Wednesday, July 30, 2014

KLCC Book Fest Haul

Hey there! :)

I've been moody and restless lately. Probably because:
1. I'm hungry all the time.
2. I miss my friends.
3. Exploding from cuteness overload from playing with kittens.
(Anyone want one? Can FedEx to you, LOL kidding)

4. Avoiding social interaction too much.
5. Recently had a 3 hour conversation with someone who really opened up my eyes to a situation I'm in.
6. Not enough chocolate in my house. (Specifically mint chocolate)
7. I'm stuck in two situations I don't want to be in (and really feeling sick of people like *inserts names* these days..Why do you have to complicate my life and make me miserable? -__- Not going to elaborate, I've sworn not to)
8. I have to study more. Which means I'll probably quit on church and going out until trials are over. *Sighs wearily at Chemistry revision books*


  • Watched TFIOS for the second time with Aijean and Esther then we wandered around Aeon for a bit on Sunday. Watching it twice was pretty funny, me and Esther anticipated the funny moments and laughed too soon. Jeans was fangirling, HAHA. 
  • Aijean came to my house afterwards to wait for her sister and went crazy over the cats (we haz a cat shelter in my humble abode) She said something like it's not something she sees everyday, but cats running all over the place is normal for me. I distinctly remember Joy saying the same thing. (I'm sorry I don't appreciate my cats more, LOL. I just kinda take them for granted) 
  • I slept really late that night, and woke up the next day around 4 pm. Saw a message asking if I want to go jogging, but I was sleepy/tired/lazy so I said no. Ended up getting dragged to my grandmother's house for a family dinner. I was tired and sick, so I went to AA's room to take  a nap. Then Ian came in, saying the other room was too noisy. Then Charlene, followed by JA then Michelle and Vivian. 
  • Charlene got high and hyper, so I couldn't help laughing at her and getting drunk myself. JA thought we were nuts. Didn't get a chance to sleep, but oh well. 

  • Went to the book fest yesterday! It was amazing. Heaven. Splendid. Got lost in the Chinese section for 10 minutes, and finally found the English section.
  • Shared a sausage roll (from Starbucks) with Charlene and it was delicious. 
  • Planning to get a new phone. Probably a Motorola or Nexus or Lenovo one. I love my phone, I just get so bored with it sometimes (to the point I stare at it and expect it tap dance for me) . So I want a change. (Starting to understand why people change their phones so much -.-) Also found an excellent deal on Lazada, so... *___* I'll pay for half of it myself..I would pay for it on my own, but I'm short on cash from all the shopping trips I've been on lately. (Charlene was surprised that I didn't buy anything at all yesterday. I'm shocked too)
  • Initially wanted an iPod Touch 5th generation. Then thought..Might as well get a new phone for the same reasons. 
  • Going to update my Carousell page soon. Have a lot of things to sell off (o__o) Specifically my phone and perfumes and a lot of things which just clutters up my room.
And here are the photos! :)

Fake library is so fascinating. 

Lights and water.

My mum and I don't really look alike, but we are similar. HAHA. 
It was a really hazy day, I couldn't understand why everyone wanted to hover around outside, besides looking at the scenery.

Petronas Twin Towers. 

Bought this last Sunday.
I swear, I think I know someone who has this bag but I don't remember who. 
It's the weird zippers which reminded me.

Roald Dahl, one of my favorite authors as a child :3 
My mum picked this up though. 

Been trying to read up on more classics, and I finished this last night.
Not bad. 

Fell in love with this because
1. It's Nora Roberts.
2. Based on mystery.
3. So affordable!
4. That title.
5. That cover.

Mum picked this up, but I would like to read it.

The Key Trilogy by Nora Roberts
Book set for only RM 12.90
It's a steal :3

Always wanted to read this series. 

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
I'm afraid, in this case, the book will prove to not be as good as the show. 
Only because I'm extremely fond of the show.
Still this book ought to be spectacular.

Three stories in one.
It's a really thick book.
I likes.

