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(Ear) Piercings Tag

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I discovered this tag on Youtube and decided to do it on my blog :)
Note: I added some additional questions and answers which I thought was relevant.
Original tag was up till Question 5.

1. How many piercings do you have and where? ( and when did you get them?)
- I have two regular lobe piercings on each ear.

(Photo was taken on December 2013)
- One cartilage piercing.

In answer to the last question, I got my first set of lobe piercings in Poh Kong Jewelry when I was 8. Both ears were shot  pierced at the same time, so you can imagine how terrifying it was for me.
Second set of lobe piercings was in 2012 at Tomei Jewelry store when I was 15. I got them at the same time Joy and Cheryl got theirs. It got infected really badly, and I had to let the piercings close up. 2-3 months later, when they fully healed, I re-pierced them again and had no problems with it since then. All done with a gun because when I was younger, I used to think that piercing needles were equivalent to sewing needles because of all the self-piercing stories I read about. 

I've always liked cartilage piercings, and wanted to get two. But I got one instead. I wrote about the process in my Birthday post. This is my first piercing that was done with a needle, and I love it. Why did I get it done with a needle? I read multiple horror stories about cartilage piercings gone wrong with a gun, and realized that the needle is a safer option. 

I will only ever do ear piercings because I'm too afraid to pierce my face and body. Also, my parents would faint and never wake up if I do. I thought of getting a nose piercing once, but I can't get used to the idea of having something in my nose.

2. Do you regret any of them?
- Nope. After my first set of piercings,  I thought about getting more for a long time and finally did it. I regretted my helix piercing for a while right after piercing it because it felt hot and uncomfortable, but I can barely feel it anymore now. (The maximum number of piercings I'd get is probably 8.) 

3. What was your most painful piercing?
- I did a lot of research on piercings, and most sources state that the helix piercing is one of the most painful ones but surprisingly I hardly felt it at all during the piercing process. It hurt a little when the piercer was inserting the jewelry and felt sore for a while though. My lobe piercings were okay, it just gave me quite a shock when the gun was fired.

4. What's the best way to care for piercings?
By no means, am I an expert on this. It's based on the research I've made and my own personal experience. 
- Clean it with a cotton bud soaked in saline solution or sea salt solution (make sure salt doesn't have iodine or it'll sting) daily while piercings are healing. Don't ever use antiseptic cream/sanitizer because it will irritate your piercing. You want your piercing to heal, but not for it to close up. 
- Try not to twist it because it will bring in the bacteria and tear the fistula thus making your piercing take longer to heal. A lot of piercers in jewelry shop will recommend this, but professional piercers say that this is not a good idea. 
- Don't touch your piercings or play with it. If you have to touch it, make sure you wash your hands with antibacterial soap.
- Keep your hair away from your piercing.
- Don't go swimming. In the sea or a swimming pool. It can cause an infection if your piercing reacts to the chlorine or impurities in the water and the water is usually not clean. 
- Some people say it's better not to eat seafood, eggs, etc. But honestly, I don't know if that's true.

I found this blog really helpful: http://helpwithmypiercing.blogspot.com/

5. Would you get another piercing and if so, where?
- I might, in a few years.. Either a third set of lobe piercings or a second cartilage piercing right below the first one.

6. Where can I pierce my ears in Malaysia? 
Option 1: With a piercing gun
Places: In jewelry shops like Poh Kong or Tomei. (Costs around RM15-30)
I wouldn't recommend it, based on my personal experience and research. 

Option 2: With a piercing needle.
Places: In tattoo parlours in Sungei Wang mall, Dragonfly Tattoo in Midvalley (RM 115), Attic's Jewelry and Piercing in Sunway Pyramid (RM85) . There's a lot of tattoo shops in KL who pierce with needles also. 

7. Favorite earrings collection.
Studs like these. 
Cross, skull, bird (shown in the first pic), black and white studs.

8. What do my piercings represent?
- My first lobe piercings was done when I was really young and to be honest, it doesn't really mean anything besides being a reminder of my childhood and how much I loved the earrings my Mum got me (I lost one of the earrings, when our house got robbed. I still have the other in a box somewhere). "We were young and wild and free." 

- Second lobe piercings would represent those days when my closest friends and I were insane and crazy and loud. I remember how scared I was and holding someone's hand really tightly. (Also remembered how relieved I was when it was over. Then it got infected and I had to repierce it.) I'm pretty sure the holes are crooked because it's hard to use any other earring besides studs. "When everything was exciting and life was an adventure"

- Cartilage piercing was done in the memory of my 18th birthday and coming of age. It also reminds me of how life changes over the years and why I shouldn't be afraid to try new things.

9. Piercing gun or piercing needle?
- I would recommend a piercing needle. There's a lot of contradictory answers on this, but I think those who advocate piercing needles makes more sense to me with their explanations on why it's better and why they're against using a gun.

Also, based on my own experience, while a piercing done by a gun can certainly heal, it's more prone to causing infections and the jewelry they use might cause allergic reaction because of high nickel content which a majority of people are allergic to. 

I hear that piercing guns can shatter the cartilage, cause blunt force trauma and it's not sterile. The upside is that it's cheaper and you can get them anywhere. Piercing needles are expensive, slightly more painful when you pierce with it, and it's not easy to find a place which uses it. But on the upside, it's safer, more sterile and sharper which means it will not cause trauma to the ear. 

On a side note, piercing guns were designed to be used on earlobes (if at all), not anywhere else. Nose, cartilage, rook, tragus, belly..Nope. Just don't.

(Attic's Jewelry and Piercing sent this to me)

Ultimately, it's your personal choice. Everyone has different opinions and experiences :)
Do your own research on the subject and decide on your own. 

Some sources I referred to are listed down below:

Till next time! :)


  1. I only have one lobe piercing which I got when I was like, what. Two?
    I'd like to get more piercings but the idea of pain and guns and needles puts me off and the fact that if I do pierce my ears, nobody will see cause of my hijab xD but one dayyyy...

    1. Omg, that's really young! :O
      Ahh, I feel the same way whenever I remember that getting a piercing = needle/gun in my ear >.<
      Oh noooo. That's true. I think it'd be a great experience though :3

  2. This is a really interesting tag! :) I didn't know you had so many piercings! I'd really love to get more (currently I only have one lobe piercing in either ear), but my maximum would be like 4. Eight is so many! ^^

    1. Thank you! :) I like piercings too much and I blame Tumblr XD I think all ear piercings are interesting :3 despite how many someone has. Now that I think about it, 8 does sound like a lot (._.)

  3. Hey there! How much did it cost for your cartilage piercing at Dragonfly?

    1. Hey! I pierced it at Attic's Jewelry and Piercing in Sunway Pyramid instead for around RM 89 :) Dragonfly quoted me like RM100+, and I didn't have the budget for it :(

  4. awesome,
    thank you so much for sharing such an awesome blog..
    Ear Piercing


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