Friday, February 28, 2014

A Reason To Smile.

Hey there!

This post will thankfully sadly, have no photos in it.(My own at least) Don't count on an absence of gifs though :P I'm feeling so relieved now, I can't even describe it. You know that feeling when you've finished all the work you're supposed to do and it feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?
Yeah, that :P

It feels wonderful. Moral folio, took the appropriate photos for kerja amal (charity work?) and printed them at home..because I didn't have time to develop them (Friday was the deadline after all) then passed it up today and breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, the hardworking part of me (who surprisingly rarely appears) had the foresight to finish the written work (8 long essays, content page, front page and lampiran) two weeks ago. I couldn't do the reports earlier because I hadn't decided on what to do exactly. But thank God that's over. Folio(s) are a nightmare.

ICT had an immersive multimedia assignment, cutting and pasting photos of immersive multimedia in one field (I chose Entertainment) into a scrapbook (with source codes,description, and dates written there as well). You might think "So easy la! A seven year old could do it." (No offense to y'all 7 year old kids) But NOT at the last minute,amigo! I did it the night before handing it in, and spend the one hour of ICT class doodling with a Sharpie and highlighters into the scrapbook, so it wouldn't look so plain. I think I might have overdone it. HAHA. You should have seen the scrapbooks of people who were smart enough to do it earlier, photo on decorated paper, lovely covers (left mine plain :P) and lovely doodles everywhere. Lucky punks. Next assignment is interactive multimedia, hence an interactive slideshow. I haven't chosen a topic yet :( How does one go about finding a topic that's interesting (and it can't be a large stretch of history) anyway?

Theory. Driving. SIX HOURS. WHYYY. 

Joy ajak-ed me to join ISCF... I'm not sure why I agreed. HAHA. I haven't been to ISCF since Form 1, after which I swore never to go again. Not because it was bad or anything, but I was on the verge of contemplating anti-socialism at that time and I don't know...being around people I didn't know that well made me feel extremely prickly and uncomfortable in my own skin. I'm still an introvert. Still don't like being around people I barely know. But at least now I have a more impersonable "Come near me, and I will kill you with daggers from my eyes" look (who am I kidding, really?), and the fact that I've stopped flinching every time someone in a unfamiliar place mentions my name ought to be useful. I met the other representative from my school..I don't know his name, but I know he's a librarian, Form 4 and Chinese, lol. See what happens when you abhor Facebook? You don't know the new faces without asking anymore.

I don't know why people keep commenting on me being "emo" or "gothic". Not that I dislike it, in fact I aspire to be one :P *cough* Thalia *cough*
 People say I have that cold, impassive expression on my face (you have clearly never seen me in a crazy laughing fit before) and that I look like I never smile (which is true, most of the time. Why smile when you can frown? Contrary to popular belief, it's easier to look unhappy, rather than otherwise) I think the emo and gothic style is cool though.


From deviantart. (you can see the creator's name at the bottom of the signature)

I love the eyeliner, crazy hair color streaks (sometimes it's the whole head), black clothing, studded accessories, cartilage piercing and the whole appearance..with the exception of scene hair. It looks great on some people, but I've never liked the look on myself...or guys. I mean no offense to anyone, it's my personal preference, but I've always been more fond of shorter hair on guys (with the exception of some). Might as well be emo or a wannabe emo since I'm halfway there already :P Says the girl who hardly ever wears makeup and has a closet full of preppy clothes she doesn't like to wear.
FREE CLOTHES, ANYONE? Just kidding. But really.

Some people might be reading this post, and thinking it's materialistic, but I'm a teenaged girl. I'm entitled (or at least expected) to be a bit obsessed with style and all that tosh :P I assure you I don't think about it 24/7. What I think about when I'm at home, is horses, cats, eagles, mythologies and the history of England in the 19th century. Which makes no sense to anyone, doesn't have to? *Sheepish smile*

Stole Farhan's place today after recess. It's fun to try annoying someone who isn't easily annoyed. He just went "Hhmph!" And sat down in Miza's place, which is next to his. Don't know what happened next but then Miza, Syahmim and I don't know who else, started shuffling seats. HAHA. Oops, my bad. I did his English homework for him, because I didn't have the paper for myself and I was bored (also didn't want the teacher to figure out I didn't have my book, lol), so he ought to count himself lucky.

 Well, I'm browsing through forums and watching videos now, so bye! :D

Friday, February 21, 2014

Don't You See The Starlight?

Alert: This post is not properly organized and contains recounts of the past two weeks. Also, it is picture heavy and utterly filled with a bunch of words and nonsense....Good luck trying to figure it out!

