually a day faster than Pos Laju. But that also depends on where you live.
Inquiries/Replies: They reply pretty fast to your inquires, in a very professional manner.
My opinion: Highly recommended seller! You won't be disappointed :) 

I'd add dip-dye here too. 

The chips were entirely my fault. I dropped it on the edge of the plastic packaging :S 

  • Color is noticeable enough on dark hair, no need to dampen it beforehand.
  • Color payoff is gorgeous.
  • Easier to use, and less messy than using normal pastel chalks. When the chalk goes on my hand, it washes off easily unlike damp normal pastels.
  • Packaging is compact, and portable. 
  • Washable, comes out with shampoo and water.
  • It can be tricky to open if you're not used to it.
  • Can dry out hair slightly and make it stiff.
  • The white compact gets dirty quite fast.
My verdict?
Well worth a shot at trying, especially if you want temporary color in your hair and you're still experimenting with colors. 

I'm thinking about buying a new micro sd card for my phone, I don't think I have enough space left with the amount of songs and pictures I have in my phone :( Also buying a black case for my phone, to custom design with a galaxy print :D I've dropped my phone twice already, since I got it at the beginning of the year, despite being extremely careful, so you know what they say...Always use protection. HAHA. (Okay, what is wrong with me? -___-)

A tip for shopping online in Malaysia and outer space:
- Lowyat forums always has interesting things to check out, and there's usually feedbacks of sellers and even lists of scammers to be wary of.
- Always, read reviews on websites you plan to purchase from. That way, you can be sure of the authenticity of seller, and not be a victim of a scam. 

That's all for now! :)

Till next time,

Update: Next project: DIY Galaxy Phone Case :3 Yay!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Writer's Secrets: (Life) Seven Deadly Sins Tag

Hey there!

Tag time :)

