Friday, March 28, 2014

Wishing For What Will Never Be.

Hey there!

I spent the day watching reruns of Johnny English. I'd honestly forgotten how hilarious shows like Johnny English and Rush Hour could be. I see a Rush Hour marathon in the near future...

I'm currently watching a couple of SNSD makeup tutorials on Youtube (Yay!) I'm not crazy about SNSD, but I do think their makeup looks are gorgeous. And since I've decided to start practicing on applying makeup again (really, I'm 17 and I can't even apply eyeshadow properly) despite the fact I hardly ever wear makeup (and usually look like I have raccoon eyes when I do..)..needless to say, there's nothing wrong with trying, is there?

Went shopping with Esther, Cheryl and Joanne yesterday.   two days ago.

(This is SO TRUE, I love you, Tumblr.)

Aijean was supposed to join us, but she had other things to do. We went to a couple of boutiques first,
but couldn't find any nice (and affordable; heck RM 149 for a dress I'll only use once? No thanks!) dresses to buy.

I did find a really comfy beach dress on sale :D RM 20, which is quite a steal, considering the prices of clothing these days..

(Couldn't take a good photo of it because hanger! lol)

and I picked up a couple of other stuff like hair rollers (the kind with a stretchable elastic to hold the roller in place) which is far better than the normal rollers I have which are extremely difficult to use because of how slippery my hair is.

I'm trying to cut down on using heat on my hair, so I'll only use curling irons for touch ups :) Oh, and I bought a brush for applying hair dye (I'll need it in the future) too.

 Outside one of the shops, the owner was selling tom yam and curry hot cups, milo, coffee and waffles :3 We bought everything but the coffee..HAHA.

We went to Max Value, where everything's affordable (kinda like Daiso), and I picked up a photo frame (Goodness knows what photo I'll have to put inside) and a notebook with pretty pictures for only RM 7 :D SERIOUS. Photo frame - RM 5, Notebook - RM 2.
It's actually a deep dark brown wooden frame.

After that, we decided to go to Aeon, since we didn't find nice formal dresses we liked (the ones we did were over budget) in any of the countless boutiques we went to, although most of the salespeople were super nice and didn't stalk us around the shop..hahaha. I'm not sure why I went dress shopping in the first place, when I've already chosen a dress I like on Carousell, and paid for it a couple of days ago. HAHAHA. I looked through all the dresses I have, but couldn't find any with 3 quarter sleeves, which is my favorite kind (means I don't have to wear a cardigan or bare my arms). I did have a pretty purple one, but it's MISSING :( So I bought a 3 quarter sleeves black lace dress, which I've been longing for, for ages.

I was actually quite surprise when it arrived..I didn't expect it to be a two piece dress, HAHA. 
The lace piece is so see-through, I almost fainted. Thank God for the inner wear black pants I have. It's still really pretty and nice though. It's a few inches above my knee but still decent..Nothing like a bodycon dress I hope :S
Shirley threw in some accessories! :D I don't know how, but she sent the sort of pieces I like: Spikes and turquoise-y stones. Hehehe.

On to Aeon..Went to Cotton On first, NO formal dresses :( The ones there were the sort one would wear to casual outings. Went to Diva, to peek at the accessories..They were having a sale again <3 nbsp="">
I bought a set of 6 earrings for RM 9. (They tagged it wrongly, retail price- 23)

We headed on to Nichii, where I caught sight of  lovely green dress. Tried it on, admired it, and saw the price tag..                                            
The price we pay for beauty.
I had to cropped off my legs, because they were all knobby and bent from walking around so much, wearing a pair of crappy slippers :( 
This sort of dress you can only wear if you don't have a tummy like I do :P (how unflattering)
 I wouldn't go on a diet just to fit into a dress, unless it's for my wedding. HAHA. 
Esther and Cheryl tried the dress on too, and had the same tummy problem :( Even if you have a very small one, it's obvious, because of the fitting of the dress. 
Side note: My hair is crazy long now :D It's a little annoying though.. 