And well, till next time! :)

P.S. Will update the preloved blog soon.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Yes, I'm a clumsy ninja. 
HI-YAHHH! *Breaks vase by accident* *Stares at broken vase* *Silently tiptoes away* 

Life Update:

Friday (25 July 2014)

Felt so lazy to go to school today. Most of my friends/schoolmates didn't come either. But A and Dapple wanted to go for CF, so we went to school, grumbling and sighing about how we could have stayed at home.

First period, we did a short Chemistry exercise while excitedly discussing something when the teacher was busy. Looked at the doorway towards the end of class and saw Daniel giving someone a piggyback ride. (Seriously, those guys have an intense bromance.) Then saw Fishcake, and went through the usual routine of sighing at Dapple when she got hyper and told him "I love your eyelashes!" and feeling amused when I saw his not-again-this-happens-everyday-why-me expression. 

During Moral class, Teacher B asked me if I'm okay, because I went home early the day before, due to ninjas stabbing me in the stomach. I said I feel fine, just have a lingering feeling of wanting to puke (rainbows). After writing notes, she allowed us to just chill or listen to her stories about her days as a student (which was actually quite interesting, but I can't be as hardworking as she was) 

Recess time was funny. Talked to Daniel when he came up to us. Sam (DH) came up to us (A, Dapple, Daniel, me) and started whispering into Daniel's ear after pulling him away. Reminds me of someone who kept doing the same thing in Pow Wow (and got drenched for that) 

After mumbling for a while, Daniel said (really fast) to us, "Going cf?" three times while turning to each of us. We replied "Yes, yes and yes!" Dapple asked "Why can't he ask us that question directly?" Daniel said " Because of SOMEONE" and started making weird noises. LOL, guys. Then Reuben, Fishcake, Jagdesh and the others turned up. Daniel saw "Apple Dapple. #melovesyou #socheesy" written on Dapple's arm (by yours truly) and cue a conversation about cheesy pickup lines. (Dap: Did you just fart? Cause you blew me away! #nigahiga) 

Aqil went up behind Daniel and Daniel did something very, very evil and Fishcake said "He looks like he's gonna cry" while gesturing to Aqil. Daps, A and I just stared at them, open mouthed. Aqil started teasing Fishcake about Dapple (due to someone having a ridiculous notion that they like each other. I mean, girls and guys can be very close and just be friends/bros/sistas, okay) 

Fishcake got annoyed and smacked his face with the paper. Aqil looked so surprised, everyone started laughing. We went back to class when the bell rang. When English class ended, Dapple actually went up to Puan Ashikin and asked her, "Teacher, do you prefer Pegasus or unicorns?" She chose Pegasus! (A and I were whooping and getting really excited at the back of the class) 

I started making micro braids on A's ponytail. Vemlan kept disturbing me, so I took his hand and squeezed it so hard, his fingers cracked. He still persisted in annoying me, so I got frustrated and tried to doodle his face with a pink highlighter. He said "Why won't you be nice? Like last time?" I snorted and replied "Since when exactly was I a nice person to you?!" He just grinned at me and left. 

Maths class was fun. Daps and I joined tables with A and MS at the back of the class, so after writing down the exercise and completing it...we started taking photos and videos :D Cause we cray cray. It was really funny, trying not to collapse from laughter at the suspicious looks from our Maths teacher. I asked Vemlan, "Unicorns or Pegasus?" He said "Go Pegasus!" I replied "Yes!" And we did a double high five in front of a disgruntled Dapple and excited A.

Dapple and I.
My face in the bottom left photo is so monkey like.

MS and A

We doodled on our hands.

A and Daps.

MS and A.

Dapple and me.

Vemlan took the photos because he's tall, HAHA. 
Thanks man. 

Lucky Syukri surrounded by girls.

I was doing a Pegasus pose, Dapple was doing a unicorn one :P

I love my classmates.. you guys are awesome :D 

I looked at my watch and said to A and Daps "Guys, hurry! We gotta go for CF!" Then we went out of our class, laughing and yelling "Happy holidays!" to our friends. 

   CF was fun. Started with praise and worship, but only DH and I knew the song (lol). There weren't enough booklets for everyone (short of one), so the teacher opened up my book and saw the Chemistry exercise I left inside. She stared at it hard and said "Ehh...why does it have diagrams?" I glanced at her expression and started laughing. "It's m-my chemistry p-paper!" She smacked me on the arm with the paper and said "Cheh, girl. You confused me!" 