Pride: Seven Great Things In My Life
  1.  God. Even if I don't go to church as often as I used to, I love Him and try to live by His word. 
  2. My family and friends. For caring about me, even though I'm a terrible person.
  3. My acceptance of who I am. I might not be the prettiest, most popular or nicest person around, but I've finally accepted myself for who I am: An introvert who loves organic life forms, but prefers spending time with inanimate objects (books, mainly)
  4. Books. Reading, has always been, and will always be a part of me. Forever.
  5. My ambitions and interests. Writing, playing musical instruments, cross stitching, knitting, crafting things out of clay, friendship bracelets, painting, shopping. These things matter to me. 
  6. Organization. I have an obsession with making things tidy and neat. Understanding Isfet and Ma'at (Chaos and Order) is important to me.
  7. Music. I can't live without it, music makes me happier and calms me when I'm upset.
Envy: Seven things I Lack and Covet
  1. A perfect figure . I'm pretty satisfied with my body shape and size, but I do wish I had a flatter tummy. 
  2. Perfect skin. I despise having skin blemishes, discoloration and pimples. But I do tend to not notice it.
  3. Sewing skills. I can't sew to save my life. 
  4. Creative artistic tendency. As much as I try to be good at painting and drawing, there's always something lacking in that area.
  5. A cartilage piercing. Which I'll probably never get, because of protests from my parents and relatives :( I've always thought it looked cool.
  6. Dyed hair, highlights, etc. I've never once dyed my hair with chemicals before, because my Mum is old fashioned and doesn't believe in artificial beauty or being wild and experimenting with new things. Of late, I'd sneakily use lemon, cinnamon and honey to dye my hair without raising suspicions and hoping desperately for my hair to change color. I will dip dye the ends of my hair red someday. Just wait and see :)
  7. Ability to read sheet music. I'm pretty much incapable of reading it. I don't understand it until I stare at that particular note for at least 3 minutes, which is why I have to revert to learning the beginning of the piece, and using my ears to figure out the rest of it. It's quite calming to listen to piano pieces on CD.
Wrath: Seven Things That Makes Me Angry
  1. Those who gossip bad things about others behind their backs.
  2. Backstabbing friends. 
  3. Those who leaves me when someone better comes along.
  4. Messed up friendships because of difference in feelings.
  5. People who laugh to my face about my faults, as though they have none.
  6. Those who step on other people like rugs, just to feel better about themselves.
  7. Those who think that position in society, is far more important than what really matters.
 Sloth: Seven Things That I Neglect To Do
  1. My homework - I start off good at the beginning of the year, with my homework book and planning, until I falter somewhere along the way. 
  2. Exercise - Let's just say I never pick up where I left off.
  3. Study and do revision - I don't have typical Asian parents.. but even if I do, I probably won't study either.
  4. Involve myself in church activities. - I'm seriously backsliding on this point.
  5. Saving money. - Somehow, I can never seem to keep my money in my pocket.
  6. Practice playing musical instruments. - I haven't learned a new song in a very long time.
  7. Selling things online. - I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I keep forgetting to. 
Greed: Seven Worldly Materialistic Desires
  1. DSLR camera - I want to try out professional photography.  
  2. A book completed with every type of mythology in the world. - I love (times a million) mythologies!
  3. Infinite number of clothes. - Like every other girl, I seem to have nothing to wear.
  4. Dotting tools and acrylic paint. - For crafting purposes.
  5. Knee length combat boots. - Because they're amazingly cool.
  6. A spaniel or a husky. - I've always wanted a dog.
  7. Black leather jacket. - Once again, black clothes? My thing.
 Gluttony: Seven Guilty Pleasures
  1. Chocolate - I cannot live without it.
  2. Shopping - I need a padlock for my wallet.
  3. Crime shows and comedy - CSI, The Listener, Big Bang Theory, you get the gist.
  4. Rick Riordan and Historical Romances books.
  5. Losing my mind every now and then - Insanity is good for my soul.
  6. Anti-social behavior - Time where I spend alone where no one judges me.
  7. Tandoori chicken - It's so yummy :3
Lust: Seven Things I Love About Love
  1. Having a best friend to talk to.
  2. Having someone to be immature with and laugh at ridiculous situations.
  3. Someone knowing who I really am, and loving me for it.
  4. Someone who's always there, no matter what.
  5. Deep conversations, insights on another person's feelings.
  6. Trust, loyalty.
  7. Passion.
I'm planning to dye some red highlights into my hair. Some people might think it's a ridiculous notion, but I'm tired of being conservative and not being experimental enough :) Also, red highlights would be pretty subtle and natural (or so the mind thinks). 

Till next time!

P.S. Secrets page has been updated! Check it out :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Recommends: Review

Hey there!

Here's a funny thing. Even after all these months, I never noticed that my blog title was Maine Lyn: Writer, Reader, Loner, Dreamer. It was supposed to be Reader, Writer, Loner, Dreamer. See the difference? Haha. I'm starting to think that I'm as blind as a bat or as oblivious as Percy.

Anyway, a couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I had to post phone buying some dotting tools and acrylic paint from DeoGloriaBeauty. That was about two weeks ago? So I finally convinced myself to purchase it, because I really wanted to make some charms from SugarCharmShop (SCS)'s tutorials (which is the epitome of amazing stuff) and I couldn't do it without different sizes of dotting tools.

(RS) 2 Ends Dotting Tools 5 in 1 set - RM 15
(RS) OUMAXI Arcylic Nail Art Paint 22ml set of 12 pcs - RM 35
Shipping (RM 6) + Handling (RM 2) fee - RM 8

But then again, you wouldn't need acrylic paint if you're one of those lucky ones who don't need to use air dry clay (which I have to, because I don't have an oven to bake the clay in)

Acrylic Paint

12 pieces (or bottles..?) Acrylic paint is really thick, so generally it lasts quite long.
I've used poster color paint for my crafts once, and I guess it's alright as long as you glaze it well? It may fade after a couple of months/years, I should think.

Dotting tools:

Different sized ends.

Dotting tools always seem to have this spiral pattern, which is pretty cool. 

I've heard of people constructing their own dotting tools using a glue gun stick, wire and goodness knows what else. But I think it takes too much time and effort, so you know. Might as well buy a set worth only RM 15.