Random thought: Is it strange if a person actually enjoys being thought scary and intimidating? Because I do..HAHA. There's something thrilling about people running away from me.

I bought a 20 bread sticks for RM 12, which was so utterly yummy I finished every single one of them without thinking to take a photo of it, lol. We went to other shops (most of them were having sales) but couldn't find anything. Joanne bought a cardigan at Dees though. We went to Starbucks, I bought my usual drink,  iced signature chocolate and a donut (because I didn't eat lunch). Yum <3 br="" nbsp=""> Esther and Cheryl went back around 6.30 pm, so Joanne and I went to S&J. I bought a cord holder for my earphones, if you know me, you'd know I have no idea how to keep them from tangling despite attempting to learn earphone wrapping methods on Some things, you just can't learn. (Like Add Maths for me)

I bought a Silkygirl 2-1 eyeliner in Blackest Snow (okay, what?) because I prefer pencil liners to the twisty up gel eyeliners which smudges like crazy and makes me look like a raccoon.

It glides on really smoothly <3 br="" i="" it.="" like="">
 (Photo taken from Esther's instagram account, cue the awkward smile on my face, LOL)
Notice how we all have bangs? :P

I'm trying to get the emo look, but I think I just look insane (or inane..hahaha) I am NOT good with makeup. I'm not sure why I bother, most girls here in M'sia don't wear makeup on a daily basis anyway. I wiped off the eyeliner I wore that day after it smudged so badly, I looked positively deranged :(

Dad fetched us home, but we stopped by Tesco on the way. Since its revamp, Watsons, Sports Direct and a number of other places looks increasingly appealing (: Essence cosmetics has made its way to Watsons' aisles!

I bought a eyeshadow base; which I thought would keep my eye makeup in place, but I might be wrong because I just read that it's commonly used for intensifying eyeshadow colors O_O oops..

and the "All about Matte" fixing loose powder, which keeps the greasy/oily look away from one's face. A lot of reviews rave about it, the only complaint is it doesn't last longer than 8 hours which is alright with me since I don't wear makeup for that long anyways.

I tried it on, and it does work! It makes my face look a little TOO matte though D:

The hairbands I ordered from freezewintersnow from Carousell arrived this Thursday! They look gorgeous, but I think I can only use it for braiding :( Not for tying a ponytail, because my hair is too darn thick for that and it's not big/stretchy enough. I still love it though :) RM 20 for 13 pieces which is cheap compared to a website I saw selling similar ones (RM 20 for 4 pieces..overkill?)

Which reminds me I completely forgot to start on taking photos of secondhand stuff
I've been so busy clearing out other stuff, it completely slipped my mind :( Plus, I had to sleep this afternoon/evening; my stomach decided to cramp up and it hurt to move.

Ryan gave me RM 250 worth of 1M book vouchers. He wants me to use them at the Big Bad Wolf sale, but the last time I went there, there weren't any Julia Quinn books. And I want JQ books :( I love my brother from not another mother..HAHA.

I bought the Syoss Straight and Shine Wax when I went to Tesco a few days ago..
Compared to the hair jelly (of the same range), it doesn't add as much shine, but it keeps the hair in place and my hair does look sleek and straight :3\

Not sure if I've posted about it, but this is the Instyler, my aunt bought :) 
She pinjam-ed it to me though..hahaha.

Freebies :3

My opinion is that it's a little more difficult to use than a straightener, but it doesn't leave the hair as flat, as a straightener would. It also emits a weird noise, and smell but it's not as noisy as, say, a vacuum cleaner. Oh, and it boosts hair volume :)

Derpy cat :P

My to go hairstyles :D ... The reddish highlights are making an unwanted comeback :(

It's nice to hang out with friends, after not seeing them for so long :)

I'm off to get started on movie marathons! Till next time!

P.S. If you're wondering why my title usually has nothing to do with the content, it's because I can't think of anything that sums up the whole blog post :l So it's just you know, random thought of the day? HAHA.

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