    She brought cookies and jam tarts (another teacher gave it to her). Edward's face was like:
Tried really hard not to laugh at him, when he started fangirling about the food. 
But I couldn't help myself. 

   During discussion, Daniel popped a cookie in his mouth, so it looked swollen. A, Dapple and I couldn't stop laughing when we looked at him. Especially when the teacher commented on it and looked horrified :P 

   Towards the end, we were choosing the topics to pray for. I just kept silent, because I didn't have anything to pray for. Then someone asked "So...who's gonna do the opening prayer?" Everyone looked at me and said "MAINE!" I looked horrified and said "I ain't gonna do the opening prayer. No wants to!" 

   Teacher said "It's okay, I'll do it. Don't pressure her till she doesn't want to come for CF anymore." and asked me to pray for DH's church camp. I agreed, grudgingly. HAHA. I can pray for camps/trips better than I can for the opening, because I have an idea of what to say. Opening is like "Lord, thank you for bringing us together here today.." and after that, I'm at loss for words. But it was pretty fun. I quite enjoy CF. 

Tuition was fun although I couldn't help feeling restless (no mood to study). I mumbled a lot, went a bit loony and silly, and grumbled about having to draw so many diagrams. 

    I woke up really late (slept for 10 hours) about 2 pm. Someone (anonymous for a reason) asked me if I wanted to hang out with him, and I said I would, for a while. We just went to McD's for ice-cream and had a really serious discussion about something. (Yeah, so vague, I know. HAHA. Don't ask me for more details, my lips are sealed) 

   He wanted my advice about something that was bothering him, so I advised him and tried to encourage him to be more positive. (I'm not very good at dishing out words of wisdom, but people still ask me for advice, so..thanks for uhh..thinking I can help) 

And if you saw us there together... no, we are not secretly dating -.- so don't give me suspicious glances, LOL.

   The thing about guys' friendships is that sometimes it's hard to find friends who empathize and understand people's problems. Most of the guys I know are usually blunt and say "It's not that difficult. What are you afraid of?" And the worst sort is the ones who tell you to just "deal with it." and scorn you. Yeah, easy for you to say. Not to say that girls aren't like that too though.

   He said I changed a lot. I asked him "In a good way or bad?" He blinked a lot and said "Good, I guess. Now you're so chill. Like you don't care. Last time, whenever I say something wrong, you'd surely get pissed off and belasah (hit) me." He found it really funny when I told him someone said I'm a nice person even though I'm lanci (arrogant) -__- 

   Went home and had a lovely time, reading on the couch until 7 pm. Then I got ready and went to Aeon to go shopping with Aijean :D We met in Daiso, I bought a earphone cord holder and a packet of small hair ties (I run out of hair ties really quickly, the way people lose bobby pins) Then went to the cinema to buy tickets for TFIOS (watching it again). She wanted to watch it, I was okay with watching it again and well, popcorn.. 

    We went to Watsons, and bought a bunch of stuff. Walked around again after that. Met Way Jie near Espirit, but didn't stop to chat. We grinned at each other. He showed me his pinky finger and I showed him the rock sign. Aijean thought I was showing him the finger. HAHA. 

    After that, we sat down in the resting place (with plants everywhere) next to Starbucks and just chatted a lot. (I talk too much sometimes, can't control my mouth) Then we went home and here I am now :)

Main objective of this post: Too Much Information Tag I was nominated by Yasmine of Cloudy Dreams to do the TMI tag! :D (Thank you so much for nominating me! *sends virtual chocolate, flowers and hug* :3)

And here goes!

1: What are you wearing?

- I was wearing a black long sleeved shirt (rolled up to my elbows) and floral skirt with a braided belt to see if it looked good. Now, I'm wearing a faded grey shirt with denim shorts.

2: Ever been in love?
- Yes, the first time I ate mint chocolate. Sparks flew. The skies lighted up. A romantic cheesy melody was played. And my life changed in an instant. *grins* I'm serious, but in love with a person? No, not yet. 

