Saturday, March 7, 2015

Follow Your Heart

Hey there!

Life Update:

I went to Genting Highlands with A and DD last Sunday. It's great that all three of us got to finally hang out together again.

We've all dyed our hair recently. A's hair is a light brown, mine is dip dyed red (and purple) and DD's dip dyed red too (only a more reddish color than mine)

I realized that we all have a similar hair length.
I'm actually getting bored with long hair, especially now that I'm working (it gets in my face unless I tie it up or bun it) But I can't bring myself to cut it. My bangs are way too thick too, sigh. 
I think I'd get an asymmetrical medium length haircut and streak it dark pink before college starts. Long hair is lovely, but it gets bothersome sometimes. Especially when it's as thick as mine is. I don't know, I'd probably chicken out and not do it after all. #unadventurous?yeapthat'sme.

I have a thing for faceless selfies. I can't explain it, I just do. 

DD had her second ear piercings done and A had her first piercings done :D
I would have gotten my third lobe piercings but I swore I'd never get another gun piercing again. 

I'm itching to get my hands on some Directions dye and bleach. 
I've had red hair more than three times already. When Daniel saw me at school last Tuesday, he stared and said "You dyed your hair red? Again?" I was trying not to laugh at how incredulous he sounded when I realized that I do have an inclination to dye my hair red. 

Yeah, I love floral crowns and patterns. So much for wanting to look more badass, sigh.

Boots, boots, sneakers. 

I like feather tattoos :)

Corn is delicious.

This tastes like After Eight chocolate. Ridiculously expensive but it tastes heavenly.

Hot chocolate in Starbucks on a cold day. 

Wonky mirrors in Ripley's Believe It Or Not exhibition. 

Some interesting things we spotted in the exhibition. The letters and book one is my favorite.
We had to walk across a bridge inside something that was spinning and it was a little scary and dizzying. There were a lot of fascinatingly, creepy things in the exhibition (think severed head, mummies) and we were jumping at every weird sound and running after people so we wouldn't be alone there. The people who worked there were friendly. When we were trying to open a gate that seemed unopenable, one of the guys who worked there showed us how to do it. There was a slanted room too with a pool table in it, which was interesting.

Capped off the evening by going to Subang Parade after the long car ride down the mountain to eat hot dogs for dinner. I took leave from work the next day because I was exhausted. 

I went to collect my SPM results in school. Saw so many familiar faces, it almost made me cry. I arrived with DD, we were surrounded by Daniel, Fishcake, Sam, Raymond, Edward and goodness knows who else in a matter of minutes. Daniel said "So..we're all together again." and Raymond or Edward (maybe both) were talking about how being a senior sucked, which I found hilarious because I enjoyed being a senior. 

Ran around finding people to hug. Yi Wen poked me after hugging me. DD and Nab blocked me and Jihah when we tried to hug. We laughed and moved aside. Izzati and Wana got hugs too. There were a number of people I didn't hug because I was preoccupied with my thoughts or I was afraid to approach because I thought it would be awkward. HAHA. 

A certain junior tried to talk to me and it terrified me. Aqil and Sam were laughing too hard to help and eventually moved away, so I quickly walked away and stifled my laughter. Fishcake looked really amused at my horrified expression. I completely forgot about some 'admirers' I don't want to have. Someone said "See, some people didn't forget about you." Well, I wish they would :l 

I was supposed to go for a movie with A, YW and the chinese gang but I wasn't in the mood to watch a movie after remembering I had to work the next day. I wanted to go home and read a good book.

When I got home and chatted with Peter, he said that if he didn't know me, he'd think I'm badass. My reaction was "So you think I'm not badass? *sniffles*" I need to work on being more approachable before going to college or I won't have any friends :l 

It was great to be in school again. 

Opinions & Plans:

Last year, I had a hunch about what my SPM results would be, and I was spot on. Almost to the exact results I got. It isn't impressive by any means, but it's good enough for me. Knowing my own capabilities and limitations, I didn't expect anymore than what I got. If you don't know my results and decide to ask me about it, I won't tell you exactly what it is because I have no intention of discussing it. My parents weren't too pleased about it and expected better, but I don't really care about it. I did as well as I expected to do and that's all I wanted. 

Maybe my results were "meh" because I was more focused on my social life in school and extra activities than studying. But I did spend a lot of time doing group studies and studying alone as well. (which really helped, thanks to everyone who studied with me) I think it's more towards the fact that I can never concentrate 100% on something that I don't enjoy studying and I didn't put enough effort into it. 

I think staying in the sub-science stream was a bit of a mistake, because I've never had an interest in science and maths but I stayed for ICT and close-knit, friendly classmates I had. Not that there were any other streams which I found appealing. Sports science, accounts, pure science. Not a lot of choices for someone who likes arts and literature in English.

Sometimes I feel like having a smartass older brother makes it more difficult for me, because everyone expected me to be as smart as he is and it makes me feel inferior and sub par. Gosh Ryan, can't you be a little more dumb so I can feel better about myself? Just kidding. 

I'm actually relieved that my Maths and Add Maths results were abysmal, to say the least. This means no one can force me into studying accounts or anything to do with maths :D Since I'm planning to take Foundation in Arts, maths isn't really important to me despite what my maternal uncles and aunts may think. Now there's the silver lining. 

SR asked me to go to Sunway University. A lot of my primary school mates are there too. But they don't have the course I want, which rules it out. Sigh. I'm sad about it, because it would have been great to be able to reconnect with old chums again.

Some of my friends are taking STPM. My mum actually tried to bribe me with money (I think she went mad for a bit) into agreeing to take it but I refused. Not even RM 15k can convince me to suffer trying to studying something I'm not interested in for almost 1 1/2 to 2 years. 

I'm deciding between BA(Hons) Visual Communication Design and Multimedia Design courses, I'm more inclined towards the former but I'm undecided. I have an entire year to decide because the foundation course is the same for both. I'm excited about not having to study Science and Mathematics anymore. I'm also relishing the thought of studying something I'm interested in, in English no less. 

I have brief moments of longing for a friend who will accompany me to college/university so I don't have to be alone (potentially for the rest of my university life, because I suck at making friends.) but everyone I know are planning to take STPM, A-Levels, matriculation, or foundation in programmes I'm not interested in. Sadly forever alone.

Do what you love, follow your heart. Don't follow your friend and do what they want to do. It's not going to work out well if you do.

Life may be imperfect, but it's good so far.

Till next time!


  1. Maine, you are so pretty! I know exactly what you mean with not wanting to cut your hair... I have the same problem haah! The exhibition looks amazing! I really like that second picture with the vase. And I'm sure you're plenty approachable! ^^

    1. Thank you so much! :D I knoww. You love it but you wanna let it go.

  2. Congrats on passing high school :)
    Honestly, just do whatever you think is right. Considering how talented you are and the wide variety of things you're interested in, take a course that's light and compliments your interests.
    You guys look fantastic with your dyed, long hair :) especially DD.

    1. If you're reading this DD, I think my hair is a bit wavyish straight like yours but it just doesn't sit down in the same way yours do xD just ends up frizzing everywhere.

    2. Thank you! :D That's true. Beats doing something you hate but you're good at :3

  3. Hahaha Maine, I miss you so badly. Well come back. I feel so old now. I know the feeling of having smarter sibling or cousin. Urgh it just get more annoying very soon.
    And Catalina, thank you so much. Actually that was my good hair day. If not it will be frizzing up all places all the time. XD

    1. Me misses you too. Sniff. Yeah ikr. :l


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