Saturday, April 26, 2014

Untitled :)

Hey there! :)

Can't think of a title, so yeah. You get my point (O_O)

Hari Anugerah was held today :D I thought it was last week, and actually set my alarm clock. Then someone told me it's the next week, and I thought "Oh phew!" and forgot to turn off my alarm clock -__- So I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep. Then thought, why not go jogging/walking in the park since I'm up already anyway? :3 I love going there in the morning when it's cool. And I went jogging (more of walking really..I'm too lazy to jog) about 4-5 rounds around the park, and had some iced Milo afterwards before going home. I love iced Milo :3

Oh yeah, I sat with Yi Wen and her friend (I'm sorry, I'm awful at remembering names..So I'll call you Z), all three of us were getting an award for the same thing: Language. HAHA. Yi Wen was playing with NCF's phone, and I thought it was a girl's phone because of the "I Love Eiffel Tower/Paris" cover *facepalm* Chatted with Wana and we noticed that our class, the ones who got first to third place all didn't come to school today. It was pretty funny when teacher read out the names and no one turned up LOL. I told Yi Wen and Z that we should all go up together and take at the same time, because it's all languages anyway and they went "OMG yes!" But it didn't happen HAHA. Teachers :(

Waited for a long long time, before it was our turn to take the award -__- Oh, but the nasi lemak and chicken they gave in the canteen was so delicious, I almost died from scrumptiousness. I braided my hair in a really weird way today, because I was half asleep when I did it. Yi Wen thought I was nuts..She braided her hair too, quite pretty :P Saw the former Form 5 students there to take their SPM certificates/something.. Couldn't help feeling jealous that they didn't have to wear uniforms -_-'. Jihah, Azlina and Gan Zhi Yong weren't there..Thought I'd be forever alone, but thankfully I wasn't, yayyy.

Here's the certificate and blingbling.

My school is so blue. 

And some hair snapshots:

My highlights makes my hair racoon-like. 
I'm quite fond of the weird effect. HAHA. 
This is my hair in a regular french braid :) I did this during the water fight, I think. 
Not sure if I posted this before..

My hair today, the front part. It's kinda messy, that's what happens with layers :P

Notice the bald spot? LOL..whoops, my bad.

Sent this to DD, and she told me I look like a happy bunny..What the heck, Dapple :'( But I love you anyways. HAHA. 

I still have chubby cheeks and I still love pandacoon eyeliner. Nothing has changed :) Ermm..I'm gonna try out blue contact lenses soon. Teehee. Just to see how it'd look like. I do love having dark brown eyes though, I think it looks soulless and creepy. Like two bottomless pits of darkness. HAHA, JUST KIDDING. 

I'm going to wear a floral crown for IR night. I haven't use any of my floral crowns since last New Year or the year before that. Who cares if people thinks I'm nuts for wanting to be a woodland fairy? :P 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Days Of This Past Week

Hey there! :) 

(I'm running out of title ideas..So I'll just get straight to the point)

I'm not in a bad mood anymore. Yay. Those moods never lasts long anyway.. 

Terrific, Yet Still Terrible Thursday:
There was a random hair spotcheck today. I got pulled out for having dyed hair. HAHA. A prefect saw my nonchalant expression and asked "Eh, tak takut ke?" I said "Saya tak kisah lah, rambut je kan?" And she just stared in disbelief at me. Really, how does my hair color affect my studies anyway? Am I dumb now just because I'm a brunette? (The stereotypical joke about hair colors)

I don't think so. 

They (The school) insists on proper hairstyle/color, those who don't obey will get demerits. I overheard a teacher scolding a girl for having frizzy hair and telling her to manage it (O_o) Kenasai, bukan rambut kau kan? Pssshhh. It's so flipping ridiculous. Maybe not wearing makeup and being appropriately attired is understandable, but please leave the hair alone. I always braid it neatly and keep it out of my eyes, so how is it the school's problem that it's brown, not black? Lady, I was BORN with it (It ain't Maybelline) 

And I'm not allowed to have bangs? Are you kidding me? My bangs is the only thing stopping me from blinding people with my monstrous forehead, and you wanna take that away from me too? Wow, you'd be telling me that my glasses are a distraction to humanity next, LOL. I'm not trying to be offensive or defy the school rules, but going as far as to trying to control hair color and hairstyles, it's just too much. You're not my master, and I'm not your slave. Even my parents aren't pleased. I did try dyeing my hair a darker color, but it didn't last long..HAHA. Maine is not amused with these inane rules. So you're not just punishing students who skip classes, curse at teachers and get into brawls, you're picking on the normal students who just so happen to have bizarre hairstyles? Wow, thanks for the attention you think we so richly deserve. Focus on the real problems like discipline, why won't you? So yeah, go ahead, give me demerits, suspend me, whatever. I don't give a damn anymore, and especially not about something as insignificant as this.

