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Photos & Memories <3

Church Days:

Dress Up Day at church :

Hanging out with Joy and Jeans:

Store Clean-up with Darren, Joanne and Aijean:


Mission trip:

Camporama 2012:

Advancement Camp 2012:

Day out with Cheryl and Megan & Airport :)

Just chilling: (Harbor Place, Meg's house, restaurant.)

VBS 2011:

Trip to Setia City Mall with Megan and Aijean.

Archery Trip:

Meg's Birthday :)


Oppa Rangers Style shot.

(Credited to Brandon Ann)

OGS Photo shoot at Taman Rakyat.

Going to the pool.

At the pool.

(Photo taken by John Joel, Aijean, Daniel and me)

Rangers Pride. 
Credits to Brandon Ann.

Editing photos :)

Malacca Trip: 2012 :) 

Day out with Orange and Jeans:
(Credited to: Tan Aijean the Jeans)

Christmas 2012:

Airport- Back To Malaysia:

More will be coming soon! :D

Hopefully. Teehee. 


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