Monday, March 16, 2015

OMG Camp Experience

Hey there! :)

I was in Taylors University (Shine Award Center's) OMG Camp programme (Batch 3) :D 

From left: Amanda, me, Taneia, Tiffany, Rachel, Chye Nee, Vannessa, Shirley, Clare, Aina, Nabila, Mee En (A), Jarrel, Thunder (Tan Tder Chuen), Kai Zhuang, Richard, Lim, Nikhel, Ben, Hong.

Note: I tend to confuse what event occurred on which day and I'm also really forgetful, so please bear with me :) (?) indicates I'm not sure if it happened or if that particular person did something.

Random Thought: Why didn't anyone else blog about it? (I mean those from the previous batch) I was trying to find a detailed version of what happens in camp to see if it was worth it, but nada. If I'm not supposed to blog about it...well, sorry.. no one told me not to. 

How I Ended Up Joining The Camp:
A signed up for the camp the Saturday before camp started and asked me to join because she didn't want to go alone. I spent the next day, trying to convince my parents to agree to let me go because I thought the programme sounded appealing. (After talking to a couple of people, I realized that most of them were asked to attend by their parents, while I had to beg to go. LOL) Dad finally agreed to it on Sunday night (Mum didn't though) because I said I would pay for it with my next paycheck. RM 580 is quite a lot, but I think for the most part, it was worth it. I went to register for camp after work on Monday and made it just in time. I think I was the very last person to sign up. I started packing on Tuesday.

The First Day: Awkward Beginnings
A's dad fetched us both to Taylors University on Wednesday. We took our shirts, case and name tag at the registration counter and entered the room. After we placed our bags down, we sat down. It was so awkward at first because Chris (student ambassador..right? Is he? I forgot. I know he does Mass Comm anyway.) was the only one talking (crapping away, according to him) while everyone else were quietly sitting in their seats and staring at him. I thought it was really funny but didn't want to laugh, so I looked around to see who was in the room.

Chris asked us to introduced ourselves to each other. Again, dead silence and everyone waiting for someone to do something. Chris looked at us and said "No one? Really? Okay okay.." He left the room after that. The moment the door closed, some people got up and started introducing themselves to the people nearby. A and I met Vannessa first. After talking to her, we stood up and went around the room to say hi to everyone else.

Once everyone went back to their seats and sat down, the door opened and Chris walked in. I was dying from laughter mentally. His timing was spot on.  We had to pair up with our accountability buddy (also roommate) by looking at the name on our file. Mine was 'sambal' and I had to find 'nasi lemak'. I bumped into Amanda, looked at her file and saw 'bread' so I pointed her in A's direction because I knew she was 'butter'. Finally found my buddy, who was Nabila :D

Image credits to Nabila's instagram.

Two guys were looking around and yelling "Dave! Dave!" Someone said "Who the hell is Dave?" Then Jarrel (I think) said "Where's the fat chipmunk? DAVVEEEE!" I was laughing and I noticed some other people were looking bewildered and amused at the same time. "What chipmunk, all?" someone asked. Then one of the guys said "I'm Alvin, he's Theodore. But where's Dave?" Lim (was it?) walked up to them and showed them his file. They looked at his name in shock and said "Aeeeeyyyy, it's SIMON lah. Who told me it was Dave?!" Apparently Taneia or Vannessa told them "I think the other chipmunk is Dave."  That was freaking hilarious. 

Another thing I noticed is that in university, everyone says words like "shit", "fork" (variation), etc without compunction which surprised me because I spent years trying not to. (O__o) Not judging anyone, I'm just saying it's hard for me to get used to because I don't use bad words often. You're looking at someone who curses by using object or fruit names. HAHA. 

We had some time to get to know our accountability buddy. Nabila and I just talked about our high school, where we come from, family and how our personalities are like.

The Icebreaker session was held in Uni Square. We had to arrange ourselves according to our horoscope, blood type, where we come from, etc. A lot of running around and confusion. Amalen sorted us out into our groups. I was quite okay with my group (Taneia, Kai Zhuang, Chye Nee, Nabila). 

Then came lunch time. I wounded up at A's group table because I was absentmindedly following her. Was a little bored because everyone was speaking in Mandarin so I focused on eating my food and texting some friends. I started eating with Nabila, Aina and Taneia after that, for the next meals because I felt more comfortable with them. I don't mean to imply the rest of you guys aren't great, it's just that Mandarin makes bananas "zzz..."  A, Chris and Amanda joined our table around the 3rd or 4th day.
The bun was yummy. The mushroom soup was a little too mushroomy for me.