Chemistry and ICT class was neither boring, nor exciting. Average lah. Went for SPBT duty during recess after ICT, walked with DD, Karthik and Vemlan. And Vemlan joked (at least I hope he was joking) "Karthik, you take that one (gestures at DD), I take this one (gestures at me)" DD and I went "Ewww, nooo. Wait, what about Mee En?" He said "She no need lah, got Kong already." HAHA, just because they walked to the canteen together (-__-) You guys really like to tease. In the SPBT (daerah, not school) room, DD got really drunk when Daniel came into the room and went "Daniel/Tang (people call him that apparently, LOL), we're going to rob a shop with some unicorns..." so I told him "Don't layan her, she's mabuk de." I have weird, brain damaged friends (O__O) We're going to have to kidnap a doctor and have him run checkups on us. Erm, or just go to the hospital/clinic like normal people do.

Fad and Faiz (?) said I always look like I'm falling asleep in Add Maths it really that obvious? :P Argued with Mee En and DD about who has to be the coconut tree, LOL. Not everyone can be the Ocean, River, Sea, Lake, okay. Oh wait, cukup lah D: 

Thinking about going for CF (Christian Fellowship) on Friday, Daniel ajak-ed me, but I don't wanna go alone :'( Going to drag DD and Mee En along. HAHA.

What-The-Heck Wednesday
Skipped a couple of classes for SPBT duty, there's really a lot of work to do :'( Our junior STM class(Fun fact: STM stands for Sains Teknologi Maklumat) was there too, the room was stuffy like whaaattt. We were using recycled strings to tie up the books, someone complained that teacher ought to buy new rolls of raffia string. HAHAHA. I teamed up with Barathi and Mohana to tie up books for Kwang Hua because DD, SY and Mee En were working on the lists and frankly, I prefer tying books up :P If you walk in the room, you'd see stack of books everyyywhheereee. It's a veritable book hell. Everyone kept calling Daniel "Tang" like "Hey Tang! Pass the scissors please." It's because the SPBT teacher calls all the Chinese students by their surname. Teo, Lim, Chong..etc. I was the only one calling him Daniel, LOL. And there's a guy there we all called Fishcake. Honestly don't even know his real name anymore. HAHA. SPBT is really fun at times, but it can be so exhausting. Vemlan went around disturbing everyone, honestly I felt like throwing my shoes at him again. DD called Mee En "Chong" and her expression was like "What the heck, Daiyana.." DD was pretty drunk, hugging me and singing "I miss youuuuuu.." Sometimes I think she's more insane than I am -__- Daniel went with the teacher to buy more raffia string, and came back with 3 rolls. It disappeared in 15 minutes D: and so they went to buy 10 more rolls. LOL. 

Silly Saturday
 I skipped the ISCF meeting last Saturday to help  teman Esther while she did her GMA project report. Spend more time talking random nonsense, than actually discussing the project, lol. Sorry Joy, Daniel, Keith and whoever expected me to be there HAHA. I wanted to go in halfway, but chickened out. I'm so socially awkward during Christian meetings etc, it hurts -__-  It only happens during Christian events/meeting or around church/Christian people. I really don't know why. I'm moderately social/friendly in school :D which is a relief. I thought I lost my wallet, but I didn't..Thank God. 

Expedition Rangers making a cool shirt, I'm going to snag one :3 It's beeaauuttiffuulll. Or maybe I'm just biased. Erm, back to the point. After an hour, I tagged along with Esther and Aijean to the worship practice and inadvertently joined the choir (if that's what it's called). The songs were nice *starry eyes* There's supposed to be practice today, but I don't think I can go for it. And practice on Saturday too. And I think I'm wearing a skirt on Sunday, LOL. I can't wear half of my shorts/jeans anymore, they don't fit me as well as they used to. 
I really have to get new clothes and get rid of my old ones, but I'm too lazy to organize it, sigh.
I'm getting a grey (or was it purple..) hoodie :D YAYY. Hoodie collection is increasing. 

