Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nothing Remains The Same

"New names, new faces. I hope no one will ever replace us."

Hey there!

Recently discovered Sarah Andersen's blog called 'Sarah's Scribbles" and I think her scribbles are amazing and really relatable. I've actually seen a few of her scribbles/comics around Tumblr and Pinterest several times, but I only found her blog a couple of days ago. 
This one reminds me of when A and I used to fangirl over Youtubers or celebrities we like and DD will be staring at us and wondering if we were nuts.

You should check her blog out because it's definitely entertaining! :)

Life Update:
   Exams are starting to take a toll on me. I'm just really tired all the time and stressed out. I'm glad that Physics and Add Maths are over. I hate those subjects the most. I'm not so worried about Chemistry and ICT because I actually like those subjects. I can't wait for exams to be over, even though I'll miss the school life. It's just making me cranky and tired all the time, I don't talk much to people anymore (except if they manage to make me laugh somehow) and I don't eat lunch or breakfast on the day of the exam because I don't have the time to. 

I've finally mastered the art of eyeliner! (For now at least..I'll probably mess up later) 
(And yeah, I need a hair trim)
Eyeliner got smudged because I walked in the rain and I forgot to clean it up when I got home. 
I prefer in2it eyeliners over Silkygirl (the liquid liners are similar in shape), it doesn't budge at all. 
Eyeliner is hard to apply for me, because I have a hooded lid and I can't seem to get the angle of the wing right. I don't wear eyeshadow at all because it's impossible to see on my eyelids.

     I'm looking forward to hanging out with my friends after SPM. Getting a new guitar, doing crazy things together, shopping , archery and just relaxing after a long, difficult month of exams. I'm going to be clearing out a room in my house and redecorating it. It'd be my new room, yay. I hope I can get a mini fridge (so people will stop stealing my chocolate) and decorate it to my heart's content. I want to have a tumblr-esque sort of room. Also trying to persuade my parents to allow me to repaint the house since I'll have plenty of free time next month. 

Saturday: Hangout at Paradigm Mall with Meg.

Walking and making funny faces in the mall...
then started making funny faces and movements in the car.

Places I went to: (When I remembered to take a photo, that is)
(Also went to H+M, Brands Outlet, ...every single clothing store we came across)

Went to observe the Rachel Khoo event for a few minutes.

Marks & Spencer food department.
(Everything looked delicious, and Christmas music playing everywhere)

What Caught My Eye (and also what I didn't have the cash to buy, LOL):
Love Taylor Swift's fragrances! 
Especially Wonderstruck Enchanted (Red smells like vanilla *__* I want this so badly.) 
Taylor has a nice scent too, just not as yummy.
Wonderstruck was just a "meh" for me. 

Percy and Reed hair products packaging is cool. I'm interested in trying out some of the products, like the dry conditioner, oil and finishing polish. 
Benefit products in miniature looks adorable.  
(Spotted at Sephora)

Meg likes the look of this.

I was drooling at the peppermint chocolates which reminds me of the After Eight chocolate I love.

Looking at the display of junk food and popcorn.

Even the drinks look fascinating,
(Spotted at Marks and Spencer)

All these boxes are amazingly attractive and reasonably priced. 
I think price range is around RM 20-50. 

If you like tins, you'd love this!
I thought of buying one or two, but I can't yet. Not till I clear out my house.

I LOVE the clocks! 
I'm definitely going to return to this store (Kaison) when I need home decorating items.

Union Jack boxes...(Vintage looking too. I'd go broke if I drop by that store again)

Wall art!

Fascinating earrings spotted at Lovisa. 

Haul (Mum, if you're reading this..Think of all the things I DIDN'T buy):
Hypoallergenic earrings from Lovisa. 
I really love turquoise, and I bought this because it's hard to find. 
There was a 3 for the price of 2 sale going on, but I couldn't justify spending extra money on earrings I didn't want as much. (Also Meg's silent messages also reaffirmed my feelings about it)

This I bought a couple of days/weeks ago from Daiso.
Blotting paper: My face gets really oily throughout the day, so I need as much of this as I can get.
The blue stones are for using as a brush holder, once I sort everything else out, get rid of things and make space to put a brush holder.
Supplement container: For storing accessories when traveling :) Learned this tip from Pinterest. 

This I bought about a week or two ago.
1. The Zact Whitening toothpaste really does work. I used to use Colgate Optic White, but that didn't help as much. Lately I've used the Zact whitening toothpaste (for, I was desperate. I don't smoke) and occasionally, the Pearl Drops tooth polish. Sometimes, I even use baking soda. My teeth are a couple of shades lighter now, even though it isn't blindingly white.
2. There was a promotion for the Lip Ice lip balms so I bought them. I change bags quite often, and leave the lip balms everywhere, so I got these to use at night.
3. Impact Mints (Blackcurrant). It keeps me awake so I can study during exam season. (Along with Mentos)

Mum bought this from the Garden of Eden, her friend was promoting it. 
This brand is manufactured locally, and I think it appears to be quite a good brand.
(From left)
1. Cleanser is for me (and my acne prone/combination skin)
2. Primrose E serum for anyone with dry and dull skin. (also applies to me..but I won't be using it)
3. Argan Oil (given with purchase) to be used for hair and skin. I'm quite excited about this, because I've always wanted to try out argan oil, but it was far too expensive for me to purchase on my own.
4. Rosa T for acne prone skin (again, me) to be used at night.
5. Acne gel (also for me) to be used in the day time.