As for the review on DGB? 
Shipping: fairly fast, arrived in 2-3 days.
Packaging: Very neat, in a box with a fragile sticker on it.
Items came in good condition.
Seller replies fast and efficiently. 
Verdict: I would love to buy from them again! 

A clearer photo of the charm bracelet from the previous post:

Among other things I've found from ages ago.

The crazy thing about this charm is that the middle of the book actually split wide open. I'm not quite sure why though.

In anticipation of the Catching Fire movie coming out soon! 

It's jolly good fun, having Afif in tuition again. Jun Ann and I got quite drunk, and kept whispering "A Fifth Root! FIFTH ROOT." and laughing like hyenas. It'd would have been worse if Esther and Vemlan were there, our teachers would never get a moment of peace ( like Puan Chua from last year and my aunt). I'm planning to go jogging in Taman Rakyat some day, maybe with Afif and hopefully, drag Way Jie out of his cave and force him to exercise, instead of lazing around like me. HAHA. 

I'm thinking about trying the No-Poo methods floating around the Net, but I have an aversion to apple cider vinegar's scent so I probably won't. 

I'm absolutely dying (not really) to dye my hair with semi-permanent dye. It lasts for 4-6 weeks which is ideal for school holidays. But unfortunately, my mum and some of my relatives are old-fashioned and will probably get simultaneous heart attacks if I appear with a whacky hair color. Manic Panic and Directions are great for dying hair, even if it doesn't last forever. It's also pretty difficult to get, so you have to weasel out the right suppliers. But I do think that it's Oh, so worth it! since it doesn't damage your hair (as long as you don't bleach it). Manic Panic is vegan-based. I'm not certain about Directions but it's pretty safe as well, with no ammonia or harsh chemicals in it. 

It's difficult, loving crazy hair colors, especially when you're living in M'sia like me. Most people are not adventurous in hair dye colors, sticking mainly to the basic brown, black, blonde and red. If suppliers and malls were to sell crazy hair colors, I'd bet that they'll sell like hot cakes. 

When I leave school next year, you can be sure that I'd probably dye my hair a dark auburn or something crazy with henna or some other natural 'safe' methods. ;) As for now, I'll stick to cinnamon and honey. 

As for streaking hair with chalk pastels, I've found a reasonably fun alternative. Eyeshadow. Or in my case, eyeliner. I've finally found a use for those colored cream eyeliners I'd never used before, because I thought people would think that I'm mental. 

At any rate, that's all for now! 

Till next time :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dreamer's Haul: Hidden Gems In GM Klang

Hey there!

So yesterday, I went to GM Klang with Esther and Joanne for a shopping spree. (Don't judge me, I haven't been shopping offline for a while..Like a few weeks? Haha) GM is basically a wholesale building with a lot of things you can't find in normal malls for a pretty decent price. Ground floor consists of mainly restaurants and food stalls, as well as a food court. Floor 1-4 are mostly shops with a few snack shops here and there. GM Klang can be really confusing, because you'd basically be walking around in circles. Honestly, we would have been lost without Esther. HAHA. But it's really a fun and interesting place to explore.

 Anyway, here's the haul!
Turquoise nail polish (glow in the dark): RM 3
  Joy got a peachy pink color and Esther got an orange shade for hers!
Btw, the glow in the dark polish does work, but it's more noticeable when it's really dark.

Makeup brushes (just in case) : About RM 4 each
Graphic T-shirt: RM 9.90

 Long purse: RM 15



American flag

Black studs
Blue studs

Disco dots



Eiffel Tower

Clincher Belt: RM 10


Charms (you can customize a bracelet or whatever you want there, and ask for jump rings):

Large key

Small key

Size comparison


Heart shaped bow



How the bow and arrow looks like together

Complete charm bracelet: 
Due to the fact I'm a huge Percy Jackson fan, I was inspired to make this :)
The bow and arrow represents the Hunters Of Artemis.
The starfish represents a sand dollar.
The seahorse represents the sea creatures.
The tree represents Thalia's Pine Tree.
The key (sort of) represents the Unlocking of the Doors Of Death.

With that said, I'll be pursuing other hobbies to fulfill my time, so I won't be blogging for a while.

Till next time!

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