So Sassy Sunday:
Was supposed to go for Easter service with Megan, but she woke up late so I hung around the foyer with Sher Rin, and discussed Pow Wow and dissected the prospective GMA receivers :D She still thinks I'm in Expedition Rangers. HAHA. I am kinda on a break from commander duties these days. Megan finally came, but we didn't go for service because there wasn't any places to sit anymore :'( Esther showed up with Alvyn, and I couldn't help thinking they looked like a couple, the way they walked together, LOL. No offense, Orange and Lychee. 

Samuel suddenly showed up with Nigel and Isaac (I forgot his last name..) and said they're going for lunch. So we (Esther, Meg and me) went for lunch too...In a different restaurant. HAHA. I ate toast and drank Chinese tea with Esther. Meg walked home to grab her bread/bun and came back. Squiggles *__^. The guys finished eating and joined us. Megan saw Samuel, and say "Hey, he's fat de.." with a shocked expression, I went "MEG, you don't go around calling people fat..or thin!" She pointed at Sam and said "Fat." Then at me "Fat." Then at Esther "Fat" When she pointed at Nigel and opened her mouth, everyone started laughing. Because he's quite thin, LOL. It might sound offensive, but it's not, just kidding around. 

Starting discussing Esther's tendency to tell people to shut up when they haven't said anything and imitated her. Esther glared at us and said "Guyyysss..." and we went "SHUT UP!" HAHAHA omg. I miss crapping with crazy people. But it was a fun day :3 Everyone else was busy with practice or church duties, and some of them went to City Harvest for the Easter service there. 

Went to Aeon with Megan to go shopping for inner pants to wear when I wear dresses. LOL TMI, anyone? Bought 3 packets of breadsticks, and they're all gone now :D FOOD YUM YUM. It was fun to hang out with her again after not being able to for so long. Which reminds me, I always have a problem when people ask me who's my closest friend.. I'm never sure which name I should reply -___- In school, I have about 3-4 close friends and a bunch of normal friends (I won't name anyone out of fear for hurting someone's feelings..HAHA) and in church, I'm really only close to 2-4 friends, and the others..Just really good friends. Why? Because I skipped church a lot last year, so I'm out of touch with most of my friends *sniffs and sobs* But I don't really care. I'm a person who's contented to be alone, and who enjoys being around other people :) I don't need companionship, but I do want it. 

I made a bet with someone to get abs (or fit, at the very least) in 3 months. IMPOSSIBLE, hahaha. He thinks I'm going to lose, but I'm too competitive for that to happen. Then again..I really love food :3 and I'm notoriously lazy. But psshh, he's lazier. *Inserts evil laughter*I'm going to start jogging on a regular basis (if this hardworking streak lasts) and exercising more frequently. It's a good thing I'm such a fussy eater, or I won't be able to resist all the food I see on the cooking channels. 

I heard Yee telling his friends I'm a banana, when they asked who I was, HAHA. It's apparently my title now, Maine the Banana. Planning to learn new songs on the piano, and refresh my memory with the songs I used to know :D Yaayyyy. Finally, inspiration. Sometimes I wish I'm better at reading music sheets, LOL. Curse my music notes dyslexia. 

Anyway, that's all the nonsense for now :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Nasty Temper, She's Got.

Hey there!

My Five Reasons To Rant: The Essay No One Would Ever Ask You To Write But You'd Do It Anyway
I've been in a horrible mood of late. I can't even explain why...I get irrational mood swings and my temper is like a fuse. One second, I'm happily joking around with my friends, and the next, I'm moody and easily angered. I bet the ladies would understand..haha. This would be a rant, so bewarned.

Firstly and foremostly, I can't stand it when people try to control me. Don't you understand that it makes me all the more rebellious and ready to lash out? You don't just tell me to "DO IT or else.." You don't force me to do things, with the threat of taking away computer privileges and house arrest. Why can't you just ask? I'd be so much more amicable if you understood it better. And I hate that you arranged plans for me on my busiest day of the week (right before the school week starts really? and with driving lessons to worry about too?) and expect me to just go along with it. You didn't even try to listen to my reasoning.