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
- Only ever had one boyfriend, and we were more of friends than an actual couple. So our "breakup" was extremely amicable. But I have had a horrible falling out with a guy who wasn't my boyfriend but we're friends again now, though not as close as we used to be.

4: How tall are you?
- 5'7 - 5'8 (somewhere in between)

5: How much do you weigh?
- Hovering around 50 kg? (Cause, ya know..of my heavy muscles. LOL just kidding..Them be fats)

6: Any tattoos?
- Nope. I'm quite terrified of needles, so.. I've always wanted an eagle/SPQR tattoo though. The Bible says Christians aren't allowed to get tattoos, so..*sigh*

7: Any piercings?
- Double piercings in each ear. I'm planning to pierce my cartilage someday. And get another set of lobe piercings. 

8: OTP?
- Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Leo Valdez and Calypso. (Heroes of Olympus), Gollum and The Ring (just kidding). Me and my bed (not kidding). Or Me and a huge library with endless books.

9: Favorite show?
- Grimm, The Big Bang Theory, The King of Queens, Sherlock, CSI (all), Criminal Minds, The Listener, Bones, NCIS, NCIS (LA), Psych and Warehouse 13. (I don't watch tv shows often these days, I have my nose stuck firmly into books again)

10: Favorite bands?
- Simple Plan, Daughtry, Linkin Park, Lady Antebellum, Green Day, Hillsong, Planetshakers, Maroon 5, One Republic, Paramore. (I usually listen to instrument songs these days though)

11: Something you miss?
- My bed. The library in Amstleveen. Hanging out with my friends. 

12: Favorite song?
- I don't really have one particular favorite song. But I would say All of Me, written by Jon Schmidt of the Piano Guys. (Not the one by John Legend..I like it too) It's a piano instrumental song.

13: When is your birthday?
- 21st January 1997. Fun fact: I'm one day younger than JA (my cousin) so we were almost twin cousins.

14: Zodiac sign?
- Aquarius :) 

15: Quality you look for in a partner?
-  (I've written a longer post about this, somewhere in here
Besides the usual (honesty, decency, loyalty..), 

  • Humbleness and confidence (being grateful for what he has, not be arrogant),
  • Must NOT be a player (I scorn guys who see girls are prizes to be won, instead of actual human beings) 
  • Have a sense of humor and knows how to be immature (mentally) and sarcastic (in a non-offensive way - don't be sarcastic when there's nothing to be sarcastic about -.-)
  • Cares more about personality than looks. I mean looks attract, but personality is what reels the fish in, hook, line and sinker. Um, I mean guys. 
  • Hardworking and intelligent (not in studies, but in street smarts)
  • Open-mindedness but still respects traditional values.
  • I want a nice guy, not a major douchebag. HAHA.

16: Favorite quote?
- Well, besides that one I usually state (which is stated at the bottom of my blog), 

17: Favorite actor?
- Jim Parsons of the Big Bang Theory :3 

18: Favorite color?
- Black, first and foremostly. Then turquoise blue. Sapphire blue. Forest green. Red.

19: Loud music or soft?
- Depends on my mood. When I'm angry or restless, loud. When I'm sad, soft. When I'm feeling normal, a combination of both!

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?
- I usually lie on my bed or couch and listen to some music or sleep.

21: How long does it take you to shower?
- About 10 minutes..unless I get distracted while thinking about life.

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
- For school, about 20 minutes. A quick shower, getting dressed, taking wallet and watch, then braiding my hair. 

23: Ever been in a physical fight?
- Yes *hangs head in shame* Some guys were teasing me, pulling my hair, taking my stuff and generally being awful nuisances. So I lost my temper and attacked them. Someone's pants got ripped once. HAHA. What a shame.

24: Turn on?
- Sincerity (people who stay true to themselves), optimism, courage, good humor.

25: Turn off?
- Emotional immaturity (taking things personally, making a fuss about everything), dishonesty, rudeness, unwillingness to see his own faults and refusal to change the worst of himself.

26: The reason I joined YouTube Blogger?
- I love blogging. It helps me remember things which I'd most likely forget, unburdens my mind, releases creativity, discover more people who blog and improves my English.