The food was delicious.

We did a wholebrain personality assessment.

Basically we have four quadrants in our brain: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Some parts are more dominant than the others. I'm more of a Green (organized) and Yellow person (creative) as opposed to Red (sociable) and Blue (factual). (And yeah, we mispelled Kimchi because we were distracted by the emojis)

The first career challenge was (Computer programming) creating a game app (for those who picked it). The others went for the Monopoly Challenge (Business). We were doing coding, which I found easy to pick up, but it was a little boring for me. I always found the multimedia learning area more interesting than the others while I was learning Information Communication Technology in school. 

We had to do a Spaghetti and Marshmallow challenge after that. It's building the highest structure out of spaghetti, duct tape and string. The marshmallow goes on the highest point of the structure. It's harder than it sounds. The marshmallow is actually heavy which created the problem of having a stable structure. My group's structure collapsed a few minutes after evaluation. (Thankfully, not before)

We checked in to the Ruemz Hotel after that. Nabila and I had a room on the sixth floor (the highest floor, technically the 7th floor. There's a floor called M) 
View from the window.

My bed. 

The shower.



Bag area and fridge.

The room was nice. Air cond was freaking cold at night. But the toilet hose was leaky sometimes

Dinner that night. (Or was this on the next night? urgh.)

The Lego PSI Reflection. I have no idea what I built, I just built it.

My team's slogan was:
Girls: "Kimchi, Kimchi packs a punch!"
KZ: "Yummy yummy Kimchi! Always the best!" 

The first day, KZ said his line in a really cute way. 
After that he said it in a louder and more drill sergeant way, cause us girls was too shy to really yell.

The Second Day: Getting Used To Everything
Woke up freezing, after shivering for the whole night. Nabila and I thought it was too warm when we went to bed so we adjusted the air cond to 16 degree celsius which was a mistakeeee. Planned to go to the gym last night, but felt so tired and lazy. Got ready and went for breakfast. 

Nick, Gerald and Amalen conducted a lecture (there's probably another word for what they did, I can't think of what it is) on Emotional Intelligence and why it's more important than Intelligence Quotient. If you're curious to know what EQ is, try this: EQ test.

The second career challenge was "Strategize, Digitize and Advertize" (Advertising). The room was all white. The chairs, the walls, the board...yikes. We could even scribble on the table with temporary markers.

My team's (me, Nabila, Kai Zhuang) poster. 
The Mellk is inspired by the Dutch word for milk (melk) and that time in PJK class when A couldn't pronounce 'milk' and said "Meeeee-lll-kkk) 
The penguin people was KZ's idea. 
'That's so melk' inspired by 'That's so fetch' from Mean Girls. 

If you don't get what the poster means, what we're trying to say is that milk is a healthier option compared to alcohol and can also be drank (drinked? drunk?) at parties. 
Also, milk can lessen the effect of alcohol. 
The funny part was when Jarrel and Ben (?) started acting out a scene in a bar during a party. 

One of them: *sits down, swaying drunkenly* Hey bartender! One glass of milk please?
The other one of them: Wah.... I'm feeling really drunk right now. *snaps finger* I know, I should get some milk.
One of them: Anyone wanna take shots of milk?

You have to be there to appreciate the hilarity of the situation.
The guys poster was about the "Xxys deodorant." and the other team was about sport shoes named after their initials. I forgot to take photos of theirs. Sigh.


What I see from where I am.

The next career challenge was "Design..Your Future" (Graphic Designing) We learned how to edit a photo with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on a Mac laptop. The lecturers were laidback and quite chill. They said that in design school, it's okay to just wear something simple and looking professional is not required. It was really interesting. One of the lecturers told me "Wow, nice boots." 

The rest of the day just flew by. I remember a few people saying "You look like someone I know." to Jarell and Hong. I was talking to Hong before dinner and he showed me a photo of a girl who he thought looked like me, but I thought she looked nothing like me. She was the kawaii, sweet type and I was like "NOOO..I wanna be badass." Almost everyone thought Jarell looked like someone they know. Priankar and Kanisha(student helpers) complimented my braid and Nabila's hair after I braided it. (Nabila is one of the fortunate people who was part of my hair experimentation) 

We learned a couple of things like accelerative learning and study skills, SWOT analysis, etc after dinner. 