I told you I would be too tired after church and RR to learn Add Maths (for pity's sake! That requires a large amount of brain usage, okay?) but you didn't want to listen. Oh, so she's busy on Saturdays so she can't have tuition then? What about me? Why is my feelings disregarded, and why is hers considered? You think I live a happy, easygoing life, don't you? That I don't worry about life and take everything with a pinch of salt. Newsflash: I don't. The optimistic person has feelings too, you know? Just because I don't look at everything in a negative way like you do, it doesn't mean that I don't realize and recognize problems in life. Can you really fault me for wanting to make the best of things?

Secondly, why is it that he always gets to do what he wants, without questioning while everything I do is dissected and analyzed as thoroughly as possible? I'm not allowed to have a social life, is it? I'm not a robot, I can't just stay at home all the time (really, after telling me I should get involved in more activities..) and there's more to life than studying. What are brains worth if you don't have the skills or attitude to boost it? Sometimes I get so angry at you because you're being unfair and you don't even realize it. I'm an angsty, hateful teenager and you don't even bother to wonder why?

Thirdly, I hate guys who play with girls' hearts. Is it all a game to you? You confess your feelings for her, then you go around flirting with other girls right in front of her. You're hurting her and you don't even realize it. If I were in her shoes, I'll trash you so soundly, you'd be incapable of hurting her ever again. I don't care if you're popular or good looking, it isn't an excuse to go around hurting people. Do you really think she'd want to date you now, when she knows that you'll only hurt her more? With the way you're treating her now, I don't think you're good enough for her. She deserves someone better. Be warned that if you ever hurt my friends or me, I won't just sit there and let you do it. Really, don't be a bloated durian.

Fourthly, to girls who flirt with guys even when they have a boyfriend already.. I don't even know what to say. It's disrespectful to your relationship and to your boyfriend. Why have a boyfriend when you're not willing to give up the pleasures of the single life?

Lastly, there's a very definitely difference between being friendly and flirting. Just because I wanted to help someone with schoolwork, it doesn't mean I'm making a move on him. Trust me, if I was flirting, you'd know. (Or not) I'm not much of a flirt anyways. I look at most guys as a close friend or in a brotherly sort of way. And I certainly don't play with their feelings, I don't have the capacity or ability to do that. So before you assume I was stringing you along and had a boyfriend all the while and start treating me like I broke your heart, why don't you just ask? I'm perfectly capable of being honest about my feelings to you. I'm sorry I was too obtuse to see that you had feelings for me, but I'm not sorry that nothing ever happened between us. Honestly, it's the best mistake you've ever made in your life. We're not right for each other, and I bet you know that now. I just wish it hadn't almost ruined our friendship. I still can't believe you thought I was that sort of girl even after knowing me for so long.

To those of you who made it to the bottom of the rant, congratulations. You now know what a bitter person I am inside when I'm particularly upset. If you feel offended or what not, don't. I love you, but this is the only way I can tell you how I feel because you never listen to me. Feel free to ask any questions, I swear to complete and utter honesty.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Flashback On All Those Memories.

Hey there, peeps! :)

Last Friday was a fun day. Physics teacher didn't come to school, so we had three free periods where we did nothing but sit around and talk to our friends or table hop.

It was one of those days when I felt really glad to go to school. HAHA. I haven't gotten high on oxygen in school for a long time. *Blissful sigh* No illegal substances for me, hehe. Oh, and I got this:
Best In English Form 4, last year award, yayyyy! To be honest, English, ICT and Chemistry are the only subjects I'm good at. Forget you, Mathematics and your older sibling, Additional Mathematics :'( The ceremony is on Saturday, at 7.45 a.m. So flipping early, I can't even... HAHA. At least Najihah, Syazwana, Azlina will be there too, I'd hate being alone.

A lot of people found out about the M&M cookies I had (and didn't share with them), got a barrage of "Maine, why you no share?" and "How could you?!" from non-cookie receivers. *Sheepish expression* Well, I'm SORRY. Found out Karthik is 6 feet 2 inches tall, what the heck D: D:  GUYS, why you no stop growing? (-___-') Syahmim and Farhan made fun of my hair again, asking me if I woke up at the crack of dawn to braid it to school.
What the...No. Seriously, I think people only know me as the crazy Chinese girl who always toncang (braid) her hair. Farhan said it's "Dandan" in some cases, Mee En or Daiyana said "So what if the pengawas ask you to dandan your rambut?" Then.."LOL DANDAN." Alif said "And-and your hair" in English and someone else said "No la, ROTI your hair." HAHAHA, this is the conversation you won't understand if you don't speak BM >.< Sorry, again.