27: Fears?
- Cockroaches, high places, amphibians.

28: Last thing that made you cry?
- I had an emotional breakdown because of some things I was dealing with (namely, trying to change my mindset to be more optimistic and stop caring so much about people). Threw and slammed pillows against the wall and cupboard. Punched a very fragile door repeatedly. Cuddled my cats. Then I cried and fell asleep. (It worked, I woke up, feeling refreshed and determined) 

29: Last time you said you loved someone?
- I said it to Dapple. #melovesyouthree 

30: Meaning behind your YouTube Blogger Name?
Blog url:
- Banana: someone who doesn't speak Mandarin (yellow on the outside, white on the racist. HAHA) 
- Chocolate: I love chocolate. 
- Maine: My nickname, which everyone calls me by.

Blog page name:
- Maine Lyn: My name, extremely shortened.
- Reader: I read a lot.. to the point people have given up on trying to get my attention when I'm reading.
- Writer: I write, and enjoy it thoroughly.
- Loner: I love people. I do. But I also enjoy the rare times which I have to myself. When I can do anything I like. I go to Aeon alone sometimes, and walk around then sit down, with a drink and snack and just observe people or think deep thoughts.
- Dreamer: I daydream a lot. Sometimes I reminisce or have flashbacks or think about things to the point I lose focus of reality and come back to earth extremely confused.

31: Last book you read?
- I'm currently reading a continuation of the Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton (written by Pamela Cox) so umm..Summer Term at Malory Towers?

32: The book you’re currently reading?
- Winter Term at Malory Towers

33: Last show you watched?
- Body Of Proof.

34: Last person you talked to?
- My dad. Before him, Aijean, LOL. 

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
- Close friend whom I share a rocky relationship with because we disagree about everything, but still like each other.

36: Favorite food?
- Spaghetti, seasoned seaweed, mint chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberries with sugar, mangoes, pizza, hot cup tom yam noodles, chicken.

37: Place you want to visit?
- Germany, England, Greece, Italy, Rome.

38: Last place you were?
- Port Dickson...

39: Do you have a crush?
- I might. Sort of. Like. Someone. But frankly, I'm quite tired of guys. And dealing with the side effects of liking someone makes me feel *dot dot dot* Sorry. I could like someone, but I'm extremely reluctant to. 

40: Last time you kissed someone?
- Does a kitten count? Then today. 

41: Last time you were insulted?
- Oh, yesterday. My friend told me someone said I'm lanci (arrogant). How kind of that bloated durain to speak so blatantly to her about me in such an offensive manner :)

42: Favorite flavor of sweet?
- Sour, peppermint. 

43: What instruments do you play?
-Piano and guitar, though not as frequently as I used to.

44: Favorite piece of jewelry?
- I wear two plain black/white/colored ear studs on each of my ears. And my name necklaces, of course. 

45: Last sport you played?
- Monkey ball. 

46: Last song you sang?
- Uhhh....I guess the Psych theme song when I was watching it? HAHA. 

47: Favorite chat up line?
- I don't have one.. Just "Hey, what's up? is good enough for me.

48: Have you ever used it?
- Yeah, all the time :P

49: Last time you hung out with anyone?
- Today (Saturday), with Z, then Aijean :)

50: Who should answer these questions next?
A: NeverLand
Dapple: Apple Dapple
Joy: Chocolate for Joy
Aijean: JEANS

I'm blogging past 1 am in the morning, and simply exhausted. Going to be up all night, rooting my phone and lounging around. Won't be going to church tomorrow, simply because I don't want to :)

Wrote this on the spur of the moment in my comment to Dapple's new page. 
It's really weird and ridiculous, but..yeah :3

Till next time!

(Can't upload the video, guys. Sorry.) 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Port Dickson Trip

I felt as though I had just made a very narrow escape.

Hey there! :)

I actually went to school last Thursday before leaving for P.D. right after. Dapple and I were talking to Daniel, Fishcake, Sam and etc about nicknames and what-not when A joined us. Someone said "Look at Aqil's teeth, shining so brightly." (Aqil was at the school gate, we were standing near the corridor, next to the rubbish bin) So everyone turned and stared at him. Comments like "Wow, his teeth!" and "He's smiling so widely" were made.