Jennifer Lawrence Wink

 Hey there! 

(Two Mondays ago...)
It's been a while since my last post. I have my reasons, of course (lazy, busy, sleepy, tired, moody, etc). I've been feeling pissed off and moody all week. No one noticed, of course, considering the fact I'm such a good liar.
Or maybe it's because I look permanently sulky and angry all the time. HAHA.

English teacher had us (my darling class) write an informal letter to an imaginary friend. I chose the name "Hazel" <- For obvious reasons (ehem, Levesque, ehem). Iman looked over, and said, "Okay, you choose Hazel, I choose Nut." In BM. I didn't get it at first, but then
 "OHHH. I get it now!" HAHA. Talk about obtuse *shakes head*. 

 I hope teacher won't notice(s) though. What's life without laughter? Dull, duller, and more dull than ever. So. MUCH. HOMEWORK. GAH. I hate Form 5 life! For the love of peanuts, why do teachers pile it on us like we only learn one subject in school? Hello, this is no funny business! What with tuition, church, reading, craft and other stuff, how do I have time for that huge pile of schoolwork to finish? Haha, now I know what people will say "School comes first before everything else, blah blah blah." But have you considered the fact that my hobbies are relevant to what I intend to study in the future? HAVE YOU? While Physics, Add Maths and all that load of subjects are just things I'm forced to learn because there isn't a better alternative -__- 

I decided to take up Literature in English for SPM. Crazy, considering I don't have the slightest idea what poems/stories are going to come out (Oh wait, Google it, lol). But I don't care (I love it, I love it) If I could drop Add Maths or Physics, I WOULD. Trust me. But teachers' say it's compulsory because I'm in the Sub-Science stream. Well, hello double F's, I predict you will befall upon me and seal my fate -__-. Oh, wait. You already have. 


Was late to school last Thursday, due to transportation problems. They had us wait on the rocky ground for 25-30 minutes and lectured us about the importance of being punctual and what not. Hello, due to the fact I still rely on my parents/adults for transportation, you should ask them instead why I'm late. Not everyone lives within 5-minute walking distance from the school. One of the teachers gave me a full blown speech on why I shouldn't have double piercings, Hepatitis B and etc. I wanted to reply "Funny you mentioned it, I was thinking about getting 4 more piercings." but I decided not to, because almost anything I say could be mistaken for rudeness, even if it's just a random observation. She went on to talk about tattoos, cancer and what-not. I almost blurt out that I wanted to get a semi-permanent tattoo, but once again, refrained. The silver rule of school manners "Whatever you do, do not reply to any dangerous questions or comments from teachers." Because they're more than likely to take it too entirely personally. Dangerous meaning when they comment on your piercings, dyed hair, tattoos and untidiness. There's no such thing as freedom to be yourself in schools like me. No dyed hair, no piercings (besides the standard 2 lobe piercings), no makeup, no tattoos, nothing is allowed. "'Tis dangerous waters you tread, tread lightly."

Also, I think that changing Maths and Science from English to BM was a ridiculous idea. (Freedom of speech, right?) Malaysians' proficiency in English at the moment, is already deteriorating and they're making it worse by having almost every subject's main language to be in BM. I mean, when do they get to work on their English speaking skills (besides English class, of course) that way? Correct me if I'm wrong , but in college and university, students would be taught in English, right? So what if they learned the basics of Chemistry or Biology in high school in BM? Wouldn't that cause some complications? I know some schools learn in both BM and English, but it's a waste of time, considering they won't be learning it in BM, if they choose to pursue the subject in the future. 

I've just dyed my hair. It looks brownish black and almost like my natural hair color except for the fact there's no reddish golden strands of hair anymore :( Sigh. Waiting a couple of days before adding in a purple streak :P Damn the school for being so restrictive -__- I feel relieved in a way, I was getting tired of red hair, HAHA. But I miss my original hair color :/ Edit: I added some burgundy highlights, but they aren't very noticeable, which is a good thing and a bad thing as well. Oh well, I have Hot Huez for crazy hair colors :D I'm thinking of buying a spare Hot Huez set, but I'm not sure if I should.

Monday: Did the BM ujian lisan, I've prepared a speech and everything, but I was definitely not ready :( I felt like I was yelling at the teacher the whole time: "TAJUK SAYA PADA HARI INI IALAH.." lol. One of the Malay guys said that they could hear me from the back of the class.

