Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Writer's Rambles: Semi Permanent Dye in Malaysia.

Hey there! :)

There's a mother cat with three kittens living in my extended kitchen now. They were originally living in the storeroom, but Dad said they had to move because once we locked the door, they'll be stuck there. And so they moved...into our kitchen. HAHA. Smart cat. Actually asked him if we could take them in, but he said no because we have too many cats but they ended up coming here anyway.

I've been wanting ombre turquoise hair for a long time. (Which I sadly can't do until after this year, unless I do it during the holidays then chop off all my dyed hair - not an entertaining prospect). I don't think dip-dyed/ombre unnatural hair colors will ever go out of style. Even if it does, I don't care, I'll do it anyway :P I love red, bronze, blue-green and rainbow hair :3 I actually planned to dye my hair turquoise/ green last year, but I chickened out -__-

If you're thinking of buying semi-permanent dye in Malaysia, try So Chaotic for Manic Panic dye (Estimated price: RM 90) or ask Ryokogurl to pre-order La Riche Directions dye (RM 50)  for you :) Please note, if you have dark hair, you have to bleach it first to see visible results.

Have you heard of long/short hair? I don't see it often (even in the Magical Land of the Internet), but I really want it.

It's basically a hairstyle that goes from short and evenly transitioning into long. A staircase, if you will. I've seen long hair, asymmetrical haircuts and just about everything else, so why not a staircase cut? :P Someday, I'll cut my hair that way, and have a blue-green ombre at the bottom :3 (Maine Teo, forever coughing up ideas her parents will never agree to)

The colour I'm going for:

You can see it's sort of a blue-green/turquoise colour :3 Me likes.

I've seen dark blue hair and green hair, but it doesn't appeal to me as much as a combination of both.

If you're a semi-permanent dye fan like I am,

 you've probably noticed that Malaysia ONLY SELLS natural hair colours in stores, and yummy colours are extremely difficult to find -__- Even finding the two places where I could get them from, was like looking for a hippocampi at the bottom of the ocean. (Hi Poseidon!) Oh, I forgot to add that Sungei Wang might have them in certain shops (but I don't go there much, sobs..I would try to drive there once I get my license but I have no sense of direction, lol)

I really want turquoise hair :( Maybe I should dye it during the 2 week holiday in June :D Or pray for some magical superpower that turns my hair into different colours following my moods. HAHA.

I'm thinking about starting a semi-permanent dye online blogshop after SPM, if M'sian drugstores/shops don't step up and provide them for our convenience's sake. I don't understand how this can be such a popular trend,  yet the dye is so difficult to obtain -__- I'll call it Artemis' Arrow or something mythology related :D Aphrodite will probably be a more accurate option (being the goddess of love and beauty) but Artemis is my favourite Olympian. *cough* No offence.

Semi permanent dye brands to consider buying :

  • Manic Panic
  • La Riche Directions
  • Splat!
  • Special Effects
  • Crazy Color
There are probably more, but I've only heard of these so far :)

Speaking of dyes, my Sejarah teacher saw my hair in the sunlight when I was going back to class after an SPBT meeting and said "Eh cantiknya, tetapi nampak macam warna jugak." (Basically, she said that I looked like I dyed my hair, HAHA) I was thinking 'Crap! Kena tangkap."  
but I said to her "Tak apa cikgu, nanti balik saya akan warnakan hitam." (Don't worry teacher, I'll dye it black when I go home) Then she said "It's okay lah, nanti ibu bapa awak complain sekolah paksa you warna rambut hitam." HAHA. 

My hair looks darker when I'm not in the sun, so I can always blame the sunlight. HAHA. Fitri dyed her hair too, but it's only on the bottom part (and she can always wear a tudung) and it's a similar colour to mine. My hair is only two shades lighter and more reddish, so yeah..blame the sunlight :P Some people have been saying it looks strawberry blonde, or blonde but I can't see the back of my head -__- I doubt it's that light though.

I've updated the Secrets and Wishes pages :) So check them out, please? ;)


Teachers keep forgetting that Tuesday is a holiday, and no one is reminding them that it is. HAHA. Kesiannya. *shakes head*

I trimmed my bangs (by myself!) because I was tired of stylists and other people cutting it too short. It's still pretty long although I snipped off about 2 inches (Haven't trimmed it for 2 and a half months) so I'll be trimming it again later :)

Bought a pair of earphones from Lazada (have I mentioned that?), hopefully this one won't be ruined in a matter of days.

A lot of homework to do :( Sigh, so I should probably stop blogging and do it now. -_-

Till next time!


  1. i've always wanted a pink strip in my hair too. But Pink dye is so impossible to find it Malaysia :(

    1. They have pink dye in Sungei Wang :D And the blogshops I listed above sell various colors too.

  2. Nice green hair xD
    I'd go for purple if i could :p

  3. Hey, the special effects hair dye, any idea where to get it?

    1. When I researched that, I could only find it on ebay :l Online shops usually sell Manic Panic or Directions.

  4. Hey. Exactly where are these shops located to buy these hair dyes and how much does it cost? I really wanna get my hair dyed in a months time

    1. All the shops are based online. If you use the Carousell app and search for Directions/Manic Panic dye, there are sellers who have ready stock for it! :)

  5. Hello hello, do you know where to buy La riche directions in Malaysia?

    1. Hey, I'm not sure if ( is still taking preorders anymore, but there are sellers on Carousell who sell ready stock/ pre order Directions dye :)

    2. I'm selling semi permanent hair dye brand La Riche Directions ready stock..any interested pls find me at Carousell rachelteoh ,search for La Riche directions hair dye or WhatsApp 0122678819/wechat :RachelTeoh123

    3. I'm selling semi permanent hair dye brand La Riche Directions ready stock..any interested pls find me at Carousell rachelteoh ,search for La Riche directions hair dye or WhatsApp 0122678819/wechat :RachelTeoh123

  6. I'm selling semi permanent hair dye brand La Riche Directions ready stock..any interested pls find me at Carousell rachelteoh ,search for La Riche Direction or WhatsApp 0122678819 /wechat :RachelTeoh123

  7. Good news: Lazada Malaysia now sells Manic Panic.

    Bad news: They're freaking expensive, like RM150 per jar wtf. Arctic Fox is about RM200.

    I've been switching between red, pink, purple and blue since last November. I buy dyes from brick beauty shops like Magicboo and E-Noveal (I think it's a chain only available in Sabah). If you dye your hair frequently with permanent hair colour or your hair grows quickly that you need to retouch your roots monthly, it's worth buying a 1L bottle of developer (I use Indola - it's cheaper than Wella and Schwarz-something-something) and the dye yourself. Indola is about RM50/bottle and may last you ten applications if your hair is shoulder length. A 100ml tube of hair dye ranges from RM15 to RM30; you need two tubes for shoulder length hair.

    I currently use Echosline in Red from Magicboo and bleach bathed my hair twice (with lots of coconut oil conditioning in between) so that my hair is bright red and the bleaching doesn't fry my hair.

    I'm not a hair professional btw. It took me a lot of trial and horror (hahaha) to get it right but I've always been the adventurous type. If the colour turns out disastrous, I'll just fade it out and re-colour ☺

    1. Yikes! I know sellers who sell them for RM80-100. I'm sticking with Directions for now :)

      Thank you so much for adding on information! I'm hoping to try out the products you recommended! Btw, I bet your hair looks awesome XD


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