Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Day I Turned Eighteen

Hey there!

I'm eighteen today! #whichmeansfreedominsomanyways 

I'm SO EXCITED because I've done something I've waited to do since last year. 
But I can't tell you why just yet, because my parents do not approve of it. 

Some people might find it weird but I don't really celebrate my birthday. I haven't done it for years, in fact. What I mean by that is throwing a huge celebration. inviting all my friends and family, eating cake, the awkward moment when everyone sings "Happy Birthday to youuuu!"...yeah, I don't do that.
One of the most memorable birthdays I've had to date looked a little like this:

Reading with a cup of Milo on hand, while listening to music.

I got a midnight birthday call and messages from friends who didn't realize that I was already almost asleep and I thought it was really funny and sweet of them :P Some of my closer friends sent Whatsapp/Snapchat/Facebook messages and called me to say Happy Birthday too. I love you guys. *wipes tears from eyes* HAHA. I only had about 4 hours of sleep. Woke up at 6.30 am, listened to music, cuddled some cats before getting ready to go to the train station.

My eighteenth birthday 'celebration' was just hanging out with Esther and Aijean in Sunway Pyramid and visiting The One Academy. It had numerous funny/terrifying/awesome moments. 

Starting from when we walked from the train station to Sunway Pyramid. Almost got hit by some cars at one point because the road construction blocked us from the driver's sight. Almost fell when walking down some really steep stairs of the pedestrian bridge. 

Ate Pan Mee in Asian Avenue for an early lunch.

Got hungry again later, and went to have some chocolate sundae crepe to share.

Esther loves teddy bears.

In Forever 21.

   I went to Attic's Jewelry and Piercing to get my cartilage/helix pierced. 
Researched on cartilage piercings for months, and decided to do it with a piercing needle instead of a piercing gun because it's a better option. Will elaborate more in my next post. I know it's really weird to hear because it's more common to get a piercing with a gun, but it's actually not the best option. I won't encourage someone to use a piercing gun, but if they want to, it's their choice, haha. 
The girl at the counter showed me some straight barbells to choose but I asked to see the curved barbells and captive bead rings, because I read that it's better for the healing process.

   The piercing was done in a private, enclosed area and the piercer said that no one else can enter. 
So I went alone. *Cue dramatic music* I was terrified. The piercer asked me a few questions (to distract me) while preparing the equipment. She took a marker and marked a spot on my ear. Then she gave me a mirror and asked if the position is okay. I wanted it to be higher, so she marked it again. 

    She sprayed something on my ears to numb it, and told me to breathe in while she pushed the needle in. After a few moments, she inserted the earring in. The most uncomfortable part was when she screwed on the end of the earring. I said thank you and went out. Esther/Aijean looked at me and said "Eh. Wow, you were so quiet. I thought you fainted already." I thought that was really funny but I couldn't laugh because I was still in shock. I was worried I would scream, but I didn't.

This is what it looks like :) 

   The earring is bigger than I expected, but now there's room for the piercing to heal. 
I'm relieved that I finally got it done, but a small part of me regrets it a little because I have to be careful not to do certain things, like sleep on the side the piercing is on, keep my hair away from it and forgetting to clean it regularly. 

   I was spaced out for almost an hour and wasn't very excited while we were shopping. (More like a walking zombie) I was a lot better when we went to The One Academy to see their gallery, watch some presentations and take a tour.

Some cards I collected because it looks so attractive.

This is probably my favorite.

Isn't this adorable?

Sneakers, sneakers, boots. 

Reflection :3

On the phone.

I learned a lot about the courses I was interested in, but I honestly don't know. I think I'm more inclined towards studying visual communication design in one particular university. Some parts of the conversation we had with one of the counsellors was funny. 

Discussing branding of types of food, drink, etc.
2nd TOA counsellor: I mean, when do you hear people ask the Mamak guy for instant noodles? They usually say Maggi Mee, am I right? When do people use the word "instant noodles" ?

Me: *Tries really hard not to laugh* W-When someone asks "What is Maggi Mee?"

Our maths? not good.
2nd TOA counsellor: Then the total pay will be..25 times 50. What is the total? Tell me.

Esther, Aijean, Me: UMMMMMM.....*at the same time*

Aijean: Is it RM 1000 like that?

TOA counsellor: Wah, so long didn't go school, until Maths also don't know already.

We three people: Oucchhh.

Saw the labs, rooms, chill rooms.. and wow, so many computers! It was a great experience. (At least now I know what college is like)

Random question we get a lot.
Cotton On cashier ask "Are you two sisters?" to Aijean while pointing at me. Aijean was like "Nope. We get that question a lot." He said "Ohh, so best friends." Everyone said "Yup. You can say that. HAHA"

(I don't know why I'm not looking at the camera)

Went to play archery! :)

(Aijean's face, hehe)

And bowling.

It was fun. And the bowling alley was REALLY cold. I loved it.

Things *EHEM* doesn't want you to know about.
We went to a certain coffee shop and wanted to ask one of the barista's for his phone number (kidding around about it and even had a bet on it) but didn't get a chance to. We went home after that.

I'm really tired. And sleepy.

One thing I hate about getting older is that I don't get to see some of my friends as often anymore. Sigh. I'm still happy I survived SPM though. HAHA.

Till next time! :)


    It looks like you had a lot of fun! Congrats on making it to 18!
    And I hope you have a great year ahead of you ^^

    1. Thank you so much! :D
      I did! :3
      Thanks! <3 I hope you have a great year too :)

    2. Thank you so much! :D
      I did! :3
      Thanks! <3 I hope you have a great year too :)

  2. Hey, I thought I would leave a comment since I've been a silent reader of your blog for quite a while now (probs 6 months...) *shy wave*
    Anyway, I'm turning 18 as well (this May!), but I'm less excited and more anxious tbh. I will NEVER be able to go back to being a young teen or a child again - kinda scary.

    Anyway, drop by my blog if you like x

    1. Hello! :) Thank you for commenting! <3 I know how you feel, it's a difficult transition :l
      I visited and followed! :) hope you can follow me back! xoxo.

  3. Hey there. I was Googling for cartilage piercing and I found ur blog. Can u tell me more about the process? Was it really painful?

    1. Hey! To me, it wasn't as painful as piercing with a gun and it healed a lot faster. But for about an hour, my ear felt really hot but it was bearable. The process itself was relatively quick and it didn't hurt much when she inserted the needle, only when she was putting in the earring but that's only for a couple of seconds. Everyone has different pain tolerances though! Good luck with your piercing <3!


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