The ones for acne prone skin came in a set for about RM 58.90. 
Primrose E was also about the same price (RM 50+) but it's larger than the Rosa T bottle (which came in the set)

I gave in to temptation and bought a Percy and Reed dry shampoo from Sephora.
I wish I bought the dry conditioner now though.
I'm still curious about this one. The last dry shampoo I tried (Comfy Care) make my head itch and made me look like the time I had a flour fight with schoolmates in 2008. 

Bought this accessories container from Daiso again, because Mum broke my last one.
(It fell from the top of the cupboard. R.I.P.) 

L'Oreal Paris Re-Nutrition Night Essence for dry hair.
I think I need this because my hair has been dry for years. I'm not even kidding, long before I started straightening, curling, dyeing and styling...My hair has always been dry.
I hope this works. If not, I can always fall back on argan oil to save my hair. 
Worse comes to worse, I'll just say "To hell with it." and cut my hair into a long bob.

From Kaison.

Floral hook hangers. (RM 13.90)
I think my Mum bought a similar one once (the more the better, teehee) but I want this for my room. I wouldn't mind finding the one she bought (it's lost in a box somewhere)

Needed a small bag for the times I have makeup in my bag. (RM 5.50)
I usually just toss my makeup in my bag and pray it doesn't break before forgetting about it.

Postcards! :D I'm quite crazy when it comes to collecting things like these.

*Takes a moment to drool at the sight of the postcards*

Selfies :)

Taken at 9-10 am, on the way to the mall.

Chilling in the backseat and snapping photos while chatting.


Walking and taking selfies.

Getting excited over all the stores we came across and took photos.

Being silly during the Rachel Khoo event. 
(No free food..sad)

Taking photos while waiting to go home.
(Skirt is short, I know)

Not-so-candid shots.

Going crazy on the ride home.

Selfie while waiting for food (during tea time..?)

Breakfast! :D 
Chicken burgers with seasoned fries.

Tea time: Chee Cheong Fun 

Yam cake *__*


   You know the saying "To maintain a friendship, it requires efforts from both sides."? I do think that's true. You can't always be the friend who tries to keep in touch with said friend. You can't always be the one trying to keep your friendship together, when the other person just doesn't care. The problem these days is that I feel like I'm bothering my friends or being a nuisance when I initiate a conversation so most of the time, I just don't do it. 

   These days, the only people I chat with, are those I chat with every day and those who initiate the conversation. I wonder if the reason some of my friends don't start a conversation is because they feel the same way I do, about being a nuisance. I like it when people surprise me with a sudden message, it gives me a pretty damn good feeling. I'm going to try making the first move to chat with someone, but I doubt I'll be able to do that with people who send me laughter messages or just 'Okay' messages. I don't know what to say to that. 

I remember a conversation that went like this:

Me: So what do you think?
X: Hahaha.
Me: What's so funny?
X: LOL Hahahaha.
Me:    really?
X: Hahahahahaha.
Me: ........bye. *flies away*

(Never initiated a conversation with that person again till he/she contacted me first several months later. And I probably won't ever initiate a conversation with people who do that, because I'm deadly afraid of laughter messages that make no sense.)

"If my absence doesn't affect your life, then my presence has no meaning in it." -Unknown.

I'm afraid that some of my friends will forget about me next year. Especially if they're too busy with new friends or work or something else. I've thought about it a lot and finally decided to try and accept the fact that as life goes on, some people leave. Some stay. And I'll meet new people. (Just I don't know if I'd make friends with them, because I know I'm awful at social interactions). I can't change how things will be, but I can change the way I think about it. If one friend leaves me in the dust, I'll still have those who were willing to stay. 

A couple of my juniors told us (Seniors: me, YW, A, DD) that they'll miss us because things will be different without us. I just hope they'll make as big an impact on their juniors as they have on us seniors. This year was really life-altering and I have a feeling that things will be even more different next year. 

I'm trying not to care anymore. What other people choose to do in their lives shouldn't affect me. And I'll stop caring. Sometimes you just need to walk away. Even if it hurts. Because it hurts even more to stay where you know you're not wanted or needed.

And a last tidbit,
Had a bad week, so I drew this.

Till next time!

P.S. If you have updated your blog recently (as in the past week), please let me know, because my dashboard isn't showing my blog feed -_- 
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