Nick was talking about internet and Malaysian slang. He started writing what we yelled at him "TTYL, OMG, Mah, mamak, etc" 

Girls: OOTD!
Nick: What's OOTD? *looks confused* 
Girls: Outfit Of The Dayyyyy. 
Nick: Oh okay. What's next?
Girls: OOTN! 
Nick: What? What's that?
Girls: Outfit Of The Niigghhhhttt. *starts laughing*
Nick: *shakes head and looks exasperated*

The Third Day: Most Happening Day
Nabila and I woke up late. Didn't go to the gym again. Got ready for breakfast. There was a student sharing after breakfast. I felt tempted to share my story but I didn't. I thought about how thankful I was that this OMG batch only had 21 people in it. It felt like we were all friends even though we had our own smaller groups of friends too. Anyone can talk to anyone without feeling awkward or shy (well most of us) because we just clicked. One club was conducting a game where a person pays a dollar to throw a sponge at a guy's face. (he was holding a board). Rachel, Aina, Nabila, Hong, etc missed. KZ broke the board because he threw the sponge so hard. But it was fun. 

The fourth career challenge was Next Top Chef: Fire And Ice Challenge (Culinary Arts) which was awweeesssoommmeee. We were separated into four teams. My team had A, Nabila and Aina. There was four stations and we had 20 minutes in each station. Our first station was making sandwiches, cooking wedges and friends then decorating two plates with what we made. We didn't realize it was actually a competition *facepalm*. We just did our best to quickly do what we had to do before decorating the plates. 

The second station was the ice cream station, nyum. We made ice cream with dry ice in 18 minutes.We measured the milk and cream, cracked the eggs and separated the yolks, cut out a little bit of vanilla. I think you could watch a YT tutorial on that :3 cause I don't know how to explain it.

We visited the culinology lab afterwards. Tested some biscuits and tea to decide which biscuit is crispier and which tea is sweeter. Apparently one tea is sweeter because it used glucose while the other used a healthier variation of sugar. 

The last station was mixology. We made mocktails in a bar which was really fun. We tested the syrups and everything. Then prepped the garnishings. Took a lot of ice, red syrup, lime/lemon juice and started blending. After we finished, the lecturer who was watching us work offered to make hot chocolate for us. It was so creamy. Yum. 

We went back to Truffles Restaurant (where it all began) and after the speeches by all the lecturers involved, they started naming the winners of the challenge. My team (Yellow) was stunned speechless when they said "And the winner of the challenge is....Team Yellow!" We took our prizes and a photo before sitting down to enjoy the sandwich plates we made earlier. 

We had a long, long break after that (2 and a half hours) so we had a hairstyling session in Aina's Saloon (Room 404) Aina curled my hair. I straightened Nabila's hair. A styled Taneia's bangs. 
Time flew by so fast, I couldn't believe that it ended so soon. We decided to have a sleepover. 

There was a career profiling session. I took the ActProfile test in the computer labs. Unfortunately, there wasn't time for me to talk to a counselor. 
You can click on the red and blue buttons to see the suggested field of study and future occupations. I'm particularly interested in Applied Arts (Written and Spoken), Applied Arts (Visual) and Social Sciences.

 The last career challenge had three categories. The first category, we went to one of the science labs to create a liquid paraffin emulsion. Jarell and I had trouble making it (I realized later I forgot to listen for the 'click click' sound because it was actually a 'peik peik' sound. Kinda like hydrogen gas. It doesn't really make a 'pop' sound) My second attempt was successful. Jarell did it three times and said "Yeahh..this is not going to work." 

The second challenge was the fun one: Making jam in the lab. (Ian says the jam is freaking delicious.) 

Since A and I were the only ones on our team, we had a lot of jam to take back. 
Gave one to Chris because he helped us, I took two and A took three. 

The last category was blood testing. I was afraid to do it, but did it anyway. My blood took ages to come out, the lecturer said I had low blood pressure. She couldn't get enough blood to come out, so she didn't do the copper sulphate test to see if I'm eligible for donating blood. My blood type is exactly what I thought it was: B+. 

After dinner and the last session (discovering values, understanding yourself, harshness of reality, development plan), almost all of us went to the mamak to have some drinks (and eat). Laughed so hard at the "peik peik" discussion and random shenanigans. 

When we went back to our rooms, the six of us (Taneia, Aina, A, Amanda, Nabila, me) started getting ready for the sleepover. Nabila and I had to sneak down the stairs because our key card doesn't work for the 4th floor (you have to use the key card to press a floor number).

Nabila and Taneia slept on the floor. I slept next to Amanda. Aina and A bunked together. 

