Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sistas Before Mistas

For always. 
Hey there! :)

Filming some videos at school with mah cookie buddy and Shim.

If you don't understand my title, it's "Sisters before Misters" but with an accent. I call it my audio note accent, because that's how I say it in audio notes. People find my voice hilarious/weird/plain funny for some reason. (Or maybe they just like making fun of me *sniff sniff*)

I went to school on Monday to film some videos for mah sistas with these guys. Shim walked there with me from my house. (Me dad thinks it's dangerous to walk alone) Daniel came along later to play basketball. So we hung out in the shade, exchanging phones and listening to music. Daniel said "Wow. I like your music." when he saw my music library. And yeah, Linkin Park and Boyce Avenue.

I spent some time going through the photos in mah cookie buddy's phone, and chatting with Yi Wen on his phone. Then we decided to play frisbee so we went to the basketball court in school to play :D
One form 3 guy played with us, but I forgot his name. It was really fun. Even though my feet were burning inside my combat boots. 

Me, Aqil, Shim, Daniel

His guitar is so nice :3 (Shim, I mean, by him)

1. I can see my hair color transition.
2. I don't know why I'm doing this face.
3. Ahh, them guys are so cute. 
4. Don't make me pinch your cheeks.

Sam (Shim) took this photo :)

Daniel telling a story. I laughed a lot because they were hilarious.
(But I needed mah sistas, and they weren't there)

We hung out in the canteen after that. Sharing more stories and making fun of each other.

Discussing songs and playing the guitar.

I keep covering the bottom half of my face. 

He looks like a zombie.
I don't know why he's lying on the floor. 
#guys #willneverunderstandthem :P

We went for lunch after that, and the food was delicious. *drools* I said goodbye to the other guys.  Then mah cookie buddy walked me home (but he didn't give me any cookies) 

I'm addicted to sending audio notes these days. Mostly because hearing other people's voices is hilarious and I like hearing their voices :)

I hung out with DD last Sunday. We were going through essays and discussing formats. 
Then we walked around and took photos.
And ate ice cream.
And spent some time in Starbucks.
Ran into Cheryl and Megan. 
Talked to them for a while till they left to watch a movie.

 Yay for sistas! :D

I have two groups of sistas, one from school and another from church.
Speaking of which, I've been wrapping up presents for two of them. 
So, yeah :)
And I haven't gotten presents for Aijean and Megan yet. I haven't had a chance to buy them.

Some photos from last Friday. 
That face tho.

Walking with A.

Screenshots of conversations (Spam, Betrayals, Insanity)
He was ignoring me, so I launched a spam attack on him :D
Me, Yi Wen, DD, Shim and other random people who were kind enough to join us.
He told me he got over 200 messages. 
We are awesome, guys.
I love you, people.

We tried the trading profile photos to confuse him, but it didn't work.
I changed the group name to Wicked Witches, because it describes us perfectly :)

I just find this hilarious.

He found out I cheated on him. (Just kidding. Not really) and he did what I did to him, sent me an emotional story.

More spamming :)

The spam club and its' victim. (Where is Shim's photo? Ahh, I didn't screenshot)

Yay for Yi Wen.

Random statuses. 
DD loves me, even though I cheat on her a lot. 
The middle one was the one I wrote when I used his phone. 
The last one is his edited version.

DD spammed him (Aqil, pfft)

A Short Rant (or Ramble)

   I'm actually feeling a little pissed off, because I ordered something for myself and my friends. And the order was incomplete. Like what the heck? If you say it's a certain item, then send that! Don't just send me parts of the item. And I cannot say what it is because it's a surprise present. Urgh, so frustrated. 

You is choosing you bros over you sistas? 

   Another thing that's been bothering me for a while. I hate it when I make an effort to be friends (or stay friends) with someone, and that person be like "Erm, yeah. I don't like you. I don't want to talk to you. I have my own friends." Ouch. Okay, so you don't want to be friends with me anymore, that's fine. I'm cool with your decision. (Don't be offended by the way, I can't help how I feel. And I'm sorry for ranting, I just need to say this. Urgh. Don't read it if you ain't gonna like it.) 

    It just feels like I'm being betrayed. Pfft. Not exactly, I mean. . It hurts when someone chooses another person over you. (Addressing one person) I mean, I thought we was friends, girl? You mean we ain't? Okay. So I guess, all these years of friendship meant nothing to you. I'm not angry with you or insulting you for making choices which I don't like. I'm just sad that I'm losing you and that you don't care about me no more. (What is with this accent?) 

    I don't even know why I care anyway. It's not like I don't have other friends besides you. I'm just letting you know how I feel and telling you that I'm moving on. It's okay, if you don't want to be my friend anymore, just tell me so I know :) Then I promise I ain't gonna bother you anymore, and leave you alone forever (dramatic *jeng jeng jeng*) I'll stick to my sistas, my bros, my friends and people who actually like me and want to talk to me. *sniffs* 

    I get that I haven't always been a good friend. But still, it hurts. My heart be broken. My tears be streaming down my face. (Just kidding) I'm just resigned now. Whatever happens, just let it happen. And ahhh, please don't think I'm offending you. I. AM. NOT.... OKAY? Not doing that. So don't be offended. I want you to know, that even if you choose your bros over your sista, your sista ain't gonna forget you, okay? Even if she doesn't talk to you anymore. I wrote the same thing in a letter for you too. So yeah, I hope you're okay with me saying this. 

To the cheesy part....

To all you amazing people I know. I love you guys. So much, that I might even share my pizza with you if I see you. (Except for my cookie buddy, cause he said he gonna throw a pizza in my face and he hasn't given me cookies yet) Thank you for your randomness, your hilarity, your weird comments and everything. I like you when you're crazy and I like you when you're not :)

❤ ♡ ♥ ღ ❣ ❥ I LOVE YOU ❤ ♡ ♥ ღ ❣ ❥ MORE THAN I LOVE CHOCOLATE.
 And that's saying something.

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