Warning: Word and photo heavy post. 
Credits for photos: Me, Ryan, me dad, JA, me mum.
Days: Thursday to Sunday

I chopped off 3 inches of my hair!
(Dry from the chlorine water, and it's looonggg.)

It's still really long, but it's much shorter compared to before. 
Mum wanted me to cut off FIVE inches, but I refused to (need to braid, ya know? *Clings to hair and hisses "MINE"*)

Thought about trying to climb down.

The swimming pool :3

The spa building looks out of place when compared to the water chalets.

Resting place to look at the ocean.

My bed when I woke up :P

The beach at night.

View from the balcony.

Closer look at the rocks.

Cochin Pool, strictly for adults :l

The balcony.

The view from my bed..when I'm not facing the ocean.

Swimming pool at night. Went there at night twice :3

Sunset at the private beach.

My humble bed.

View of the balcony from outside.

View of the water chalets.

The room I shared with JA (then Charlene for 2 nights and JY for 1) 

We originally had this room, but 1. we needed three beds and 2. adults wanted to shift to another area for some reason.

Heavenly *drools*

The beach XD

View from balcony when facing other chalets.

Night walk.

Took photos of my feet for some reason. Don't ask :) 

Cleaning staff made my bed this way and arranged the bear and sleeping mask. 
I love my Teddy, don't judge or be jelly :P

As usual, braids! Braided Charlene's hair because I was bored and didn't much like staring at my tummy in the mirror while wondering if I'm eating too much before dinner.

Went to the pet farm, the birds are gorgeous, bunnies are cute, tortoises are interesting and chickens and peacocks are scary.

Charlene and JA had an unexpected hair braiding session.
Which was free. I'm so generous *pats self on back*

JA and Ryan being cray cray.
And yes, our room is a mess.

Forgot to mention this: We were staying in Avillion, Port Dickson. 
This is our room number. 

Naturally, I had to braid my own hair too.

Taking a photo of them selfie-takers.

Dad and bros fished from the balcony and caught crabs..which we didn't take home.
 But they are lovely to look at.

This is my family. (My shorts look short compared to everyone else)

Ian and I do look alike! D:
Waiting to check out of the hotel and discussing phone specs.
My older brother, Ryan whom people often think is younger than me or my twin, LOL.
No fishes, just crabs.

Me with my bro, Ry and almost twin, JA.

Messing with my hair.

Late night selfies.
Wern's (I call Ryan Wern a lot) instagram.

Rabbits be adorable. 

Highlights of the trip:

  • Tried to spend some alone time, walking around by myself because I enjoy solitariness sometimes but JA and Charlene kept close to me. 
  • JA and I have the habit of saying "Me knows", "Me no likey you" and etc, and Charlene picked up on it. Now I'm terrified her mum and AA will come after me for teaching her broken English. 
  • Went off by myself to the beach and just stood there, feeling the waves and staring out into the distance. I must have looked slightly loony because a guy actually tapped my shoulder and asked me "Are you okay?" I said "Yeah, I'm fine." But the tourists there kept an eye on me until I left the beach, LOL. They must have thought I wanted to wade into the sea.
  •  I photobombed (or tried to) a lot of people when they wanted to take selfies :P
  • Charlene created a weird song about me. 
  • During one of the late night swimming after dinner, Ryan did a cannonball into the pool. He started groaning about being hurt "somewhere" and Viv asked him why. I absentmindedly replied "You won't know unless you have them." *lmao* (If you get that, you smart)
  • I had a horrible stomachache from eating more than I'm used to, but I was feeling better when I was in the pool that night. Charlene asked me "Your stomach okay?" I said "Yeah, it just feels like it's full of air." JA said "Want me to fill your stomach with water?" I snorted and said "No thanks, I'm not a submarine." Ryan and Viv laughed and said "Buoyancy! HAHAHA" 
  • Piggybacked Charlene and JA around the pool. Yelled "Make a train!" and all of us (me, Charlene, JA, Viv, Mich, Jerry, Ryan, Ian) went one round around the pool. 
  • Played catch the ball (with a monkey hovering around), trying to push the ball to the bottom of the pool and seeing who can throw the ball up in the air the highest.
  • Ryan asked JA and Charlene on his shoulders (not at the same time, LOL) and they did.
  • He asked me too, but I was chicken so I decided to sit on his shoulders instead. Changed my mind halfway and asked to be put down, but he refused and kept stomping around the pool. I screamed (in fright or delight, I have no idea) the whole time and he finally dropped me. Got submerged in the water, but I expected it to happen so it's okay :P Hugged Ian because I was traumatised and cold, hahaha.
Went for my dad's eldest brother's funeral right after we came home from Port Dickson. I never really knew him, because he's more than 10 years older than my dad, so they weren't very close. The funeral lunch lasted for 3 hours. I didn't see anyone who was really grieved about his passing, so I asked my dad why everyone seemed so..normal. Like they were just attending a family lunch. 