Daiyana, Mee En and Man Shuen came up with the Ocean, River, Sea name calling, and I asked "Why not Coconut Tree?" So now we insult each other by saying "Hey, you coconut tree!" or "Hey, Ocean!" It's really funny and weird but that's why we like it.

Discussed relationships with my friends, and asked "Are you a height-cist? Racist? Weight-cist?" and et cetera. There is one person I know who's a height-cist *wink wink* HAHA, I'm blithering drunk right now, if you don't realize, hahahaha. But most of them said "No, it all depends on their personality." So don't you worry if you aren't the prettiest bird in the flock, someone will want to catch you and cage you...Umm, is that even a proverb (O_o)? Help me, somebody, help me please.

Don't think I'm racist for speaking this, but I've never been interested in a guy whose primary language is not English. HAHA, simple reason: Communication barrier. I hate it when I get dragged off to a group of Chinese people, and I don't have anything to say. And people who don't know me immediately assume I'm arrogant, lanci, angkuh, sombong. LOL. YES SERIOUS. Why you people judge me? :'( Bananas never have it easy. I get along with people who speak English or BM, because I can actually TALK to them.

Saturday was a bit of a blur, I went a little crazy over something and passed out, I think D: (How could this happen to me..)

Last Sunday, Joy and I made plans to look like pandacoons :D

If you can figure out what that means, you're a genius. But it's okay if you can't, mortals. HAHA. It means wearing eyeliner. But Joy's eyeliner was really subtle and natural, mine looked like I couldn't stop using the eyeliner pencil, LOL. Eyeliner, I love you! *lessthanthree* One of the trials and tribulations of having monolids, is that if you apply a smidgen of eyeliner, it's not noticeable at all (-__-') Might as well go halfway goth and have fun doing it. 

People commented on my eyes a lot, mostly hilarious stuff like "Did you get punched in the eyes?" or "Wow, got into a fight, is it?" I should be offended, but I'm not..This is too hilarious. Someone asked me "Eh, you wearing makeup ah?" I replied, not sarcastically at all, "No lah, it's natural." LOL. Commander KY asked me if I'm going goth, and my first thought was "HE KNOWS." XD It was fun, except the eyeliner kept smudging because I walked around a lot and sweated. Kinda wish I lined the bottom lashline, but I didn't want people to think I'm a demon child or something.*gasps* Santan. I didn't notice until later that one arch of my almost-winged eyeliner was higher than the other, thank God no one else noticed. HAHA. This is what happens when you put on makeup without clear vision, sigh. Eyeliner does make my eyes look bigger :D Provided I don't go full goth like I did in Ikea a couple of weeks ago. HAHA.

Someday, winged eyeliner. Someday.

New bag, yay! It's crazy big, has a lot of compartments, is in good condition and only cost me RM 16 (including postage) :D And yes, it's secondhand.

Megan came to church yesterday
 Yayyy, so happy to see her after almost a year of not seeing her! It's too bad Cheryl didn't come, or it'll be the whole gang together again.
After she came to church, we went to the foyer for a while to catch up and wait for the others to finish praise and worship. We talked about school, church, old times and everything in between. It's strange how it's awkward to say hi to old primary school friends but it's not awkward with her, Esther, etc. Joanne went for Mother's day practice.. So I went with Meg, Esther and Aijean to main service. There was a guest speaker, and he was pretty funny. He's a musician and he traveled to so many countries, he had a huge passport (wonder how he carries it around, 14-1 passports, seriously) And the balcony was really, really cold. Oh yeah, and Esther ditched us for the guys, how could you? My heart just broke into two. Keith walked by with Joshua, and he waggled his eyebrows. (-__-) I wanna know how to do that! Can't waggle my eyebrows to save my life, or make duck/kissy faces (simply because my mind finds that revolting, LOL) 

