Friday, September 26, 2014

Remember Me Always and Forget Me Not

Hey there! :)

It's been more than a month since my last blog post. Spend a couple of weeks, with my nose stuck in exercises and books for exam trials. (And a couple of pretty fun group studies with weird people..We laughed more than we learned though) And after that, I got hooked on Catherine Anderson's books, swapping stuff, writing cheesy letters, ordering and wrapping gifts and getting so distracted with other things, I didn't have the energy to blog as frequently as I used to.

I didn't go to school for two days because I got sick from the ever changing weather. (I always blame the weather. Whenever it changes suddenly, I get headaches, flus and fevers, which makes me think I'm susceptible to weather changes)

I found out on Wednesday that my English teacher read out my essay to the whole class the day before from some of my classmates. All I could do was to look incredulous and say, "I'm glad I didn't come." It's just really awkward and embarrassing to know that people heard what you wrote. I'm not very proud of the essays I write.

The Science classes had to retake the Chemistry papers, because a lot of people figured out the exact questions for paper 2 and 3 and managed to cheat, so the teacher got really upset when people got unbelievably good results and everyone had to retake the paper, although it was glaringly obvious to note who actually cheated or memorized the answers to the whole paper.

It was quite a shock to my class, because we weren't informed beforehand about having to retake the papers and none of us had a chance to study or do revision at all and the second paper was far more difficult than the first one. It isn't fair for most of us to have our marks getting lowered when we didn't do anything to deserve it. There's nothing much we can do about it.

Graduation Day is coming soon, and most of us non-Malay students (girls) are getting pretty frustrated about the ridiculous rules they have about the dress code. One teacher literally said "Dress like a nun, cover everything." ........Say what, now?! It's our day. It's our final year.

It isn't so bad that we have to wear sleeved dresses that reaches to our knees. But when you tell us to wear a collared shirt (with a long dress, are you kidding me?!) and if we wear a skirt, we can't tuck it in, cause it'll look "tight" (Can you imagine how frumpy and disheveled one would look if one doesn't tuck in one's blouse into her skirt? -.-) That's just taking decency to a whole new level called "Ridiculous"

 I complained to a couple of my Malay friends about having nothing to wear. She made a face when she heard what the teacher said and told me "I'm just going to wear my old baju kurung from last year..." You lucky :P

On a more positive note, I love my classmates/schoolmates. They be awesome. They be funny. They be crazy. They be nice. I honestly can't imagine what next year will be like without you guys.

Even some of the Chinese guys from other classes who stare at me and say, "Eh, you dunno Mandarin?!" don't make fun of me and seem to accept it pretty well. I discussed language barriers and people sticking to their own group of friends with Jihah for a while. She suddenly said (in BM), "Do you realize that you're speaking to me in English and I'm replying in Malay, but we don't even notice it?" I thought about it for a few seconds and blinked. "Yeah, oh gosh, I can't believe I didn't notice." You think we would figure that out years ago :P

1. In the library with A and Dapple, studying when Khai, Aqil, Raymond and Fishcake appeared and talked to us for a while.
2. Sze Wei, MS, Satriati, Miza, Dapple, me and A having fun before the holidays started.
3. Apple, Pig and Pig XD (A, sorry I made you look weird, LOL) 
4. Satriati, Miza, Dapple, Wana and me :) 

A and MS early birthday gifts :) 
I gave Dapple her gift a day earlier so I didn't have a chance to snap a photo of it. 

Wrote letters to them. Extremely cheesy ones, to make them get goosebumps :) 
We have a joke about Unicorn Xpress being more dangerous and slower than Pegasus Airlines. 
(Hence why, Dapple's present arrived two weeks late. HAHA)

A's present, EXO themed necklace and wristbands :D 
It rocks, all right. 

Credits to MS :)
I double wrapped everything and wrote funny things on the second wrapping.
Wrote the letter on black paper with a silver pen because it looked cool. 
Her gift is an EXO themed bracelet :)

I think I'll wear this for Graduation Day if I can, even though it's not really formal. 
But it's the most decent outfit I can find that doesn't make me look pregnant. 
I don't care what the teacher says, I am not going to wear pyjamas.
At least this isn't a bikini XD

Anyways, till next time! :)
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