He said something like "Death isn't the end, he just went to heaven to be with God and we'll see him again someday." and about him not suffering on earth anymore. If I die, I expect at least someone to cry, or I'll come back and haunt you. HAHA. Don't just eat that 3 course meal and talk about what a horrible person I was, shed a tear for me. (yes, I know. this is weird) 

Felt really moody and sarcastic because I was exhausted, so I ignored a lot of people who messaged me and focused mostly on trading photos. Whenever I text someone when I'm moody, and I say rude, sarcastic things, I always feel awfully guilty and bad about it afterwards. So now, I've decided to just ignore my messages until I feel cherrier. 

Monday (21 July 2014)

I didn't go to school because I was exhausted. Woke up to a phone call, telling me to get ready (to watch a movie) and mumbled "What universe is this?" to myself. Went to watch TFIOS with UJ, AC and Charlene. 

My opinion of the movie (and book. Astonishingly they followed quite closely to the book although they did leave out some parts) 

The Fault In Our Stars Review
  • I liked that it stays quite true to reality. It shows that death happens and we're all destined to die someday. And also, I understood the part about leaving a mark on the world and not wanting to be forgotten. 
  • There were funny moments. Especially the "Heart of Jesus" part (in the book) and enthusiastic Patrick.
  • The book didn't draw me in, the way most books I've enjoyed reading does, but I read it anyway because I heard the hype about it. Honestly, I think this book wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst. 
  • I think Hazel and Gus had a very sweet relationship. 
  • Hazel (and her parents)'s dark humor was a tad disconcerting. To quote a book, "It's only okay for you to use gallow humors when you're NOT at the actual gallows!" 
  • The staring part in the movie was funny.
  • Hazel going to Gus' home after having just met him was dumb (in both book and movie!) Didn't your parents ever tell you not to go home with guys who can potentially be rapists or murderers?! (something like what Hazel said, but she did it anyway -_-) 
  • TFIOS poster was nice. The book cover was nice.
  • I liked some quotes...
  • Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort (Hazel and Gus) played siblings in Divergent! (The irony)
  • van Houten was an ass. 
  • I liked the idea of the pre-funeral. I would want to hear people's eulogies at my funeral. 
  • Comparing thoughts to stars and constellations is dreamy, and frankly doesn't make much sense to me even though I understand what the author means by it. (My thoughts are stars which I cannot fathom into constellations)
  • The eulogy Augustus wrote for Hazel was funny and sweet. Although it dragged on a bit in the book. 
  • "Maybe okay will be our always" <- likes="" me="">
  • "The world is not a wish-granting factory" grated on my nerves a little (probably because it's true). I know that we can't always get everything we want in life, but I hate wakeup calls like that.
  • The metaphor thing with the cigarette made me want to facepalm myself. Okay, I get that he's putting the killing thing right between his teeth and not giving it the power to kill him but he's still buying cigarettes! He's still contributing to the growth of the industry which CAUSES cancer even if he doesn't actually light the cigarettes up.
  • Normal people don't talk the way Gus and Hazel does. But then again, they're *shrugs*
  • Kissing in Anne Frank's house was weird. Made me feel uncomfortable. Especially when people actually clapped for the making out. Like what. 
I don't want to say anymore, because my eyes are rolling back into my head from analysing it too much. 