After service, we went for lunch. I asked Megan to teman me to the shops for a while to buy some sweets (which disappeared in one Went back to the restaurant and sat with Enrique (still have no idea how old he is), Esther, Aijean, Joanne, Sam Jeev, Jezreel and Megan. I read Esther's GMA essay, and she actually wrote about Expedition being boring etc. SO DARING. HAHA. But her Rangers story was interesting. I remember being disappointed in my essay, because it was frankly, the worst one I'd ever written in my life because of how panicked and disoriented I was.(So really, idk why you guys used my essays as a reference, HAHA) Enrique took Joanne's one and started saying " And my friend Charmaine, taught me that.." and went on and on, with such a serious expression I would have believed him if he hadn't overdone it. He had the guts to say "Serious, I'm not making this up!" LOL, sure you're not XD 

Almost everyone at my table ordered chicken rice, haha. Hey, it tasted fabulous :P (I really need to cut down on the smiley faces and laughter) but I got a stomachache afterwards because I didn't eat anything in the morning. Walked back to the foyer, and into the RR office to check out the blue "READY" shirts (they made for advancement camp) and I took one (My dad paid for me, hehe) without paying *Jeng jeng jeng* I don't remember who was the guy who said "Stealing t-shirts now lah!" Trying to convince my dad to make RR hoodies (Black, with the emblem, and Selangor 1) because everyone wants one :D My ulterior motive, is that I want more hoodies. *inserts evil laughter here*

I skipped Adventure Rangers today. Watched Expedition Rangers' parade and man, they are strict D: Come on guys, play nice. HAHA. Didn't see Don, Carol, and a lot of the Expedition commanders. Surprisingly saw Wei Loong and his new haircut, which suits him better than his medium length hair ever did. Went back to the foyer with Megan (because really, none of us had the materials to study) and found Joanne outside filling up her GMA forms. I think Esther joined us later to fill her forms too. Selangor 1# will probably have a bunch of GMA holders this year :D Samuel says I'm lucky I got it during Camporama, but hey, Pow Wow not so bad also lah. 

We chilled in the foyer, discussed everything under the sun, traded stories and had fun :D Samuel and the guys came by later and joined us..almost. Started reminiscing about past years, people we used to know. Sam said "Maine, Isaac wants to see you!" and I went "I don't wanna see him!" and Sam told Megan the same thing and she said "I know him meh?" I said "TSKua remember? Same tuition in Form 1 and 2." She still doesn't recall him. LOL. I miss TSKua (there's break time, whee!) , but I did have fun in my other tuition centers/ home tuition after that :') 

Darren came out after Rangers and said "What the? You guys were here all this time?" LOL, whoops, sorry deer. Convinced Megan to join Carousell, Esther and Joanne joined already :D (Come to the dark side, cause we have some fresh cookies!) And I saw a bareback dress on Carousell, asked Joanne if it's too revealing and she said it was :'( Okay. But seriously, most dresses these days are far too short for me, especially with my height.

I'd forgotten how fun it was to talk nonsense with Samuel and Darren *yay bromance*. Sometimes I miss Facebook, primarily for crapping with my friends, LOL. Sam said that his friends thought I was "hot". What the heck, I don't even have Facebook, how do you stalk me? D: GO AWAY, GO AWAY. HAHAHA. Stalker, to the maximum (O_O)

And because I promised Jihah I would try to practice taking selfies..

 Okay, I know my facial proportions are weird. LOL. 
So there you go, pandacoon eyes :D 

I'll practice taking selfies, but no duckfaces/kissy faces/fishy faces or those nonsensical faces which people apparently think it's attractive to do (-__-) Newsflash: It's not. HAHA. All my friends are professional selfie takers, and I'm just like "Okay, I'll try." *wipes sweat from brow*

Anyway, till next time! :D

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why You No Take Selfies?