And the English presentation was right afterwards. Have I mentioned how much I hate public speaking? I don't stutter or stammer (I wish I did) but I tend to mispronounce the words half the time because of how freaked out I am on the inside -___- I noticed a lot of people pronounced Charlotte as "Kar-lot", "Cher-lot-te" and all sort of weird names HAHA. It's Shar-Lut", at least it usually is. People seem to have a problem with the "Char" part :(

On a happier note, I've purchased yet another Julia Quinn book :D (Which I've already read, but I want to have my own copy) JQ's books are almost indefinitely Must-Read-Again sort of books. I'm planning to build up a collection of JQ books which I like :D *Poor wallet sighs again* I've also just finished reading Scottish Brides by Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens, Julia Quinn and Karen Ranney (yes, it is an anthology). I know people think I read too much, but seeing as there are millions (billions really) of books in the world, the number of books I've read are quite insignificant :P 

I'm buying two of my favorite Harry Potter books (preloved) and 4 Julia Quinn books (also preloved) :D YES. more books to eat...erm, read. I'll post photos below :D 

I've been really moody and snippy lately. With everyone. I don't understand why I'm irrationally angry. Maybe it's stress, or maybe I'm just sick and tired of people. 
A couple of days ago, two lovely ladies, let's call them A and B, commented on how small my eyes are. A said I needed to wear eyeliner and B said that I look weird without my glasses. I know they weren't trying to insult me, but it still pissed me off. If there's any sort of criticism I can't take, it's about something I can't change or control. I kept quiet because I know from experience that when I'm angry, I usually blurt out rude, sarcastic things that I'll regret later on.

I appreciate polite, constructive criticism when it comes to writing and things like that. But I'm unusually sensitive when it comes to my appearance. What do you expect me to do? Get plastic surgery to make my eyes look bigger? Wear fake dolly lenses? I was born with small eyes, and I had to deal with comments about them my whole life. How do you think it feels when someone whom I look up to, says that I should get plastic surgery for my eyelids when I'm older? I'm trying to accept the fact my face and eyes don't match, I look alien-like without bangs, that my mouth is small and I have nonexistent eyebrows. But it's not easy when people point it out and make me feel ugly for not being the image of perfection. Just remember this: I'm not perfect. But neither are you. So if you have any comments about my appearance or anything else, keep them to yourself or I might lose my temper and say  hurtful things or make a clay figurine of you to burn you to ashes.
Deal with your own shit  crap, before bothering me about mine. Don't get me wrong. I love you guys, but you can be really insensitive sometimes. Maybe I'm overreacting, I probably am. I don't comment on other people's appearances, because they might seem unaffected by it but when they go home at night, they look at themselves in the mirror and start noticing all the flaws they'e never noticed before and self-esteem gets thrown out of the window. After all, ignorance is bliss. Some people, of course, just don't give a damn. But I'm not one of them. 
I'm sorry if this offended you, if you're reading this. But I want you to understand why I feel the way I do. 
I think it's pretty obvious I have issues. I need anger management classes -__- Or, you know..Dealing with life's crap seminars.

Have you heard of the Experience Project? It's a website where people go to confess, tell stories and experiences and basically where you can learn about people's life :) It's also anonymous; I won't tell you my username, but if you are familiar with the way I write, you might be able to find out what my name is :) Clue: It has nothing to do with my real name. Almost nothing. To be honest, I post there to let out steam, meet people of the same interest and write my heart off without censorship. There's a lot of things I don't post on my blog, because that's the sort of thing I don't want people to know about me.

On a side note, I've been thinking about going back to having medium length hair. I like having long hair, I get to experiment with different hairstyles and et cetera, but it's such a bother having to tie it up (and mostly, braid it) every morning :'( Shorter hair is less of a hassle. 

Long hair vs medium length hair:

  • Long hair: More hairstyles, can just cut it off when it's damaged, it looks great when it's down (well, for other people! haha)
  • Shorter hair : Effortless and comfortable (your hair isn't all over the place!), looks healthier, looks nice with waves and texture.
  • Long hair: Have to take care of it, it's heavy (for thick hair), takes a long time to dry, and looks boring (if you don't experiment with curls, waves and things besides straight hair)
  • Shorter hair: You'd probably regret cutting it after you find out you can't do much with it, bad hair days equals nightmares, takes forever to grow out when you get a bad haircut.
I'm guessing that medium hair has the best of both worlds that way, HAHA. I think that when my hair was shorter, slightly below my shoulders, it looked like I was wearing a wig because of how thick and voluminous my hair was :( Oh well, maybe in August, haha. 