It was an insaneeeeee night. We were laughing so hard when Aina told us stories about when she knew Ben in primary school and things that happened when she met him again in OMG camp. We drooled a little over some college guys. (They was cute, okeeyy) Talked about movies, relationships and books while snacking. Sigh. I really miss them now. We slept around 2.30 am - 3 am. 

Woke up the next day. Everyone was struggling to get out of bed. 
Aina was like "So much for going to the gym." 
Sneaked back into our rooms after grabbing our stuff to get ready for breakfast.

From left: Amanda, me, Nabila, A, aina, Taneia.

All them faces I'm gonna miss.
No, I don't know why my eyes are closed. HAHA.
Thunder is so tall. 
We were adding each other on Whatsapp, Instagram and FB. 

I ship Ben and Rachel XD 

Hugged some people goodbye before they went home. Talked to Priankar, Kanisha and one of the Hotel Management lecturers during tea.
After tea, almost everyone had left with their parents. Jarell and Rachel were still in the room when A and I left. 

Taylors University was having their open day. I went to take my career profiling assessment there. 
I found out that I have the ability to do what I'm interested in. I'm an indecisive person with a lot of interests, which makes life difficult when I have to decide and figure out what I like the most and where I want to go. 

When the HM lecturer noticed I was still around, he took me to see the culinology students who were preparing for a competition and told me "This is what research looks like." He accompanied me to take my bags and I thanked him for his help before sitting down to wait for my parents. Gerald walked by, stopped for a quick chat and said if I need any advice or anything, don't hesitate to call. 

Hope to see everyone around in the future :D

Short video of my experience.

Verdict: Is the OMG Camp worth it?
I managed to learn a lot about myself, come out of my shell and experience the different career paths I can take. I would say that the OMG camp taught me many things but at the end of the day, it's really up to you to decide what path you choose to take. 

It=(multimedia designing). 
This is an excerpt of the comment I left on Joy's blog.

People can tell you their opinion and advise you based on their own experience but the decision is yours to make. You should weigh in their opinion, conduct your own research and inevitably draw up your own conclusions.

What did I learn from my experience? I learned more about what I like and what I don't like. About the structure of the courses and how the classes are conducted. I learned that some things (like culinary arts) are an interest but I'm not interested in pursuing it as a career. I learned that I prefer working out of an office on my own time, as opposed to daily office hours. 

I learned many things. Does it help me reach a decision? I would say it does. Does it narrow down the options? Yes and no. It also introduces me to other things which I didn't expect to like (Hospitality and tourism) 

The best advice? Follow your instincts. Listen to your heart, not the people around you. What does it tell you? Will you be able to be good at what you want to do? Will you improve with time? How well do you understand yourself and your abilities/interests/values? 

This is why I chose to go to university later. To have some time to discover myself and maybe travel or do something crazy before taking the next step. A lot of people say I'm wasting my time and that the faster I finish, the easier it will be to get a good job, etc. That's not always true. If you go to university/college unprepared, you'll have a hell of a time trying to figure yourself out. Good jobs aren't easily available. 

Skills aren't the only things which matter. What about the ability to adapt to new situations? Communicate with people you barely know? Knowing yourself well enough to be confident of your strengths and weaknesses? Those things matter. Oh, and what about being able to present yourself well? I don't know most of those things. 

The cost of living is skyrocketing. It's getting increasingly difficult to get a job because everyone else has a degree in something too. When you graduate doesn't matter, it's how well you performed for the course you're taking. The side activities which are relevant to the job you want. (Kinda like co-curricular activities) I'm sorry if I offend you by saying this, I just think differently from you. I don't see things the same way you do. It's a matter of perception. 

The way I see it, we're all going to die eventually (not in a pessimistic way). Why the rush? Being fast doesn't always mean being the best. It's how you accomplished something, not how fast you accomplished it. Again, if you do not see things the way I do, I mean no offense. This is a very subjective matter, no one is wrong or right. Just different.

Till next time! :)

P.S. I'm getting bored with my blog design..I'm too lazy to change it though because I have no idea what to turn it into. I could start a new blog but that would mean starting from the scratch which is a tedious process. Anyone want to redesign a whole blog? :D


  1. Sounds like you had a blast at that camp! Would you consider studying at Taylors? :O

    Ugh ya I agree with you! To me, I feel like as long as you at least further you studies by one level it enough. You don't have to study up to masters or phd, but yeah. And it doesn't matter when. To me, as long as you used your gap year wisely, its not a waste. Plus, you can do lots of stuff in the gap year to gain experience and maybe have something to right in your resume next time!

    Nice post btw HAHAHHA.

    1. Yeah it was great! Precisely what I mean haha. Thanks :)


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