Hey there! .. And yes, this post will be mostly about selfies :P
So one of my dearest, darlingest insane friends asked me today "Hey, kenapa you tak suka ambil selfies?" (Translation is the title, HAHA)
And I was speechless. Honestly, I don't think there's been a recent photo of my face anywhere (not even on this blog) for the past.. Year and a half :O OR MORE.
Even if I take photos of myself, you can't really see my face with my dratted hair all over it. Or I'll just completely avoid my face altogether HAHA.  (Almost selfies attached)
So since I won't be taking selfies anytime soon, I'll just describe the difference between how I used to look like and now :P
1. Only have pimples on my forehead these days :D (Hopefully you won't attempt to picture that) which is barely noticeable because my fringe covers it up.
2. No more white patches on my cheeks (finally!) I still can't get used to even skintone LOL
3. I wear jet black eyeliner (when I'm not too lazy to put it on.. Which means rarely, hardly ever do. Even though I really want to) to look gothic but fail miserably at it.
4. I wear different specs which looks exactly like my old ones LOL
5. My hair is uber long (in my opinion lah) now, compared to what my hair used to be like when I was 15. It's also reddish burgundy brown and stick straight now HAHA. Bye bye fluffy hair :')
6. (not selfie related) I lost 2-3 kg by using the abs circle workout pro machine thing and walking home from school once in a while. But I'm not underweight or overweight :) trying to get abs HAHA
7. Grew an extra 5 cm, so I'm 170 cm tall now.
8. I hardly ever smile or get drunk (at least not around strangers) these days. Just picture an arrogant expression :P
And that's it.
Why I avoid taking selfies? I think it's because I'm not narcissistic or confident enough (pick or choose, love) I get uncomfortable at the thought of showing my face, and besides I'm not pretty enough HAHA I can't fake a smile the way most people do, I just end up looking awkward and weird. 
Hey, but who knows? Maybe one day, a selfie of me with crazy gothic eyeliner and a evil smile will pop up somewhere.
I don't think any of my friends don't not take selfies. LOL I'm always the odd duck out, no Facebook, no selfies and no socializing.
Actually enjoyed school today, even Add Maths class :O Discussed degrees and calculators with Faiz and we confused each other HAHA. Sitting in front isn't so bad, only it encourages me to be rajin :'(
Starting programming aassignment this month, it looks crazy difficult :/ but also kinda excited to learn about it.
Discovered a lot of secrets this week.. Bloody hell, I can't really believe that so many things have been happening under my nose. I'm even more obtuse than I thought; or everyone else is really good at acting.
I'm falling behind on my reading schedule again :'( didn't touch a single ebook last week.. I still read in school though HAHA.
I think I mentioned before but I get frustrated when my friends won't believe me when I say I'm antisocial and quiet, LOL seriously, why would I lie about that? Maybe not around them, but people I'm not comfortable with, definitely.
Am I really the only one who has no idea what my personality is like? Lol, I'll rephrase that. I don't know if I'm confident or shy, hardworking or lazy, funny or serious or both. I think my personality is contradictory and conflicts HAHA.
The only thing I'm sure of is that I'm not a people person, and I'm awkward with old school friends and people I barely know. Oh, and that I have weird butt smacking friends HAHA.
I like going to school... friends are great, classes are bearable (usually), classmates are friendly and canteen food yummy. I just really hate waking up early and doing add maths homework :'(
Today was a good day :')
Anyways, till next time! :D

Friday, April 4, 2014

No April's Fools?

Hey there!

I finally finished the cabling assignment for ICT. Thank God for awesome friends who helped me figure out how to use the crimping tool ;D Last Tuesday, Izzati came up to me and said she didn't understand me. I stared blankly at her and asked "Say what now?" When she told me I got an A+ for ICT, my expression was just:

 Then she said something about the teacher saying I studied at home, even though I missed a couple of classes (Chemistry teacher said the same thing, lol)
Which I don't. HAHA. Unless it's a really important exam.

Teachers are strange. If you don't attend all classes and still get good results, you're labelled a "good example" or whatnot, but if you don't attend all classes and get average results, they'd say you're not trying hard enough. I don't think exam results always reflects on the student's hardworking behavior or otherwise. Some students try so hard to get excellent results and they only achieve the average because they don't have as good a memory as the "excellent" students, some are really good at achieving great marks without trying at all just because they were born with good memory and brains.

 Not to say that average students are stupid, just better at different things. It's like comparing a scientist or doctor to an artist or a poet. Society likes to say that we're all created differently, and therefore unique in our own way; then turn around and judge us for not being as smart as the other person. What's the logic in that? I agree that sometimes, average students are average because they're lazy (points guilty finger at myself) and don't want to try hard enough, but that's not always the case. Do you know what it's like to try so hard to be good at something, and fail miserably to the point where you just give up because it hurts to feel like a failure despite your best efforts? It's easier to say I failed because I didn't try, then to say I tried and I failed.