A Massive Haul (Well, to me at least):
Was talking about shopping with Mee En and Iyana Tina (lol), it seems we have the same problem when it comes to shopping with people. Most of the time, people think 1. I take a long time trying to decide what to buy (hey, I don't want to regret my purchases!) 2. I buy too much (Can't argue with that because it's true, HAHA) 3. Tell me I'm a shopaholic, and I need help. (Erm, okay) and 4. I don't know how to control myself when it comes to buying things. (Considering I almost bought a large bag of Famous Amos cookies last last Wednesday, I can't really complain.)

Speaking of shopping, I need new clothes :( I have plenty of clothes which aren't to my taste anymore and I'm dying to sell it off (no proper setup to take photos of clothes yet though). I'm longing to get rid of the colorful clothes and get more dark clothes (because that's all I seem to wear nowadays..except for my t-shirts). 

Subang Parade & Empire

Toys "R" Us
(Because I'm not too old or mature for it yet)

Remember those little pearly bubbles people use for plants, and how fun it was to grow? Yeah :3 

I like mining things, hehe. I also have a strange fascination for rocks and crystals. Geology rocks!

Bubbles that you can actually touch :O Alas, it's pretty sticky and at times, messy if you blew them from the top of the staircase like I did. HAHA. Do you know if you added corn syrup to regular dishwater bubbles you make at home, it won't pop?
..I like cats? HAHA. This is actually for my cousin, or so my Mum says.
Cold Storage:

M&M cookies which tasted like Famous Amos cookies, although they were more crunchy :3

One of my favorite chocolate brands :)

It disappeared in one day, just like it's predecessor :(
So yum, sigh.

LOL, okay, I didn't buy this, I made it (Abuden) 
Camp Jupiter :D (Working on the other camp now :3)
Name friendship bracelets are the easiest to make (and fastest) because of the standard form.
I'm looking forward to trying out more difficult patterns! 
I'm kinda worried though, because I get weird blisters from the friction :/

A black headband from Voir Gallery for about RM 11 :) 

A More Recent Haul (Jusco):

Popular Bookstore:

The Sum Of All Kisses by Julia Quinn :3


A red-orange ombre clip in hair extension. - RM 5.90

My current hair extension collection :) 

I've been getting a lot of comments on my sudden pimple outbreak (I ran out of pimple cream :/) 
Yi Wen said "How come suddenly you have so many pimples?" I'm not sure whether I was being complimented for having usually clear skin (not true) or being insulted for having a forest of pimples on my face. LOL. I'll take it as a compliment.

Oxy 10 works great and fast. But it does dry out my skin when I use it daily :( 

If you know me, you'd know my aversion to dirty/sticky/icky hands and how I insist on keeping my hands clean (which is why I hate glue). So I bought hand sanitizers. Logical? I think not HAHA. The ones I bought are scented. One smells like berries and the other reminds me of..plants? HAHA. LOVELY really. They were RM 4.50 each.


Two pairs of black earrings, one studded and the other plain. RM 10.90. 

Topsy tails, for future hairstyling :) - RM 3.90

A heart shaped mood ring from Diva - RM 9 (on discount) 
Most of the rings I have are too big for me :( I think my ring size is an XS, which is pretty small for my height lol. 

Daiso: (RM 5 store)
Carbon paper for DIY temporary tattoos :3 

Bought another eye mask, the first two were spoiled (the strings keep breaking off -__-)

A lovely blue/pink storage box :3 I might not like pink, but I love how the colors contrast.

Yet another temporary tattoo. hehe. 

Handicraft glue, hopefully it'd work better than PVC glue and UHU glue.

Artificial whipped cream for crafting :D I bought another in pink for strawberry :3 
Too bad there ain't chocolate.
I wasted one bottle of this trying to make botched ice cream :( 

Keychains to place images in it :)
...I'm not sure why I bought this. HAHA.

A strawberry scented eraser, because I love yummy scents :3 Not sure why this came with a mirror though...

Sungei Wang Haul:

Two boxes of Revlon dye in Dark Mahogany Brown and some Essence cosmetics :)
I thought I needed two boxes, but as it turns out, one was enough. Well, I guess one of my parents can use it if I don't need to :)
RM 19.90 each.

A liner and shadow stick from Essence's limited edition line. 
Rm 15.90 (me thinks)

I bought the mosaic powder because it looked interesting. HAHA. 
About RM 10 or less?

Seeing as eyebrow pencils make me look like Mario, I figured I'd try this one out :) It comes with stencils too. 
I think RM 6 - 10, haha.

AEON (again):
Screwdrivers for my spectacles, which always seems to be loose.