UJ bought me this, because he wants me to learn more about Shakespeare sonnets and plays.

Tuesday (22 July 2014)  

Went to school. Had an intense conversation with Dapple and A about being annoyed about someone doing something we don't like, and I said "Honestly! He makes my hair turn grey!" and huffed. They looked at my hair and burst out laughing. A told us about Life camp, and how stressed out she was, but it sounded interesting.

Then the guys came along (Daniel, Fishcake and Sam..I think. I forgot if there were more people) and we started talking about CF. A said "If DD goes..we won't go!" and we high-fived when I asked Dapple if she would go for CF without me. Dapple pulled a face and said "Hmmph!"

We went to the Language room for a lecture after recess. All the Science stream classes. I sat with SY and Dapple. We discussed about relationships and nonsense a lot. Fishcake, Daniel, Sam and Edward yelled "Unicorn" from across the room. We yelled "PEGASUS" back at them. Had this huge discussion (which has been going on for months..almost) about Pegasus vs Unicorns. A and I love Pegasus, but Dapple loves unicorns.

Shawn Daren (I know too many Shawns, Sams, Esthers) was standing in front of me, so I asked "Unicorns or Pegasus?" He thought about it for a while and said "Umm..Pegasus." I gasped. " know. Wings." *happy dancing in my head*

Daniel (like Aqil) insisted on Dragons and refused to pick either Unicorns or Pegasus. But obviously, dragons would win if you chose from those three. Dapple insisted that unicorns have magical horns and I insisted that Pegasus has sassy wings.

Still it was a good day.

UJ left for Netherlands. I'm sad to see him go, but I'm glad he visited. Bought jellybeans (mostly lemon lime) and walked around with crazy people who kept singing songs which I don't like to me.

Wednesday (23 July 2014)
Dapple, A and I were talking to Sam for a while, then the conversation trailed off. Edward, Fishcake, Rohil, Raymond (Lemon), Khairul, Reuben and Jagdesh we did the whole "Pegasus or Unicorns?" thing again. Edward said "Unicorn!" and something about Dapple and princess..then he bowed. I just stared at him and thought "What. Just. Happened?"

Rohil said "Pegasus!" then A and I were so excited, we high fived and said "YES! YES!" I think Lemon supports Pegasus too. Edward wanted his nickname to be "Rose" because he's acting as Rose in the Gulp and Gasp play. A said it was girlish..Dapple said "But..fruit.." I was trying too hard not to laugh, because it's the first time I hear a guy asking to be called Rose. Then we went for ICT class when the bell rang.

I saw Way Jie passing by after PE (PK) class, so I yelled "Way Jie!" He turned and yelled "What?" I replied "Pegasus or Unicorns?!" He said "Pegasus of course!" I let out a whoop and said "YES!" Dapple said "NO. Support unicorns!" then Way Jie said "But Pegasus can fly. Unicorns are useless, they only have a horn and..." Dapple looked like she was going to whack him with a broom XD

We asked our classmates today, which they prefer. So far,

Pegasus: Laily, Fadhillah, Najihah, Nabillah (she converted from unicorns, when Laily convinced her Pegasus are awesome), Faeez (He said unicorns are useless too, omg, Daps had fire shooting from her eyes)
Unicorns: Syukrie and Farhan.
..........We haven't asked the rest yet. HAHA.

A teacher complimented my hair when we (Daps, A, me) were walking to the ICT lab. It was so weird, but I'm flattered :3

Fishcake said we'd start a riot with this discussion. I think he's right.

1. Asked him to ask people to choose between unicorns and pegasus. HAHA. poor guy. 
3. Rainbow butt. LOL.
4. Go Pegasus!

So unexpected. I told him "I thought you wouldn't choose Pegasus, but I still can't believe you didn't!"

Heartbreak. HAHAHA. Just kidding. 

Dapple asked people too, so no, I'm not crazy.
Or maybe we both are. I dunno :P 

Next post will be the TMI tag *happy dance* I'm excited to get started on it. 
(Yay thanks Yasmine!)

I'm never really sure whether it's disrespectful to eat in front of people who are fasting (teachers always tell us not to) or to hide your food when you see them. Sigh. Anyway..


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