I'm only good at subjects I really like, the others I'm just average or plain awful. Thursday was a pretty weird day, people kept passing me their essays books to correct their essays during Maths class, it's funny because although I always finish my essays, I keep handing them in late, so the teacher doesn't want to mark them (-___-') But I actually enjoy going to school, besides suffering in Add Maths class, that is. Can't take Literature for SPM, teacher says our school doesn't teach it so I can't take it
Which I personally find ridiculous because there's no folios or anything extra needed to take the paper, just taking the exam and other schools which don't offer it, still allows their students to take it; so my conclusion is that my school is too lazy to bother with arranging it or whatever -__- FINE. Even Jihah isn't allowed to take Biology, just because she didn't do the peka work, gosh like there isn't any teacher who can help her do it. Psssh, and they wonder why we're so disgruntled with the education system. Simply genius *claps hands sarcastically* And now, the Form 3 students are practically lab rats for the education ministry to try different learning approaches on.

Anyway, enough about education.. I hear about enough in school, so I have no idea why I'm blogging about it now. HAHA.

Bought more M&M cookies from Cold Storage :D They're delicious, but I got sick of it after eating 3 packs of it. HAHA. So I gave one to Joanne, and there's one more tucked away somewhere. (Ryan stole one in the early morning when I was sleeping. Sneaky)

Hydro-war on Sunday! :D I love water games..but I would love them more if I didn't wear specs. HAHA. I'm going to another ISCF meeting on Saturday, not sure why though because I don't contribute much to the discussion >.<

I was discussing personalities with some friends recently. When I mentioned the fact that most people think I'm quiet and anti-social, my friend laughed and said "Bull(I don't wanna curse)" But even I admit to the fact I look more arrogant and stuck up then shy. HAHA. It's easier to pretend to be confident then to feel terrified every time a stranger speaks to me. (It probably scares people away, hahaha) I do feel envious of people who can strike up conversation with others easily, because that's the sort of trait I don't have. The only time I can do that is when I'm high on oxygen and in my I-don't-care moods, which doesn't happen in public often HAHA.

Driving lessons starts this month, I'm still not sure when to plan my classes :( And I'm kinda worried, because driving a manual car is tougher than driving an auto one. And I've already forgotten everything the theory lecture taught, hahaha.

Going to IR night with friends, regretting it a little because I think I'll be extremely anti-social and quiet, and feel really, really awkward. And there will be dancing and socializing O_O. NO THANK YOU HAHAHA. That''s it, I'm going to get good and drunk before going, hahaha. (Too bad I hate the taste of liquor)

No one tried to prank me on April Fool's Day D: I think everyone forgot about it because we too busy discussing our exam results. HAHA. Or maybe we'd just outgrown it.

D told me that some girls commented on my hair in the washroom in Tamil, saying things like "She must have woken up at 3 am to do her hair." OMG LOL. I did wonder why they were chattering on so much when I was washing my hands. No one believes me when I say it only takes me 5-10 minutes to do the triple braided hairstyle, which I wear almost everyday because it keeps the hair off my face. I think the only thing I get complimented on by strangers is my hairstyles, HAHA. If only they knew how weird my hair looks in  a ponytail -__- They don't believe me when I say I braided it myself too, HAHA, hey Chinese girls can braid hair too lah. :P I don't really enjoy braided other people's hair, I'm constantly terrified of pulling too hard or not tying it tight enough. And I have no little sister to be my guinea pig :'(

I wore raccoon/panda eyeliner to Ikea last week when I went to spend the 1M vouchers at Popular (IPC) and got some curious stares from people.. I think I love Avril Lavigne's eyeliner looks :3 I don't care if it makes me look emo or strange, Nike told me to just do it ;) I kept forgetting about it though, and rubbed my eyes once >.< HAHA.

Free RM 50 gift voucher and a Popular card :D Can only get it when you spend 1M vouchers, all five of them at once.

New card and old student card.

All Historical Fiction books :) Mostly, Julia Quinn. HAHA.
Had to pick up some stationery because I was under budget. Completely forgot about my membership discount. HAHA. 

 The covers are gorgeous. Thought of picking up the Divergent Series or John Green book set, but as much as I liked them, I probably won't want to re-read them again :(

Hair is turning red again! :( I'm going to get in trouble if there's a hair check, haha

 till next time!

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