Syoss Glossy Jelly. . I love smooth and shiny hair :3 Not sure if this would work, but I'm willing to try. 
Verdict: It certainly makes hair shiny..and it's not as sticky as I expected it to be. But if you put on too much, you'd feel as though you quite literally have had a bowl of jelly dumped on your head. I'm not very fond of jellies or wax but I do love experimenting! 
Conclusion: Put a small dollop on your fingers, and run them through your hair then brush your hair out :) That's the best way to make it work. 
Rating: 4/5 stars.
Edit: I bought the wax version of this, and I have to say "MAINE LIKES". It keeps my hair in place, and it certainly looks straighter but I notice it didn't make my hair as shiny as the jelly version :( Rating for wax: 3/5

My pimples are (thankfully) dwindling, but I've heard good things about this facial wash and since my Biore one is finishing, I thought I'd try this out :) RM 10.90

Shiny hair :D Ellips hair mask. I've been wanting to try this for a while. 

Revlon in Burgundy, I used this to add highlights to my hair. I'm awfully partial to purple hair at the moment :3 
Perfection 💜
(Image taken from 
This sort of purple, not lilac or lavender..I've always preferred vibrant colors to pastel.

Stamp set from Popular for RM 7.90. Might come in handy :)

Parcels That Arrived Last Tuesday

The words on the brown parcel isn't really like that :P I had to liquify it.. and did a messed up job of it.
But yay, books :D

Where the Harry Potter books are.

Julia Quinn books! :3 The seller was considerate enough to wrap them up with bubble wrap.

Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows and The Order Of The Phoenix. It might not be my top favorite series, but it is a wonderful read! I hate it when people say it's better than any other series, because there isn't such nonsense as the best series in the world. There's only people's own preferences, and due to that, books are usually incomparable because they aren't the same. 

I adore mythology and humorous romances, hence Rick Riordan and Julia Quinn being my favorites. I did find the Hunger Games addictive, but also depressing because most of my favorite characters had to die. Harry Potter was a little too dark and moody during the last three books, and I still can't believe JKR originally wanted Harry and Hermoine to be together! #foreveraloneronweasley anyone? Thank goodness that didn't happen. 

The main difference between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, for me, is what Harry DOES sometimes, makes me want to smack myself in the face..what Percy SAYS sometimes, makes me want to smack myself in the face. HAHA. 

And for the love of Patoo, stop freaking comparing Annabeth and Hermoine! It's true that they're both smart and love to read, but don't you notice the differences? 1. Annabeth has had a strained relationship with her mortal parents, Hermoine, does not. 2. Annabeth is interested in architecture, Hermoine is interested in charms and potions, transfiguration. 3. Annabeth is sarcastic, Hermoine is not. 4. The relationship between Annabeth and Percy, and Ron and Hermoine isn't alike in the least. 
If another person says "Annabeth is only smart because her mum is the goddess of wisdom, Hermoine is smart because she works hard for it.", 
You should have considered the fact that maybe Hermoine was born smart as well! Heck, most people work hard to be better at studies, but it also depends on your brain right? Hermoine could have an eidetic memory for all you know. This would be ironic, but I would appreciate it if people would stop comparing characters in different series/books.. nothing pisses me off more. 

Each book was RM 10-RM 15, which would be about 50-60% cheaper than buying a new one from the bookstore. Also, the older books are hard to find at the nearest Popular :( The one in Mutiara Damansara has a whole row of them :3

Two Bridgerton series books. It's In His Kiss and On The Way To The Wedding. Only book in the Bridgerton series I didn't like was When He Was Wicked, haha. I didn't like Francesca and Michael as much as the others :(

Splendid - Funny and sweet :) 
Where's My Hero? - I read a preview of this, and it was excellent. I hope the whole story will be as good. 

My hair color change transition. 
The top two is my dyed red hair in different lightings. The bottom left is the mahogany brown. The bottom right is how my hair looks like now, with burgundy highlights :D

Before dyeing it mahogany brown, you can see the bottom part wasn't dyed properly earlier :P LOL.

Mahogany brown. I think I didn't leave the dye on long enough. HAHA.

With burgundy highlights. 

It's purplish reddish highlights. 

Most people take photos of their face, I take photos of my hair :P

Phew! *wipes sweat from brow* The post is FINALLY over. 

Till next time!

P.S. I realize when I rant, it's usually about something trivial and silly, but I never said it isn't, did I? ;) Also, everyone has a right to rant when they're in a bad long as they try to be as polite as possible about it. I usually feel guilty and annoyed with myself when I rant, but there are times when I just can't keep it to myself or I'll simply explode. As for A and B, you ought to know that I hold you in the highest regard and I hope you won't hate me for for my bitterness. If I offended you in any way, I'm sorry. 
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